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POL Unit 7: Establishing a local government, judicial system, law enforcement and other services on an Island

InstructionsA privately owned island off the coast of Florida has been left to you by the eccentric owner who recently died. The island is large enough for several small communities to be developed. Create a name for your island. You want to start on the right foot by establishing a local government, a judicial system, law enforcement system, and other services typically provided by local and state governments. When setting up a local government, please limit your selection to those styles found in the United States, and avoid dictator, monarchy, or communist systems.
For the Unit VII Project, describe the following points:
the type of local government you would establish (e.g., county, city);
the form of that government (e.g., township, municipal charter);
the management system (e.g., commission, mayor, council);
how leadership positions would be instated (e.g., appointment, election);
the type of law enforcement and judicial system (how judges are selected) you would put into place; and
other services typically provided for by local and state governments. Be sure to explain the role of bureaucracies in these services, including how taxes support these services and how those taxes will be collected.
You can mix and match your government, judicial, and law enforcement decisions, but you must fully explain the reasons why you chose the types of systems. You must also address how your government would work with other governments/agencies and in what ways. You can pull concepts from previous readings in this course (not just those assigned in this unit) in order to develop this project.
The video tutorial Library Research: An Overview will help you research various aspects of this project.
Your project must be at least three full pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. Remember to have an introduction and conclusion to your paper. Library and outside sources are a requirement, and you must use at least three resources to support ideas in your analysis. Avoid conversational tone, and remember that this is an academic assignment, so you must use proper APA Style, grammar, and punctuation.

Literature Review

A literature review is an analytical essay containing a thesis, an introduction, a series of claims supported by the resources found during this assignment, and a conclusion.
Literature review assignment must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations (APA formatting).Page length requirements: 2–3 pages (excluding title and reference pages). Assignment must include at least three scholarly sources. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.
The Following questions should be considered:
A. What methods and techniques have been used to study an issue similar to yours? Were these methods and techniques the most appropriate for this study? Why or why not?
B. How will your research contribute to the existing body of knowledge in political science? In other words, to which specific fields in the political science literature will your research proposal be relevant?

Student Responses (2)

Political Science Assignment Help 1) My stance on this discussion is that I do believe we need the prison system, but a reformed version. In society we will always need a place to keep criminals away from the public and that place should be a prison. The way the criminals get treated inside the prison though, we need to look at that aspect and see how we can change it. Our current prison system holds so many people that could contribute to society but without the proper help they will just be tossed aside and only viewed as a criminal. Implementing more reform programs will give inmates the chance they deserve to be brought back into society instead of being forced away and kept in a prison. Staying on inmates specifically, “There is enormous variation in the way the world’s ten million prisoners are treated. Some young men do drill in military style boot camps while others are counselled in therapeutic communities. Prisoners deemed dangerous may be held in almost total isolation in the highest “supermax” conditions of security; low risk prisoners approaching their date of release go out to work during the day from open establishments. Some convicted prisoners can spend years in remote labor colonies, pre trial detainees a few weeks in city center lock ups or many years beyond legal guarantees and amongst sentenced prisoners.” “The experience of very many prisoners perhaps the majority continues routinely to involve often gross violations of basic human rights and seemingly makes scant contribution to either the rule of law or to the creation of safer communities. The failings of prisons often reflect chronic problems of maladministration, chiefly under resourcing in terms of buildings and staff, compounded by often severe overcrowding and weak management and accountability. In principle these are matters that can be put right. But there is an often unspoken question: How much are the obvious failings of imprisonment due to inherent flaws in the nature of institution itself rather than weaknesses in its practical elaboration?” “While much more attention needs to be paid to finding new ways of preventing and responding to crime, in the short term priorities would seem to include ensuring prison is used as a last resort and for the shortest possible time; minimizing the use of pre trial detention especially in Africa , South Asia and Latin America; modernizing national prison laws and rules which sometimes date from colonial times; and while applying existing international standards and working towards an updated and comprehensive framework of norms across the globe.”.
2) The United States prison system in my opinion began under some pretty barbaric circumstances. The goals of corrections include atonement and deterrence. The problem with many of the goals of corrections lies in the fact that the follow through is lacking in the areas that could actually be the most beneficial to those incarcerated. Putting more time, money, and resources into rehabilitating offenders versus just punishing them, would allow us to see a dramatic decrease in recidivism rates. After nearly four years of taking Criminology classes, the biggest thing I have gathered is that the United States prison system is just a modern day slavery in many ways. In this country, a country’s whose roots are so tightly wrapped in racism has carried into what is supposed to be our justice system. When slavery was outlawed we entered the Jim Crow era of separate but equal. Once we moved out of that, many people found a way to continue to control people of color and black United States citizens. The 13th amendment of the US Constitution makes a clear distinction into who can be slaves of the state. The 13th amendment allowed individuals to be slaves of the state only if they have committed a crime. Because of this, incarceration rates began to rise with the increasing need for labor after the outlaw of slavery. The majority of those arrested at the boom of mass incarceration were African Americans. The number of African American individuals who were being arrested only continued to rise during The War on Drugs. I think it’s hard to fix a system that is so deeply rooted in archaic ideology. It’s not as easy as just reforming the prison system as a whole. We have to take a step back and look at what is working, what is not working, what is rooted in racism, and what we can do to be better. A justice system is supposed to be just that, just, but the United States justice system is not. Allowing there to be more focus on rehabilitation instead of punishment could have a wonderful impact on the inmates currently being housed in state and federal prisons. I am in no way saying that people do not need to do the time for their crime, however the majority of people in prisons will be released one day, and we should want to provide them with the resources that will help them to be successful once they are back in the outside world.

Student Response (3)

Regardless, it is imperative that your comments be substantial and probing. “You have provided some well thought out responses to the questions. You also have some supportive references. Nice work,” “I like the way you make little comments in closed brackets, ““Good post,” “Great references,” “Good learning (from you),” and my personal favorite, “Great list” simply don’t cut it. Let’s be honest, many postings aren’t that good, and what’s so great about a list anyway? So please make sure your postings are on point and move the discussion forward with substantive and probing questions. I’m also less concerned (and you should be too) with all this “I especially liked how . . .” or “Your comments on . . . were especially useful,” etc. You are already in a profession or will hopefully be entering a profession where all this syrup, support and encouragement just do not exist. Perhaps it should, but it just doesn’t. If one is need of “external validation and coddling” (Sam Hanna, NCIS Los Angeles) and constant positive affirmation, then one should probably consider another profession for if one needs that to survive, their survival in criminal justice (and life) will be questionable at best. Additionally, let us dispense at the beginning with all the “this student,” “this learner,” and other similar statements. Again, this might be something different than you’ve experienced in other classes, but that sounds stilted, especially for discussion postings, so please don’t do it!

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