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Physics Question

Answer the following.
A man walks 3 miles East in 1h at constant velocity, then walks 2 miles east at a constant velocity in 20 minutes, then 2 miles East at a constant velocity in 40 minutes, then rests for 1h and then turns around and walks 8 miles West for 2h.Draw a motion diagram
Draw a position vs. time graph
Draw a velocity vs. time graph
What is the displacement for the entire trip?
What is the average speed for the trip?
What is the average velocity for the trip?

At 12PM a woman drives at constant velocity of 50km/h N for 1h, accelerates at a uniform rate for 20 minutes until she reaches 100km/h N, maintains the same velocity for another 20 minutes, accelerates at constant rate for 20 minutes to 120km/h, maintains the same velocity for 1h, then slows down for 1hour to 80km/h, and finally stops in 1h at constant deceleration.Draw a velocity vs. time graph
Draw a position vs. time graph
What is her instantaneous velocity at 12:20 PM?
What is the average acceleration from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM?
What is the average acceleration from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM?

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A planetary system is a set of gravitationally bound non-stellar objects in or out of orbit around a star or star system. Generally speaking, systems with one or more planets constitute a planetary system, although such systems may also consist of bodies such as dwarf planets, asteroids, natural satellites, meteoroids, comets, planetesimals[1][2] and circumstellar disks. The Sun together with the planetary system revolving around it, including Earth, forms the Solar System.[3][4] The term exoplanetary system is sometimes used in reference to other planetary systems.

physics homework

Physics Assignment Help A cylindrical shell made of insulating material has inner and
outer radii of a = 2.0 cm and b = 5.0 cm, respectively, and
its volume charge density is given by ? = 6.0 µC/m3
. This
shell wraps tightly around a cylindrical core made of insulating
material (i.e., no air gap between the core and the shell) whose
volume charge density is twice as large as that of the shell.
Determine the electric field E(r) at a distance of r = 4.0 cm
radially outward from the central axis of the core. For the
limits check, investigate what happens to the electric field E(r)
as r ? a.

Physics Question

Very simple assignment, please read the instructions carefully to know what you should do.
This assignment is very easy, and it will not take more than half-hour to complete it after you watch the video to know what you need to do. So please try your best to do it.
For each charge separation, measure the value of ?
rand note the value of the force meter. Pause the video to take careful measurements. Measure ?r to at least three sig. figs. (if possible)
Place position (?r) values in meters in column A, ??2kr2 in column B, and force (?F) in column C. All of these values should be SI base units.
1.Place column labels in cell 1. Start placing values in cell 2.
2. In Column B, you are merely multiplying the constant by the inverse of column A: =8.99E09/(A2*A2) . Copy the formula down.
3. Plot ???.?Fvs.r. Make sure you insert the correct graph! Label the graph for presentation. Afterwards, run a trendline by right-clicking the data. Chose power fit. Place the equation on the graph. Note the power it fit the curve with.
4. Plot ???.??2Fvs.kr2. Is it linear? Label the graph for presentation. Run a LINEST by highlighting a 2 x 5 matrix starting around a15 or so. The theoretical slope should be the product of the two charges. So the slope should have units of ?2C2. Note the value of the slope and its uncertainty.
5. In the summary tab, address these questions:
From the data (you) collected, does the power fit indeed illustrate the inverse-square Law? Explain.
We don’t know the charge on either sphere. But, we DO KNOW the product. Determine the product of the charges. Does your result seem reasonable?
List all random error in this lab that you can identify. Would these account for any discrepancies for the power fit?

Please watch this video to know what you have to do. I’ll post the link for the video.

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