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Problem Of Obesity And Indirect Cost Estimates College Application Essay Help Online

Care of the Obese Population

Care of the Obese Population

Care of the Obese Population

The problem of obesity has already been determined. Many solutions to the problem are on the rise, but how do we handle the here and now? Obesity is a complex health issue, of which no one solution or source can yet address. Brief historical and cascading events, definitions, cost, life expectancy, medical adversities and statistical information are offered in this paper to outline the disparities of how we are going to care for the obese population.

Obesity, as defined by the Institute of Medicine is, “an important chronic degenerative disease that debilitates individuals and kills prematurely.” (Institute of Medicine, 1995) This very simplistic definition follows the medical model of health care and leaves no doors open for introspection of the problem or solution. A more holistic model would state that obesity is a complex process involving a variety of social, behavioral, cultural, environmental, physiological, and genetic factors that interact to affect an individuals body weight. Obesity specifically refers to an excess amount of body fat that is determined by the Body Mass Index (BMI) to be greater than or equal to 30. The BMI mathematical formula is based on a persons height in inches divided by weight in pounds squared, times 703. BMI correlates with total body fat content and has become the medical standard for measuring overweight and obesity (Matz, 1993). A BMI less than 18.5 indicates underweight, 18.5-24.9 represents normal weight, 25-29.9 represents overweight, 30.0-34.9 represents class I obesity, 35.0-39.9 describes class II obesity and a BMI greater than 40 describes class III and severe obesity (NIH, 2003).

Centrally distributed adipose tissue that is out of proportion to total body fat is an independent predictor of risk factors. The individual components of abdominal fat to overall risk indicate different risk factors. For example, the visceral fat component is strongly correlated with risk factors for cardiovascular disease. While others, such as the subcutaneous component is highly correlated with insulin resistance (Abate, Garg, Peshock, Stray-Gunderson, Adams-Huet & Grundy, 1996).

Nationally, the obesity rate is 24.5% compared to the Omaha MSA of 22.7%. Nearly 1 in every 4 Nebraska adults (23.9%) is obese while 3 in every 5 (60.9%) is either overweight or obese. Less than half (44.5%) engage in a recommended level of physical activity of 30+ minutes per day on 5+ days per week. Nebraska adults rank 17th lowest out of the 54 U.S. states and territories in percentage that engage in recommended physical activity. Less than 1 in every 5 Nebraska adults (17.8%) consumes the USDA recommendation of five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Nebraska adults ranked 5th lowest in 2003 out of the 54 U.S. states and territories for the 5+ a day consumption of USDA recommendations (Nebraska Health and Human Services, n.d.).

In 2000, obesity contributed to the deaths of 400 million people worldwide, compared to 435,000 who died from smoking-related illness, 85,000 from alcohol related, 43,000 from car accidents and 29,000 from gun related deaths. Obesity has been projected to overtake smoking as the leading preventable cause of death in the very near future (NIH, 2004; Samuelson, 2004). An estimated 65% of Americans are overweight and 31% are obese, along with 16% of children and adolescents. Obesity has doubled in adults and tripled in adolescents since 1980 (NIH, 2004). Only 3% of all American meet at least four of the five federal Food Guide Pyramid recommendations for the intake of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats. Less than 1/3 engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five days a week, and 40% engage in no leisure time physical activity at all (Anonymous, 2002).

The estimated $117 billion societal cost of overweight and obesity is composed of $61 billion in direct costs and $56 billion in indirect cost. Direct cost includes medical expenditures for preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services. Indirect cost includes lost wages resulting from people being unable to work because of illness, disability, or premature death. Indirect cost estimates, however, leave out the well-being of people outside the paid labor force, including homemakers, the retired elderly, and the infirm. The direct cost alone equals 4.7% of total U.S. health care expenditures in 2000. The estimated annual direct and indirect cost of tobacco use is $100 billion, which is $17 billion less than for obesity (Kuchler & Ballenger, 2002).

The relation between poverty and obesity is well documented in the medical literature; although, affluency of our society has changed and so has the causes of obesity. People are incurring debt and working longer hours to pay for the high-consumption lifestyle,

Corruption Perception Index And Anti-Corruption Activities college application essay help

Way to Corruption Free Bangladesh

Essay Preview: Way to Corruption Free Bangladesh

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According to Transparency International of Bangladesh (TIB) report, 71.9% of service seekers in Bangladesh have to pay bribes. The state seems to be faithless to its citizens because it ranked 12th position from below in Corruption Perception Index with the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, land administration and National Board of Revenue as top scorers on this scale. The backbone of the nation has been weakened for this social cancer. Thereby, if I were the key-head figure of the country, eliminating this problem would be the main concern.

