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PHYS 1100 – 01: Essentials of Physics

I have work that needs to be completed through a website by Saturday Night. February 20th (11:59) P.M. **Mountain Time
The website to access is: Pearson Sign In // I will provide you with the login information once this question is accepted.
Here you will find all my work that has been extended for me to do by this Sunday.
Lastly these is one precaution that need to be addressed:

1. Access this website on a PRIVATE BROWSER. I don’t know if they check but this is to make sure the location isn’t tracked.
I attached a screenshot as a PDF for the overview of work!

Environmental loads

In a fjord crossing project in Western Norway, it has been proposed to use a submerged pipe tunnel. The project team envisages two different routes for the crossing. Route A is 4 km long while Route B is 6 km long. The environmental parameters for the two routes are also something different, see under.
| Length | Current velocity | Wave height | Wave periodRouteA | LA = 4 km | UA = 1.5 m / s | HA = 3 m | TA = 6 sRouteB | LB = 6 km | UB = 1.5 m / s | HB = 4 m | TB = 7 s
In both cases, the pipe tunnel is intended to be designed as a circular pipe with diameter D = 16 m, The drag coefficient is given as CD = 1.2 and the mass coefficient is given as CM = 2.0. The density of seawater is 1025 kg / m3.
(a) Assume a constant current velocity in the entire tunnel’s length and determine the total current force for both two routes.(b) Assume that the top of the pipe tunnel is at a water depth of 15 m (to prevent ships from collide with the tunnel). Assume regular harmonic waves, use the wave potential for deep water and determine the maximum particle acceleration and particle velocity at a depth corresponding to the center of the pipe tunnel(c) Use a simplified method and give an estimate of mass force and traction for the pipe tunnels in the two routes. Compare and rank the size of the three power components you have found (mass force and traction from wave, as well as current). Can you say something about what is dominant for the dimensioning of the pipe tunnel?

how to use equation t = (2?y/ay)1/2 = (-2?y/g)1/2 to find time of flight

Physics Assignment Help I have a projectile motion lab report due today, I already did the first part which is filling a table now I have to use that equation to calculate the time of flight bt I’m not sure what numbers I have to substitute for or how to use the equation.


1. A meterstick balances at its center. If an 86-g necklace is suspended from one end of the meter stick, the balance point moves 82 cm toward that end. Is the mass of the meterstick greater than, less than, or equal to the mass of the necklace? *
b. Find the mass of the meter stick in the previous problem.
2. A mechanic uses a wrench that is 22 cm long to tighten a spark plug. If the mechanic exerts a force of 58 N to the end of the wrench, what is the maximum torque she can apply to the spark plug
3. The minute hand of a clock on a clock tower is 1 meter long. What is the tangential speed at the tip of that hand

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