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PowerPoint-Parole and Probation

InstructionsYou have been asked by your professor to provide a summary of pretrial services to a small group of people from the community. This small group has very limited knowledge of pretrial services and would like more information. Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:
An explanation of pretrial services,
An identification of a presentence investigation report such as:why this is used,
why it is important,
what the purposes are (list at least two), and

A discussion of how the presentence investigation can affect sentencing (For this part, you will want to select at least two of the items from the list on page 96 of your textbook, and tell how the response to that item could affect an offender’s sentencing).
Use at least one graphic or image in your presentation. Your presentation should be a minimum of five slides. The title and reference slides do not count toward the total slide requirement. Support your PowerPoint presentation with at least one resource. All resources used must be cited and referenced according to APA format.

You should maintain a reflective log throughout the module. In this, you will summarise topics and items that you

You should maintain a reflective log throughout the module. In this, you will summarise topics and items that you encounter that are either new to you or cause you to think differently. These are topics that are introduced during seminars and then supplemented with written materials or interviews with current legal practitioners and experts, all available in course materials. You will gain additional credit by identifying and referencing material or case studies that are not part of the provided materials.
You should select topics that influence your thinking because you recognise they are important in changing the way that lawyers traditionally perform their work, or the nature or value of their output. Your final log should contain the 4-6 items that you decide are most significant. It should briefly describe each topic, why you understand it to be important and also what you are doing or plan to do as a result

(Oscola reference style and British spilling)

Law Question

Law Assignment Help Assignment Question:
1- The problem with hostile tender offers is that they are harmful to shareholders. How have world governments addressed this problem?

2- There are many ways a corporation can gain corporate control. Please identify and discuss at least one (1) strategy.

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Pinto, A. R.,

EU law problem question

The law and facts in this problem question are fictitious:
Directive 2019/123/EC on the Provision of Financial Services provides that workers in the financial services industry may not be obliged to work for more than 4 hours on a Saturday, except in circumstances of national economic need or recession. Germany has taken no action to implement this Directive and the date for implementation passed in October 2021.
Andreas and Dagmar have been informed by their respective employers that in future, they will be expected to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on a Saturday.
Andreas is a customer adviser working for a major high street bank. Dagmar works as an advisor for a government-funded company which specialises in providing low-cost financial advice for people on limited incomes. Andreas is only willing to work for up to 4 hours on a Saturday, as he spends his Saturday afternoons watching his son play football. Dagmar is not willing to work at all on a Saturday, as her religion says this is a day of rest. She is therefore threatening resignation if forced to work.
Under the German law on the Equal Treatment of Religions 2012 (fictitious), all workers must be provided with the opportunity to take time off from work or to work on a flexible basis in order to observe religious customs and festivals.
Advise both Andreas and Dagmar as to their rights against their employers under EU law and what remedies are available to them before the German courts.
Foundations of EU Law
Word Limit: 2000
OSCOLA referencing

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