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All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism). The Assignment must be submitted in (WORD format only). Use 2 to 4 References and write it in the last page by APA style. I want new words, No plagiarism “Please make it 0% percentage (we want put it the solution with the Cove page🙏)

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Venn Diagram, Exploring Different Parts Of The Operating System

Article Summary_ For Phyllis Young Only

Your summaries require you to write 2 full pages reaction to the article. In your summary, you must include the following information: (1) purpose of the article (3 point) (2) main points (please summarize in your own words and do not list!) (3 points) (3) your own reaction to the author’s ideas and evidence to support your thoughts (2 points) (4) Grammar/Spelling/APA compliant (2 points)

HI150 Automation Of Health Information

EHR Security Issues and Development of HIPAA Security Training Unit outcome addressed in this Assignment: Explain the importance of compliance with the security plan and need for controlled access to PHI (Protected Health Information). Course outcomes practiced in this unit: HI150-3: Examine the privacy and security considerations for safeguarding protected health information. GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English. Assignment Number One: EHR (Electronic Health Record) Security Issues Instructions: Imagine that your work as consultant has raised questions among executives regarding threats to data integrity and validity focusing on the security issues of paper and electronic health record systems and issues to be considered when converting to an EHR system. This assignment is a 4 to 5 page paper that focuses on the security issues. You will utilize this information as a starting point for your collaboration in the Unit 7 Team Discussion Board on identifying and implementing policies and procedures to ensure data integrity. 1. Compare and contrast the security issues between maintenance of paper medical records and EHR. 2. Discuss what requirements and issues need to be considered when doing a conversion to an EHR. 3. Illustrate and examine the application of (1) intrusion detection systems and related technology (i.e., firewalls, client/server model) and (2) Discover threats to data integrity and validity. 4. Use three outside references to support your views and requirements. 5. All outside references need to be in APA format with proper citations. Suggested resources include your textbook and references found at the end of applicable chapters, the Unit 2 Assignment resources and recommended reading, as well as listed Web Reading recommendations. This project should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics. Requirements: Submit the completed 4-5 page paper to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox. Assignment Number Two: Development of a HIPAA Security Training Instructions: Review the components and sections of the HIPAA Security Rule in preparation for Assignment #2. You will review the Unit 7 Reading information including, but not limited to, the Health and Human Services web site located here: 1. Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation on the HIPAA Security Rule suitable for a healthcare facility. 2. Include the security rule’s components including administrative, physical and technical safeguards; 3. Include graphics and other visuals to enhance the presentation. 4. Include any supplemental materials, as appropriate, in the speaker notes. 5. Include a title page and reference page. Requirements: Submit the completed presentation to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox. Be sure to utilize the resources within Academic Tools to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments. Submitting Your Work Put your responses in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation document. Save it in a location and with the proper naming convention: username-Course Name-section-Unit 6_Assignment.doc (username is your University username, section is your course section, 6 is your Unit number). When you are ready to submit it, go to the Unit Dropbox. To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted project.

