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Pending bill

Identify a local, a state or national pending social policy about immigration, (a bill at the local, state or federal level) that impacts the problem identified above. Answer the following: a) What is the formal title of the pending legislation/bill? b) Is local, state or federal legislation/bill? What is the current status of this bill (in committee, for example)? c) Write a brief description of the intent of this pending legislation/bill. d) State why you either support or do not support this legislation and how it could impact your clients and/or services at your agency if it becomes law. If you feel the legislation has both positive and negative impacts, please list why and include your critical analysis. If you use data to support your analysis, please cite your references and use quotes appropriately. e) Describe at least one legislative advocacy activity you (and your agency) can engage in to advocate for or against your selected legislation/bill.

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