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Performance Of Tesco And National Minimum Wage Act Cheap Mba Definition Essay Help

Legislative Factors

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ges that have subsequently been adapted, distressing affairs with both consumers and suppliers.

Legislative Factors

Government legislations and policies have a direct impact on the performance of Tesco. For instance, National Minimum Wage Act 1998 prohibits the employers from recruiting workers or employees less than a given hourly, daily or monthly rate. Minimum wage across the United Kingdom, currently £6.08 per hour for workers aged 21 years and older, £4.98 per hour for workers aged 18-20 (


After doing a painstaking research work and a methodical analysis of Tesco plc, I considered myself in a position to conclude my research project.

Despite the downturn in UK and worlds economy, Tesco has been very flourishing in the past few years and continues to enjoy a good market share in food business although it experience a decline in its non-food business in 2011 due to rising fuel prices. Having more than 100 years of business experience, Tesco earns great respect and benefits from its loyal customers. This has helped the company to stay profitable and keep a positive position even in its troubled times. Things are still looking encouraging for company even though recession has done much harm to the economy and the businesses in general.

The Ratio analysis performed on the Tesco has produced mixed results. The company has witnessed an improvement in its return on investment rations rising from 12.1% in 2010 to 12.9% in 2011 which is a massive increase due to improved working capital management.However its total share holders returns dip from 9.6% in 2010 to 6.5% in 2011. The EPS also rose from 31.66p in 2010 to 35.77p in 2011 which mean that investors confidence level has grown up in Tesco and continues to grow.

Tesco has built a trustworthy relationship with their customers over the year which is evident in the loyalty that they have shown in return. Company has launched some great new 21

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Leisure Is a Right

Essay Preview: Leisure Is a Right

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Leisure is a right not a privilege. From the first page, of the first unit, this course changed how I perceive and go about doing the things I do in my spare time. These words from a UN declaration have helped motivate me into being a more productive person, and ultimately to live a healthier life. After a day at school, finishing an assignment, finishing an exam, or after a shift at work, I have a different way of thinking about how I am going to spend the next hour, or few hours, of my day. By viewing leisure as a right, instead of spending more time watching TV, or surfing the web aimlessly, I now am motivated to do something more productive with my time knowing that it is my time and no one can tell me what to do with it. I have been motivated to look for more teams to play hockey on, to play more guitar and more drums, and to actually pick up a book for enjoyment purposes, something I have not done in many years it seems. Why do I want to do these things? Because I have the right to!

In the first assignment we examined how we spend our leisure time, and although I felt like I was a fairly productive person, It became clear that I was spending much more time engaged in social and physical activities, and was lacking involvement in cultural and mental activities. Over the course of the semester I have been trying to perform my short term goals, and ultimately my long term goals, to improve and increase my involvement in these areas, and live a more balanced life.

In assignments 2 and 3 we researched on a specific population and examined certain benefits and constraints that this group of people face when dealing with recreation. The target population I selected was children, and while performing my research I reflected on my time involved in recreational activities as a child, and the things that I got out of the experience, and the things that got in the way of my involvement. After doing research it became clear that as a child I was very lucky to have supportive parents with enough income to be able to provide me with the opportunities to participate in various recreational activities. These opportunities are not available to every child, and in assignment 3 I had a chance to plan a potential program that would help children live a more complete life.

So what did I take away the most from this course? The thing I enjoyed most and found the most useful is the ability to analyse the various types of recreational activities that I am involved in, or want to be involved in, or need to be involved in to live a well balanced, and ultimately healthy life. This is a skill that not only helped me through this class, but I can take this with me where ever I go in life and it will help me to be a better person and live a better life.

Levi Strauss Struggles And Lack Of Authority cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

Levi Strauss Struggles with Creating Organinsational Change

Essay Preview: Levi Strauss Struggles with Creating Organinsational Change

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Poor communication between management and subordinates………10-11






Lack of strategic planning and direction from CEO


Struggle with creating and implementing change management………..15


Levi Strauss is a well-known organization and they have enjoyed great successes in the last century, especial from the 1960s and the mid 1990s. The company was doing very well and they took their successes for granted.

Levi Strauss lack innovation and stuck to what they knew, which morphed into offering few product lines that were outdated. By not being up to date, Levi Strauss lost sales and profit when they failed to forecast on changing fashion trends. The company also failed to be responsive to the target market, “In 1993, kids started telling parents that the Levis jeans legs were to narrow” but Levis did not take this preferences into consideration.

New competitors for example Miller Outpost, Hilfiger and JNCO were more customer forecast. In response to these customer needs, Miller Outpost created its own line of jeans with legs as wide as 23 inches and J.C Penney and Sears got into the act by creating flared legs and boots cut jeans.

As we analyze the case study further, it is evident that Levi Strauss was employees oriented and the company always believed in corporate charity and social responsibility; this has hindered productivity and profit. The CEO, Robert Haas failed to put strategic direction in order to find balance between employee and task oriented leadership.

There are few pressing issues that emerged during the analysis of the case study which are as follows:


Lack of authority and leadership in decision making

Lack of communication between management and subordinates

Employees dissatisfaction


Lack of continuous improvement projects

Lack of innovation

Poor customer focus


Lack of strategic planning and direction from CEO and his leadership team

Struggle with creating and implementing change management


Levi Strauss is a well-known company that is manufacturing branded jeans. The company is managed mostly by family members. The CEO of the company is a family member Mr Robert Haas and his uncle and two cousins are responsible for most of executive decision making. Robert Haas is accountable to only his three relatives.

Other family shareholders have either cede all power to the appointed four, for 15 years or cash out. Most of them stayed in. The company is struggling with creating organizational change and the CEO Robert Haas has adopted employees oriented leadership style and is more forecast on charity and social responsibility instead of making more profit for the company. Levi Strauss is struggling with creating and implementing organizational structure. They have tried initiatives like Customer Supply Chain Management but they went overboard and most executives resigned.

In this paper we will explore challenges associated with employees oriented leadership and the creation of organizational change. This paper will also deal with various aspect of leadership, managing organizational performance and innovative improvement, creating and implementing change management within an organization and will conduct an evaluation of the current status by highlighting issues and challenges related to Levi Strauss and recommendation will then be made in this regard.


According to Handbook of Leadership, the authoritative source of leadership theory and research defines leadership as “and interaction between members of a group”. Leaders are agent of change, persons whose act affect other people more than other peoples act affect them. Leadership occurs when one group member modifies the motivation or competencies of others in the group.

The leadership definition implies that it involves the use of influence and that all interpersonal relationships can involve

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SWOT Analysis:

What are the two companies’ relative strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O), and threats (T)? Discuss their differences in terms of brand images, market shares, and various business strategies about their operations (e.g., for example, target customer, marketing approaches, suppliers, or inventory (products) managements)?

2. Ratio Analysis:

(1) Profitability:

Evaluate profitability of the two companies. Which ratios would you use to assess their profitability and why? Which company seems to perform better according to your analyses? Are they performing well? Are they both growing and why? What is your prediction about their future performance? Clarify your assumptions, if any, used in drawing your conclusions.

(2) Efficiency in business operations:

Evaluate efficiency in their business operations. Which ratios would you use and why? Which company seems to run businesses more efficiently and effectively? Discuss efficiency in various aspects. Clarify your assumptions, if any, used in drawing your conclusions.

(3) Investment value:

Evaluate investment values of the two companies. Which ratios would you use and why? What does the stock market seem to say about the future prospect of the companies? Which company stock would you invest in as an investor and why?

3. Discussions on business strategies:

Based on the results from your SWOT analyses and ratio analyses, critically assess business strategies of the two companies. Identify any points that you agree or disagree on. What advice would you give to the CEOs of the companies SWOT Analysis:

What are the two companies’ relative strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O), and threats (T)? Discuss their differences in terms of brand images, market shares, and various business strategies about their operations (e.g., for example, target customer, marketing approaches, suppliers, or inventory (products) managements)?

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Story – the Rocking Horse Winner

Essay Preview: Story – the Rocking Horse Winner

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In the story The Rocking Horse Winner, D. H. Lawrence uses character development, irony and personification to show that materialism is not as important as one may believe it to be. The desperate pursuit to acquire material things can leave others feeling unloved and neglected.

The author introduces the audience to the characters in the story. Hester, was a beautiful woman “who started with all the advantages” but felt herself to have no luck. She married a man that she loved but that love went away, as he was an unlucky man and could not provide her with the status objects that she desired from life. She had “a boy and two little girls” but she could not love them, she felt that they “had been thrust upon her”. To the outsider looking in she appeared to be a great mother, but the children knew that was not so. Paul, even a little boy can feel the lack of love from his mother. He wants to make his mother happy so that she will love him and give him the attention he craves. Paul becomes obsessed with betting on the horse races. He believes that his rocking horse can take him to a winner. So he rides. At the “end of his mad little journey” he would have his winner to bet on. Quite lucky he was and his earnings showed that. He set up a yearly birthday gift for his mother from his winnings, but it still wasnt enough for Hester.

The family feels that they are “superior to anyone in the neighborhood” living in a “pleasant house” and buying luxurious items that are beyond their means. There was never enough money to finance the lavish lifestyle Hester is accustomed to. With the meager earnings of an unlucky husband and the small income the mother made, there was “always a grinding sense of the shortage of money”. The house not only lacked the riches the occupants so desired, it was absent of a mothers love. Except for her children, “everybody thought she was such a good mother”. Paul so desires the acceptance and love of his mother that he thinks if he can give her the money that she so loves, she might give him the attention he wants. Believing that being lucky causes you to have money, Paul becomes obsessed with betting on horse races. He knows that he can ride to a winner. Charging madly into space, Paul urges the rocking horse on a furious ride, hoping to get there.

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Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union: Rapid Modernization at a Cost

Essay Preview: Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union: Rapid Modernization at a Cost

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Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union: Rapid Modernization at a CostName: Emily OlijnykStudent Number: 0784680HIST*2510: Modern Europe Since 1789Dr. William CormackWord Count: 2480Joseph Stalin was one of the most significant political figures of the twentieth century. As the leader of the Soviet Union from 1929 until his death in 1953, Stalin exhibited a totalitarian style of ruling, controlling all aspects of domestic and foreign policy and employing terror and propaganda to help solidify his position. Following the death of the Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Stalin waged a war for the leadership of the Bolshevik Party and the Soviet Union, which he finally consolidated in 1929. Stalin inherited a nation that was socially, economically, and politically backward compared to its Western and Central European counterparts. The nation was in disarray after the revolutions of 1917, the resulting civil war, and the disastrous exit from the First World War. While the tsars of Russia and Lenin had recognized that the Soviet Union was behind in the race for European power and had commenced industrial growth, the majority of the population of the Soviet Union still belonged to the peasant class and its economy was driven by agricultural production. Following his succession to the Soviet leadership, plans were announced for the rapid modernization of Russia through two major aims: the industrialization of the economy and the collectivization of agriculture. Stalin used these two policies to drive the Soviet Union into the twentieth century and consolidate the communist values of the Russian Revolution. Much of the controversy surrounding the Stalinist era lies in judging the effectiveness of these policies in advancing the place of the Soviet Union in the twentieth century, and whether the societal costs of rapid industrialization and forced collectivization of agriculture outweighed the benefits of modernizing so quickly. This paper will argue that Stalin’s domestic policies were able to successfully modernize the USSR in a remarkably short period of time, but the cost of associated human suffering was much too high for the value of modernization. This argument will be explored through critical analysis of the first two Five Year Plans (goals and targets of industrialization to be met within five years), the purging of the Kulak class, and the planned collectivization of all agricultural output in the early 1930s. These factors will be analyzed for their impacts on economic output as well as their associated effects on standard of living and human suffering. The aims of industrialization were laid out in what would be known as the Five Year Plans. For the purpose of this paper, and the time frame that will be analyzed, only the results of the first two Five Year Plans will be analyzed. Stalin’s first Five Year Plan was first implemented in 1928. Following the Bolshevik revolution in October of 1917, industrial production had become stagnant. The Five Year Plans arranged quotas for production output in different areas of industry. The first plan focused majorly on heavy industry, specifically steel and iron manufacturing, electricity generation, machinery production, coal mining, and oil production[1]. Heavy industry was made the primary focus of the plan in order to stimulate production for a stronger military defence system[2].  In order for Stalin’s main goal of rapid modernization to be met, he had to condense decades of industrial production and development into only five years [3]. For example, the plan called for a 250% increase in overall production and a 330% increase in heavy industry expansion[4]. As part of these plans, all industry was nationalized and came under the control of the Soviet government. Though not all of the goals were met, and some of the figures were grossly exaggerated, significant strides were made in industrial production. Coal, oil, and iron production, as well as electricity generation increased impressively[5]. A report delivered by Stalin in January 1933 on the results of the first Five Year Plan highlights some of the most important outcomes that were achieved. For example, it states that over the few first years, unemployment in the USSR has been abolished[6]. As well, the report addresses the important shift in the Soviet Union from an agriculturally based economy to an industrial one: “Our country has been converted from an agrarian into an industrial country; for the proportion of industrial output, as compared with agricultural output, has risen from 48 per cent of the total in the beginning of the five-year plan period (1928) to seventy per dent at the end of the fourth year of the five-year plan period (1932).”[7] Finally, as one of the primary reasons for focusing on heavy industry in the plan was strengthening military technology, the report also states that this aim was achieved by the plan: “The Soviet Union has been converted from a weak country, unprepared for defence, into a country mighty in defence, a country prepared for every contingency, a country capable of producing on a mass scale all modern means of defence and equipping its army with them in the event of an attack from abroad.”[8] Within the five years since the inception of the plan, national income grew by sixty percent, with income generated majorly from factories, transportation, and construction[9]. The first plan was declared completed within four years, which was a year earlier than its estimated target[10]. Overall, the first Five Year Plan was successful in stimulating industrial growth in the Soviet Union. Due to the apparent success of the first plan, the second Five Year Plan was implemented in 1933, which, like its predecessor, focused mainly on production within the heavy industry sector. However, unlike the first plan, the targets in each area of production were more realistic. More emphasis was given to developing sophisticated transportation systems, which proved to be one of the failures of the first plan. The plan also was designed to increase Russian self-sufficiency and reduce imports from other countries. While the second Five Year Plan did not have the same economic achievements as the first plan did, but major successes were achieved in communication and transportation industries, and the Soviet Union became one of the top steel producing nations in the world. Overall, between 1928 and 1937, the gross national product of the Soviet Union was increasing between 9.4 and 16.7 percent per year, with industrial producer goods increasing between 17.1 and 23.8 percent each year[11]. Stalin’s aims of rapid industrialization were most definitely achieved through his implementation of the Five Year Plans. Between 1928 and 1937, coal production increased from 35.5 to 128 million tons[12]. In the same time frame, iron production increased fivefold, oil production from 11.6 to 28.5 million tonnes, and electricity generation from five billion to 36 billion kilowatts[13]. The Soviet Union was able to industrialize in a fraction of the time that it took its western and central European counterparts to accomplish the same successes. However, it is important to note that these achievements came at an extremely high cost in terms of societal losses.

