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principals of management

What are the five most important managerial skills/characteristics in today’s organizations for managers to be successful, and why did you select those as your top five?
What managerial theory or theories do these skills/characteristics most align with that managers need to be able to apply to real-world situations?
Based on those five skills/characteristics, what are your top two in terms of strengths, and why? What are the two that you are weakest at, and why did you choose those? Provide examples.
For the two skills/characteristics that are your weakest, how can you improve upon them to help ensure you would be an effective manager?
Make sure that you post your substantive initial posting no later than Saturday this week, and be sure to use outside support for your posting. This should be from reliable sources (other than the text book), and you need to reference the sources using proper APA Version 7 formatting.
In addition to your initial posting, you need to respond to at least three classmates’ initial posts to provide comments, insights, or questions that further the discussion. Your responses need to be substantive, and should move the discussions forward. You need to post the follow-up posts at least two separate days, and your initial posting should be on a separate day as well. So, you will need to participate at least three days throughout the week for the discussion in total (one for the initial post and two other days for the follow-up posts).
Keep in mid that you cannot submit discussion posts for credit after the week ends and you will be assessed a late penalty for any initial posts that are submitted after Saturday. You will not be able to see other posts until you have posted yours, and you should not edit your initial posting after you have posted.

In each video, the 10 OM strategy decisions are highlighted. Note the differences between operations management in manufacturing (Frito Essay

In each video, the 10 OM strategy decisions are highlighted. Note the differences between operations management in manufacturing (Frito Lay) versus in services (Hard Rock Cafe). You will realize that operations management is just as important in services as it is in manufacturing.

After watching both videos, select a company in either industry and identify all 10 OM strategy decisions. Then, briefly compare them to some of Frito Lay’s or Hard Rock Cafe’s tactics.

Use slides 16 – 21 in this powerpoint to help guide you: Chapter 1
Video Cases:
Celebrity Cruises: Operations Management at SeaOperations Management at Frito-LayOperations
Management at Hard Rock Cafe

Management Question

Management Assignment Help Hello please answanswer any one of the question with detailed information in word document
Required Materials
Holtzhausen, Derina, Fullerton, Jami, Lewis, Bobbi Kay, Shipka, Danny. (2021). Principles of Strategic Communication (1st ed). New York, New York:Routledge Taylor and Francis Group
Session 1 Assignment Part 1 – Discussion Forumo Discussion Topic
Answer one of the following questions:
What are the other factors to be considered before communication tactics are implemented?
What is the outside-in approach to communication and why can this tactic be a successful strategy?
Why are the principles of strategic communication important to utilize when working in the technology field? Does it really matter?
Assignment Format: Blackboard Discussion Board Thread
Submission Format: Paragraph format
Length: 400 words initial post
Citations Required: NA

2 Article Summary about article I give

Due Dates: Article #1 Due: Tues., January 15, 2022 (MIDNIGHT)

Article #2 Due: Weds., January 23, 2022 (MIDNIGHT) (Class ends January 21, 2022)
Be aware that 600-900 words is about 2-3 pages double-spaced with one-inch margins in Times New Roman 12-point font.
The rest of the writing should be taken up with your own critique.
Make sure you leave a page or more for your critique. Do you agree with the
summary you have provided? Why or why not? What is your evidence? That is
pretty much all you will have space to write about.
Be sure to choose one article from each of the two modules in which
you will find the PDFs of all possible
article choices. Please be sure you choose the first one from “Article Options
for Article Summary/Review #1” and the second one from “Article Options for
Article Summary/Review #2.” All are already posted.
If referring to a specific point in the article itself, paraphrasing or quoting, please just put the page number of the reference in parentheses at the end of the sentence (before the period). If referring to another work in your critique
part of the assignment, please provide author and page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence (before the period).

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