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Phonological Awareness: Create a Meme

Phonological Awareness – Create A Meme11 unread reply.11 reply.
What is a Meme?
Explanation of Memes and 2 Examples (Links to an external site.)
Create your own Meme (you are not allowed to use the example memes for your assignment) that captures your understanding of phonological awareness and phonemic awareness. Be sure to include important aspects of both phonemic awareness and phonological awareness. Phonemic awareness is critically important to the acquisition of phonological awareness.
Select and create image that visually represents your understanding of phonological awareness and phonemic awareness.
CORE Teaching Reading Textbook: Chapter 5 Phonological Awareness
Phonological and Phonemic Awareness In Depth (Links to an external site.)
You are allowed to locate images on the internet (or draw your own!) but you must create your own wording! Base your wording from information found in your CORE book from the Phonemic Awareness chapter, the Reading Rockets website (above) and/or any of the resources provided in Module 2 of this course. Limit your wording to 15 sentences maximum.
Your Meme must show an understanding of both phonological awareness and phonemic awareness.
Please respond to at least one other person’s meme. “Like” and explain why you liked the meme.

Perform the following calculations and hand them in by the following dates. Show all work to get full credit.

Perform the following calculations and hand them in by the following dates. Show all work to get full credit.

1) Africa and North America are moving away from each other at a velocity/rate of 3
2) Africa and North America are presently 6000 km apart
Calculate (show all work):
a) How long has it been since Africa and North America were
adjacent to each other?
b) How far apart have Africa and North America moved since you
were born?
c) What assumption did you make in order to complete these

Required Information:
Velocity = distance/time
1 km = 1000 m and 1 m = 100 cm, therefore 1 km = 100,000 cm

Marriage Interview

This week you will be conducting an in-depth interview with a couple who has been happily married for a minimum of 20 years and has at least one child. The purpose of this interview will be to gain wisdom and insights about the many aspects of marriage and parenting.
In your interview with this couple, you should at a minimum ask about the following:
The joys and the struggles that have come with being married for so many years.
The different strategies they have used to overcome their struggles.
What they have done to keep their relationship fresh and/or interesting after so many years together.
Next, you should shift the focus of the interview to parenting. How did adding a child or children to their family change their marriage relationship?
What strategies did they use for making parenting decisions?
What were some of their biggest struggles as parents? And their biggest joys?
Did their faith play a role in their marriage and parenting? If so, what role did it play?
Finally, ask them to provide four to five tips they would give to newlyweds based on their own experiences.
Once you have completed your interview, submit a one-to-two-page reflection paper discussing the key points you took away from this interview. What did you find most interesting? Most enlightening? Most surprising?

Novel: Once you’ve submitted Reader’s Journal #1,(I will attach) review your notes and generate your four discussion questions

Writing Assignment Help Novel:

Once you’ve submitted Reader’s Journal #1,(I will attach) review your notes and generate your four discussion questions for your first Book Club discussion with your classmates. Your goal with these questions is to create a foundation for a rich discussion that helps you extend your understanding of what you read, as well as your classmates’ understanding of what they read.

For each discussion, including this one, prepare four discussion questions

1. one matter question,

2. one personal reality question,

3. one external reality question,

4. one question that is a combination question.

Ahead of Book Club #1, share the questions you have created to all of those in your Book Club.

Be ready to respond and discuss at least four questions from your classmates in your Book Club. (I was not at school at this time so instead you are going to explain that I wasnt able to hear my classmates discussion and that you are going to be creating four more discussion questions with the novel crow winter by karen mcbride.)
In your responses, be sure to support your ideas with specific evidence from the text and include page numbers.

Discussion Assignment- Multicultural Clinical Experience Virtual Tour of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures (IMMC)

Read the articles under Module 3 in Canvas for the Clinical Experience and view the You-Tube videos.
1.Then write a four sentence summary of one of the articles.
2.Tell how this article could be helpful to you in the future.
3.Provide the title of the article, the author(s) name and the year of the publication.
4. Identify one question that you have about the article.

Then develop four questions that you would like to ask the representative from The International Museum of Muslim Cultures (IMMC).

Week 4 Responses

Please respond substantively to two of my responses in the attached word document. Your initial post per response should be 50-75 words. Your response should be more than “I agree,” or “You’re right on the money!” Tell me why you agree with my responses and try to offer an example or something additional to keep the conversation moving.

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