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Peter Hanson And Establishment Of The Product Development Centre College Essay Help Los Angeles

Peter Hanson Case

Peter Hanson Case

What were the strategic rationales for the establishment of the product development centre in Shanghai, China?

The reason behind setting up a Product development center (PDC) in Shanghai was to keep up with the pace of the fast growing market in China that was becoming ever more important to High Tech Systems (HTS). The company had already an established market share in the Chinese market and produced its products locally. However it had not opened up a PDC in the area to adapt its products to the local market. HTS had learned from their experience that product development was the key to its success, with 20 percent of its staff working in research and development. They had also observed that different areas acquired different technology and standards. Therefore it was logical to locate R&D in different locations where technologies reside. This helped the company to adapt its product more easily to its market and environmental changes. It also enabled HTS to explore human resources in various locations.

Evaluate the approach to managing people in the Product Development Centre. What should Peter Hanson, the leader of the centre, have done differently? Why?

Peter Hanson had certain experience of the Chinese culture after living in Asia and having an Asian wife. When taking over the PDC in China he wanted to hire candidates that had experience of Chinese culture and environment. He did a comprehensive screening of candidates but soon had only few that he considered feasible to relocate and work in China. He was also concerned about the challenges these people would face when moving to China.

HTS human resource management approach was standardized and all incentives aimed at individuals. Peter used the companys compensation system to encourage employees to reach their objectives and a standardized performance system to measure performance.

Ratio Of Petrochina And Acid-Test Ratio admission college essay help: admission college essay help


Comparing the ratio of PetroChina with its leader of the industry – Sinopec.

Ability to pay liabilities

There are three ratios to measure ability to pay current liabilities.

Working Capital

Working capital measures the ability to pay current liabilities with current assets. In general, the larger the working capital, the better the ability to pay debts. Working capital is current version of total capital.

Both PetroChina and Sinopec have negative working capital, however, it is normal in this industry.

Current Ratio

The current ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures whether or not a firm has enough resources to meet its short-term and long-term obligations. It compares a firms current assets to its current liabilities.

A ratio less than 1 represents the company isnt running efficiently and cant cover its current debt properly. Compared with Sinopec, after 2012, this ratio of PetroChina is bigger than Sinopec, which means PetroChina has more current assets to pay current liabilities.

Acid-Test Ratio

The acid-test ratio (also known as quick ratio) is a strong indicator whether a firm has adequate short-term assets to pay off its current liabilities.

Companies with an acid-test ratio of less than 1 imply not having enough liquid assets to pay off their current liabilities and should pay attention. But this may not apply in all cases as it may vary from industries.

We can see from the table that

Process Of Supply Chain Management And Basic Elements Of Supply Chain Management essay help 123

