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poli 118 game theory

(1) Let X = {x, y,z} and assume a relation R defined on X such that
R = {(x,x),(y, y),(z,z),(y,x),(x,z),(y,z)}.
(a) What is the preference ordering implied by R? (1 point)
(b) Define two utility functions u ∶ X → R and v ∶ X → R such that u and v represent the relation
R. (3 points)
(2) (Osborne, exercise 5.3.) Person 1 cares about both her income and person 2’s income. Precisely,
the value she attaches to each unit of her own income is the same as the value she attaches
to any two units of person 2’s income. For example, she is indifferent between a situation in
which her income is 1 and person 2’s is 0, and one in which her income is 0 and person 2’s is
2 [formally: (1, 0) ∼ (0, 2), where the first component in each pair is person 1’s income and the
second component is person 2’s income].
(a) Define a utility function u(x, y) consistent with these preferences (let x denote 1’s income
and let y denote 2’s income). (1 point)
(b) How do her preferences order the outcomes (1,4), (2,1), and (3,0)? (1 point)
(c) How does she order the outcomes (1,6) and (3,0)? (1 point)
(3) Recall the matrix for the Prisoner’s Dilemma from lecture (also from Osborne, p. 13). Note that the
12 q t
q 2,2 0,3
t 3,0 1,1
1payoff functions given in the matrix imply the following preferences over action profiles:
(t,q) ≻1 (q,q) ≻1 (t,t) ≻1 (q,t)
(q,t) ≻2 (q,q) ≻2 (t,t) ≻2 (t,q).
(The first action in the pair is player 1’s action, the second action is player 2’s action.)
(a) Determine whether the game in the matrix below differs from the Prisoner’s Dilemma only in
the action labels, or whether it also differs in one or both of the players’ preferences. Briefly
explain your answer. (Hint: consider different ways of replacing X and Y with q and t and
checking the implied preferences against the players’ preferences for the original game.) (2
12 X Y
X 3,-2 1,-1
Y 2,1 0,5
(b) Give one example of a payoff matrix that represents the Prisoner’s Dilemma. It should differ
from any of the examples given in the textbook or the lectures. (2 points)
(4) Consider a situation in which two people can cooperate on a joint project; successful completion
would benefit each of them, but contributing is costly. Each individual’s preferences can be
represented as follows: her payoff is B −c if both she and the other person contribute, −c if she
alone contributes, and 0 if she does not contribute. We assume that 0 < c < B.
(a) Represent this situation using a payoff matrix. (2 points)
(b) Write out player 1’s best response correspondence. (2 points)
(c) Is the game equivalent to either Prisoner’s Dilemma or Stag Hunt? (1 point)

Social Science Question

Throughout this course you will read scholarly work on questions of diversity, exclusion and inclusion. You will write a weekly blog reflecting upon those issues, but rather than offering an unsubstantiated opinion on these matters, you’ll be expected to offer a unique but informed opinion supported by sociological scholarly research and empirical evidence.
You will have freedom to choose the topic and the particular angle of the issue as you wish to explore it, but there are some clear parameters you’ll need to follow.
Each blog entry must have:
Minimum 250 words (15% penalty for falling short of the word count)
1 citation from academic source materials read that week in class. This must be cited with a page number and author. Sources may not be reused week-to-week.
1 citation of an academic source (a relevant peer-reviewed article) from outside of class. Hint: Wikipedia is not an academic source. Sources may not be reused week-to-week.
1 citation of a news media article relevant to the topic.
At least 1 audio or visual element that adds substantial content to support your argument. This could be a link to a video, pictures, etc.
You’ll complete your blog each week by no later than 11:59 pm Pacific Time, Thursday. In addition to your weekly discussion responses, please respond to at least one of your classmates’ blogs, reflecting upon what they’ve done, and at a minimum of 250 words per response by no later than 11:59 PM Sunday. Your blog entry and responses to classmates will be graded each week.

The essay needs to be 1,000-1,500-words, 5 or more paragraphs with a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written

Political Science Assignment Help The essay needs to be 1,000-1,500-words, 5 or more paragraphs with a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format.

Choose the medical discovery that you feel is the most important and had the greatest impact. Explain your reasoning and describe the impact it had on the future of medicine and on people’s lives.

Web sources (more are attached – please use at least three of the provided sources along with any relevant outside sources – thank you!):[email protected]:[email protected]/Overview-of-Anatomy-and-Physiology[email protected]:[email protected]/Structural-Organization-of-the-Human-Body[email protected]:[email protected]/Functions-of-Human-Life[email protected]:[email protected]/Requirements-for-Human-Life[email protected]:[email protected]/Homeostasis

HIM-422 Ethical/Legal Considerations 3-1 Journal: Consent and Health Record Policies

Instructions write a journal post that includes the following critical elements:Summarize the importance of consent, differentiating between informed and implied consent.
Identify the purpose of the legal health record and the designated record set.
Recommend the elements that should be included in a retention and destruction policy

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