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Through-out history there has been a great need for religious guidance. However today with the knowledge gained through science and technology people seem to be lost like an infant in the wild. There is no real happiness, no lasting benefits, unless achievement pours from a soil in which the seed of the spirit has also been planted.

Men should be turning to the religion of Christianity, which over many years of testing it has stood the truth of time.

As the worlds largest and oldest religion Christianity was first introduced to people by Jesus Christ in Palestine. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah, whose coming was told about in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Since Adam and Eve, Christians believe that the human kind was in a state of sin through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, they were saved and the sinful state was over.

Christians believe in one God, and they believe he exists in three forms, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, which is called the Holy Trinity. They strongly believe in the praises of Jesus, which are love and forgiveness. All these and Jesus’ life are described in the opening books of the Bible’s New Testament.

Years later after Jesus died; Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire and the faith spread from Palestine to Europe, and other countries through teaching and preaching. Ever since, the great religion of Christianity keeps on spreading still all over the world. Followers of this religion today belong to three main groups which are: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant and even though they share basic Christian beliefs, they all differ on some points of doctrine and ritual.

Beliefs and practices of Christianity were developed among the ancient Jews and some of them are:


The book of Genesis describes the creation of the world in six days and talks about the first humans Adam and Eve.


Christians believe that evil in the world is Satan, who works his bad and pain through the actions of ignorant and sinful people in the world.


According to Christian beliefs the human kind became sinful when they moved away from God, however God sent his son to forgive their sins and save themselves. As a result there would be eternal life with God for those who believe in Jesus and life correctly.


The cross where Jesus died is the universal symbol of Christianity, with Jesus on the cross and an empty cross which symbolizes the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus.

Worships and rituals are a very important part of the Christian religion. The name of the building that Christians believe in, pray and worship is called the Church.

In church, they gather in front of the priest, which conducts the particular prayers, ceremonies or sacraments. The Christians pray to the God and ask for divine help and/or favors. Therefore prayer is the central element of all Christian worships. It is very common for Christians during prayer to kneel, with eyes closed and hold hands.

Also another form of worship is the Sermon, which is often based on an extract from the Bible. When a person preaches a sermon, they are said to be preaching the “Word of God”. Because of this sermons are a very important part of the religion. The people who come in church for all these rituals and ceremonies are called congregation. They sit and listen to sermons, stand to sing and kneel to pray.

The singing of sacred songs or hymns by the congregation forms an important part of Christian worship. Hymns originally were only sand in Greek and Latin, however since the reformation they are being sung in the mother language of the congregation. Many churches will have choirs of trained singers who will sing in front of the congregation or along with them. .

The most solemn Christian ceremonies are called sacraments which are rituals that channel the grace of God towards a specific person or group. The Roman Catholic Churches recognize seven sacraments, covering major points in a person’s spiritual life.


People are formally admitted into the church through the rite of baptism. The ceremony usually involves water, like the ancient practice of baptism in

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This is a forceful and accessible discussion of Christian belief that has become one of the most popular introductions into Christianity and the most popular among Lewiss books. Mere Christianity is a book that uncovers common ground upon which all those who have Christian faith can stand together. This was a key contributor to Chuck Colsons conversion.

It was suggested to the Fool some time ago that C.S. Lewis book Mere Christianity is a good book for an unbeliever to read to establish a rational basis for belief in Christianity. The Fool had been told that Lewis is an example of a great scholar and intellectual who was at one time an atheist and/or agnostic who later converted to Christianity.

Shortly after the Fool finished reading Mere Christianity , he had the opportunity to see the documentary film on the life of C.S. Lewis, “Through Joy and Beyond.” At the conclusion of the film, an open forum was held in which the question was asked, “What is a good book to give to an atheist or an agnostic?” Father Hooper, who was C.S. Lewis private secretary during the last few months of Lewis life and who accompanied the presentation of the film, mentioned Mere Christianity again!

The Fool had not been convinced of the validity of Christian beliefs by his first reading of Mere Christianity, so he decided that he had better read it again. At the same time, he read God in the Dock (previously recommended by a young Seminary student) and skimmed through several books about Lewis.

The Fool does not question Lewis conversion to Christianity, and he is quite overwhelmed with his intellect, imagination, and ability to write fiction. But the Fool doubts that Lewis ever was a convinced and dedicated agnostic or atheist. It is true that while still a young man, he professed to have no religion and maintained that “All religions, that is all mythologies, to give them their proper name, are merely mans own invention – Christ as much as Loki.” (C.S. Lewis, A Biography , p. 48) but the tone of his objection to religions seems more the schoolboy realization of religious errors and inconsistencies than that of a mature thinker who has considered the atheist or agnostic positions extensively and sympathetically and who accepts the inevitability of one or the other of both positions. As a youth he had an apparent fascination with elaborate systems of mythology, and his later fiction, the Narnia saga and stories of the planets, is filled with poetic symbols of power and morality. It is a small step from contemplating a deity to bowing before it. In one account of his conversion, he said, “In 1929 I gave in and admitted that God is God.” Had Lewis been a comfortable atheist or committed agnostic, he would not have had anything to “give in” to.

On the second reading of Mere Christianity, the Fool found in the “Preface” the key to his misgivings about the book. Lewis concludes the “Preface” by saying that the he sees Christianity as a great house with a large hall. Different rooms leading off the hall are the different denominations. He said that he is not primarily concerned about which room Christians occupy, but he is concerned about getting them into the hall. The Fool realized the second time around that Lewis might have been writing to the people in the rooms, and possibly even to those in the hall, but the Fool found no convincing reasons to move into the hall from outside the house, and certainly nor into any of the rooms, on the books account.

In the first place, there is no such thing as “mere Christianity.” For instance, either the Virgin Birth is valid or it is not. Either it is essential to Christian Belief or it is not. Lewis discusses and then avoids conclusions about such issues as being too controversial. If he believes in historical Christianity, then he must take a stand one way or the other and be willing to justify and/or explain the reasons for his conclusions. He needs to take into account the Biblical record as well as the later traditions that developed and label them accordingly. In reading the Bible, he must deal with the two disparate accounts of Jesus lineage in Matthew and Luke and with the fact that both trace his genealogy through Joseph, not Mary. For the Christian who wants to ignore these difficulties, there is nothing reasonable that can be said, but for the outside or the Fool, and certainly for the agnostic who does not want to come to any conclusions without adequate evidence, a problem such as this must be cleared up rather than avoided.

The Fool finds that Lewis comments about what one must believe about Jesus to be not at all persuasive. He gives only two options in a crucial sentence on page 41. “Either this man (Jesus) was, and is, the son of God, or else a madman or something worse.” Even the Fool knows that there are so many more options than these two that he can only be sorrowful for the maker of such an oversimplified and dogmatic statement.

Most of Mere Christianity is devoted

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Christianity and Islam

Essay Preview: Christianity and Islam

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There are many different religions on all over the world and all people are free to choose their own religion. However, unfortunately, in spite

of the fact that all people should choose religion that what they want to believe with theirs own will; environment, family and close friends play the first fiddle to choose religion. Therefore, many people dont know the concept of the religion and dont interpret the logical and illogical religious beliefs. For this reason, people can execute other people without any judgement, when they believe different religions. Especially, unfair judgement is between the most widespread religions on the world which are Christianity and Islam. The most common idea among Christian people is that Islam is a scary religion and Moslems are killing Christian people. Although Islam is phobia for Christian people, Christianity and Islam are the same and also in content of Islam, there is democracy.

Understanding what the actual word “Islam” means is helpful in understanding the religion which derives its name from it. The word is rich in meaning and has many connections to other fundamental Islamic concepts. The Arabic term islam means “submission” and itself comes from the term aslama, which means “to surrender, resign oneself.” In Islam, the fundamental duty of each member is to submit to Allah (Arabic for “the God”) and whatever Allah wants of them. A person

who follows Islam is called a Muslim, and this means “one who surrenders to God.” The term Islam is related to the Syriac aslem which means “to make peace, surrender” and that in turn appears to be derived from the Semtic stem of slem which means to be complete. Islam is closely related to the Arabic word for peace, salem. Muslims believe that true peace can only be achieved through true obedience to the will of Allah. Commitment to Islam is supposed to result in a constant struggle to achieve peace, justice and equality. (

The religious life of the Christian aims to bring the believer closer to God in various ways. This happens through worship and adoration of God and prayer, which either brings believers into contemplation of Jesus and his life or places them into a conversation with God. While much of worship takes place according to the cycles and festivals laid out in the Time and Worship Page, it is prayer that forms the centerpiece of religious life in Christianity. All Christians are enjoined to pray regularly, in both fixed and free forms. Public prayer in particular became fixed. The early church took from Judaism the idea that prayer should occur at particular times of the day. And while the prayers themselves were rather fluid, there was great emphasis on when they were said. After Constantine, the wording of the prayers themselves became fixed. During the Reformation, the Protestants rebelled against much of the fixed nature of prayer and emphasized its spontaneous and free-form character, even in public, group prayer.

There are a lot of Christian people who are afraid of Islam, because it has been introduced as a religion which consists of violance, terrorism and human rights violation, especially against women. At September 11, some people from an Islamic group attacked to Twin Towers and 3 thousand people died in Twin Towers because of this terrorist attack. Islam has already had a negative image in perspectives of other people who believe other religions. Therefore, after September 11, the fright and hatred against Islam grow rapidly that have been already existed for years. This terrorist groups members believe that they killed the American people for secrifacing to God and Islam, and also believe that if they kill the Christians, they will be removed to heaven by God. The most popular terrorist character is Usama Bin Laden who is the leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda organized this terrorist attack at September 11. (

After a few months from September 11, Usama Bin Laden and Al-Qaedas members have been wanted by the USAs government and also they offered $25 million for people who will find Usama Bin Laden. These events were only a beginning to start a war to Islam. Naturally, the USA government didnt let it go at that, because they have been faced with a big threat by Islamic groups. The second step was that the USA government declared that they decided to interfere to Iraq for ensuring the peace and improving the Iraqi peoples standard of living. They did what they said and they still persist in going on to their intervention. However, they have faced with an armed resistance which has made by some Iraqi guerillas. These guerillas have resisted to the USA army with face up to all dangers, so they did everything for the USAs determent and to raise the siege.

For example, most American soldiers were beheaded by the guerillas and this massacre fomented the war between the USA and Iraq, so it means that Christianity and Islam. Because of that, this war has gone out between two countries, it has been a big problem for all of the world. (

In media, all attacks of the Moslem groups are published wherever they are. Therefore, all people see the attackings and they are really afraid of Islam and also hate this religion. Moreover, most people believe that there is not democracy in Islam and rights stay at only mens pleasures. Iraq can be a good example for not being democratic country and also there is a fact of mens pressure in this country. All the times, these facts of Iraq are a reflex of public opinion and lots of people witness the evil minded of Iraq and they believe that Islam causes these types of inhuman treatments. In brief, there is a big antagonism against Islam and this hostility has been growing everday. (

The facts are a far cry from estimated in Islam. There is no such thing as Islamic terror. Islam means peace. Young Muslims become radical out of desperation. For instance, because they are not accepted, cant find a job and constantly have to defend their faith and people address them for what terrorists do. Plus theyre often still searching, they dont know exactly what the meaning of Islam is and through the internet they can come into contact with the wrong ideas. There is not only Islamic terror, but also there are a lot of terror in the other religions. “For example; the IRA attacked for Catholics.

