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Case StudyIn April of 2021, Facebook announced that 533 million users’ phone numbers and personal date had been leaked. What obligations does Facebook have legally and ethically to safe-guard users’ personal information? What legal actions can be taken against Facebook to prevent this in the future?Action Items 1. Read the case study above. 2. By the due date, submit your answers to the case study questions. Justify your answers.

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the negotiations between the European Union and Switzerland regarding the institutional framework agreement

Information on the topic: Switzerland has decided to put an end to the seven years of negotiations with the European Union that were supposed to modernize their bilateral relations.
The two partners were struggling to sign a draft version of the EU-Swiss Institutional Framework Agreement, a text designed to ensure Switzerland’s access to the EU’s single market is fair and equal, a balance that Brussels usually calls the “level playing field”. Negotiations began in 2014 and a full draft text was reached in November 2018, setting in motion a back-and-forth between Bern and Brussels to add clarifications and amendments. Two years went by without progress until discussions were resumed earlier this year. Source:

Analysis should be based on the theory of Distributive Negotiation and Integrative Negotiation –
What type fits this negotiation and why?

Press release Swiss government:

European Union statement:

SLAM 2020-03Fa21

For this assignment, you will need to conduct a thorough financial assessment of the company you select(Ford Motor Company) by focusing on the company’s 2020 annual report and responding to the following prompts.
What company did you select and why?
Provide a direct weblink to the company’s 2020 annual report.
What is the accounting period (or fiscal year) for the company?
What are some of the highlights that you notice about the company’s finances? This requires you to assess the company’s income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. Describe the information you found in these financial statements.
Liquidity: Evaluate the current ratio and quick ratio for the company. Describe what you found.
Solvency: Evaluate the debt ratio and debt-to-equity ratio for the company. Describe what you found.
Describe the sales (revenue) for the company over a three-year period (2020, 2019, 2018). Has the company been profitable over this period?
What are the major expenses for the company?
If you had to invest (purchase stock) in this company, would you and why? What led to this decision?
Respond to each of these prompts based on your knowledge of financial analysis with a healthy paragraph. A healthy paragraph means that you provide enough substantive content to fully explain the concept, provide a degree of detail, and support your explanation with materials that we have covered in class. It’s more than one or two sentences; it’s probably somewhere between four and eight sentences. I’m more concerned with the content of the paragraph rather than counting the number of sentences. The key is to be succinct and precise with your response and to organize your paragraph well so that your paragraph responds accurately and fully to the question without being overly voluminous

