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Please Provide A Solution To The Problem Use A And B As University Essay Help

Please provide a solution to the problem use a and b as the values. Thank you. From Problem 2, repeat the problem using the following bases and regions: a. Sbase = 24KVA, Vbase3=115V b. Sbase = 30KVA, Vbase1=240V

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2. Three regions of a single phase circuit are identified in the figure, the regions are connected by transformers T, and T2 whose ratings are also shown. Using the base values of 30 KVA and 240 volts in region 1. Draw the per unit circuit and determine the per unit impedance and per unit voltage. Then also determine the load current both in per unit and amperes. region 1 region 2 region 3 – – – — G Xline = 2 ohm LOAD !T 2 0.9 j 0.2 ohm G1 = 220V 20 KVA 30 KVA 240/480 V 460/115 V Xeg = 0.10 pu Xeg = 0.10 pu
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Need Around 2 Pages With 600 Words For Below Questions.

DQ2Wk2 Ans Heidy Quintana

Being recognized and get the respect and admiration of others for the work you do is one of the greatest prizes we could have, but it will depend to a large extent on each nurse and the effort puts into his work. The personal experiences of each patient are often considered as the best way to catalog the work of a nurse. that is why we must give the service with the highest quality. Instructing others and yourself, improving your knowlege is one of those ways to give more value to nursing

Use The Data Set In The Problem Set Data Document. The Data Is In Excel Format. The First Tab Of The Spreadsheet Lists The Data, And The Second Tab Is A Key To The Labeling Of The Data. (Note: This Is The Same Data Set Used For The Exercises In Modules Si

Use the data set in the Problem Set Data document. The data is in Excel format. The first tab of the spreadsheet lists the data, and the second tab is a key to the labeling of the data. (Note: This is the same data set used for the exercises in Modules Six and Seven.) Use both number of previous math courses taken and phobia rating to predict scores on the stats quiz (method = enter in SPSS). Are both predictors contributing significantly to the regression model? How do you know? SPSS output: Results write-up in APA format, including the interpretation of test results: (see this link: Repeat the first exercise, adding mathquiz as a third predictor and provide the SPSS output. Is prevmath still a useful predictor? Explain. Write up the results in APA format, including the interpretation of test results. a. SPSS output: APA write-up: Interpretation of adding math quiz scores to the regression model

Discussion Week #3

Only when leaders integrate technical skills, goal-directed activities, and the ability to form meaningful relationships through emotional competence does optimal organizational effectiveness result. Scenario: A team of highly competent members has become adept at organizing and managing itself. The self-sufficiency of the team is appreciated by senior leadership who assumes the team can respond to challenges without support or guidance, given the team’s legacy of success. Recent challenges incited the team to request assistance; when assistance was not provided, the team began to make independent decisions. The team members believed they were the only ones who understood their work and avoided asking for help. The leaders involved believed that no news equaled good news. Neither the leaders nor the team members considered their work within the context of the entire organization. As a result, the team’s level of emotional competence decreased, along with their productivity. Consider this scenario and address the following. Identify three strategies to reduce friction and build unity between the parties using emotional competence as the framework. What outcomes would you identify to measure the effectiveness of each strategy? Consider an adversarial relationship that exists between leaders and departments in your organization. How does the culture of the organization affect the situation? What knowledge, skills, and attitudes do you bring to the organization? What would others say are your leadership strengths? How can these strengths be used to reduce the adversarial relationship?

Identify Requirements

Project #2 Identify Requirements Instructions Using the case study and NIST SP 800-53, Identify and prioritize IT Security controls that should be implemented. Discuss any applicable US Government regulations/standards that apply to this organization (The organization is from Project 1) Step by Step Step 1: Review the selected case study and describe at least10 issues related to security, interoperability, and operations. Step 2: Prioritize and articulate the selected requirements based on immediate need, security posture, complexity, resource availability, and cost. Step 3: Identify at least 4 applicable government regulations/ standards that govern how the requirements must be met, implemented, or measured. Provide rationale for why these are applicable. Step 4: Using NIST Special Publication 800-53 select at least 4 security controls that relate to these issues and describe how these controls enhance the security posture or facilitates the secure implementation of these requirements. Additional Information 1. Consult the grading rubric for specific content and formatting requirements for this assignment. 2. Your 5 – 8 page paper should be professional in appearance with consistent use of fonts, font sizes, margins, etc. You should use headings and page breaks to organize your paper. 3. Your paper should use standard terms and definitions for cybersecurity. See Course Content > Cybersecurity Concepts Review for recommended resources. 4. The CSIA program recommends that you follow standard APA formatting since this will give you a document that meets the professional appearance requirements. APA formatting guidelines and examples are found under Course Resources > APA Resources. An APA template file (MS Word format) has also been provided for your use CSIA_Basic_Paper_Template(APA_6ed,Nov2014).docx. 5. You must include a cover page with the assignment title, your name, and the due date. Your reference list must be on a separate page at the end of your file. These pages do not count towards the assignment’s page count. 6. You are expected to write grammatically correct English in every assignment that you submit for grading. Do not turn in any work without (a) using spell check, (b) using grammar check, (c) verifying that your punctuation is correct and (d) reviewing your work for correct word usage and correctly structured sentences and paragraphs. 7. You are expected to credit your sources using in-text citations and reference list entries. Both your citations and your reference list entries must follow a consistent citation style (APA, MLA, etc.).