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Lemonade Stand

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Develop a creative name for your Lemonade Stand, and then explain why a name is important when you are considering branding options? The name of a business is just as important as the product that you are selling or service that you are offering. There is an old saying that goes, “you will never get a second chance to make a first impression” so you want to make your first impression your best. The name of your business is the first thing that a potential customer will see, the name needs to be simple and something that customers will remember. If I were to open a lemonade stand I would go with the name “Life Gave Me Lemons”. I would consider this name because it’s easy to remember, it informs customers of what we are selling, and the name alone promotes positivity, and optimism.

Create a Mission Statement for your Lemonade Stand; then explain why a mission statement is important for any company? A company’s mission statement is important because it’s essentially the companies purpose of existing. The statement should tell “what the organization aims to accomplish for customers, investors, and other stakeholders. (Bovee,2012 pg.144) My mission statement for Life Gave Me Lemons would be; To encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity, to serve as a reminder to take a small break and enjoy the small things in life.

You are very involved in your community; please outline your CSR plan (Chapter 4) for your business. Cooperate Social Responsibility is the belief that business has an obligation to society past making a profit. I believe that this is true however, since the purpose of us being in business is to generate profit, if we are going to contribute to society we as a business also need to benefit from it. We at Life Gave Me Lemons chose to participate in Strategic Cooperate Social Responsibility; which is a “social contributions that is directly aligned with a company’s overall business strategy (Bovee,2012 pg.76)”. We do this by informing society on our website that honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate, educating society of the importance of honeybees and how they contribute to our ecosystem. Informing society that honeybees pollinate many of the foods we consume including the ingredients that go into making the lemonade for Life Gave Me Lemons. A portion of our proceeds will be donated back for research purpose on the disappearance of honeybees.

The textbook lists many different types of pricing strategies, please pick one of these and explain how you will deliver on this strategy with your stand. (Chapter 14) The pricing strategy that I would use to determine a price for my lemonade, is the penetration pricing method. I would use this method because as a new business our main goal and objective is to build our customer base and revenue. We would initial offer a low price for the product to lure in customers and push them away from competition. By offering

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Levis Personal Pair

Essay Preview: Levis Personal Pair

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im molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to molly and im the student from taiwan. i need some information from this website to do my report and its really important to me.

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Essay Preview: Ambition

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Everyone has some sort of ambition whether its in their genes, family or culture. Ambition can become very stressful and competitive. Everyone always wants a bigger piece of the pie. They always want more for themselves and their family. Although some people are more determined then others to get that bigger piece of the pie. Some people will put in over time every week to achieve what they want and others will just keep saying “one day Im going to do it” or “one day Ill have it.” People need to set clear goals and strive to meet their goals to receive what they want in life.

Although setting to high of goals can be stressful. A lot of the students today attending College are stressed some or all of the time. Students that are too ambitious and are setting to high of goals for themselves creates problems. It is very common for very ambitious people to have heart attacks, ulcers and other stress-related ills. Everyone has ambition but everyone in each society has to find their own way to become ambitious and achieve their goals to succeed.

Ambition can become very competitive. Both men and women will compete among one another to advance their status or position. Men tend to compete and achieve what they want at any cost no matter what it takes to do so. While women on the other hand are very ambitious but tend not to go as far as males will for what they want.

Family and culture play an important role of peoples level of ambition. Parents that set high goals for their children and support them when they do well and also when they fail are likely to create the most motivated kids. Children that are born into wealth are usually not that ambitious and motivated. On the other hand kids that are poor or in the middle class tend to be very anxious and motivated to succeed in life.

I think that everyone is ambitious. There is no one in the world today that doesnt want more for themselves,

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Always Have Always Will

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Always Have, Always Will

Illegal drug use is one of the biggest problems in today’s society. Drugs have been around for hundreds of years, but today, so many people use illegal harmful drugs more than ever before. Thousands of families are destroyed, thousands of kids are put into foster care, and world wide millions are dying from a drug addiction, or a drug related problem. In my investigation, I will research how illegal drugs enter our country, where the drugs mainly come from, and what we have done to try and slow down drugs from entering into the United States.

Recent studies have shown that, “the Andean Region, currently is the sole source of the world’s cocaine production and the main source of heroin entering the United States” (Illegal Drugs 1). The Andean region consists of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile. In particular, Colombia has been the largest major drug exporter of the Andean regions. “Since the 1970s, Colombia has been home to some of the most violent and sophisticated drug trafficking organizations in the world. What started as a small cocaine smuggling business has, in the last thirty years, blossomed into an enormous multi-national cocaine empire” ( Columbian Cartels 1).

In the early 1960’s, Columbian’s began to export Marijuana. In the early and mid 1970’s, Columbian marijuana traffickers “began exporting small quantities of cocaine to the United States hidden in suitcases. At that point, cocaine could be processed for $1500/kilo in jungle labs and could be sold on the streets of America for as much as $50,000/kilo” (Columbian Cartels 1). This is when the big cocaine epidemic began to make everyone perceive Columbia as the infamous drug trafficking country which we still refer to as today. By the 1990’s heroin had hit the seen in Columbia (Drug Trafficking Empire of Columbia 1), which allowed them to make almost twice as much as they were exporting cocaine.

Columbians have profited so much from their sales; they were able to obtain some conventional and expensive ways to import illegal drugs into the United States. In the early 1970’s, Colombian drug lords such as Pablo Escobar would export drugs into the United States by boat or by air travel. More recently, Colombians have found more expensive and secretive ways to import drugs into the U.S. “Traffickers today have enough capital under their control to build sophisticated smuggling equipment, such as a high tech submarine that was recently discovered by the Colombian National Police. Colombian cocaine traffickers had hired engineering experts from Russia and the United States to help with the design of the submarine, which apparently would have been used to secretly ship large quantities of cocaine to the United States” ( Columbian Cartels 1). Columbia provides 75% of the world’s cocaine. “In

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Alter Ego

Essay Preview: Alter Ego

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“Alter ego”

Alter ego, by Gwen Harwood, is a poem about self discovery through inner journey and spiritual realization. This poem tries to tell the audience about her attempted journey to self discovery. Harwood uses natural references, feminist points of view and even a possible religious telling to the poem. This shows the audience that Harwood acknowledges and explores her inner self, or alter ego, in many different aspects. But the main question Harwood raises is “Who am I?”

An alter ego is defined as; a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself. Harwood describes the alter ego as a part of herself that has personal and complete knowledge of her yet her understanding of this other self does not fully exist. The speaker expresses a longing for a wholeness to understand this alter ego. This is suggesting that to know herself fully there needs to be a resolution between her ego and alter ego.

Alter Ego is written in first person, however there is some evidence that she actually might not be talking about herself directly, whose pulse is mine, this leaves the audience to ponder the poets choice of words. The poem can be interpreted from a number of ways a feminist reading, spiritual (or religious) reading or a psycho-analytical reading. Each of these gives the poem a different meaning and different perspective of the poets life.

The feminist reading of this poem is due to the fact that Harwood had some strong feminists in her immediate family. Her mother and grandmother were quite strong women and often protested for equal rights, Harwood was presumed to take most of this role from her mother. In the poem, Harwood compares herself to Mozart, this comparison shows the audience her feminist views that only men are allowed to be creative. This comparison also shows her view of how men are more dominant in society. The disadvantages that Harwood is expressing is that a woman must be a wife and a mother before she has time her own self, “beyond times desolating drift”, this is implying her time is wasted doing such mediocre things. The comparison to Mozart also shows her subconscious desire to be treated as an equal. This subconscious desire can also be interpreted in a psycho-analytical reading.

Psychoanalysis is defined as The method of psychological therapy in which free association, dream interpretation, and analysis of transference are used to explore repressed or unconscious impulses. The alter ego or spirit represented in the poem is the true pure self, this self is a perfect being free from restraints, Harwood is focusing on this freedom which she does not have, save as lights sidelong shift, is referring to her small glimpses of this perfection, but can never get there. This longing for perfection leads to the poet comparing themselves to Mozart, a musical genius of unimaginable talent. The clichйd fine line between genius and insanity is the self exploration to find her inner self, her alter ego. This allegory to Mozart is showing Harwoods insecurities about being a woman, although this may be just a coincidence.

The psycho-analytical themes of the poem are to have the persona become one with itself, that is to say the soul, mind and body to become one. The idea that the alter-ego is elusive and unknown to the persona makes this a very deep and meaningful journey for the poet. Harwood using the metaphor of life is a journey, to suggest that we are in seek of our alter-ego, although how close you come you will never be able to become one with in until “time reclaim music and manifest”, only in death.

Harwood uses enjambment throughout the poem to create a wholeness to again give the idea of a perfect connection between ourselves and our spirit, although

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Amazing Beverages Inc Report

Essay Preview: Amazing Beverages Inc Report

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Amazing Beverages Inc.Interoffice MemoDATE:               March 7, 2016TO:                    Estrella Hortada, Vice-PresidentFROM:              Tasha C. Meeuwenoord, General ManagerSUBJECT:        Brand name proposal for new cola-based soft drinkAmazing Beverages Inc. has developed a new cola-based soft drink that requires an effective brand name that will highlight its great taste and differentiate it from other soft drinks. I’ve created a brand name and have consulted with my lawyers regarding the authenticity of the name.  Field research was conducted amongst the target audience to assess their preference and favor towards the recommended names provided. Recommendations To feature the unique qualities and brand personality of the new soft drink amongst the primary audience, three names have been considered. However, the first listed name below is the chosen recommendation to represent the soda product. Keen!: a simple, modern and fresh name.Fizz/Bang: characterizes the soda taste.OK Cola: a traditional and familiar name.Facts and FindingsA taste test was given to our target market, comprising of males and females, age 15 to 34. In January, a field research survey was conducted by Market Research Inc. involving 1,000 participants. An equal ratio of males and females of the target audience were surveyed regarding their brand name preference.Survey findings below: [pic 1]Discussion and AnalysisThe taste test of the targeted group revealed that the participants enjoyed the beverage with positive feedback. Participants stated that the beverage embodies a bolder and fizzier taste than other cola drinks.From the field research survey, the data gathered concluded that a higher percentage of females (more than half at 60%) preferred the name “Keen!”. The highest percentage of males at 45% preferred “Fizz/Bang”. “OK Cola” generated the lowest preference percentage amongst males and females. Ultimately, “Keen!” is a favourable name among our target group and I believe it expresses the brand’s personality and the language of younger consumers. “Keen!”  by definition is having or feeling eager, enthusiastic or a desire. What better way to describe and relate to the target audience. Younger consumers are energetic, optimistic, eager and enthusiastic to start planning and working towards their future goals. “Keen!” isn’t just a name that represents the characteristics of the target audience but also their lifestyle and the great taste of the new beverage. It’s a simple, modern and fresh name.

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Although The Accidental Tourist Is Apparently A Comedy It Is At Heart A Quite Serious Debate Over Competing Views Of Life ItS Self.

Essay Preview: Although The Accidental Tourist Is Apparently A Comedy It Is At Heart A Quite Serious Debate Over Competing Views Of Life ItS Self.

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At times The Accidental Tourist presents its self as a gentle comedy. This is shown by the characters humour: the ineffectual Macon and the Brash Muriel, Edward the Neurotic dog, the eccentric Learys and Julian the playboy courting Rose the old fashioned romantic. There is the amusement value of situations like Macons method of washing clothes, the impenetrable vaccination, and the disastrous thanks giving turkey. Anne Tyler sees the joke in the human behaviour, and presents it in a way that allows the audience to become engaged and laugh at the characters. But there is more to the novel than just jokes. Under the surface, it is an often sad book. Most of the characters seem lost, searching for something that eludes them- wether the memories of happiness or yearning to belong.

In the accidental tourist Anne Tyler depicts the views each character has on the world. In the sharpest focus throughout the novel is Macons view, based on the need for control, the fear of change, distrust of others. In his view the world is worse than alien, it is dangerous. His destabilising childhood experiences, his vocation, the trauma of Ethans death all conspire to justify his fight from the world. As Sarah put so poignantly, when she confesses to the view that people are basically evil, what makes him intolerable is that he always believed that anyway.

Sarah a one time optimist turned cynic by the brutal murder of her only child has crossed over form the company of those who love life to those who fear it. Perhaps her vision, so sadly tainted by experience, touches us even more than Macons. Unlike him, she is a character who never makes us laugh. There are no humorous obsessions, no irritating habits to distance us from her sad and all too recognisable loss of faith. We are directed to Muriels world view by the logic of the story. Macon and Sarahs views cannot help them. Macon descends into something close to a breakdown before being rescued by Muriel. Sarah seems to have scaped by getting away, but at the end of the novel she is a pale shadow of a women, fearful, clinging to a memory of her husband, a hollow person. As Macon finds himself senses when he listens to Sarahs perfect gramma, after listening to Muriels broken English.

The Learys are no better, behind all the crazy habits, the alphabetical tins and the indecipherable vacation game, lies Tylers sly argument that these people have some how missed out. Roses out burst over the thanksgiving turkey says it all. Rose how ever makes break out, chasing after love and hope instead of worrying

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Amazon Releases Video Showcasing Unmanned Delivery Drones. By: Barani Krishnan Found on the Internet

Essay Preview: Amazon Releases Video Showcasing Unmanned Delivery Drones. By: Barani Krishnan Found on the Internet

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Amazon releases video showcasing unmanned delivery drones. By: Barani Krishnan found on the internet.