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management        EXECUTIVE SUMMARYTABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 Introduction The present assignment is about exploring and evaluating the process of supply chain management in Honda. The discussion given below sheds light on the basic elements of supply chain management such as; planning, logistics, manufacturing and other financial activities. Critically, the assignment below evaluates the goals of supply chain management in terms of operations in the chosen organization. In addition, the implementation of global supply chain management strategy is theoretically studied below. In literature, ( ) argued that supply chain management is the process of through which material, information and finances are moved from the suppliers to the manufacturers. It is also explained as the management of goods and service flow from the origin point to the point of its consumptions and utilization.  2.0 Background of the Company Honda is a Japanese based automobile company primarily known as the manufacturers of automobiles, power equipment and motorcycle, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. Honda is a public multinational corporation operating since 1948. The company is known as the largest automobile as well as internal combustion engines manufactures and distributors. It is perhaps best known as an automaker based in Japan. Yearly, Honda produces more than 14 million internal combustion engines. In 2011, Honda was announced as the eighth largest manufacturers of automobile in the world. As per Honda’s Annual Report, (2016), company has managed to invest 5.7 % of its total revenue towards the research and development department. Additionally, the company has gained the leading position in the Japanese market through exporting 108,705 Honda and Acura models. There are three divisions in the company namely; Acura, Honda Automobiles and Honda Motorcycles. As of statistics presented in 2014, Honda is the source of employment for around 198,561 people. From its earliest days, Honda has managed to develop its own brand image and identity. Till today, the company is striving hard to bring new and better technology for the automobiles. In order to address the changing demands of the customers, Honda needs to strengthen its suppliers. 3.0 Problem Statement/Research ObjectivesIn this assignment, researcher aspires to explore supply chain management in Honda. To achieve this aim, author has formulated following objectives;To evaluate the goals of supply chain management in terms of its operations and how these goals affect the operations in HondaTo identify the need of applying global supply chain management strategy To identify any suppliers or vendors for Honda To adders shortages of supply in terms of equipment and employeesTo acquire the greater span of control over the supply chain process 4.0 Literature ReviewThe work of ( ) cited that management process including the supply of goods and services to the end users in order gain high degree of customer satisfaction at the low cost is termed as supply chain management.  ( ) defined supply chain management as the process representing the worth mentioning change in how companies view and perceive themselves. Traditionally, in accordance with supply chain management, companies view themselves as the contributor of customers or suppliers.  The main goal of supply chain management is to include the customers and the suppliers as the organizational partners. Conversely, ( ) denoted that supply chain management requires the effective commitment of the supply chain partners towards the collective working for generating, taking and fulfilling the orders.

Petra Diamond And Diamond Industry summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

Petra Diamond Case

ContentsIntroduction        Introduction of Petra Diamond and Diamond Industry        About the company        PEST analysis        1.        Industry/Economy: Less supply, high demand        2.        Social: Heavy social responsibility        3.        Political:  high regulation and political risk        4.        Technology:  High barriers to entry – Synthetic diamonds technology        Important financial variables and trends over 5 years        Operating profit margin        Return on Equity (ROE)        Capital structure and liquidity        Major corporate actions and other developments in recent years, SWOT analysis        Strengths:        Weakness        Threats        Opportunity and Future plan:        Conclusion        References        IntroductionThis report aims to evaluate Petra Diamonds Limited Company, which is a mid-size producer in diamond mining industry. The report includes three main parts. The first section is the introduction and overview of the company as well as other information of the diamond industry. The second part is the review of financial strength and the trends of Petra’s financial statement, over the last five years. The last part discusses future development plan of the firm, in relation to SWOT analysis and conclusion.Introduction of Petra Diamond and Diamond IndustryAbout the companyPetra diamond limited (PDL) is an independent mining group which explores produces and supply rough diamonds to international market. The firm has experienced rapid growth over the last 10 years and has become an important supplier for the global diamond market. After acquiring 5 major diamond facilities from 2007, mostly from De Beers, world largest producer, total mining capacity of Petra has piled up to 300 million carats, one of the world’s largest resources (Petra DiamondIn details, the portfolio of the firm has 5 mines in which four located in South Africa and one located in Tanzania. They are Finsch – Cullinan – Koffiefontein – Kimberley Underground – Williamson, ordered by capacity of diamond. Over the above five, Finches and Cullinan are the biggest, which Finches and Cullinan are biggest, contributes nearly 90% of production volume and 71% of revenue. (Petra Diamond Annual report, 2015)

