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Please follow the document instructions in its entirety, Take your time and read everything and answer each question properly,

Please follow the document instructions in its entirety, Take your time and read everything and answer each question properly, if you have questions please ask.

There is a question I believe that asks my age and year I was born. I am 20, and was born in 2002. Please follow the directions and answer everything properly in complete and organized sentences. I you cannot complete the task properly then do not accept the order.

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Sociology Assignment Help

Cognitive Map

Aligning With Business

Business and IT strategy need to align to move the company toward a common goal. Review the Phoenix Fine Electronics’ strategies listed in the course scenario. Develop a 6- to 8-slide, multimedia-rich presentation for your next client meeting with the management team. In your presentation: Identify the commonalities in the business strategy and IT strategy. List the critical elements of information technology needed. Describe the importance of the critical elements. Identify recommended changes to better align the two plans. Describe the value added the business should realize if these recommendations are adopted. Include the following elements: Appropriate images, graphics, audio, or video 2 APA-formatted references to support your recommendations Detailed speaker notes or audio narration of the presentation The course scenario Phoenix Fine Electronics (PFE) is a medium or mid-sized company but growing rapidly each year selling technology products to retail consumers. They have an annual revenue of $15 million in sales. PFE started with one store but has grown to 25 stores and has expanded into a second state PFE has one store in a town with a population of 100,000, and three stores in towns with populations exceeding 200,000. The goal of the company is to continue expansion into an additional 3 neighboring states within the next 5 years. PFE wants to utilize the same population numbers to determine the number of stores it should open. It would also like a marketing firm to do an analysis of each town that meets the population criteria to determine the best cites in which to open new stores. Each store employs a store manager and an IT manager who both directly report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The current IT plan for each store is to utilize technology to support the store; increase sales; track inventory; secure store customer data; perform payroll; and report all sales, inventory, and payroll data to the main office. The IT manager is responsible for managing the IT systems, making decisions on what technology and software are needed, and implementing the systems while ensuring accurate reporting to the main office. The store manager is responsible for all staffing, inventory, and sales functions within the store. With expansion and the acquisition of smaller independent stores, the CEO is worried about how department and customer data can be aggregated to allow the company to make better, timely business decisions. Even with such a wide footprint the company must ensure unique, outstanding customer service and provide value to the consumer base. The CEO lacks IT experience and has been hesitant to adopt the suggestions of the store and IT managers, which is to give the company an online presence and advance the company into national competition with other consumer electronics stores. The CEO hired a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer (CIO/CTO). The CFO will oversee the company finances for the expansion. The CIO/CTO will oversee the consolidation of the disparate systems and technologies that exist between the stores, streamline the information gathering and reporting to the main office, and develop an online presence that will catapult the company into a competitive position on a national level. Your job is to help the new CIO/CTO move PFE toward the future.

Response To A Letter To A Perpetrator

1. As you read through the letter, what were some of your thoughts? 2. Describe how you would feel if you were the person who had to confront your abuser in a similar situation? 3. Based on your current level of experience, discuss how you would begin working with the survivor in this situation? Here’s the cite to use for your bibligraphy: Watkins, Grant. Unpinned: Breaking the Hold of Sexual Assault and Abuse. Tasora, 2010. Here is a link to the author’s website:

Group Therapy

I NEED A RESPONSE TO THIS ASSIGNMENT ZERO PLAGIARISM 3 REFERENCES According to Wheeler (2014), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective and widely used for the treatment of psychiatric disorders and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and substance abuse in group, family, and individual therapy. Therapists use CBT to focus on specific problems, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in order for the client to recognize negative thoughts and behaviors affecting their lives (Wheeler, 2014). Gonzalez-Prendes and Resko (2012) state that maladaptive behavior and emotions are caused by faulty thinking patterns. Self-monitoring, goal setting, and problem solving are strategies of CBT (Gonzalez-Prendes & Resko, 2012). According to Gonzalez-Prendes and Resko (2012), individuals experience a reduction in symptoms with more realistic, balanced thinking as a result of becoming more aware of negative patterns and cognitions when CBT is utilized in therapy. The goal of using CBT in group therapy is to change or decrease thoughts that provoke anxiety and symptoms that maintain behaviors through the use of cognitive and behavioral strategies (Safak et al., 2014). In group CBT, individuals learn skills to help themselves feel better, cope with and manage their difficulties, and decrease their risk for future relapse of symptoms (Wolgensinger, 2015). Group therapy is more cost-effective and allows therapists to provide therapy to more individuals during their sessions (Thiruchselvam, 2020). Group therapy offers individuals social support. Individuals in groups that utilize a CBT approach find it helpful to meet others with similar issues, since they are able to help one another and share their experiences (Wolgensinger, 2015). The use of CBT in family therapy is more cost-effective than individual therapy and is comprised of fewer individuals than group therapy (Nichols & Davis, 2020). Family therapy that utilizes CBT helps the clients examine and restructure the thoughts and perceptions family members have (Nichols & Davis, 2020). The cognitions, emotions, and behavior of individuals can cause conflict within a family. According to Nichols and Davis (2020), family CBT assumes that individuals in a family influence and are influenced by the other family members. The behaviors of one member of a family prompt behavior, cognitions, and emotions in other family members, which then cause reactive cognitions, behavior, and emotions in the original family member (Nichols& Davis, 2020). Therapists that use family CBT promote collaborative relationships and work toward getting the family to function better as a whole. The identification of altered cognition between family members can be modified with the use of CBT (Nichols & Davis, 2020). An example from practicum is a family, consisting of a father, mother and teenage son who attend family counseling every other week. The family is seeking counseling to find ways to cope with the son’s behaviors and disregard for authority within the home. The parents state the son has total disregard for consequences of his actions. The son states his parents are too controlling and micromanage everything he does. In family CBT, the cognitions, emotions, and behaviors are seen as having a mutual influence on one another (Nichols & Davis, 2020). CBT would benefit this family since it promotes a collaborative relationship and increases cooperation in treatment (Nichols & Davis, 2020). The family was encouraged to journal their thought and emotions, which were discussed during therapy sessions. The importance of communication within the family was discussed and they were encouraged to talk about their thoughts and emotions without arguing or verbally attacking one another. Communication skills can be strengthened with family therapy through exploring roles and behaviors and how they affect the family as a whole. Challenges that counselors might encounter when using CBT in a group setting include getting all individuals to participate without monopolizing the group and maintaining cohesiveness between group members. Individuals in group therapy may not be willing to share their personal experiences or express their emotions freely (Wolgensinger, 2015). To ensure the effectiveness of group therapy, the therapist should select members that are willing to participate and share their experiences with the other individuals in the group. When selecting individuals to participate in a group, the therapist should also be mindful of the characteristics of the group members (Wolgensinger, 2015). The characteristics and personalities of group members play an important role in the atmosphere of the group and cohesion of group members. References Gonzalez-Prendes, A., & Resko, S. M. (2012). Cognitive-behavioral therapy. In S. Ringel & J. Brandell (Eds.), Trauma: Contemporary directions in theory, practice, and research (pp. 14-40). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. Nichols, M., & Davis, S. D. (2020). The essentials of family therapy (7th ed.). Pearson. Safak, Y., Karadere, M. E., Ozdel, K., Ozcan, T., Turkcapar, M. H., Kuru, E., & Yucens, B. (2014). The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral group psychotherapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Turkish Journal of Psychiatry, 25(4), 225-233. Thiruchselvam, T., Patel, A., Daros, A. R., Jain, E., Asadi, S., Laposa, J. M., Kloiber, S., & Quilty, L. C. (2020). A multidimensional investigation of anxiety sensitivity and depression outcomes in cognitive-behavioral group therapy. Psychiatry Research, 293, 1-8. Wheeler, K. (Eds.). (2014). Psychotherapy for advanced practice psychiatric nurse: A how-to guide for evidence-based practice (2nd ed.). Springer Publishing Company.