The main subject of the article is that Amazon is making a debut of drones for delivery. With drones delivering, the buyer can receive their package in about 30 minutes for more. This is way better than waiting weeks. Amazon will get different drones for different environments. For example, they may get a waterproof one to deliver around Niagara Falls, as the mist from the falls always make it seem as it is raining there. The drones while delivering will approach the targeted landing spot, drop the package off, it will take off and head back to where it came from.

The article relates to the other articles by how drones can come in handy for just about anything. Drones are smart little devices that can be programmed to do any simple job. The device is smart enough to be able to operate itself, while a human being closely keeps an eye on it. The human has to watch over a camera therefore they can watch the drones every move.

This article had taught me that drones are able to be a delivery drone. A delivery drone is an unmanned flying device that its purpose is to fly and transport packages, food and any other goods.

This article seems very realistic. I enjoyed reading this article because I myself will order packages off online quite often and I wait forever to finally receive them. I wish there could be an option to pay more to have your order shipped by a drone.

I think this article was not biased as it was all facts and no personal viewpoint.

I personally believe that this ‘delivery drone’ idea is a great one. The information in the article was all quick and short but the point got across easily. I think the author was able to successfully get their point to the audience. I liked that this article was short yet full of broad information. I

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Levi Strauss Struggles with Creating Organizational Change

Essay Preview: Levi Strauss Struggles with Creating Organizational Change

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Levi Strauss Struggles with Creating Organinsational ChangeLevi Strauss Struggles with Creating Organinsational Change

Case Study Levi Strauss Struggles with Creating Organinsational Change and over other 26,000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

Autor: Matshidiso • September 26, 2012 • Case Study • 4,387 Words (18 Pages) • 437 Views




Poor communication between management and subordinates………10-11






Lack of strategic planning and direction from CEO


Struggle with creating and implementing change management………..15


Levi Strauss is a well-known organization and they have enjoyed great successes in the last century, especial from the 1960s and the mid 1990s. The company was doing very well and they took their successes for granted.

Levi Strauss lack innovation and stuck to what they knew, which morphed into offering few product lines that were outdated. By not being up to date, Levi Strauss lost sales and profit when they failed to forecast on changing fashion trends. The company also failed to be responsive to the target market, “In 1993, kids started telling parents that the Levis jeans legs were to narrow” but Levis did not take this preferences into consideration.

New competitors for example Miller Outpost, Hilfiger and JNCO were more customer forecast. In response to these customer needs, Miller Outpost

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Lg in Bric Countries

Essay Preview: Lg in Bric Countries

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Would the lessons LG learned in Brazil and India be helpful in making the transition from emerging to developed markets?

By the mid-90s the economic situation in Brazil was getting better than it was before. The GNP increased from less than 20 percent to 39 percent, industrial sector produced wide range of domestic products for the market and exports ( for example consumer goods like cars, paper, steel, cement, TVs and refrigerators). That means that at the time LG started entering Brazilian market, people were able to afford more goods which is a good information for LG, but on the other hand Brazilian domestic market was growing so conclusion may be that people trusted their own brands more than the foreign one especially without any brand awareness or reputation.

Of course all this does not mean that Brazil suddenly became a developed country – unequal distribution of wealth and income didnt give everybody equal opportunities. This means that despite of money inflow, many people remained lower class with not many means to live.

The political situation in Brazil wasnt good either. Country was facing hyper-inflation, unemployment and general low standard of living which resulted in misery and dissatisfaction of the people. Attempts to overthrow regime did not improve the situation and economical plans for the future were a fiasco.

As it can be seen LGs entry to this market came along with many difficulties. Not only the general situation influenced the company but also factors like:

Import tariffs

Huge competition

Low brand awareness

Unstable currency

Unstable exchange rates

Gray goods sold 5 times cheaper

Managing marketing and finance

Despite of the problems LG decided to stay and expand in Brazil, not paying much attention to the money lost due to volatile exchange rate. Actually, they were able to balance the accounts receivables and payables to build hedge against exchange rate fluctuations. LG also joined the government in the battle against gray market, to be able to build strong brand name and awareness.

LG was also able to overcome the marketing problem by recognizing the opportunity in sports events sponsorship. This gave them instant brand recognition and revenues.

Customization was another great step – they focused on cultural and social dimension of peoples lives, which is extremely important for people in Brazil, as they are rather collective than individual society, which is proved by scoring only 38/100 points on a Hofstedes “individualism” bar. They stand up for each other, they like to socialize like for example on sport events or carnival. LG was able to recognize it and use for their own advantage.

In 1993, LG decided to make a move towards the Indian market which was also experiencing some growth at that time. It was moving forward when it came to foreign investments, exchange regimes, reduction in tariffs and other trade barriers, modernization of financial sector and adjustments in countrys fiscal policy. By that time the poverty started to decrease, which means people were more affluent and satisfy with life and the whole country started going into the right direction. It seemed like a perfect opportunity for LG.

At the beginning, it wasnt that easy though. LGs partner could not bring additional funds – which taught LG not to be so trusty with joint ventures in emerging markets, unfortunately that was their only choice, as government only allowed entrance to India via local partnerships. As it turned out, the reformation of this decision took place, and LG was able to establish themselves as an independent company and start manufacturing goods like TVs, white goods and air conditioners. Again, they focus on customization of their product to address individual needs of the customer – products were unique and fulfilled all the demands. The managing director of LG said: “We knew it was important, for example, not to downgrade the Indian market and instead to treat it just as seriously as we would any developed market. This meant preparing a full strategy and emphasizing good-quality products, the best

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Lego – Rediscovered and Unchained – How Lego Solved a Strategic Marketing Problem

Essay Preview: Lego – Rediscovered and Unchained – How Lego Solved a Strategic Marketing Problem

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Lego: rediscovered and unchainedHow Lego solved a strategic marketing problem[pic 1]Index1. Introduction        32. Strategic challenge        33. Strategizing process        44. Outcomes        6Exhibit 1 – Financial annual results of LEGO        8Exhibit 2 – Exploring tasks        9Reference list        101. IntroductionLego is worldwide known as the manufacturer of the recognizable building bricks. Based in the small village Billund, the Danish brand was recently named to be the world’s most powerful brand (Leinwand & Mainardi, Legos Identity Profile, 2016). Over 2015, the toy company booked a revenue of DKK 35.8 billion, converted into euros more than €4.8 billion (Lego, 2015). Lego was established by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932 and for decades the company passed from father to son. From the beginning, Kristiansen’s motto was as follows: “Only the best is good enough”.Nowadays, Lego is owned by the grandchild of Ole Kristiansen, Kjeld Kristiansen, who was the CEO of the company until 2004 (Mortensen, 2015). Through decades, the company’s profit increased rapidly. With 7000 employees and five factories, Lego had grown to become one of the ten largest toy companies in the world by 1990. But fortune took off from 1998 until 2004, when Lego faced serious threats by losing money in four out of seven years. This turned the company into serious debts (Meister & Bigus, 2011). By 2004, Lego was almost declared bankruptcy. Regarding the unsteady situation of that period, the current CEO of Lego stated the following: “I had the banks breathing down my neck and asking for immediate repayment of all outstanding debt” (Rivkin, Thomke, & Beyersdorfer, 2013).How could this have happened? What were the underlying reasons that made LEGO lose money in those years? What strategic challenge did they face? And how did the company cause a complete reversal of these circumstances, making profit again in the past ten years? These questions will be answered in the following paragraphs. First of all, the strategic challenge of Lego will be discussed. Second, the strategizing process of Lego will be described. This will be done by following the recently proposed framework of Stefan Stremersch, the IDC model (Stremersch, The IDC Model, 2016). Last, but not least, the outcomes of the strategic decisions will be defined by indicating the latest financial results of Lego and comparing them to the initial results of 2004.2. Strategic challengeIn 2004 Jørgen Vig Knudstorp was introduced as the new CEO of Lego. Since the foundation of Lego, this position was exclusively assigned to members of the Kristiansen family. But facing bankruptcy and being in deep trouble, the tide had to be reversed. Therefore, Kjeld Kristiansen introduced the 35-year old Knudstorp, a former management consultant of the strategic advisory company McKinsey. When appointed as CEO, the main reasons for the operating losses were as follows: Complexity: Since 1993, the amount of (distinct) bricks had increased wildly. In just seven years, the amount of bricks increased from almost 7000 to 12.400 (Greene, 2010). This had major consequences: when one brick was missing in case of wrong sales forecasting, a product could not be sold (Rivkin, Thomke, & Beyersdorfer, 2013).Unrecognizable design: By giving designers too much autonomy, the design of Lego became unrecognizable compared to the classic Lego bricks. A good example of this was the Galidor line, a serie of action figures (Stremersch, Recognisable dilemmas: local versus global (Lego and Disney), 2016).Dependency: The sales from the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Star Wars’ line extensions were strongly dependent on the appearance of a movie, over which the company had no control. In 2003, a year without a launch of a Stars Wars and Harry Potter movie, the overall sales of Lego decreased for more than 50% (Crawford & Robertson, Innovation at the Lego Group (A), 2008) (Rivkin, Thomke, & Beyersdorfer, 2013).Manufacturing: During the 90s, Lego lost her leading position in manufacturing when many of their competitors started outsourcing their production activities (Rivkin, Thomke, & Beyersdorfer, 2013).Unsuccessful repositioning: Lego repositioned their brand ‘Duplo’, a preschool line extension, into another name. This proved to be less successful (Rivkin, Thomke, & Beyersdorfer, 2013).All reasons mentioned above are examples of the strategic challenge the new CEO had to face. For years, Lego was focussing on too many fields and developing too many (new) products. The Lego portfolio expanded of products and services such as LEGOLAND and fashion clothes. But instead of creating a “family lifestyle brand”, the company lost focus on their core activities and main target groups. Because of the rising portfolio, it became also unclear whether and which products were profitable or not (Rivkin, Thomke, & Beyersdorfer, 2013). With a lack of overview, Knudstorp knew he had only one task: rediscovering and refocussing Lego in the right, profitable, direction.3. Strategizing process According to the proposed framework of Stefan Stremersch (2016), published in his book ‘How Winners Make Choices’, the strategizing process of the company will be described. As mentioned in Stremersch book, the IDC model is like an iterative process that involves three steps: inspire, diverge and converge. Based on literature about Lego’s strategy, extensive information can be linked to the Divergent and Convergent approaches. Therefore, these approaches will be more extensively described.InspiriationBy assigning the 35-year old Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, who worked in the past for the reputable strategy consultancy company McKinsey, there can be assumed that Lego acquired a valuable leader with a lot of inspiration and experience on how decision-makers in other companies addressed analogous challenges.

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Always A Motive

Essay Preview: Always A Motive

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In the short story “Always a Motive”, Dan Ross depicts Joe Manetti, the protagonist, as an agonized, isolated, and heartbroken young man.

After returning the missing Miller boy to his father, Joe Manetti is interrogated by the Inspector and is perceived as an agonized man. When asked about his occupation, he says that he is a musician, “but not working at it now”. When asked if he was married, he says yes, “but my wife left me. Shes somewhere on the West Coast”. Being alone and unemployed would be difficult for anyone, which leaves the Inspector suspicious as to the motive of why Manetti has supposedly kidnapped the Miller boy. The fact that Joe seems to be rather troubled does not help his case. He also has a habit of driving aimlessly around as an escape from the “spells” he experiences. When asked for his alibi, all he could say was that he was out “somewhere driving”, which isnt very convincing. Joe explains that “[he gets] spells when [he] cant stand it in [his] place. [He just takes] the car and [he] drives until [he] feels better”. This behaviour can only be described as something a person who is experiencing pain would do to escape it. This shows us that Joe is so unhappy that he feels the need to mentally escape his reality, but settles for physically escaping the confines of his home where the memories of what he once had still linger. The manner in which Joe drives around uselessly with no destination or reason also illustrates his state of mind. Joe is so agonized that he cannot recognize the dilemma he is in and cannot bring himself to face his agony head-on.

Joe Manetti is both psychologically and physically isolating himself by not giving anyone a chance to connect with him. He drives around to escape his life, which includes the people in it. While driving around for hours on end, he cuts off most interaction with all other people as well. If he does happen to meet new people, he doesnt give them enough time to establish a relationship, which may in turn help him cope with his losses. Instead, he drives off without giving them a second glance or the chance to know him. Without a wife, he doesnt share any marital bond in which he can seek assistance through this difficult time. Without a job, he doesnt have any co-workers to befriend, and without a steady income, he doesnt have money to spend on himself for his own entertainment, therefore, limiting the opportunities to meet new people, although he obviously does not want to. He doesnt make the effort to justify himself to the Inspector, and doesnt show any emotion, making him look figuratively isolated although surrounded by people. When speaking, he lacks enthusiasm and “speaks in monotone”. He keeps “his tone flat and dejected”. He doesnt

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America An Epitome

Essay Preview: America An Epitome

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America an Epitome

To achieve is to bring to a successful end, to accomplish. This verb is an accurate description of both Europe and America, in that America has attained a utopian status in the eyes of Jean Baudrillard where as Europe has reached the status of reverence; the New World coinciding with the Old.

