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PivotTables: Create a PivotTable Dashboard

Remember to hide decimal places To calculate current legal age in years: =INT(((NOW()-[Date of Birth])/365.25))Calculate BIRTH YEAR (Column R) , using the YEAR function based on the DATE OF BIRTH (column P)  =YEAR([Date of Birth])Calculate GENERATION with a VLOOKUP based on the GENERATION table in the LOOKUPS tabIn the LOOKUPS tab, Name the GENERATION table (excluding title) GENERATION in the name boxUsing a VLOOKUP, calculate the GENERATION based on the table you named in the LOOKUPS tab. Example: =VLOOKUP([Birth Year],[GENERATION table], 2). Copy to all recordsCalculate New Salary with Salary with CoLA increase 2023 (column M)In LOOKUPS tab, name the 2023 percentage value cola23 in the name boxIn HR Records, calculate in column M, New Salary with Salary with CoLA increase 2023: =[current salary]*(1 cola23) OR =([current salary]*cola23) [current salary]. Copy to all recordsCreate a new field of your own for column AA. (Some examples include pets, sports, food, movie genres, teams, etc.) Give it a name and populate by adding about about 40 samples (include multiples) and copying down to fill with the Autofill handle. Part II – Create PivotTable Dashboard based on HR Records data (required)Select all data in HR Records, including titles. Insert a new PivotTable into a new sheetRename the new tab DASHBOARDCreate a basic Pivot Table using any grouping fields you want so it averages New Salary with COLA – 23. Remember to summarize appropriately, label clearly and format your data. Fix decimals if needed.If you are summarizing by Employee ID in your PivotTable, REMEMBER to change SUM to COUNT in the Value Field Settings dialogue box!From your basic pivot, insert a Pivot Chart (or two) of your choice that will appropriately illustrate data in your PivotTable.  Remember to give your chart a title. Format Pivot Chart for clarity and visual interest. Remember to assign Alt-Text to your charts for accessibility!Insert 3 or more SLICERS based on your data fields. Move and format SLICERS so they fit harmoniously on your dashboard. Remember to select slicers that summarize data from your dataset.Insert a few rows at the top of your dashboard and give your company a name. Format and enlarge the font.Insert 2 TIMELINEs based on Date of Birth and Date of Joining fields  FORMAT your dashboard with colors, images, etc. Try a new color THEME in . Be creative! Add a picture (or 2) from your own pictures folder or from   Remember to assign Alt-Text to your images for accessibility!

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