Comprehensive Outsourcing Decisions

When a company successfully makes use of outsourcing agreements time and again, its decision-making process is probably worth emulating. Smiths Medical is one such company that assesses potential outsourcing partners with a checklist that communicates the basic traits required of candidates (Barbella, 2009). Company executives explain Smiths Medical’s role in the medical device market, and question potential suppliers to determine if there might be a mutually beneficial fit.To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 3- to 4-page paper:•Analyze HR executives’ outsourcing decisions. ?How would the HR skills identified in the Human Resource Competency Study aid an HR executive in assessing potential outsourcing partners??How would the skills identified in the Human Resource Competency Study enable an HR executive to effectively manage outsourcing agreements??How would such skills enable an HR executive to effectively advise the CEO of the organization regarding outsourcing decisions??What has been left unaddressed in the Human Resource Competency Study? Explain your concern or rationale in thinking something might be missingReferences to be used:Ijose, O. (2010). Strategic human resource management, small and medium sized enterprises and strategic partnership capability. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 5, 1–13.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.The study of strategic alliances has focused primarily on alliances between large corporations and joint ventures. This paper lays out a conceptual framework for studying the relationship between the strategic human resource management practices of small and medium-sized businesses and their performance as corporate partners, as industry and competitive conditions change.•Medlin, B. (2009). Changing the HR function at Bellas: A case study. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 15(6), 99–103.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Students are provided with a management scenario describing a general manager’s request to the owner of a small business to change the HR management function within the firm. Students are asked to review the scenario, evaluate each alternative, and make a recommendation to the owner of the firm.•Saxena, K., & Bharadwaj, S. (2009). Managing business processes through outsourcing: A strategic partnering perspective. Business Process Management Journal, 15(5), 687–715.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.The purpose of this paper is to discuss business processes as building blocks of organizational capabilities and outsourcing of business processes as a viable management approach to building strategic organizational capabilities.•Ulrich, D. (2012). Human resource competency study. Retrieved from of human resources professionals and managers were surveyed to identify essential skills for successful HR professionals in the global workplace


Project is a short or long-term activity with a stated beginning and end time. Projects requires several organized activities with defined scope and resources. As a group, conceive an information technology project idea. The project idea may be to either fix an existing process in order to improve efficiency and effective or a brand new idea to help launch a new product or service. 1. Describe the project. 2. Develop the project idea based on the following steps: A. Initiating B. Planning C. Executing D. Monitoring and Controlling E. Closing 3. Identify possible issues/challenges you may encounter. How would you overcome the challenges? Specific Instructions: 1. Complete your group project using Power Point. Your presentation should have a minimum of 25 slides. 2. Use APA throughout. Support your work with appropriate references. MINIMUM 6 NEEDED.

Politic Assignment Due In 20 Hours

Please read the guide . choose one of the article from the list. and then watch the guide: and then follow the instructions to write the work. 600 words.


Aristotle Please see my next homework assignment below for your assistance. I really appreciate your help. This assignment is broken down into four (4) parts. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////ASSIGNMENT/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Core Assessment for this class requires you to write a detailed proposal for research you could conduct. You will not actually do this research (though it might form the basis for a senior research project or some research relevant to your job), but your proposal should be a ?blueprint detailed enough that you could hand to others and guide them through its successful completion. The research proposal will consist of four sections in APA Format: Core Assessment Problem Statement: (max. 1300 words) an overview of the topic your research will investigate. It introduces and justifies your research question, key variables, their hypothesized relations, and your guiding theoretical perspective. It explains how your planned research is unambiguous in its goals and methods, concerned with a significant issue that will add to the store of human knowledge, theoretically justifiable and testable, practical and feasible to implement, ethical and respectful of human rights, and builds on existing knowledge in the field. Literature Review: (max. 1300 words) a critical summary of existing research your project will build upon. Your review will evaluate at least five other relevant research projects from original sources in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. The lit review discusses previous research, as it influences the proposed project. It evaluates the methodological, theoretical, or substantive strengths or weaknesses of those studies and explains how they shape your research plans. Ethics & Conduct of Research: (max. 1300 words) summarizes potential ethical dilemmas, political consequences, and practical challenges associated with designing, conducting, implementing, and disseminating your research. It explains where your research process might go wrong and the safeguards you will put into place to minimize those risks. Design & Procedures: (max. 1700 words) describes and justifies your plans for measurement, sampling, design, analysis, and interpretation of results. It explains which data you would collect, when you would collect it, and what you would do with it to make sense of your topic and shed new light on your research question ? and how and why. This section is a set of ?how to instructions for actually turning your ?good idea into a real plan for scientifically answering your original question. Your research proposal is a carefully constructed argument for why your question should be answered and how a valid and reliable answer might be obtained. It should be a meticulous set of instructions for generating an answer according to the rules of scientific method, and it should make the case to interested parties for how such an answer can be achieved. This is the book that we are using in this class: Neuman, L. W. (2008). Understanding research (1st Edition). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson. I really appreciate your help, please let me know if any additional information is needed. thanks AV102

