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Physics of the Human Body

The Word file should have the following save name: Year Month Day, Course Number, YOUR Last Name Example: “20221217 PHYS120 Knezevic” The paper must include:•    A detailed description of a physics aspect of your topic.o    Explain how physics is relevant within your topic.•    At least one research article that supports/investigates your topic.•    Present quantitative and/or qualitative methods of analysis. •    Include at least 5 different physics terms and concepts related to the human body.o    Make sure to highlight these terms within your paper! o    Examples:     Describe the various forces involved in equilibrium or in changing motion.     Select appropriate measurements and formulas to calculate various variables.     Describe possible implications and applications of movement analysis result.•    A demonstration of appreciation for your topic.  The paper should include, but not limited to:    Title Pageo    Include the course title, university name, personal information, and date of submission.    Introductiono    Clearly state your hypotheses/purpose.o    Explain why you chose your topic. o    Describe the topic.    Bodyo    Place the topic in context:     How does it relate to/follow the scientific literature?    Discuss the research article.    What are the implications of the fundamentals of physics?    What’s the physics aspect of your topic?     Discuss your analysis.    Discussiono    Did you learn anything from this project?o    So What?    Why is this topic worth the audience’s/reader’s time?o    What does the future have in store for your topic?    Conclusiono    What’s the take home message?    References/Acknowledgements

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