I would set a long-term vision for this anti-corruption activities named “Vision 2050: Committed to Change” with the aim of creating a culture where everyone would be responsible and accountable for his own action. There would be 5 year-wise plan in this mission by which no bribery can be ensured in 2050. These strategic plans would focus on nationwide awareness especially through youth, System Re-engineering, and Activation of Law & Policy. Anti-corruption Commission would be reformed in this venture which would be under direst supervision of me, the Prime Minister. Simultaneously autonomous role of ACC will be protected as it works on behalf of public.

I would employ “Chain of Responsibility” for this anti-corruption in which all the government officials will be accountable to their immediate senior authority for their actions. This practice would simplify the process of supervision. Anti-corruption Act would be restructured so that biased action toward politicians and bureaucrats will be alleviated.

I will administer the action of ACC continuously whether it works in line with its vision. Repatriation of stolen assets would also be ACCs concern throughout its operation. Moreover, strategic plan of ACC would be flexible enough to adapt with the significant macro-economic and political changes in order that it doesnt impede other spheres of governance.

Its easy to plan but difficult to implement since the prime minister cannot solely make it happen. Its the parliament which runs a country and in a cabinet, in a department each folk can have different values. As we know, currently the degree of corruption is so acute due to the involvement of ministers and bureaucrats in this crime, therefore these people wont react positively. There could be rebellion inside my party even they can entente with the opposition. Most of the corrupted people are the big guns of the society consequently they can utilize their economic power to hinder this anti-corruption movement. Getting this opportunity, external power can try to intrude into our domestic affairs.

To combat this reaction, I have a social marketing plan. A tremendous campaign would be built up nationwide where every citizen would be empowered to put their effort to control corruption. Young generation who are the future

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Welfare State

Essay Preview: Welfare State

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This essay will analyse the idea that we live in a patriarchal welfare state and how patriarchy effects women within it. It will look at past and present social policies effecting women in particularly regarding employment and attempt to analyse why such policies have been pursued and any changes which have been implemented due to feminist pressures.

The introduction of the welfare state as we understand it came about after the Second World War. The Beveridge report of 1942 formed the basis of the welfare state. Beveridge outlined the five giants of evil on our society as; want, squalor, idleness, ignorance and disease and went on to propose a huge reform of the social welfare system to eliminate these issues. The welfare state was to provide social support for those who needed it while maintaining equality in the political and formal juridical rights of all citizens (Pateman (1987)). Feminists argue that many of the policies reflect how patriarchal our society is and highlight the inequalities between men and women which are still prevalent in todays modern welfare system

Policies that were implemented in the reform created many jobs for women allowing them to enter employment. However, from the offset women were regarded as a less valued workforce and were often placed in lower status jobs to allow them to maintain the balance of work and domestic family life. Women were generally part time workers on a low income with less working rights as their male counterparts. This meant that women had to rely on the male as the main “breadwinner.” Despite Beveridges claims that full employment within our society was pivotal to the success of the new welfare model it was clear that the presumed role of a married woman was to be a home maker, staying at home to look after the children and to rely on the male partners wage. In 1947 an economic survey showed that the national labour force was short so in order to make production targets women were drafted back into the workforce. Saying this, employers were still encouraged to provide working conditions which would allow women to continue to fulfil their domestic duties as well as working (Rees (1992)). “Twilight shifts” were provided by the Factories Evening and Employment order in 1950 to help women maintain this balance of home and economic work. (Rees (1992)).

The emphasis on the importance of womens role within the home and family life continually oppressed women and their aspirations . The oppression of women in the home and the unaccounted for unpaid domestic labour done by women was, and still is an issue within our society. Gender equality within the workplace has been an issue at the forefront of public policy since the 1960s and 70s and many legislative amendments have been passed in an attempt to address the inequalities between men and women. Changes and attention has been focussed on certain areas particularly. These are: equal pay, equal access and opportunity for training and promotion, equality in social security matters and provision of maternity rights, benefits and childcare matters (Moore (1993)).