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Writing Assignment Help identify how these articles are connected to each other, comparing and analyzing the content, research methods, etc. In other words, you will identify the larger argument discussed in each of the articles, and identify the connection across the articles (i.e. Are the arguments in the articles in agreement or opposition?). (4 ARTICLES ARE COMPLETED BELOW) The final draft of the literature review will incorporate your viewpoints and argument about the topic, as the ways in which your viewpoints shift from reviewing the articles. Your final draft should be 5 – 7 pages. I have a small overview allready done as well as my feelings toward developing language. You can just add to that- i uploaded a powerpoint as well that can help. The articles are just attached for bibliogrpahy page.
.Identify your Topic
The area of language development I am interested in researching is vocabulary development. I really want to focus more on emergent literacy practice than secondary language learners because it will help me become better at teaching my current students how to develop and expand their vocabulary.
1. When exposing children to new vocabulary words, do you only use text or different visuals?
2.Will children use these words independently and how can a teacher set it up so that they can do this.
3. How do children develop vocabulary through direct and indirect instruction?
I am interested in this topic because it was very interesting to learn the concepts of how to build a child’s vocabulary. I have already learned terms such as direct and indirect vocabulary instruction that has helped me in my current workplace. I also like that it involves the practice of phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency. What I do know about vocabulary development already is engaging in conversation when reading a book to my students. I also try to use that word in different contexts and settings so they can apply It wherever they see it.
Vocabulary development is worth researching because it is essential to becoming a good reader and writer. It also allows you to develop your language which is essential to communicate. I hope to learn different ways to promote vocabulary development for different students and alter it in a way that is best for their needs. The discussion in class that was about the hula hoop girl was one of the reasons that I decided to choose this topic because vocabulary words were pre taught before reading the book to allow the students to better understand the book which I thought “Wow that makes so much sense”. I think it is very good for the teacher to thoroughly plan what their goal is and how they are going to teach a specific topic before they do.
(Bib 2)
In the article, Matthew Effects in Young Readers: Reading Comprehension and Reading Experience Aid Vocabulary Development, Cain and Oakhill (2011) the differentiated practice as one of the factors that can lead to the Matthew Effect among young readers is explained. The Matthew Effect is a broad term used in the educational community to describe many concepts. However, in this context, it has been used to refer to the circumstances that differentiate poor and good readers and how it increases over time. Young readers mainly develop their vocabularies through reading; therefore, good readers are better positioned to have a good vocabulary than poor readers. Practicing reading can influence the ability read with less errors in a positive way.
Children showing signs or who have poor reading skills can fail to understand the content of what they are reading. This may. Because of their comprehension skills being compromised by their slow decoding technique. Children who struggle may fail to stay focused on their reading. This may significantly impact their academic life as they will stay less motivated to read even during their leisure time compared to those with good reading skills. Compared to poor readers who choose to read fewer challenging books, good readers will be motivated to read challenging books. Failure to read the challenging books will reduce their experience in reading and have an impact on the growth of their literacy competence. Children who read during their off time will develop practical reading skills compared to those who fail to read and wait to do so during their time in school.
(Bib 1)
In the article, “Teacher child conversations in preschool classrooms: Contributions to children’s vocabulary development”, Cabell (2015) explains how children’s language skills development can easily be enhanced through a vital mechanism that promotes high-quality pre-school programs and vocabulary development. For example, engaging in daily opportunities such as conversing with their teachers and peers in school and home. Many pre-school classrooms operating within the poverty areas appear to have and offer limited options to children. Therefore, children fail to understand the little multi conversation between their peers and the teachers who build and improve their vocabulary.
The article analyzes children’s challenges and the need for them to be addressed as quickly as possible. As such, researcher’s all over the globe are actively studying and recording means in which children’s language-learning experiences can be improved. They, therefore, came up with some of the following strategies: increasing the teacher’s use for effective strategic responses to encourage these students to engage their teachers and peers in effective conversations that will improve their vocabulary. They also told the teachers to encourage the children to start the conversation and not the teachers; they also encouraged the building of vocabularies from the children’s talks, and finally prodding turn-taking.
The article also explains the importance of having a teacher-child conversation by encouraging more talks in pre-school settings. They acknowledge both the research and theory suggestions that the back-and-forth exchanges were done verbally and are essential for accelerating a child’s early language development. They also encouraged parent-child talks when the kids are at home, suggesting that such conversations may be more influential to their language development than having an adult read a book or a story for them.
(Bib 3)
In the article Direct Vocabulary Instruction in Preschool: A comparison f extended instruction, embedded instruction, and incidental exposure, Mitchell, A. M.,

lack of green space in LA due to urban construction

Topic Explanation:
Los Angeles is one of many cities that has a minimal amount of green space. There has been an increase in urban construction due to a rise in population, with more and more people are moving to Los Angeles for economic opportunities and financial growth. As the city welcomes the new citizens and sees the uptick in its economy, the area becomes more and more dense, leading to significant quantities of urban construction. Due to the immediate population needs and the short-term economic benefits, urban construction will continue to increase.
This unsustainable system impacts people, long-term profits, and the planet. The increase in urban construction leads to a decrease in green space, decreasing environmental sustainability. There is a decline in the quality of the urban climate with an increase in carbon emissions, increased temperatures, and reduced air quality and biodiversity. This environmental impact leads to mental, physical, and educational effects on the community. In addition to these impacts, the community will face long-term economic challenges when seeing the long-term impact on property values, energy costs, and policy implications.
Ultimately, the lack of green space will severely affect air quality, the cost of living in Los Angeles, and the overall well-being of the citizens. Continued unsustainable city development will lead to a decrease in urban green space and exacerbate the impacts of climate change. By analyzing the benefits of increased green space, we can identify potential solutions to prevent the problems presented by this unsustainable system.

A. Proposed Solution to address above issue.
a. Awareness – Strategic triangle can be used by policymakers in the public sector to move forward the initiative; operational feasibility, public support, and public value.
b. Policy – Urban planning policies need to have an intentional mention of the development of green space. Public health officials need to utilize green space as a measure of quality when advocating for healthy living environments
B. Weigh the effectiveness of your solution based on other approaches to solve this issue
a. Policy and Public Awareness vs. Green Space creation – While there are benefits to creating green spaces as an individual or organization, solutions based on policy and public buy-in will have higher long-term success rates if successful
C. Stakeholder mapping, analysis

Communications Question

I did group presentation last week with some meetings (all online, virtual meetings, presentation and communication) and now the professor wants an essay about our communication with certain criteria to be met. Please make one page-page and half essay APA style with the information in the attachment that I observed in our group project communication. You will see three references with information, answers of some questions, my observations. You must include all of these in the essay.

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