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Please 1. Do the search on Trent University’s Master of Management, understand what it’s offering (program level


1. Do the search on Trent University’s Master of Management, understand what it’s offering (program level

I need a summary of 500 words of this video to understand about what he’s talking about, concepts and materials.

The main points of what you learned, often referred to in the b-school as “take-aways”, include impressions, things you found surprising, things that relate to materials in other courses in the b-school, etc. It should contribute and add value to both the focal participant the cohort’s learning.

Global Challenges and Connecting a Dynamic Marketplace

Business Assignment Help The marketplace has constantly changed and continues to change. Continue to research the topic of the changing market place. Write a 3-page paper discussing how the marketplace has changed over the years, what has caused that change, what changes are on the horizon, what management/leadership can do to capitalize on the change, and what is HR’s role in the process.
For this assignment you should incorporate a minimum of two references per page (6 references minimum for the whole paper). Wikipedia and blogs are NOT considered scholarly sources and should not be used. Essay services are not allowed in the completion of this assignment as this should be original and a reflection of your work. In-text citations must be incorporated into the body of the paper in addition to a full APA citation on the reference page.

Business Question

Your paper should be 4-6 pages of content (excluding the cover page or the references) and should be written in APA format (APA6 or APA7). It should focus on either a current or past employer of yours, or some other company with which you have significant familiarity. What is needed is some knowledge of the inner workings of the company–its struggles, its strengths, its climate, and so forth.
The paper should include the following six sections:
Cover page containing the title of the project, student name, course, and date.
Organization – Provide just enough details on the company for me to be able to understand the problem that will be described. Resist the urge to provide irrelevant details and feel free to omit or disguise any details that might be sensitive in nature.
Problem – Describe, specifically, one problem that the company is struggling with that will serve as the focus of the paper. Resist the urge to discuss multiple problems–focus on one specific issue with which the organization is struggling. Be sure to focus on a problem that can be impacted by the relevant topic.
Topic –is Communication.
Describe very specifically how the concepts, principles, and findings represented in the topic matter to the problem, and how they can be leveraged to articulate a solution.
Recommendations – Provide a list of specific recommendations/action steps that flow out of the discussion of the topic and that can help solve the problem. In thinking about how to craft the topic into those recommendations, strike a balance between being practical and being bold. Every organization has key constraints that need to be considered when designing interventions. Although those should be considered, resist the urge to “play it safe”, as that tendency often leads to modest interventions that are ultimately ineffective.
References – Please include at least five sources other than the textbook, at least two of them are peer-reviewed academic journal articles.
Suggested Electronic Databases for Finding References: Here is a sample list of electronic database sites at the Golda Meir Library website that may help you in finding references for completing the group project paper: 1. ABI/Inform. 2. Business Source Elite. 3. Academic Search. 4. PsychINFO. 5. JSTOR. 6. Lexis-Nexus 7. Social Sciences Full-Text In performing your databases searches, it may be helpful to use a variety of keyword combinations to derive the maximum search results (i.e., turnover, leaving, quitting).

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