Jindal Family Case Study Essay

Jindal Family Case Study Essay.
Access and review the “Jindal Family Case Study Worksheet” that you completed in Topic 2 to help you complete this assignment.

In a 500-750-word essay, address the following prompts:
Explain the cultural influences on the disciplinary style of Akshat and Rishita. How do their disciplinary styles differ from those of Western contemporary disciplinary styles?Explain the role of social policy in this situation and why it is necessary.Describe the effects of multicultural influences on Akshat and Rishita’s parenting practices. How do societal trends and influences impact parenting practices?
Cite three to five scholarly sources to support your claims.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Jindal Family Case Study Essay

Two Questions 250 Words

1.After reviewing Chapter 1 in your textbook and watching ?Virtue Ethics, find a contemporary article showing how the theory of psychological egoism in a corporation resulted in an ethical dilemma. Is there a way that the decision-making process within a large corporation can overcome this fact of human selfishness? What would be a solution in this scenario? How does the theory of psychological egoism fit within your personal body of ethics and values? How does the theory of psychological egoism fit within the ethical structure of the company or organization you work for now or have worked for in the past? Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references. . 2.As read in Chapter 2 of the course text, Adam Smith argued that self-interest is a critical element in a society’s economic development. Karl Marx, by contrast, argued that society functions better when each of us is more community oriented. Pretend you are either Adam Smith or Karl Marx, and explain economic recession from these perspectives. Discuss when greed and selfishness in businesses go too far and become a hazard to society. Stepping back into your shoes again, contrast your system of values and ethics concerning greed and self-interest with the system of values of Smith or Marx. Discuss if the ethical perspective of a particular group to which you currently belong, or previously belonged resembles the perspective of Adam Smith or Karl Marx?

Soc 305 Final

Final Paper Select and then define a significant issue faced by the justice system, describe the scope and consequences of the issue, and discuss society’s responses to the issue (including public policies and other less formal responses). Papers should also present a clearly reasoned alternative, supported by scholarly research. THE PAPER IS OVER DELINQUENCY!!!! While the following example can be modified to suit your needs, this outline is likely to result in a high-quality Final Paper: Title Abstract What is the problem? Be sure to narrow your problem enough to allow a focused examination. What are the individual and social implications of this problem? Discussion of implications should be supported by accurate research data. What do the experts say about the problem? What have we, as a society, done about this problem? Consider public policies and other, less formal responses. How are public policies and other, less formal responses working? Describe an alternative solution to the problem. Discuss why the alternative is, or can be, an effective response to the problem. Remember to consider negative consequences of the alternative response. Conclude with your thoughts about your chosen social problem. This is a good place to include personal opinions, assuming you wish to share them in a research paper. References In short, define a problem, discuss the response, and provide alternative responses to the problem. For example, your problem could be drug use/abuse, with a focus on prescription drug abuse among teenagers. Your description of the problems should be fact based, relying on expert opinion. Your alternative response can be an adjustment of current policy or a new direction. For example, your may propose longer prison sentences, or legalization of all drugs. Be creative, although suggestions must be supported by scholarly research. The paper must be eight to ten pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least five scholarly resources, at least three of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library, to support your claims and subclaims. Cite your resources in text and on the reference page. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar. Please visit the Academic Research section on your course homepage (accessible through the Student Responsibilities and Policies tab on the left navigation toolbar) to review what types of materials are not acceptable for academic, university-level research. Writing the Final Paper The Final Paper: Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis. Must use at least five scholarly resources, including a minimum of three from the Ashford Online Library. Must document all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Information Graphics Activity

Information Graphics Activity.
The New and improved SL3000 Lighting Unit

Every day, our schedules are filled with tasks, responsibilities, and duties that we are required to accomplish at the end of a business day, week, month, or even year. We find ourselves yearning for that moment where we get to our homes, get off the official wear and shoes, and just take a moment to rest. What is more soothing than a rest accompanied by your favorite playlist at the comfort of your dock or patio? Sipping that favorite drink in an evening shining with stars. The perfect fantasy of perfect rest, right? Makes all the hard work and struggles worth the while. This new and amazing product might just what will make your dreams come true.

Do you know what is sucky about regular bulbs? They just illuminate. They do not add that special effect, that dream, that fantasy to your resting to make it just calming. What is fun about sitting in a lightly lit quiet room, I will tell you, IT’S NO FUN. Do you know what is fun? A bulb that lights up by the click of the socket and also connects to any of our portable music devices to keep us in the mood, listening to our favorite beats. One that you do not have to sit up when you realize you just left your portable music system elsewhere. One that lifts our spirits in the most crucial moment of our day. Introducing our SL3000 Outdoor Lights. This is a product from the great StateWide Lighting known for its effective, durable, and affordable lighting solutions. At StateWide we bring brightness to the world.

