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peer response 2 paragraphs

smail Pasha Shaik
Reflection and Discussion Forum Week 2
Reflection on the Readings
Learning about the extent to which decisions can be made to improve the organization’s operations and the bottom line has been exciting. There are several examples of extent decisions that can be made in an organization. They involve questions such as should the level of advertising be changed, should the quality of the services be raised, or how many parking spaces should be leased out (Froeb et al., 2015). For organizations to make extent decisions, they should consider if it will be beneficial to step forward. If it is not beneficial, the extent decision should not be taken.
Additionally, I have learned that marginal costs and marginal revenue are relevant in making extent decisions. They are the parameters that determine if the extent decision is beneficial to the organization. Based on the chapter readings, it is clear that if a particular activity in the organization has a more significant marginal revenue compared to the marginal costs, then that activity should be done more (Froeb et al., 2015). Extent decisions play a crucial role in the operations of the company. Learning when to make certain decisions is crucial for career development and sound decision-making.
Investment decisions have been another exciting reading for the week. Investing has been defined as the will to trade dollars in the present day for dollars in the future. Investment decisions involve making decisions regarding a set of investments that have different economic benefits to an enterprise or an individual (Froeb et al., 2015). All the investments should be appraised before choosing from a set of investments. Various methods are used to appraise investment projects. These methods include Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Break-even Point. However, these readings have focused more on NPV and Break-even point.
I have also learned that all investments signify a trade-off between the potential future profits and the present sacrifice. Additionally, suppose an individual or organization is willing to invest in projects with a low return rate. In that case, it indicates that they are willing to trade current dollars for future dollars at a lower rate, implying a low discount rate (Froeb et al., 2015). Discounting is another essential concept that I have learned. It is significant to discount all projects to determine if the future profits of these projects are larger compared to the present sacrifices.
Graduate-Level Response
The opportunity cost can be equated to the benefits from the alternatives. It is the cost we would have obtained from the other foregone alternatives. So, the project that we undertook with the management was to purchase new machinery. We calculated the opportunity cost as the total benefits less the total costs (Froeb et al., 2015). The investment was beneficial because it increased the revenue by boosting production capacity. The NPV is calculated as NPV = A (P/A, i, n) – Op (P/A, i, n) – P. Here, A is annual return, Op is annual operating cost, and P is the opening cost. The net present worth of the venture is an appraisal of the venture at the current time.
Froeb, L. M., McCann, B. T.,

A noted business executive said, “A company’s first obligation is to be profitable. Unprofitable enterprises can’t afford to be Essay

A noted business executive said, “A company’s first obligation is to be profitable. Unprofitable enterprises can’t afford to be socially responsible.” Discuss why you agree or disagree with this statement and what decision-making approach found in Chapter 5 you could implement into practice for developing an organizational culture to enhance the performance of ethics and social responsibility. Choose one of the Decision-making approaches (five choices) Daft 2021, pp. 152-154. (Utilitarian approach, individualism approach, moral-rights approach, justice approach, practical approach) Chapter 5 PDF is attached; my discussion Rubic is also attached. A minimum of 300 words is required. Please message me if you have any questions. Also, when you cite throughout the paper, please include page numbers. This is the full reference Daft, R. L. (2021). Management (14th ed.). Cengage Learning in which chapter 5 is taken from.

Write two personal statements to apply for grad school. Majors: MBA (Buisness Administration) and (Human Resource)

Business Assignment Help In general, the Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement is designed to help reviewers learn more about you. This should highlight your academic goals and interests, your professional goals, as well as your reasons for pursuing this graduate program of study. Your program may have specific requirements as to what should be included in your statement. It is suggested that you reach out to your program to determine what those are and include them in your document.

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IntroductionDiscussion forums allow students the opportunity to analyze and discuss project management topics with classmates and the instructor. They are an opportunity for sharing insights and experiences within project management and are relative to the readings, other weekly course material, and the Unit Learning Outcomes. Please review the Learning Outcomes and the Directions prior to posting your response to the discussion prompt below.
Unit Learning Outcomes
Distinguish the difference between a team charter and a project charter.
Analyze the problems that can occur within a team environment.
Design a team charter to denote the project team.
Analyze the importance of team collaboration and cohesion as it relates to the success of a project.
DirectionsAfter reviewing the material for this week, create a 2-4-minute video on the topic of strategic planning and project setup. Students should create the video (by using a YouTube account) and post the YouTube link to the discussion post.
**Ensure to enable closed caption to allow text to be seen at the bottom of the video**
Be sure to answer the following questions:
Recognize the difference between Strategic Planning and Strategic Management
Explain the top reasons strategic plans fail to be operational.
Describe and assess the primary component of Strategic Management process
Describe and define the responsibility and duties of Strategic Manager
Explain why companies need Strategic Planning
After the videos are posted, actively engage in a discussion with your peers.
Please find an additional reference source and cite the source in your discussion post. Sources must be used to enhance the learning experience. By finding a referenced source, you are enhancing the learning experience by searching for another source of information on the topic. Also, please ensure you are using a source that is peer reviewed to ensure accuracy of information (select peer-reviewed journal articles in the Park Library).
Your original post should be in the format of an executive summary (must contain verbiage and bullet points to name the key points). Use APA formatting.
Due Dates
Please respond to the original post by Thursday at 11:59pm, CT
There should be two additional separate days of engagement by Sunday at 11:59 pm CT, for a total of three full days of engagement.

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