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Personal Mastery Reflection

Write a two-page APA-style paper on personal mastery by doing the following:1.  Describe lessons learned while determining the appropriate social and emotional power skills to address the scenarios in Task 1.2.  Discuss how the application of your strengths to the scenarios helped you build confidence in your leadership abilities. Include an example in your discussion.3.  Explain how the path toward development of your personal mastery has helped you understand your leadership style and how developing personal mastery motivates you to become a stronger, more authentic leader.4.  Include three relevant scholarly sources.B.  Incorporate the following components of APA style and formatting into your paper:•  bias-free language•  objectivity, credibility of sources, and evidence-based approach•  APA-specific rules regarding verb tense, voice, and perspective•  a title page and headers•  APA-specific formatting rules for in-text citations and references, margins, spacing, numbering, and indentation for the title page, main body, and appendices of your paper, including headers, bulleted and numbered lists, and tables and figuresC.  Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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