Corporate Governance And Global Market essay help online free

Petrochina a Corporate Governance

The market for the exchange of knowledge, laws, products and currencies has enormously evolved over the years. By taking a step back and observing the achievements made by the human being since his appearance. We could certainly see that our generation represents a mere microscopic portion on the timeline. Admittedly, our passage is essential, the touch of each generation ensures a balanced evolution. According to the industrial society, we say to be in the unavoidable obligation to follow a repetitive economic cycle, which means to overcome a certain decline. The global market and businesses, no matter what size they are, know this reality. However, mutual aid and normality can certainly lead us to a world where the decline is mitigating. To achieve this goal, we must be aware of what surrounds us and bring in practices and changes that are conducive to this main goal. The emergence of corporate governance is a perfect example for achieving this target, especially when the company in question is brought into the stock market. Towards a better futureCorporate governance has become a hot topic in recent decades, mainly due to the economic slippages of our past. The departments of great importance within the companies bore a heavy weight of society and were not as well governed as they should be. In short, they did not have the necessary skills and/or objective priorities in the right places. As a result, several conventional approaches have been re-examined to counter the solutions that no longer seemed as good as had been thought. Germany and the United States having experienced economic crises like many others, put forward the adoption of a society based on the importance of corporate governance. The strategic restructuring of these two countries has served as an example for many, both legally and operationally. In general, the countries that had made changes were consisted of private, public and non-profit enterprises. For the Chinese government, it seemed very difficult to adapt. This is mainly due to SOEs. To expatriate rights of making decisions without the approval of his government was inconceivable for Chinas leaders.The guinea pigWanting to develop an openness to foreign investment, China has reluctantly taken the example of its allies. PetroChina was the experimental farm of this adventure. The opening of this one on the economic market allowed several experts to share their interest and also to criticize the SOEs of China. During his IPO debut, PetroChines corporate governance model did not have the characteristics requirements to be considered a legitimate actor. PetroChina has undergone many organizational changes. Today, some criticism still their practice, but coming from a region where privatization did not exist, they knew to demonstrate enormous effort which was not always desired. All to allow them to have a transparent image towards the global market. It is hard to determine the long-term goal of the company because it’s always under the control of the government. They may or may not appreciate corporate governance, but they cannot deny it’s importance. It allowed them to understand the effectiveness of corporate governance standards within a company, to consider weaknesses in market paradigms, to define solutions that parallel shareholder interests and to motivate managers and managers towards short and long term successes for a promising future. All things said, it would be foolish to say that China has made no effort to achieve the standards of good corporate governance. It remains to be seen if they will keep this rigorous practice and implant it more in the strategy of her other big players.

Various Committees And Efficient Price english essay help online

Petroleum Pricing Mechanism

PETROLEUM PRICING MECHANISMOBJECTIVE OF PRICINGThe main objectives for the pricing of a mass commodity like petroleum are extremely crucial in Indian context as it is very much related with the following variants.Economic efficiencySocial equity Financial viability It relates to the welfare & income distribution considerations and it would ensure continuity & quality of service & help to achieve future investment requirements.FUNDAMENTALSIf there are no trading constraints in the International markets, the efficient price for fully traded goods should be International or border price (import or export parity)This fundamental rule applies to all traded goods; petroleum products included, thus Import parity pricing (IPP) is applicable if the country is a net importer of the products and Export parity (EPP) for countries which are net exporters.But India being a special democracy where a huge population has consistently lived below the poverty line, the government assistance or the social costing for a mass commodity like the petroleum products is invariable.  FLASH BACK: THE EVOLUTIONThe Pricing before reforms has been a knee-jerk approach.Regulation of oil prices was first attempted in India when the Valued Stock Account (VSA) procedure was agreed between the Government & Burmah Shell in 1948In the 1960’s, various committees namely the Damle Committee, 1961, Talukdar Committee, 1965 and the Shantilal Shah Committee, 1969 were appointed by the Government to recommend the pricing modalities for petroleum products in India.These committees recommended prices to be determined on principles of import parityCeiling selling prices were recommended for various petroleum productsSubsequently, in 1974, the Government appointed an Oil Prices Committee (OPC) headed by K. S. KrishnaswamyThis committee recommended discontinuation of the import parity basis  It made a case for “cost plus basis” which came to be commonly known as the Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM)The regime recommended by OPC was amended by Oil Cost Review Committee (OCRC), 1984 headed by J. S. IyerCompensating return was amended from a flat rate on the capital employed to 12% post tax return on net-worth & weighted cost of borrowingsAPM methodology was definitely not the best one adopted by the government as it was denting the profits and was triggering the adulteration of petroleum products as well. So, dismantling of APM was a rather obvious consequence, but the question was, which the best alternative was?Post APMThe Oil companies, powerful as they were, made the government adopts import parity pricing. The import parity was adopted so as to give our domestic industry some kind of protectionThe Era of Import Parity PricingIndustry post 2002 entered another era of complete deregulation with a shift to market determined pricing mechanism