In Europe, one may stumble across the birthplaces of the greatest philosophers, artists, astronomers, and scholars. This just reinforces his statement: “When I see Americans, particularly American intellectuals, casting a nostalgic eye towards Europe, its history, its metaphysics, its cuisine, and its past, I tell myself that this is just a case of unhappy transference (112.)” The nostalgia stems from respect and admiration to the Continent that gave birth to the Land of the Free. It is reasonable for yearning minds to wander back to Europe and pay the respects it deserves by observing the history from which many American citizens have derived. In exemplum, the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria did not originate from the confines of falsehood, nor did the history books lie when telling of Lafayettes assistance in the American Revolution. To say Europe is revered is an understatement, for it is greatly appreciated for the rich history as to which it has provided.

The acknowledgement of European history coincides directly with American way of life, in that the US accepts many immigrants from the landmark continent annually. And with Baudrillards claim that America is utopia achieved based off his consistent comments on US modernity there is another connection between the two continents, that of envy. “The unrelenting exposure of corruption and their own societys faults in the cinema and media” is “a freedom we might envy (120.)” The lack of fear of self-examination/ self-criticism is one of several strengths that have moved the US forward into “a

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A Closer Look at the NHL Lockout

Sports have been around for centuries, and are now multi-billion dollar franchises. One of these franchises is the National Hockey League; the league has over thirty teams in the United States and Canada. The National Hockey League, or NHL, has recently become a much discussed topic amongst people around the world. The controversies dealing with the recent lockout that they have encountered has resulted in the change of lives for hockey fans along with the athletes themselves. Different opinions have been proposed and different solutions regarding the strike, one thing was clear though, hockey was in need of change. The solutions that have been agreed on changed the way the business of the National Hockey League is run and how the game is played as well. The NHL has a history of the company background that may have resulted in the changes that were made. By discussing the problem and causes of the lockout this analysis will illustrate how the lockout evolved and the possible means of preventing such a lockout in the future. Also, we will identify ways for management, athletes, and other staff to

perform better in a competitive sports franchise.

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~ Brief History of the NHL ~

The history of the NHL spans from the present all the way back to the first professional hockey team in the world. It was actually the National Hockey Association, which was located in Canada in towns that concentrated on farming, mining, and lumbering. This league was formed in 1902, which was approximately fifteen years before the National Hockey League came around. The NHL began in November of 1917, consisting of five hockey clubs. These clubs were the Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs, Montreal Canadians, Montreal Wonderers, and the Toronto Arenas. The secretary/treasurer, Frank Calder, of the NHA was elected to become the president and the secretary of the newly founded NHL. Slowly players began to join the league making what was back then, a considerable amount of money. The early years of hockey consisted of mostly players from Canada until later in the seventies and eighties. Now the league comprises of 30 teams divided into the eastern and western conference.

But before we talk about the history of lockouts, we would like to briefly talk about some of the interesting history of hockey. Like for example, Lake Placid in 1980 the United States faced off with the Soviet Union. The U.S.S.R. was definitely the dominant Olympic team; they had experienced Hall of Fame players. No one ever thought that the young American underdogs would win 4-3, they were non-experienced college players playing against professionals. This was a huge Olympic win; it installed national pride in our country during the cold war. “Miracle” was a movie that has been released about the players and the emotional game they won.

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In the history of the NHL there have been three strikes. The first strike was in 1992, which was brought about by Executive Director Bob Goodenow. This strike only took place for approximately ten days. In 1994, a lockout occurred and lasted a total of three months. This lockout resulted in the cancellation of half of the season games. In 2004 when negotiations began again to replace the 1995 contract, this negotiation turned into one of the most controversial collective bargaining sessions in the history of professional sports. This lockout started in September of 2004 and lasted 310 days until the 1994-1995 lockout expired. The season was finally cancelled and the NHL became the first North American sports league in history to lose an entire season because of labor disputes . In 1919, the first Stanley Cup was issued and for the first time in 85 years, due to the September lockout, it became the first year that it was not awarded.

The effects of the lockout have been detrimental to fans and the ratings of the NHL. Recently, games have not been available as frequently on various channels as they have been before. Now fans have to struggle to find a channel that their favorite team is playing on because television ratings are extremely low and many major networks just arent showing them. Fans even began to refuse to buy NHL products and wear apparel with any NHL logo printed on it. The lockout has also affected other leagues around the world. These leagues include: European leagues and International leagues. Players from the National Hockey League began to take interest in migrating to the European countries to continue playing while the strike was in place. Even young players from the American Hockey League stayed in this league because they did not want to become involved with

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the lockout. Also, the AHL began to see an increase in their ticket sales because NHL fans were reaching out to somewhere else to get their fix. It was apparent that something needed to be done, and it needed to be done fast to prevent lose of NHL loyalty.

~ Identification of the Problem and Issue ~

Like all professional sports, the NHL franchise is controlled by contracts. One of the main contracts that exists is between the owners and the players and is called the Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA. The CBA goes into great detail and is roughly 80 pages thick. In sum it governs all of the rights and responsibilities a player has upon entering the league. This includes entry level composition, free agency, waivers, arbitration, trade deadlines, and much more. The contract lengths have varied throughout the history of the NHL, and on September 15, 2004 the most recent CBA expired. After a failed attempt to negotiate new terms that both sides could agree on, the 2004-2005 hockey season went into a lockout. Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, and the owners felt the only possible solution to ensure a “cost certainty” was to force a salary cap on the NHLs Player Association called the NHLPA. All NHL players belong to the NHLPA and are represented by Bob Goodenow. The problem was centered here: bargaining talks for the CBA usually take place five years before the contract expires, but in March of 1999, the NHLPA union resisted, as they are allowed to. It occurred again five years later when the owners locked the players out from playing any games, an owner initiated strike. Both the leagues commissioner, Gary Bettman, and the head of

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the NHLPA still

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America Lives In Fast Food

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The people in the United States are grand consumers of fast food do to the hours of work and personal obligations which do not give the time to reconsider what to eat. Most

of the people dont have any idea what they are feeding themselves or their family. Fast food industries do not give the consumers the right information about their menu. Researching the fast food market I came to the conclusion that most of the local fast food restaurants do not give out healthy menu information or promote their so call healthy meals in new paper ads and TV commercial and radio.

Statistics have concluded that ten years from 2007 the mayor epidemic will be obesity and that it will be mortal for kids and adults causing sever damage to their health. Fast food is killing people slowly and most of us are not informed of what we are consuming and what to do about it. The commercials from Mc. Donalds, Burger King, Wendys, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc do not promote healthy meals. Good examples are the ads and fact sheets found in the Wendys and McDonalds web site.

At Wendys®, were unrivaled in our passion for giving people what they want — and uncompromising in giving people what they deserve.

And yes Wendys does give people, but not what they want or deserve, because I believe no one wants a heart attack, diabetes or high cholesterol.

Nutrition fact sheets of McDonalds

For 30 years, McDonalds has provided comprehensive nutrition information — the first in the QSR industry to do so; this year, nutrition information is on packaging, putting it right in the hands of customers

McDonalds serves premium salads, chicken, yogurt, bottled water, fruit & more

A McDonalds

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Story Case

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January, 1918

“Edward” mother called me from somewhere in the house. “Dear, I think I need your help”

“Yes, Im coming!” I replied back to her. I had still not gotten used to this new house since we had shifted just two days ago. Mother and father had not even slept properly since we shifted. I still hated the idea of selling a beautiful home and coming to live here just to pay off the loan father had to pay my uncle. Uncle could have waited. Why sell such a pretty house for a small hut? I walked through the little house and finally found the source of the voice. It was from upstairs. I jumped two stairs at the time. The short tight stairs werent a big problem for my legs. I had been used to larger marble ones. I slowed down as the end of the stairs approached. I turned to the room on the left. Like expected the room started and finished at the same point. Mother had already set up the bed and she stood by a wooden cupboard.

“Dear, just help me place this at the other end of the room” she smiled kindly at me. Where is the previous end if theres another I thought sarcastically. It was easy to replace the cupboard. I was muscular on the arms a little, after all.

Most of the house had been set and Mrs. Louis, our neighbour, had keenly came to help set the kitchen and brought a chocolate cake this morning. Mother had been meeting many ladies for making new friends as she liked to call it. Two more days had passed and I could finally learn where the rooms were in such a tight place. The hut somewhat felt cozier and warm. I was starting to feel at home, sometimes!

“Edward” my father looked at me as we ate breakfast in the morning. “We will be going to Mr. and Mrs. James later this evening. So… take care of the house unless you want to come!”

“No, Id like to stay.” I answered quickly.

“Dont be such an unsocial person, honey”, mother made a face as she went on. “You didnt come when we went to meet the charming Mrs. Louis and her husband. Their daughter is just so beautiful!”

I raised my eyebrows at the word beautiful. “Really?” I acted as if I was interested.

“Yes. I love her hair and her eyes are like—–” mother started.

“Oh would you look at that!” father cut her in mid sentence glaring at the window.

“Its snowing. I think I would need a thicker coat, dear. Afterall I dont want to miss my first day at the post office!” He added looking at me with a genuine expression.

The day went by and it was evening in no time.

“Goodbye” mother finally left my hand and stepped outside the wooden entrance door. “You sure you dont want to go?” father asked me for the last time.

“No, goodbye!” I said for the tenth time. I walked upstairs as soon as they were and sat by the window in the largest room of the house. Mother had insisted Id take it. sometime passed and I heard the door knock. I stepped down lazily and went to open the door to find a girl in front of me. She was so beautiful I wanted to rub my eyes. Her hair were a pretty brown that complimented her blue eyes. Her lips were a killing pink and she was as white as the snow was just with reddened cheeks. She was tall, like me, and was thin. This girl was a proper definition of beautiful. I was mesmerized. It was getting awkward! Maybe she was nervous by my expressions.

Oh! How much I wanted to control these stupid expressions. I wished *I could read her mind*. I could only wish. It was never going to happen anyways. “Good Evening” I looked into her eyes. I wanted to hide my face to let go off the expressions my face was giving. She seemed in thoughts too. Oh! Maybe my eyes have widened or maybe my lips are dry and HOLY! Im sweating. Dont notice, dont notice I thought.

“G-good Morning! Oh! Pardon me, Good Evening!” O God maybe my gaze had made her nervous! “I-I am Jennifer umm- from the next door. Is Mrs. Mason around?”

“aaa- No, shes at another neighbours , you know. Making new friends!” great now I used that making new friends thing. Please dont think Im mad, YOURE BEAUTIFUL!!! I could give away anything to know what she thought of me right now!

“Then, please take this” she gave me a pie. I didnt like pie but she was so beautiful I could have eaten ten if she asked. “And——” she didnt go on. Maybe my mouth had fallen open. I gulped in to find it wasnt. What am I doing? Oh great! Now she wont talk because she thinks Im mad!!! She turned after she stopped and I didnt want to let her go!

“Wait!” I said before I could stop myself. Wait let me see you for a little more time!

“Yes?” she made me blink when she turned. She was mesmerizing!

“Thank you” was all I could say to look at her for a little long. “Why dont you come in?”

“Ummm- no, some other time. Good Night!” oh! MAYBE SHES NERVOUS AGAIN! STOP EDWARD! I thought.

“Good night” I smiled and tried not to look mad!

I closed the door without a noise and stood there for a while. Thinking. Thinking about the beauteous girl I had come across and of course made uncomfortable with my mad conduct. I should have been charming and flattering, not nervous and stupid. But there was one thing I agreed to with my parents after having met her: Mr. and Mrs. Louiss daughter was indeed beautiful!

A week or two flew by and mother and Mrs. Louis hadnt met. Although Id see her clearing the snow sometimes on the outside of the house, that just didnt seem enough of her. I wanted to look at her closely and talk to her again.

“You havent been to Louiss lately?” I finally managed to say during dinner.

“Yes” she said at first but then abruptly got excited and said “I could go to her after breakfast tomorrow only if——–”

Grand i thought sarcastically. I wanted her to come with…… with her daughter.

“Only if?”

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Are We Really Starving? Or Not? Final Draft

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Bradis McGriff

Soc 80

Social Problems

Chris Cox

April 9, 2006

Are You Really Starving? Or Not?

Across the globe in poor third world countries an projected 50,000 children die of starvation every day (Quine 36). We have all seen the images of these children–bloated bellies, fly covered, bulging eyes–in television pleas by various charitable organizations. While these images sicken us, we casually sit by (often flipping the channel to avoid them), refusing to help these less fortunate kids. The problem is made worse by the ever-increasing population in the world that we live in today. Even the wealthy countries like our own now have a starvation problem (Quine 29). Admittedly, the problem here is less severe, but it still exists. With our current level of technology, the resources at our disposal, and a commitment to help those less fortunate, we can and must end starvation around the world before it gets worse.

The main problem facing efforts to end starvation in third world countries is that people feel no connection to those children. There is no connection because the commercial could be nothing more than a fictional image in a movie. We have all heard someone say, or possibly have said ourselves, “We should worry about our own country first. On the contrary, we may be–at least in the case of starvation of distant children–more obligated to help them. In the United States there are many programs, shelters, charities, and individuals to help our less fortunate. A recent government study has shown that only 60% of the charitable donations of food, clothing, and money are used while the rest is lost, wasted, or in limbo. This same study estimates that the remaining 40% would provide enough resources to feed, clothe, and house every underprivileged and starving child in the country (U.S. Dept. of Welfare 44). With this being the case and with only an estimated 14% of the population making regular donations (Quine 10), the rest of us could easily help those people, especially children, starving in underdeveloped countries.