Case Study

Review the Case application: APPRAISING THE SECRETARIES AT SWEETWATER U at the end of Chapter 9 of your textbook. Review the three questions at the end of the case. Think about how you might answer those questions. Now, answer these questions: 1.Do you think that the experts ?recommendations will be sufficient to get most of the administrators to fill out the rating forms properly? Why? Why not? What additional actions (if any) do you think will be necessary? 2.Do you think that Vice President Winchester would be better off dropping graphic rating forms, substituting instead one of the other techniques we discussed in this chapter, such as a ranking method? Why? 3.What performance appraisal system would you develop for the secretaries if you were Rob Winchester? Defend your answer. Answer each question fully, and include relevant citations to your textbook or other articles, the lecture, or online research. Be sure to use no more than 25% copy and paste. Include your own opinions, thoughts, examples, and experiences as support for your ideas, as well. Expect to write about 2-4 pages, double-spaced, excluding references and the title page. Here is the case study: APPLICATION CASE: APPRAISING THE SECRETARIES AT SWEETWATER U Rob Winchester, newly appointed vice president for administrative affairs at Sweetwater State University, faced a tough problem shortly after his university career began. Three weeks after he came on board in September, Sweetwater’s president, Rob’s boss, told Rob that one of his first tasks was to improve the appraisal system used to evaluate secretarial and clerical performance at Sweetwater U. The main difficulty was that the performance appraisal was traditionally tied directly to salary increases given at the end of the year. Therefore, most administrators were less than accurate when they used the graphic rating forms that were the basis of the clerical staff evaluation. In fact, what usually happened was that each administrator simply rated his or her clerk or secretary as ?excellent. This cleared the way for all support staff to receive a maximum pay increase every year. But the current university budget simply did not include enough money to fund another ?maximum annual increase for every staffer. Furthermore, Sweetwater’s president felt that the custom of providing invalid feedback to each secretary on his or her year’s performance was not productive, so he had asked the new vice president to revise the system. In October, Rob sent a memo to all administrators, telling them that in the future no more than half the secretaries reporting to any particular administrator could be appraised as ?excellent. This move, in effect, forced each supervisor to begin ranking his or her secretaries for quality of performance. The vice president’s memo met widespread resistance immediately-from administrators, who were afraid that many of their secretaries would begin leaving for more lucrative jobs, and from secretaries, who felt that the new system was unfair and reduced each secretary’s chance of receiving a maximum salary increase. A handful of secretaries had begun picketing outside the president’s home on the university campus. The picketing, caustic remarks by disgruntled administrators, and rumors of an impending slowdown by the secretaries (there were about 250 on campus) made Rob Winchester wonder whether he had made the right decision by setting up forced ranking. He knew, however, that there were a few performance appraisal experts in the School of Business, so he decided to set up an appointment with them to discuss the matter. He met with them the next morning. He explained the situation as he had found it: The current appraisal system had been set up when the university first opened 10 years earlier. A committee of secretaries had developed it. Under that system, Sweetwater’s administrators filled out forms similar 314315to the one shown in Table 9-2. This once-a-year appraisal (in March) had run into problems almost immediately, since it was apparent from the start that administrators varied widely in their interpretations of job standards, as well as in how conscientiously they filled out the forms and supervised their secretaries. Moreover, at the end of the first year it became obvious to everyone that each secretary’s salary increase was tied directly to the March appraisal. For example, those rated ?excellent received the maximum increases, those rated ?good received smaller increases, and those given neither rating received only the standard across-the-board cost-of-living increase. Since universities in general-and Sweetwater, in particular-have paid secretaries somewhat lower salaries than those prevailing in private industry, some secretaries left in a huff that first year. From that time on, most administrators simply rated all secretaries excellent in order to reduce staff turnover, thus ensuring each a maximum increase. In the process, they also avoided the hard feelings aroused by the significant performance differences otherwise highlighted by administrators. Two Sweetwater experts agreed to consider the problem, and in 2 weeks they came back to the vice president with the following recommendations. First, the form used to rate the secretaries was grossly insufficient. It was unclear what ?excellent or ?quality of work meant, for example. They recommended instead a form like that in Figure 9-3. In addition, they recommended that the vice president rescind his earlier memo and no longer attempt to force university administrators to arbitrarily rate at least half their secretaries as something less than excellent. The two consultants pointed out that this was, in fact, an unfair procedure since it was quite possible that any particular administrator might have staffers who were all or virtually all excellent-or conceivably, although less likely, all below standard. The experts said that the way to get all the administrators to take the appraisal process more seriously was to stop tying it to salary increases. In other words, they recommended that every administrator fill out a form like that in Figure 9-3 for each secretary at least once a year and then use this form as the basis of a counseling session. Salary increases would have to be made on some basis other than the performance appraisal, so that administrators would no longer hesitate to fill out the rating forms honestly. Rob thanked the two experts and went back to his office to ponder their recommendations. Some of the recommendations (such as substituting the new rating form for the old) seemed to make sense. Nevertheless, he still had serious doubts as to the efficacy of any graphic rating form, particularly compared with his original, preferred forced ranking approach. The experts’ second recommendation-to stop tying the appraisals to automatic salary increases-made sense but raised at least one very practical problem: If salary increases were not to be based on performance appraisals, on what were they to be based? He began wondering whether the experts’ recommendations weren’t simply based on ivory tower theorizing.

Need Help In Journal Of Reading, Exercise And I Theory

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Nego Tod

Select four people currently in the media and discuss their exertion of one of the sources of power. Students must cover all four of the sources of power discussed on page 263 of your textbook. Apply only one source of power to each of the four people selected. text book: Negotiation, Lewicki, Barry, & Sanders, McGraw -Hill, 7th Edition (2015) ISBN 978-0- 07-802944-9 APA format,300 words, For your initial post, you must have two academic peer-reviewed articles for references.

