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Physics Question

In a two-page paper, identify the physics principles contained within the following scenario. Explain how these principals connect to Einstein’s theory of relativity or in modern applications in physics. If you use a GPS option on your car or a mobile device, you are using Einstein’s theory of relativity. Finally, provide another example from your own experience, then compare and contrast your scenario to the provided example below.
Mandy took a trip to Rome, Italy. She gazed out over the open ocean 20,000 feet below as her airplane began its descent to her final destination of Rome. It had been a long flight from New York to Rome, but as she stretched, and her bones creaked as though she was old, she knew that in fact, she was a tiny bit younger than her compatriots back home, thanks to traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. In fact, time for her was running slowly compared to her friends in New York for two reasons: the speed at which she had traveled and the height of the airplane above the Earth. Neither, though, were noticeable.

Physics Question

I drop a penny from the top of the tower at the front of Fort Collins High School and it takes 1.85 seconds to hit the ground. Calculate the velocity in m/s after 1.10 seconds of freefall and calculate the velocity at impact in mi/hr.

Physics Question

Physics Assignment Help hi this is a college physics . if you have any question let me know , thank you
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Describe some possible energy conversions occurring in the following scenarios. Include as many conversions as you can, with a minimum of two per scenario.
a) Musicians from the Florida Orchestra playing music for a full theatre that enjoys the soiree.
b) A comedy program being recorded and broadcasted live for a national audience at home watching TV.
Hint: Use the names of the 5 basic forms of energy (in the slides) when explaining any specific energy conversion.
Energy forms
The forms in which energy comes are the result of the four fundamental forces in nature – gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear (weak and strong). Energy can be categorized into 5 forms: 1- mechanical, 2- chemical, 3- radiant, 4- electrical, and 5- nuclear.
1-Mechanical energy is the most familiar form of energy. Ex: a car moving (kinetic energy) or water behind a dam (potential energy). Sound is another example.
2-Chemical energy is the form of energy involved in chemical reactions. Ex: photosynthesis, burning wood. Our digestion is another example.
3-Radiant energy is energy that travels through space, even if it is empty. Ex: sunlight, X rays, microwaves, FM, TV signals. All of them are electromagnetic radiation.
4-Electrical energy comes from the electromagnetic interactions of matter. Ex: electrical current at home, car battery.
5-Nuclear energy comes from the innermost part of the atom, its nucleus. Ex: nuclear fusion in stars, nuclear fission in a power plant.

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