Another objection raised against helping the poor, starving kids in other countries is the financial stability of the American family. Many families live from paycheck to paycheck, barely paying their bills and putting food on the table. Yes, this is a problem; however, it is not an insurmountable one. The Census Bureau reports that the majority of families do struggle with their finances (U.S. Census Bureau 69) and attempting to feed children in far other countries would provide these families with less food for themselves. However, there is an easy solution that can be found in other Census Bureau data.

Two specific statistics are relevant to this issue. First, the U.S. population is increasing by an estimated 2,135,247 people each year (U.S. Census Bureau 32). Second, approximately 54,000 people die in the U.S. each day, with that number expected to increase as the Baby Boomer generations time on earth is almost running out.(U.S. Census Bureau 21). Why are these two statistics important to the issue of third world starvation? Because they provide a further problem and a possible solution.

The problem is overpopulation. The rate at which the U.S. population is growing will quickly consume all available resources. It is estimated the by the year 2024, our countrys population will have increased to the point that the countrys farmers will be unable to grow enough food (Frege 219). This, of course, will lead to increases in starvation in the U. S. When we look beyond the nations boundaries, the problem becomes even more prevalent. If left unchecked, world population will triple by 2025 (Frege 220). The current food production rate around the world can barely support everyone as it is. With the alarming rate we are losing farmland, in 25 years we will never have enough food supplies to handle feeding half the population. So, the problem of overpopulation and starvation is a global one. If the population increases, the amount of people who are starving will increase as well. The second significant statistic is the projected increase in death rates. With the rise in population there will be a correlating rise in deaths. Increased deaths also pose a potential problem. If we need all available land for housing and farming, then what are we to do with the bodies of the dead? Cemeteries have become a useless waste of prime, much needed, real estate. Over the next decade attitudes will have to change drastically regarding the disposal of remains. cremation seems a plausible, but We are still left with overpopulation and starvation.

Third, as mentioned above, this would free up valuable land for farming which would, in turn, provide more food to feed the hungry here in our own country. Assuming that two-thirds of the people who die are buried instead of cremated, that means we need to use 2,500 acres of land each day for graves. While most of this land is in areas already designated as cemeteries, over the next decade we will need to create approximately 5,000 more cemeteries, with that number increasing exponentially as the population and the number of dead increase (U.S. Census Bureau 275). That means giving up and wasting valuable farmland that could be used to grow crops or to feed cattle. Those 2,500 acres could be used to grow 6000 bushels of corn (U.S. Census Bureau 462). Instead of wasting our resources to “care” for the “dearly departed” we are obligated to get the most out of this land and use it to provide food for the hungry.

Fourth, it would cut down on funeral expenses for the families of the dead. The average funeral in the United States costs $64,337.29 (U.S. Census Bureau 189). This is an expense that most families, even with insurance, cannot afford. Many people wish to spare their families this expense and choose to be cremated, but this too is expensive. The average cremation costs $12,458.73 (U.S. Census Bureau 189). For a family living paycheck to paycheck, this is no more affordable than the cost of a full funeral. The savings to these families would be twice as meaningful because the loss of a loved one is, in most cases, leaving them shy one breadwinner. The loss of that persons income should not be augmented by the necessity of paying for an unnecessary funeral. Therefore, it would appear that besides supplying food for the worlds starving children, using cadavers for food would also solve many social problems. Not only would processing the dead for food eliminate starvation, but we would have the added benefits of freeing up valuable farm land and of not subjecting

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Hanna says:

karim whos the chick

Karim says:

she is my gf

Hanna says:

send a pic….i cannot

really c

Karim … sends:

Hanna says:

shes called ayla

Karim … says:


Karim … says:

Hanna says:

she in uni

Karim … says:

no she is grade 12

Hanna says:

oh k ….

Hanna says:

walla ma 2shba shi…bravoooo karooom….u make me proud

Karim … says:

oh so did u get a gf or not

Karim … says:

Hanna says:

hahahha….man here i dnt need a g/f…..its all one night stands

Karim … says:

Karim … says:

walla when is the last time u had a one night stand

Hanna says:

umm….like a week ago….

Karim … says:


Hanna says:

bsss this weekend i didn

get lucky….halloween party….bsss it was gd

Karim … says:

walla kewl

Hanna says:

dam man…u calling me a loser

Hanna says:

what has the world come 2

Karim … says:

yoo i was joking she not my gf shes my cousine

Hanna says:

oh really

Karim … says:

yeah she used to live in montreal she came to leb 2 weeks ago

Karim … says:

cause she was a bad girl

Hanna says:

lol….tayb man ummm…..y would u put her pic on ur display….like r u screwing her

Karim … says:

NOO SHE put herself on my display

Hanna says:

oh k…..

Hanna says:

she went into ur email n put her pic….ofcourse how didn

i think of that

Karim … says:

yeah we share the same pc

Hanna says:

so u share the same bed?

Karim … says:

and my email saign in automatically

Karim … says:

no it is disgusting,, but if u are so perverted and share the same bed if ur cousin … it soesnt mean that all the poeple are like

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Mission Population Regulation

Cruising into the new millennium, humans crossed a threshold that has never been witnessed in our species. We actually crossed the six billion mark in number. This figure is immense, and it cannot be easily appreciated unless it is Shell or McDonalds that we are talking about. Shell will then have more customers to sell oil to, and McDonalds will have a larger market to target its burgers on. However, the tendency to think about population as a problem for our world has its own serious implications and limitations. The problem is not excess population, as our Earth has sufficient space and resources to support even a much larger population than now. The actual glitch lies within humans, as they have not thought about this issue correctly. Humans have to realize that overpopulation is really just a myth.

Lets try to realize this giant population of the world. Since this essay contains approximately one thousand eight hundred words, it would take about four million copies of this document to produce enough words to represent all humans presently on earth. The number of humans in the world is over thirteen times the number of words contained in the dictionary of the English language. Also, if our species were to hold hands side by side, we would circumscribe the Earths equator about 15 times. Furthermore, if all humans were to move into an area the size of the state of Texas, each of us would theoretically have a space of approximately thirty feet by thirty feet to themselves. Keep in mind that Texas is slightly smaller than Turkey, slightly larger than Ukraine, the second largest state in the United States of America, and more than five times the size of England (Population Control). Indeed, our Earth is loaded with space, and surely does have room for plenty more of us.

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Aribus A380 Vs Dreamliner 787

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The commercial aeroplane manufacturing industry is dominated by two large players, Boeing and Airbus. Both are operating in a very competitive environment and the strategies of one strongly impact the business of the other.

According to the Money Programme (1998), the Boeing 747 or Jumbo Jet, the largest airplane in the world, has enjoyed a monopoly for almost 40 years and has brought in large profits for Boeing. But approximately 10 years ago, Airbus decided to look into to the possibility of manufacturing an even larger and more efficient plane. They decided to target the market of jumbo jets with their newly invented double-decked super jumbo, the A380, which replaces the Boeing 747 in the segment of being the largest passenger jet in the world.

But immediately an important question arose, has Airbus really got what it takes to dominate in the skies?

The decision of making a super jumbo arose when Boeing kept on producing four 747s a month during the nineties, which realized a massive amount of turnover, a massive amount of profit that Boeing had in the market. But the A380 is a big gamble in the passenger aeroplanes world. And with the launch of the A380, they are almost betting the net worth of their company, because the costs of development and non-recurring production costs of the A380 are quite massive.

Unlike Airbus, Boeing does not have such a huge jet because they think the market does not require such a giant aeroplane and if it does, then they certainly will start developing one.

But Boeing still has the 747, the biggest aeroplane in the world next to the A380.

But nevertheless, Boeing answered with their new child, The Dreamliner 787, which speculates on economy and has to compete with Airbus in the segment of medium-range aircraft.

The two companies, Airbus and Boeing, have different philosophies on what airlines and people will want

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Ambitions To Commit Evil In Macbeth

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Ambitions to Commit Evil in Macbeth

In Shakespeares play Macbeth, one could argue that Macbeth is motivated to commit his evil acts by three forces. For example, the witches in the play give him the first idea that he will be king. In addition, his own ambition starts to take over later in the play. Lastly, Lady Macbeth pushed and provoked him constantly to commit these evils. So even though Macbeth committed these acts, there was more influence then just his ideas.

The three witches in the play are a pretty big influence on Macbeth. For example, the witches tell him that he will be the Thane of Cawdor and it comes true proving the witches right of their prophecies. “All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!” (I.iii.51-52). “But how of Cawdor? The Thane of Cawdor lives,” (I.iii.75). ” call thee Thane of Cawdor:” (I.iii.110). Also, They tell him none of woman born can kill him, thus making him feel in-stoppable. “The power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.” (IV.i.86-87). In the end they basically plant the seed of ambition for Macbeths evilly committed crimes.

Secondly, its his own ambition to become king and to sit on the throne of Scotland. One way he proves this is killing his best friend Banquo, because he wants to keep the throne and the witches said Banquos sons would be kings. “It is concluded: Banquo, thy souls flight…” (III.i.157). Furthermore he starts to murder innocent women and children. “He has killd me, mother…” (IV.ii.96). Thus, consequently, costs Macbeth his life due to his power overwhelming him and his carelessness of killing. “Of this dead butcher…” (V.ix.41).

Lastly, Lady Macbeth is a huge factor in Macbeths evil acts. For instance, she is the one who really starts him off to killing. She pushes him for her satisfaction of being queen. “And fill me, from the crown to the toe, top-full…” (I.iv.45). In addition to this she constantly questions his manhood making him feel like a wuss if he doesnt commit this act. “They have made themselves, and that their

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America Dream Essay

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Galvez, Peter

English 20


“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.” (MLK) These are the words of Martin Luther King himself. In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. said that he too had a dream, and I would consider it a great view of the American Dream. But, what if his dream was something totally different than someone elses dream? Is the American Dream different than it use to be, or is it changing? These are questions that we must all ask ourselves as we live here in America. I believe that education, business, and technology are major aspects that drive the American Dream, and that the American Dream is changing for the worst for middle and lower class Americans.

My mom is one of the people that I interviewed asking her about her opinion of the American Dream. She grew up in Nicaragua and came to the United States by herself, because of the war that was happening there. When she arrived to the United States she only had four hundred

Galvez 2

dollars. She was able to survive on her own and her view of coming to America was something that I found really interesting. “I remember coming to the United States looking to live a better life and get a good education. Back them all the schools really focused on attendance and everyone would want to go to school to learn. Nobody would go there to show off his or her clothes or see who had the nicer car. I notice that in todays society there is a lot of kids that are dropping out and only go to school for the social aspect.” (Gladys Galvez)

This makes me really put education as one of the top priorities in life. Without an education you will never be successful in life. Many people want to go to college and get a high paying job, or maybe one day being a millionaire. With out school you will never be able to get anywhere in life, and most aspects of a persons dream would be crushed. We give children a false comfort and reassurance that they can be whatever they want to be. Little boys grow up dreaming of professional baseball and little girls may dream of dancing in the ballet, but these dreams will most likely never come true due to their given situations. “I would want to be in the NFL and play for CALs football team.” That is a quote from my friend Lou

Galvez 3

Arroyos who was an excellent athlete, but never got to any college because his grades in high school were so bad. He didnt know you had to do well in school to get a chance to play. Education is going downhill and more and more people dont appreciate the chance they have. Not only are we getting budget cuts but also, the dropout rate is at an all time high. In most countries, people would die to be able to get a chance to come to the United States and get an education. We as Americans, take for granted how lucky we are to live where we live. If we want to go to school we can go and learn, if we just simply dont go.

