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PLEASE SEND PLEASUREISM REPORT FOR THIS ORDER The attached document is a descriiption of the first project. The text

PLEASE SEND PLEASUREISM REPORT FOR THIS ORDER The attached document is a descriiption of the first project. The text below is a descriiption of what I should do. (The first project again, but with Doubly Linked Lists)

In this project, you will work on the data structure concept linked list.
Implement project 2 with doubly linked list DLL (instead of an Array) for the attached dataset.
If your project is implemented correctly, you will understand that the performance speed of project 2 is better than project 1.
Write the performance explanation in a text file Follow all the design recipes.

Information Technology Question

This assignment involves:

1. The development of an annotated bibliography
2. The identification of a set of open research questions based on the
annotated bibliography.
The assignment involves the following steps:

1. Identify a topic that addresses some aspect of the Data Science. The topic
you pick could involve the computing aspects of Data Scienc, such as
software/systems engineering methodologies that underpin the
development of data science, techniques for modelling data science
architectures, edge computing in data science and so on. You could also
pick a topic addressing information systems (IS) aspects of data science,
such as the social impact of data science, data science applications in
specific domains, data science systems as enablers of sociotechnical
systems and so on.

2. Identify a minimum of 10 research papers (and ideally 20 or more)
addressing the topic you have picked in Step 1 above. Use Google Scholar,
DBLP, Science Direct or similar online resources for this purpose. You can
also use resources available at the Saudi Digital Library (SDL).
3. Write an annotated bibliography of the papers you have identified.
4. Based on your understanding of these papers, describe five open
questions that are important and relevant to your chosen topic that the
literature does not adequately address. Explain these open questions over
several paragraphs of text. You need to explain why these research
questions are important and point to the annotated bibliography as
evidence that these questions have not been adequately explored in the
literature (you might find that the literature touches on some of these
questions, but does not address them in full detail).

5. Use the Harvard referencing style for this assignment.

You may use this paper for ideas on how open research questions are
identified and described
There are a large number of example annotated bibliographies on theweb that you may consult for
you can find solution of point numer 3 in yhe attachment file name Annotated Bibliography

System Analysis And Design 342 Lab

Information Technology Assignment Help Using Visio, draw an E-R diagram for the relationships that follow.
A patient must be assigned to only one doctor, and a doctor can have many patients.
An employee has one phone extension, and a unique phone extension is assigned to an employee.
A movie theater shows many different movies, and the same movie can be shown at different movie theaters around town.

IT-270: IT Project Management

You must submit two separate copies (one Word file and one PDF file) using the Assignment Template on Blackboard via the allocated folder. These files must not be in compressed format.
It is your responsibility to check and make sure that you have uploaded both the correct files.
Zero mark will be given if you try to bypass the SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between words, hide characters, use different character sets, convert text into image or languages other than English or any kind of manipulation).
Email submission will not be accepted.
You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
You must use this template, failing which will result in zero mark.
You MUST show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image, unless specified otherwise by the question.
Late submission will result in ZERO mark.
The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO mark.
Use Times New Roman font for all your answers.

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