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Price Prediction in Real Estate – Lands

At first i wrote the introduction about “”Impact of using business analytics in making pricing decisions in marketing” but then I changed the topic afterwards while writing the literature review to “lands price prediction in real estate”. Therefore I want the introduction part to be edited so it matches the literature review part. The change should include new added paragraphs about real estate -lands in Jordan and setting prices. Also you should remove any unnecessarily paragraphs about marketing and any other irrelevant information. All references for used in the introduction are included at the end of the introduction part so please remove and add according to the changes that will be done from your end. All information should be cited otherwise marks will be deducted. The introduction should be 1,000 words (assuming you wont need to change more than the half).Also I need a new paragraph at the end of the literature review that explains the impact or relationship between commercial lands and residential and what previous studies have been done on this topic.If something is not clear I can explain it further.

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