Business is a very important topic to talk about when speaking about the American Dream. Money seems to be everyones top priority. The rich want to get richer, while the poor get poorer. I feel that this is correct, because middle and lower class people want that new car, television, house, or whatever it is they desire. The only problem that is happening is that people are biting more than they can chew. I was talking to one of my friends who are a parent already and she said, “When I was a little kid there was no way I would ever have a cell phone. My mom would take me shopping, but never would we spend more than forty dollars on a shirt. Also if I was lucky and saved

Galvez 4

for over a year I could buy a car. Now my seven year old and ten year old both want to wear name brand clothes and dont appreciate the value of money.” (Nicole Bittle) I believe that now the America Dream for many people is more materialistic. Everyone wants a really nice house or that expensive car, but forget the value of family. Many people are over working and dont get a chance to spend that quality time with there family. Many families dont ever get a chance to eat dinner together anymore because they are either out working, or will just get a quick meal on the go. A lot of people will overspend, just to not feel like

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Why It Matters an Analysis of Nicholas Carr’s Harvard Business Review Article – It Doesn’t Matter

Why It Matters an Analysis of Nicholas Carr’s Harvard Business Review Article – It Doesn’t Matter

Why IT Matters

An Analysis of Nicholas Carr’s

Harvard Business Review Article

“IT Doesn’t Matter”

Does IT still matters? Nicholas Carr offered a thought-provoking theory in his 2003 Harvard Business Review Article “It Doesn’t Matter”. He said that Information Technology or IT doesn’t matter anymore in business because it has lost its strategic edge and is now a cost that should be managed. In previous years, IT became very important to business because it changed many processes, structures and operations. In fact, companies have invested a lot of money on IT and based their strategies on it. Nicholas Carr, however, suggests that IT as a strategic tool has lost its business value because of its availability, uniformity and affordability. Also, he said that IT has become a cost that should be managed conservatively so that a company can be competitive. These are my opinion on the points Carr made in his article:

Information Technology’s strategic importance has lessened because it has grown in power and ubiquity. Carr said that a company can gain advantage from its competitors if it has something that the others do not have. I agree with this statement because IT, just like other new technologies, offered this advantage at the start. In order for your company to be the best in your industry, it is important that you have the best technology that is being offered. As such, companies were motivated to invest heavily in new technologies to be in the top of their business. Other companies, though, invested in IT so that they will not be left behind in the technology race. Whatever the reasons behind businesses acquiring IT, companies knew that they could not afford to lose their position by lagging behind the others.. Having a technology that others do not have was the way to go and it is only logical that companies allotted a major piece of their budget in financing technological investments. Before, investing in IT is very expensive and it requires experts which at that time are too few. A company who can afford to acquire such investments would really have an edge over his competitors. Executives today, though, have long since learned that they overestimated technology’s value to their bottom line. They discovered that having these technologies do not necessarily mean that they would gain a lot of profit. Therefore, IT’s importance as a strategy of a company has lessened. With the massive amount of money invested on new technologies, supply has increased more than the demand for it. IT became cheaper and accessible to everyone and with the prevalence of IT experts, its initial advantage has disappeared. The very edge that made IT as a prime tool to make a wide gap between competitors was reduced. This doesn’t mean that the importance of IT to business has completely disappeared. IT’s value to companies lessened in terms of using it as the cornerstone of their strategy but IT, as an integral part of business, is here to stay. From the article, we can glean that the problem lies with how a company invested on IT and what kind of technology they invested in. Too many businesses jumped on the information technology bandwagon without extensive study of what specific IT tools they needed. This left them with expensive assets that they could not maximize with unnecessary features or tools that their businesses do not need. Another reason why companies are saddled with IT investments they do not require is because these companies felt the need to invest on technology just because their competitors are doing so. Their need to be better than their competitors drove them to make decisions hastily even though their present processes are doing so well.

IT is an infrastructural technology and has reached its peak already. I disagree with this statement. I think that the potential of IT has not been fully realized. I agree that if a company owns a technology that is hard to copy, it gives them a big edge on which to base long-term company goals. But technology now is easily acquired, affordable and accessible. And businesses have discovered that IT has more value when it is shared. Consider the internet. If only a few companies have access to it, its worth would be insignificant than when it can be accessed by many. The internet works because everybody can avail of it. Further, Carr said that IT, like any other infrastructural technology, has undergone the build-out phase already with the billions of dollars already spent on fiber optics, software, hardware, middleware, storage, etc. And because we have more technology than what we need, he concluded that

Executive Summarythe Lego Group And Group’S Various Threats instant essay help

Lego Strategic Management Case Study

Essay Preview: Lego Strategic Management Case Study

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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4]CONTENTS Executive Summary………………………………………………………………………….         2 Introduction……………………………………………………….…………………………. 3 External Analysis…………………………………………………….………………………..         4PEST Analysis…………………………………………………………………………..         4Porter’s Five Forces Analysis…………………………………………………..         6 Internal Analysis………………………………………………………………………………         8Key resources and capabilities………………………………………………..         8Core competencies………………………………………………………………..          12 Business Level Strategy…………………………………………………………………..          13Overview………………………………………………………………………………..          13Manufacturing Process & Supply Chain…………………………………          14Marketing and Sales……………………………………………………………….         15Services and Promotions………………………………………………………..         16Innovation and Technology…………………………………………………….         16 Corporate Level Strategy………………………………………………………………..         17Overview……………………………………………………………………………..          17Vertical Integration…………………………………………………………………         17Product Scope………………………………………………………………………..          19Geographical Scope………………………………………………………………..         19Rapid Diversification………………………………………………………………          20LE-GOing Digital……………………………………………………………………..          20 International Level Strategy……………………………………………………………         21 Recommendations…………………………………………………………………………..         23 Reference………………………………………………………………………………………         251.0 Executive SummaryThe LEGO Group is a privately held company based in Denmark since 1932. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials. The external analysis focuses on factors affecting the company such as political, economic, rivalry among competitors, threat of new entrants etc., to identify the Group’s various threats and opportunities. This is done using PEST and Porter’s five forces analyses. A further study of the Group’s strategies is performed in three levels: business, corporate, and international. The report finds that its business strategy is to increase brand value and drive product sales by defining its target customers and identifying the customer needs which are to be satisfied. It seeks to meet customer demands by providing value to the customers in terms of quality and a creative way of learning experience. The Group’s corporate strategy follows a related linked diversification framework. It attempts to increase the competitive advantage by following extensive vertical integration, diversifying its product line and expanding into untapped geographical locations. The Group has a systematic approach for its international strategy which changes along the four-stages of expansion, which are introduction, growth, maturity, and post-maturity.Finally, after the analysis of the company and evaluating its various threats and opportunities, the report makes three recommendations, namely, creating a new product line targeted at expanding its customer base, expanding further into the Asian market, and integrating physical toys with digital products. 2.0 IntroductionThe Lego Group is a privately held company based in Denmark. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials. The Group motto, “Only the best is good enough”, reflects its commitment to child development by offering play materials to enhance learning and creativity.[1] The mission is “to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility.”[2] Along with the vision: “investing the future of play”[3], the Group integrates innovation in its products and constantly reshapes its business to maintain competitiveness in an industry vulnerable to rapid globalization and digitalization.“LEGO”, an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt” which mean “play well”, is not only a name but also the principle of the Group. The Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and is now owned by his grandchild, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Since its founding more than 80 years ago, it has come a long way from a small carpenter’s workshop of wooden bricks to one of the world’s largest manufacturer of toys, especially its famous LEGO® brick, which has been its most important product since 1958.[4] LEGO bricks that interlock and detach easily are known to encourage creativity and imaginative play among children. For six consecutive years since 2010, the Group has been in the top ten of the Reputation Institute Annual RepTrak®100 report.[5] For financial year 2015, the revenue, operating profit and net profit increased by 25%, 26% and 31% respectively.[6] On the corporate social responsibility front, the Group focuses on: children, planet and society. Children are always the first priority; the Group continued its three-year partnership with UNICEF throughout 2015 as a champion for Children’s Rights and Business Principles. Through the partnership, the Group reached approximately 100 million children across 140 countries.[7] The Group believes in sustainable development and improved its energy efficiency by 5% in 2015.  As a major producer of plastic products, the Group invested DKK 1 billion for a Sustainable Material Centre.[8] The Group was certified for attaining the goal of using 100% Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper.[9]

American Dream And Origins Trace english essay help online

America As A Symbol

Essay Preview: America As A Symbol

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America as a symbol

Why is America a symbol? Mainly because of its history. People associate this country with a variety of events, people and objects that became in their eyes strictly symbolic. Some of them are stereotypes, some are unquestioned monuments of history and some have the power to characterize and define a whole nation with only a few simple words. A symbol simplifies our reality; it catalyzes information and meaning stored in one key word. People often use them because with their help it is simpler to describe an issue or a phenomenon, or in this case a country, using symbols that are meaningful to most of us.

America is a symbol because it has became a legend, a myth which was consequently passed through generations of people who shared the American Dream a symbol of equality and freedom to all, a symbol of wealthy successful life. It was like a wonderland where nothing was impossible, where the dream for better life was at hand. All of these statements might be nothing but lies, but still they function in mass consciousness as taken for granted by many, and all because of the symbol which America had became. But sadly life is not as idealistic as the nature of symbol might suggest. This sort of still images can be very misleading and I presume only Americans can judge how much they differ from the actual state.

One of the most known American symbols/icons is Uncle Sam. Its origins trace back to 1812 when Samuel Winston gained his notoriety as a meat supplier for the American army. He was well known because of the faulty association of the US markings on the supply barrels (which in reality stood for United States) with the initial letters of his name. The icon of Uncle Sam that we are most familiar with today came about in 1917 in the form of the famous “I Want You” recruiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg. Its purpose was to persuade the future troops to join the army and it symbolized patriotism and encouraged the feeling of responsibility for the fate of the nation. Comparable to a gentler and kinder Big Brother he watched over, but did not rule, and probably this was the main reason that made him so popular and trustworthy. In this shape he easily adopted himself in the nations consciousness.

The second but equally important

Famous Story Of The Genesis Flood And Epic Of Gilgamesh college essay help: college essay help

Gilgamesh Vs. Genesis

Gilgamesh Vs. Genesis

In a country with a strong Christian culture it is no surprise that a large number of people know the famous story of the Genesis flood but unknown to many is the striking resemblance it holds to an earlier flood story from the epic of Gilgamesh. Dissecting both stories the reader is revealed similarities but also numerous differences.

Both the story from Gilgamesh and the Genesis occur in the Iraqi/Turkey area. This information helps provide a strong connection between the tales. During the ages when Gilgamesh was written and even the Genesis, books were not readily available to the general public, stories were instead spread by word of mouth. This could explain the large similarities both stories share. It could also explain why both stories also share differences. Like the children game “telephone”, where a sentence is shared secretly to a chain of individuals, only to be revealed that by the end of the chain the sentence has been changed, the Genesis could be recording a story that had been gradually altered over the years.

The flood of Gilgamesh was written before 2000 B.C., while the Genesis story was written in 400 B.C giving ample time for change to occur. The epic of Gilgamesh was also a very prominent story during its age and because of this it is believable that biblical writers knew the story of the much older flood but revised it so it could fit with their own religious history and world views. They very possibly intertwined the original story with their own mythology to help convey a message.

In both versions of the flood something angers the higher power/s. In the epic of Gilgamesh, “The uproar of mankind

Essay Gilgamesh And Anglo-Saxon Era a level english language essay help

Gilgamesh, the Illiad, the Aeneid

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Classical literature has withstood the tests of time. Through the Anglo-Saxon era in history, long narrative poems, known as epics become all the rage. These poems were written in elevated styles that presented the adventures of a hero with superhuman qualities who embodied the national ideals. These ideals and adventures were presented through elements such as dreams, courage allowing the hero to overcome great trials, and a major battle scene. These elements, known as epic conventions, created epics that to this day continue to be read and taught throughout all the world.

Authors like Homer (Circa 850 B.C.) and Virgil (Circa 70-19 B.C.) capitalized on the growing popularity of epics through masterpieces like Gilgamesh, The Iliad, and The Aeneid. Epics like these were too good to allow them to disappear into the annals of time. Knowing this, Theodor H. Gaster, Robert Fitzgerald, and C. Day Lewis translated the epics into pros for future enjoyment. Gilgamesh, a mighty warrior is confronted by a more superior force, Enkidu, and is forced to transform from a tyrant into a caring and loving individual while seeking the plant of everlasting life. Through The Iliad Hector, displaying honor and pride, enters a battle he knows he shall surely lose to death. In “The Aeneid” the Trojan empire is attacked and overthrown by the Greeks formally ending the long and tedious Trojan War. Through these three epics, one learns the values of love, compassion, pity, pride, honor, and sacrifice which to this day represent the verities of life.

Using epics, Homer and Virgil translated the true meaning of the verity of love to everyday life. Before leaving for battle, Queen Ninsun, the mother of Gilgamesh, conversing with the sun-god pleads, “. . . dear Sun-God, he has taken it into his head to travel for days on long and perilous paths only to do battle with the monster Humbaba! I beg you to watch over him day and night, and to bring him back to me safe and sound.” After enduring all of the trials placed before him, Gilgamesh finally solidifies a transformation from a tyrant to a lover of his people when, after discovering the plant of everlasting life, he implies, “I will carry it back to Erech and give it to the people to eat. So will I at least have some reward for my pains!” Homer, through the epic The Iliad, uses the verity of love when the character Hector dandles Astyanax, Hector and Andromache’s son, and prays to Zeus for the safe keeping of the baby. Hera through love sends down an angel, “to help you control your wrath. . . for her heart holds equal love and concern for both of you”. Creusa, in The Aeneid grabs the ankles of Aeneas and cries, “If it’s deathwards you go, take us with you! O take us, and/come what may”. Aeneas shows love for Anchises, Aeneas’ father when Anchises is thrown on the back of Aeneas to escape the wrath of the Greeks. Through the three epics, one learns that love is not only a verity but a virtue of life.

Compassion, another one of life’s verities, is presented through the epics. In Gilgamesh Enkidu has the opportunity to kill and dethrone the tyrant Gilgamesh; instead, Enkidu stands Gilgamesh up and says, “I shall oppose you no longer. Let us be friends.” After the tearful plead of Queen Ninsun, the powerful sun-god melts with compassion and promises to help Gilgamesh and Enkidu on their journey. Andromache becomes compassionate during the funeral of husband Hector when it is said, “Hector, you gave your parents grief and pain/but left me loneliest, and heartbroken.” In The Aeneid, Anchises prays for confirmation of the omen. Showing compassion, the god sends a shooting star, which left a blazing path as the answer to the prayer. Having compassion for not only the lives of family members, but also for the servants, Aeneas instructs,

And to you servants, pay careful attention to what I shall tell you

As you go out of the city, you come to a mound with an ancient

Temple of Ceres upon it, secluded; nearby, an old cypress

Stands, which for many years our fathers preserved in reverence.