Self-Awareness And Use Of Expert assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

Happy Birthday Baby

Essay Preview: Happy Birthday Baby

Report this essay

1) Fidlers Contingency Model: Good leadership depends on a match between leadership style and situational demands. Leadership style is measured on the LPC scale (least-preferred coworker scale).

-Houses Path-Goal Leadership Theory: The Path-Goal Theory suggests that an effective leader is one who clarifies paths through which followers can achieve both task-related and personal goals.

-Hershey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model: The HB situational leadership model suggests that successful leaders adjust their styles depending on the maturity of followers, indicated by their readiness to perform in a given situation.

2) The use of expert and reference power will afford you the most enuring influence because they create commitment. Followers respond positively to an internalized understanding or beliefs that create long-lasting effects on behaviour.

3) Volleyball Coach Merrick:




-honesty and integrity

4) a)Robert R. Blake and Jane Mouton

b)The country club manager style of leading is most concerned about the needs and feelings of members of his/her team. These people operate under the assumption that as long as team members are happy and secure then they will work hard. What tends to result is a work environment that is very relaxed and fun, but where production suffers due to lack of direction and control. A shift in the direction of concern for production would move their position towards middle-of-road management, the ideal place to be.

5) Managers should expect to adapt to the changing ways of their employees. When using the Hershey-Blanchard model, managers must be able to implement the alternative leadership styles (delegating, participating, selling, and telling), as needed.

6) 5 Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence:

1) Self-awareness: ability to understand our own moods and emotions and understand their impact on our work and others

2) Self-regulation: ability to to think before we act, and to control disruptive impulses

3) Motivation: ability to work hard with persistence and for reasons other than money and status

4) Empathy: ability to understand the emotions of others and use this understanding to better relate

5) Social skill: ability to establish rapport with others, and to build good relationships and networks

7) Both men and women can be successful leaders, but theyre styles may vary. Women and men generally have different leadership styles.

Sarahs Story And Poplar Bluff college essay help

Happily Ever After (gay Marriage)

Essay Preview: Happily Ever After (gay Marriage)

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Happily Ever After

“And They Lived Happily Ever After, The End”. A typical ending to the all American fairytale, but who is “they”? “They” usually means Prince Charming and whomever his bride is in the story, maybe either Cinderella or Snow White. But what if Cinderella wasnt interested in Prince Charming, what if she really wanted to marry Snow White? Now that would be a fairytale up for debate!

Can marriage jump the gender divide? My good friend from High School and her life partner believe so. sarahs story starts like any typical all American girl from southeast Missouri. Born and raised in a Christian home in Poplar Bluff, she had a few serious boyfriends, but none of them “Mr. Right”. After high school Sarah couldnt wait to get out of Poplar Bluff, so she landed happily in Boston, MA, where she attended medical school. During her internship at a hospital, she met Becky, who opened her eyes to a different kind of love. As their relationship developed, Sarah struggled with what everyone from her hometown would think. She felt like she had found her soul mate, but was sure no one would understand, especially her devout Methodist family. When she finally told her family, they reacted exactly how she expected, her mother thought the world would end, her brothers supported her, and her father refused to speak to her. None of this mattered to Sarah, she knew how she felt about Becky, which was nothing like the awkward relationships from High School, instead, it was effortless.

Sarah and Becky sealed their love at the beginning of this year in a private, special ceremony attended by only close friends, Sarahs brothers and Beckys family (who happily support them).

