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physical management wk9,1

Post a description of a situation in which restraint or physical management was necessary. In the situation, how might the intervention be implemented in the most ethical manner? What additional intervention training might you consider? Based on the Learning Resources and your experiences, have your beliefs on restraint and physical management evolved throughout the week? Why or why not?2nd paragraph:Consider the following problem and research question:Problem: You have noticed a technique, Technique A, not commonly used but that appears to increase the frequency of social interaction behavior.Research Question: Does Technique A increase the frequency of social interaction behavior in children with autism?Next, consider the following:How would you go about evaluating this in a more systematic manner?What steps would you follow in the process? Your goal is to eventually publish your results. Focus on the process and not any specific research technique. (Note: You will need to include ethical considerations for research, i.e., Institutional Review Board protection of participants and informed consent.)Post an explanation of your initial steps or plan to address your research question. Was your explanation affected by the information gained from the media in this week’s Learning Resources? Why or why not?

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