Let this be our rendezvous. . .

The verity of compassion exemplifies the reward of life’s hardest choices.

The verify of pity is also shown through these epics. In the epic Gilgamesh, Enkidu pities the life of Gilgamesh when the battle is ended with Enkidu standing up Gilgamesh and extending the offer to be friends. After the long journey, as Gilgamesh is desperately seeking the plant of everlasting life, the old immortal man Utnapishtim has pity on Gilgamesh when Utnapishtim directs, “In the depths of the sea lies a plant. It looks like a buckthorn and pricks like a rose. If any

Glass Menagerie And High School free essay help: free essay help

Glass Menagerie – Relationship Between Jim and Laura

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Glass Menagerie: Relationship Between Jim and


Essay submitted by Sarah

In high school, Jim was basically your all around nice guy. He was friendly to everyone,

and an example of this is that he called Laura “Blue Roses”. He was being friendly when

he nicknamed her that, but otherwise they didnt really talk to each other. That was

basically under the only circumstances that they actually talked. The only reason that

Jim asked Laura what was the matter in the first place, was because she was out of

school for a long time and he was just a little concerned like anyone that is your all

around nice and friendly type of person would do.

Jim was confident about himself all throughout high school. Laura was not. Evidence to

prove Jims confidentiality in himself is when Tom is telling us about Jim, “He seemed to

move in the continual spotlightHe was always running or bounding, never just


Evidence from the text to prove Laura wasnt very confident in herself, is when she

says, “Yes, it was so hard for me, getting upstairs. I had that brace on my leg – it

clumped so loud!…I had to go clumping all the way up the aisle with everyone


Jim was always in the company of others. Evidence of this is, “He seemed to move in a

continual spotlight. He was a star in basketball, captain of the debating club, president

of the senior class and the glee club and he sang the male lead in the annual light

operas.”(pg.61) Laura was the exact opposite of him. She was a bit of a wallflower.

She did not like being around other people because she thought that they were

mocking her, so this is why she tried to just blend in with the crowd.

Jim had fond memories of his time in high school. As Tom would say, “He was a star in

basketball, captain of the debating club, president of the senior class and the glee club

and he sang the male lead in the annual light operas.”(pg.61) This is the memories that

Jim has from high school. Laura, on the other hand,

Global Terrorism And Past Terrorism Attacks gp essay help: gp essay help

Global Terrorism

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Some three thousands innocent civilian deaths were accounted for in the past terrorism attacks on the September 11, 2001. Do you think that’s a problem? Despite, other global problems such as pollution, natural disasters, and global warming, terrorism tops all problems with the world we live in today because it results in many innocent lives, social issues, as well retaliation. This is an issue that has shown up all over the world and effects many countries. It seems to never stop only escalating into many of these problems discussed.

On September 11,2001, terrorism attacks on our own native soil destroyed, our nations head financial district (World Trade Towers) as well as a section of the Pentagon. These attacks were planned abroad, by ruthless terrorists and executed almost perfectly. Four domestic airplanes on flights across the country all with highjackers on board, crashed into their targets accept for the plane that was headed for the white house. It crashed into a field in rural Pennsylvania town. As a result all two hundred and sixty-six crewmembers and passengers were killed. That was just the numbers for the people on board the airliners. The World Trade Towers collapsed killing thousands of people. A section of the pentagon was also collapsed. Many peoples loved ones were on board those airliners or at work in their office. It was a horrifying and devastating day for many people around the world, especially those who live in America. Unfortunately, these weren’t the only problems arise.

After the attacks on our country, many people around the world were quick to stereotype all Muslims as the threat to terrorism. This is a big issue that we have been trying to separate. Racial disputes between Muslims and Christians were elevated. There was even an incident where many Muslim and non-Muslim were beaten and even killed as a result of religion extremists. This even showed up here in the United States where everybody is supposed to be treated equally. The media had stories of Mosque being burned and Muslims being mistreated by government officials. Like other nation, here in the United States the national security was increased. This resulted in civil regulations that affect all civilians. It reduced people’s freedoms and civil liberties. This has brought about problems about the human rights of these nations citizens. These problems will continue to occur, because the governments have to protect their citizens.

Along with these others problems terrorism also causes retaliation. The violence does not stop. As soon as a country is attacked it quickly gets together to see who, what, and why these events took place. The governments start making enemies. People who they think could have started all of this. Then the country makes a military move

American Values And Henry Dobbins cheap essay help

America As A Man

Essay Preview: America As A Man

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America in a Man

“Stockings” by Tim OBrian centers around a soldier, Henry Dobbins, who finds strength and protection in a pair of his girlfriends stockings. This might seem unusual to some considering a man is sentimentally attached to a pair of womens undergarments. However, it is how Dobbins sees these stockings and the connection that OBrian makes paralleling the soldier and the U.S. to portray American values that is the most compelling. He chooses to express his opinion of America through indirect comparisons to the soldier, and portrays resilience, sentimentality, strength and optimism as great American values.

In the first paragraph of “Stockings,” OBrian specifically states similarities between Henry Dobbins and America. He does this by indirectly stateing American qualities, in personified fashion. The reader learns that they both are;

[]big and strong, full of good intentions, a roll of fat jiggling at his belly, slow of foot but always plodding along, always there when you needed him, a believer in the virtues of simplicity and directness and hard labor. Like his country, too, Dobbins was drawn toward sentimentality (O Brian 304).

As an American, I see many of these traits exhibited today, such as the increase in nationwide obesity and the comforting ideal that Americans will always band together in times of need like during the September 11th terrorist attacks. However, many of these characteristics are historically American ideals. Throughout history, America has been seen as the land of the big and strong, not to be messed with by outside forces. It has offered opportunities to those who will work hard, keep things simple, and work directly toward their goals. This mentality results in millions of success stories since its establishment in 1776. The characteristic that OBrian is really driving home with his short story, “Stockings” is American sentimentality. Dobbins stockings are more than just a reminder of his girlfriend back home, they are symbolic of the attachment Americans have to superstitions, good luck charms, and faith. Americans have a need to believe that something bigger than them is out there protecting them and bringing good fortune.

Dobbinss stockings are definitely a good luck charm for him. During the Vietnam War, soldiers are being killed left and right; no one has any idea if that day will be their last. Henry never sees his last day overseas because of the magic that the pantyhose possess. Dobbins was “never wounded, never a scratch. In August, he tripped a Bouncing Betty, which failed to detonate. And a week later he got caught in the open during a fierce little firefight, no cover at all, but he just slipped the pantyhose over his nose and breathed deep and let the magic do its work”(OBrian 304). It is very rare for a bomb not to detonate and to come out of a firefight without a scratch, but the magic of the pantyhose keeps him safe. OBrian is portraying America as a land greatly tied to sentimentality. Americans form very strong connections to items that they believe work in their best interest. Everyone has little rituals that they do before a big game or a hard test in hopes of the best outcome. Maybe the cherished item is a family heirloom that has protected their ancestors for generations or spiritual item, like a cross, that will remind them that God is protecting them. Americans, and humans in general, believe that the power their sacred items hold is greater than the person who gave it to them or the circumstances surrounding their possession of it. Even if situations change, faith will survive the darkest of days.

In OBrians “Stockings,” Dobbins receives a letter from his girlfriend ending their relationship. The stockings smelled of her body and each breath inspired memories of her and their future together. Possessing them gives him the motivation to fight another day, meanwhile protecting him when he needed it. After such a painful blow, Henry Dobbins ties the pantyhose around his neck and says, “No sweat…The magic doesnt go away” (OBrian 304). Americans are resilient and tend to seek a silver lining. Dobbins portrays these American ideals by understanding life is unpredictable and embodies the old saying, “when life hands you lemons, its time to make lemonade”. Henry Dobbins heart might be broken from losing his love, but he is in a war and knows he must be strong to fight another day. He believes in the power of the stockings, regardless of where the power originated from. OBrian is

Lethal Gas And Capital Punishment medical school essay help: medical school essay help

America Loves Capital Punishment

Essay Preview: America Loves Capital Punishment

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Americans Love Capital Punishment

There is one question that has always brought about controversy. Should

capital punishment be used as a way of disciplining criminals? Over the past

twenty years, there has been an enormous increase in violent crimes. It seems

logical that a person is less likely to commit a given act if by doing so he

will suffer swift and certain punishment of a horrible kind. As most Americans

agree, death is the only appropriate punishment for such crimes.

In ancient times executions were not uncommon. Even the Bible teaches

capital punishment. It states, “Who so sheddeth mans blood, by man shall his

blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man” (Bible). In ancient times a

set of laws were written which specified many crimes punishable by capital

punishment. These laws were the Code of Hammurabi. Some of the punishable

crimes mentioned included adultery, robbery witchcraft, and murder. During the

Middle Ages, the Church assumed the responsibility of administering punishments.

During the late 1700s the death penalty steadily grew in acceptance. Over

200 crimes were punishable by death at the beginning of the 1800s. There were

just as many methods used to execute wrong-doers as there were crimes. Some of

the techniques used included beheading, stoning, drowning, hanging, crucifying,

and burying people alive. Also used were many nontraditional forms of

execution. One type of execution utilized elephants to crush the criminals

head on a stone block.

As times changed, so did the death penalty. Laws aimed at abolishing

the death penalty began to evolve at the turn of the century. Even with the

changes made, the effectiveness of capital punishment stayed right on track.

The crimes punishable by death became more specific, while some were eradicated

completely. For example, there are different types of capital murder that have

been specifically defined, but vary from one jurisdiction to another. These

include murder carried out during the commission of another felony, murder of a

peace officer, corrections employee, or firefighter engaged in the performance

of official duties, murder by an inmate serving a life sentence, and murder for

hire (Contract Murder). Other crimes worthy of death include espionage by a

member of the Armed Forces (communication of information to a foreign

government), tampering where death results by a witness, and death resulting

from aircraft hijacking. While hangings and firing squads remained in use,

many forms of execution were done away with. Methods such as electrocution,

lethal gas, and lethal injection soon replaced the annulled ones. As with

almost everything, there were exceptions made. Some states the prohibited the

execution of anyone mentally retarded. In 1901, Colorado made it a law that

capital punishment would not be used if the accused was convicted only on

circumstantial evidence.

The American public has long been favorably disposed toward capital

punishment for convicted murderers, and that support continues to grow. In a

1981 Gallup Poll, two-thirds of Americans voiced general approval of the death

penalty. That support rose to 72 percent in 1985, to 76 percent in 1991, and

to 80 percent in 1994 (Moore, 1994:5). Although these poll results need to be

interpreted with extreme caution, it is clear that there are few issues on

which more Americans agree: in at least some circumstances, death is seen as a

justifiable punishment for the worst sorts of criminal homicides.

On the other hand, much of the public and political support for capital

punishment rests on its presumed value as a general deterrent: we need the

death penalty to encourage potential murderers to avoid engaging in criminal

homicide. Unlike the issue of retribution, empirical studies can answer

questions about the death penaltys general deterrent effects.

To supporters of capital punishment, the statistics are pleasing. In the

past seventy years there have been 4,002 executions carried out in the United

States. Approximately three-fifths

Wi-Fi And John Osullivan extended essay help biology

Wi-Fi Functions

Wi-Fi Functions

Slide 1: 1. Wi-Fi just like radio wave, blue tooth, or the signal for walkie talkie  2. It transmit data through one terminal to another, i.e. internet.3. It is a replacement of Cable internet, free the people and the electronic devices.4. Easier to hack through since you can stand anyway within the signal range, can ask how in question time.Slide2:1. Wi-Fi name of a trademark, owned by a non-profit organisation.     Wi-Fi Alliance 2. All Wi-Fi product communicate under 802.11 standard protocol.3. Vic Hayes key figure, from IEEE, Father of Wi-Fi. By the way, IEEE still is the institution which developing and maintain the standard protocol of Wi-Fi.4.  John OSullivan, an Australian, CSIRO researcher, under project “A failed experiment to detect exploding mini black holes the size of an atomic particle” and led to his invention which function in faster and stable Wi-Fi data transmission.  Later won CSIRO 250 million dollars from 14 Technology Company, for infringement.Slide 3: 1. Currently we use Wi-Fi mainly as a tool to surf the internet through our electronic devices.2. That leads to a very practical use,of work place communications. Example: instead of logging on to a desktop and check your work emails, you can use a tablet that connect to a Wi-Fi and going through them and reply them, mobilised work communications, thus it alters work efficiency.3. Not just that, many printers have Wi-Fi application as in user can printer from any electronic devices which transmit data through Wi-Fi and print. Similarly, many digital camera can upload picture it took instantly, to PC, again through Wi-Fi.

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We have top-notch experts to help you achieve top grades: – All our assignment writers are native English speakers; have PhDs or Masters; possess in-depth knowledge of appropriate writing and formatting styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, AMA and more; and adhere to the highest standards to deliver well-written A+ assignments.
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The most affordable pricing for high-quality assignment help services: from just $7 per page.
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  • 100% confidentiality
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