I think it is sad that our society doesnt support love unless it is “traditional”. It is so hard to find the right person, we should be happy for everyone that beats the odds, no matter the gender combination . American marriage would probably be more successful if we would open our hearts and accept everyone who can find true happiness. Its so important to be color blind, being love blind should be just as important.

I am so happy that Sarah has found happiness with Becky. She has found her Snow White and they live happily ever after in Boston Massachusetts.

Victims Of Hate Crimes And Such Cases essay help tips: essay help tips

Hate CrimesEssay Preview: Hate CrimesReport this essayVictims of hate crimes vary in the indiscretions placed against them, whether it is from a simple slander to a vicious attack. But they all have the same mutual notion that the crimes that were committed against them are far above other crimes because they were carried out in hate. I believe that the idea of creating a separate punishment for crimes of this nature is absolutely nonsensical and inane in theory.

In the attached article, it states that “Congressional negotiators stripped a measure to strengthen 1960s-era hate crimes law from a massive defense bill, likely killing for this year the effort to broaden hate crimes protections for gay people and the disabled (Reuters, 2004).” This action, for some, it a disappointment and a big step back in their movement. “Backers of the hate crimes legislation, a top priority for gay rights and disabled advocacy groups (Reuters, 2004)” seem more interested in intensifying punishment that is only against them. Such cases that they believe deserved intensification are those like “the dragging death of a black man named James Byrd in Texas (Reuters, 2004)” and “the fatal beating of a young gay man named Matthew Shepard in Wyoming (Williams, 2004).”

”„„„ „ The new federal government has a long history of promoting hate crime protection for all Americans; 
 ‪ | The Obama administration, and particularly Attorney General Eric Holder, have repeatedly pushed the federal government to keep up with the times and keep us safe. And while civil rights reform wasn’t a central focus of the Obama administration’s ‘war on hate,’ a bipartisan committee in Congress is currently considering the legislation (Holder’s Office of Legal and Legislative Affairs, 2009), which the president is expected to sign soon (and that has nothing to do with civil rights or race relations). But the committee has yet to do any action, according to The Washington Post, which reported on a March 7 bipartisan report about US government efforts to increase the federal response to racial hate crime in 2002. The Post also said, and was quoted in the paper by a conservative news outlet, that the DOJ would be looking for the legislation now. And while the group, which includes several African-American civil rights organizations, has yet to file a formal complaint with the Obama administration, US Attorney Preet Bharara said in New York City on April 5 that the DOJ intends to conduct a formal investigation in October, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. (The Post would not disclose the time or detail of the request. However, sources who work on the civil rights work group indicated that the DOJ intends to submit a report to Congress next month. The DOJ declined to comment on the report at this time, nor to say whether the DOJ will continue to work on the bill next year.)

This is an updated version of a blog post that originally appeared on September 4, 2013. In it, Andrew Weiss wrote about his experience as a child witness in the case of Samuel Jackson, a New York immigrant known for his racial prejudice. Prior to his conversion, there is no evidence that Samuel Jackson ever committed a hate crime. Now, it appears, authorities had to resort to solitary confinement and solitary confinement that many have called “cruel and unusual punishment.”
In a blog post, Weiss also wrote that: “There is no clear legal basis for treating the practice of solitary confinement as a crime punishable by death – even if it is to ensure that the victim is never again put on death row. A similar, non-specific and politically motivated practice would be considered a constitutional violation under the United States Constitution. However, no such practice exists, and even if this is permitted, it may be unconstitutional under our First Amendment rights of speedy review and due process. It is unclear at this point if the federal courts will follow the DOJ’s legal process beyond its ability to resolve this case. In this case, Jackson’s case will be decided next week. Many have expressed concerns that solitary confinement could lead to cruel and unusual punishment of people who had no known or suspected hate crime prior to Jackson’s conversion.”

Original post by EricWeiss

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