Product Description

The new SL3000 outdoor lighting unit is a lighting solution tested and approved for all outdoor lighting use in places such as patios, docks, and even porches. Each unit is fitted with state-of-the-art speakers to make listening to your playlist just memorable. The inbuilt speakers are effectively compatible with most modern receivers. The lighting system is fitted with strong and durable filaments to illuminate just the way you need it to. It uses less energy (Guzzetti et al., 2010). What a favor on the hectic electric bills? You can use some of that cash on Sunday night pizza! Yummy! I know right? Each lighting unit is encased in rust-proof decorative covers, beautiful yet dusting duties minimized! This allows the decorative colors to grow and the speakers to be heard, literally music to your ears.


This new product introduces wild and exciting features namely (Corporation, 2020):
State of the art 130W speakers in each unit.Compatibility with most modern receivers.Low energy set of two bulbs with decorative lights.Dustproof decorative cover and weather resistance.Remote controller and timer for automatic switch off and onEasy and secure mounting on the ground, beams, or other solid structures.
Each purchased unit comes with mounting hardware, speaker wires, and instructions. Installation guidance and help are accorded to the purchase of our units. Each unit is composed of mounting hardware, a remote controller, and a lighting unit. Every system includes an exciting five-year limited warranty. The fancy decorative dust-proof covers are readily available in Brass or solid black depending on your preference. Our SL3000 Lightning units are available for acquisation in select home refurbishment and improvement stores all over the country. Limited quantities will also be available during the coming National Home Landscaping Trade Show in Dallas, TX. Hurry and be the first one to testify of this phenomenal experience. We Care About You, We Light Your World with a Rhythm. Contact us for all your Landscaping solutions. For Help, Wholesale, Pricing, and Distribution information on this product, call 1-800-555-1212 or email us at [email protected]

Information Graphics Activity

“The Affordable Care Act” Please Respond To The Following:

Healthcare Policy and Law class. Must be 250 words must cite work. “The Affordable Care Act” Please respond to the following: Analyze at least two (2) new provisions to the Affordable Care Act. Interpret the implications of these new provisions for access to care for families. Provide specific examples of such implications to support your rationale. Appraise the inherent impact of at least (2) Affordable Care Act quality initiatives on quality of care for both the consumer and the healthcare provider. Support your response with specific examples of the effects on both aforementioned groups.

Week 1 Discussion Reply (2)

Please reply with 1 reference to the following post: Week 1 Discussion I believe that many things are important in nursing practice. All of the aspects of the care we provide has a real and very strong strong impact on the lives of patients but, also their families. I believe in being an advocate for my patients, I always educate people on the importance of being an advocate for themselves. The truth is that, they will not always have a nurse at the bedside who truly advocates for what is best for his or her patients. I believe that advocating for patients is putting yourself and your opinions to the side and considering what the patient wants. At the same token, we need to be educators, we need to explain to our patients their real choices and what is really at stake or what their expectations should be. When we educate our patients on a diagnosis or pain levels or plan of care we need to bring facts and our education to be able to truly advocate for them. Many times I have had patients ask to be free of pain 1hr after major abdominal surgery, I educate them on what to expect, for example, pain level not being at zero at this point, and explaining medication orders. But, I also take time to think what medications are ordered for my patients and if nothing ordered for pain is working I advocate for them because I don’t want them to suffer unnecessarily. As nurses we have the education and the background to support a persons’ wants and needs. We are their voice in front of doctors, and case manager and many other practices. We have the education to support what their needs are and know how to ask for what they truly need to help them feel better (Gerber, 2018). Reference: Gerber, L. (2018) Understanding the nurse’s role as a patient advocate. Retrieved from


DUE TODAY SAME DAY WORK CAREER CHOICES IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE NO PLAGIARISM THIS WORK WILL BE CHECK BY THE TEACHER This week you are to compose a paper comparing the salaries of the two most interesting jobs you have found while analyzing jobs during your research for this unit. I PICKED THESE TO JOBS FBI Agent $115,000, Forensic Psychologist $84,000, Writing Tips: Remember to keep your paragraphs well organized and supported with facts. Use credible source such as government websites to include salary information for each job. The deliverable length of your homework assignment is 400-500 words, one to two double spaced pages (does not include title page or reference page). Remember to create in-text citations for every source you use to create a sentence for your paper. Every in-text citation must have a corresponding reference on the reference page of your paper. All homework assignments must be in APA format. They must have a title page, body, and reference page. Every in-text citation must have a corresponding reference on the reference page of your paper. Papers must be double spaced, using 10-12 point font, with one inch margins all the way around. Tip: Website addresses are NOT references; they are links to websites only. A reference contains four basic parts: An Author, year, title, and publisher. A website address does not contain those parts and is, therefore, not a reference. Please do not include only a website address as a ?source in your references list.


Research the following and give me 2 pages report in APA along with references and intext cititations and 0% plagarism Go to to research the types of containers available for different valuables and situations in the home.

Need Around 2 Pages With 600 Words For Below Questions.

Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references. System architecture is the descriptive representation of the system’s component functions and the communication flows between those components. My definition immediately raises some important questions. ¢ What are components? ¢ Which functions are relevant? ¢ What is a communication flow?

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