Deliverable 1 – Quality Methods In Healthcare

Competency Describe different quality methods within healthcare. Course Scenario Chaparral Regional Hospital is a small, urban hospital of approximately 60 beds, and offers the following: Emergency room services Intensive care Surgical care Obstetrics Diagnostic services Some rehabilitation therapies Inpatient pharmacy services Geriatric services Consumer physician referral services Recently, the CEO has been hearing complaints from both patients and staff, varying from long wait times to rude physicians. You have been hired to design and implement a Quality Improvement Plan to help uncover quality problems and to satisfactorily resolve them. Instructions The CEO has received some resistance from the Board on undertaking a QI program. She has asked you to develop a set of talking points on the pros and cons of common measurement techniques used in healthcare that she can use the next time she runs into a Board member. Talking points are used to quickly explain something by condensing it into a compelling, but easily digestible, list. If the goal is to increase support for a QI program, the talking points must provide the ideas she needs to convey in order to achieve the goal. Your talking points should be submitted in a Word document minimum 2 pages. Your talking points should include the pros and cons of implementing a QI program. Upon completion of your talking points, please prepare a PowerPoint presentation 6 slides with narration where you will explain each talking point to the CEO so they clearly understand and can answer questions from the Board. APA formatting for the talking points, and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required. Length of PowerPoint is secondary to the quality of the presentation as a whole. Highlight specific pros and cons of QI programs. Use the Notes area on each slide as needed to expand on the key points.

Chemicals Of Concern In The Environment

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 300-500 words that respond to the following questions with your research. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. To maximize your learning, select peers who researched chemicals different from the one you researched. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Chemicals of Concern in the Environment As scientists and engineers work to produce products that make people’s lives easier and safer, there is the possibility that these new products could have negative consequences on individuals and the environment. Select 1 of the chemicals listed below, and discuss its role in improving lives as well as the potential unintended consequences that it may have. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Chemicals of Concern (Select 1) Regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Brominated flame retardants: These are added to plastics and fabrics to make them more flame-resistant. Cadmium: This is an element that is known as a heavy metal. It is used in batteries, paints, and plastics. Regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Phthalates: These are chemicals that are added to plastics to make them more flexible. Bisphenol-A (BPA): This is a chemical that is added to plastics to harden them while keeping them light. Discuss the following for this assignment: What role does the chemical you selected play in the modern world? What are some possible detrimental health effects that are associated with this chemical? Explain the position of the FDA or EPA regarding your selected chemical. What is the position of your state government regarding your selected chemical? Do you feel that your chemical should be more tightly regulated in the United States? Why or why not? Would label requirements be enough? Explain why or why not

Human Resources

The textbook identified several issues that arise in the field of human resource (HR) management. Sum up the responsibility of HR management to address and solve these problems. Rate the three most important concepts that you learned in this course in order of importance (one being the most important). Create a list of three best practices recruiters should use when screening potential candidates for a HR management position. Justify your selections. Create a new best practice for HR management based on the information that you learned in this course.

Venn Diagram, Exploring Different Parts Of The Operating System

Exploring Different Parts of an Operating System Using Venn Diagrams An excellent way to explain how the different parts of an operating system (OS) support each other is by using a Venn diagram. This can show how the different parts intersect to form the whole system. In this project, you will create Venn diagrams displaying the different areas of an OS. Your Venn diagrams should illustrate the five tasks that OSs perform, which are listed below: 1. process management, 2. memory management, 3. file system management, 4. device management, and 5. system security/network management. For each task, you will include a Venn diagram and approximately two paragraphs of explanation. Each Venn diagram and associated explanation will be on one page, for a project total of five pages. Your explanations should include the information below. Explain the components. Describe the task’s role in OS security. Identify the major tasks of an OS. Examine how different networks are managed by the OS. You should use at least one academic source besides the textbook, preferably from the CSU Online Library, to support your assignment. All sources must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA style. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can develop a Venn diagram using the product from For an example of how to create a Venn diagram using Microsoft Word, see the explanation by clicking the link below. Microsoft. (n.d.). Create a Venn diagram. Retrieved from ITC 3306, Operating Systems 4 Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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