Mentors And Shadowing: Part 9(This Is For Prof. Xavier ONLY)

DUE: 12.14.14 @12:00PM(NO later!) In this Assignment, you are going to evaluate the supporting business process based on criteria detailed below. As the BPM nears completion the process team must be concerned not only with the bestfit roll-out option but also in providing information to the work team that will handle the completed process or process change to ensure they are successful. This often takes the form of “mentoring.” Mentoring is most often a one-on-one activity in which an ?experienced individual (the mentor) provides guidance and advice to someone with less ?experience (the mentee). Any mentoring relationship is, by nature of the process, a close one in which experiences, knowledge, and skills are shared. The best way for mentors and mentees to share information is through a process called “?shadowing.” Shadowing occurs when the mentee actively watches, follows, and participates in the activities, processes, or actions that are completed by the mentor. This provides a visceral and active learning environment. Consider the BPM process…and address the following (support your answers with research on mentoring and shadowing through the Internet): 1. Should all members of the BPM team be considered as possible ?mentors? Explain and justify your answer. 2. Who within the organization would be the ?mentee(s) for the institutionalization of the new processes? Make sure you fully support your conclusions. 3. Identify ways in which mentors and mentees can use ?shadowing as a method for tracking and assessing the ongoing changes within the company after completion of the BPM project. After you answer the 3 questions above, include a section of a brief summarization consisting of the detailed answers to the questions below. The two questions below have to do with the last two assignments you did for me, Prof Xavier. Remember? This summary should not be more than one page. 1. Which implementation strategy did you select as the best fit for your selected process? Why? 2. Which 3 metrics did you decide to use for assessing project success? What were the target rates? Assignment Requirements: >Cover page, “Discussion”(3 COMPLETE pp.), and Reference page=5 COMPLETE pages.(Nothing less then 5 pages!). >Explain and justify if all members of the BPM team should be mentors. >Identify who should be the mentees during the instituionalization of the new processes. >Identify ways in which mentors and mentees can use “shadowing” as a method for establishing the changes within the company. >Identify ways in which mentors and mentees can help assess ongoing performance. >Responses must demonstrate critical thinking and analysis and exhibit application of information. >Clear business writing: Spelling and grammar are acceptable. Effective use of APA. Follow the required format and instructions above! >3 sources in APA citation(Nothing less then 3, and it’s not necessary for more) >Font size: 12 >Double-spaced(No spaces between paragraphs) >Lastly, but not least, NO PLAGIARISM If you can’t adhere to these clear instructions above, please, do me a favor and don’t waste my time sending a handshake. Thank You. *Homework Field of Study: Business Process Management(BPM) If you don’t have expertise in this area of study please don’t waste my time sending a handshake.

Challenges By Seeing Video 100-250 Words

INFORMS Operations Research (OR) and Analytics Video Summary Assignment: To complete this assignment, the following instructions must be followed: The Rubric: watch the attached video in its entirety identify four community challenges that OR and Analytics has provided critical data and methods to offer solutions. in your own words, using the APA 6E guide approach, prepare 100 words to 250 words summary about the four challenges that you identify above Your summary assignment will be prepared in MS Word format ONLY – No PDF format will be allowed write-up MUST be original student own thoughts following video watching of this research work in APA 6E format DO NOT COPY and paste your assignment on the SafeAssign platform when you submit, ALL Assignments with SafeAssign similarity reports of 25% or more will NOT be accepted. Don’t forget your cover page and title, and reference formatted correctly. Video Link:

Cognitive Map

Create a cognitive map for a specific central idea. Your cognitive map should include a minimum of three direct connections. Include as many “sub”-connections as you can to the direct connections off of the central idea. Use any drawing program you have available (i.e., Microsoft Visio, Lucidchart, SmartDraw, etc.) to create your cognitive map, and then paste your completed map into a Word document to submit to Loudcloud. This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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