The “traditional” socially constructed ideas of gender roles within families created a divide between the private and the public sphere. Women were confined mainly to the private sphere within the home and as discussed were reliant on the male to be the breadwinner. This meant that women without the support of a male often found themselves in poverty as they could not secure work of sufficient economic worth while maintaining family care. This was due to a lack of childcare provision provided by the state. The Equal Pay Act of 1970 was in theory based on the terms that men and women who do similar work should be paid equal wages and have the same terms of employment (Equal Opportunities Commission website). However, this act in itself was flawed as women who found themselves in poorly paid jobs often did not have a male counterpart to compare her work situation to. The 1975 Sex Discrimination Act which followed prohibited direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of someones sex but also clarified the meaning of equal work as work that was of equal value. Which meant that men and women did not have to be in the exact same work to earn equal wages. (Moore (1993)) Further legislation followed in the late 1970s which created equal rights for women for training, working conditions and promotion along with sick pay and unemployment benefits from statutory social security schemes (Moore (1993)). Under Margaret Thatchers leadership she strived to reduce the economic decline of the country and one of her policies sought to privatise many of the state-owned industries. Through this privatisation policy the manufacturing industry declined and there was a large rise in service sector jobs. This created many employment opportunities for women and also a loss in male jobs. This signified a marked change in the attitudes of society to womens roles within society and the workplace (Jewson 1994). Over the succeeding decades further positive steps have been taken to improved social policy regarding women including increased child benefits and better childcare funding and provisions as well as improved maternity rights (Moore (1993)). However, many feminist

Kuiper Ledas Present Production Capacity And Kuiper Ledas Production Planning essay help fairfax

Problem Solution: Kuiper Leda

Essay Preview: Problem Solution: Kuiper Leda

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Problem Solution: Kuiper Leda


MBA 550


January 23, 2007

Problem Solution: Kuiper Leda

Supply chain management is becoming and organizations most powerful business tool in reducing cost while improving production and customer satisfaction. Managing the supply chain is transforming the way manufactures purchase raw materials, run production, and distribute final products.

Kuiper Ledas present production capacity is insufficient to meet the additional demands/requirements needed to fill a contract with Midland Motors. Kuiper will need to increase its production of Radio Frequency Identification and Electronic Control Units, or outsource part if not all the production to fill present and future contracts.

To further complicate the situation, Kuiper Ledas production planning, inventory tracking, and supply chain management systems are inadequate to meet the demands of increased production. The following will cover Kuiper Ledas problems and define recommendations to enable Kuipers success.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Up front it appears that the problem Kuiper Leda is facing is caused by an opportunity to grow and take on more and larger customers, but further analysis demonstrates a poor or lack of an effective inventory, supply management, and production plan.

Perhaps the greatest issue for Kuiper Leda is being able to meet the production demands necessary to take on and retain a contract with Midland Motors. If Kuiper Leda is successful it will be able to grow within its industry. Kuiper Ledas present production capacity is insufficient to meet the demands/requirements of Midland Motors. Based-on a 365 day production-year, Kuiper Leda will need to increase its production of Radio Frequency Identification (RFIDs) by 39% and Electronic Control Units (ECUs) by 55%, or outsource the production to make quantity and quality requirements.

To win the contract with Midland Motors, Kuiper should consider outsourcing. By outsourcing Kuiper Leda will be able to increase internal competencies and develop strategic plans to move forward with the company. Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilano (2005) contend that

Outsourcing allows a firm to focus on activities that represent its core competencies. Thus, the company can create a competitive advantage while reducing cost. An entire function may be outsourced, or some elements of an activity may be outsourced, with the rest kept in-house. (p. 413)

Although outsourcing the production of RFIDs and ECUs to win the contract with Midland Motors is a wise choice, it will be necessary for Kuiper Leda to bring its Work-In-Progress (WIP) under control. If Kuiper is unable to control WIP it will have the misfortune to miss deliveries.

The type of production planning, inventory tracking, and supply chain management used Kuiper Leda will need to be upgraded to allow for better internal control, demand forecasting, increased distribution control, and web integration. Part of the upgrades should include upgrading Kuiper Ledas enterprise resource planning system which will allow the integration of suppliers to Kuipler and Kuipler to its customers through web enabling.

Web-based tool[s] used to coordinate demand forecasting, production and purchase planning, and inventory replenishment between supply chain trading partners. CPFR [Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment] is being used as a means of integrating all members of an n-tier supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. (Chase-Jacobs-Aquilano, p. 542, 2005).

Kuiper Ledas senior management should consider the creation of a partnership with ROSS Enterprise to develop a program for increased internal and external supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and customer relations. (ROSS Enterprise, 2007). In addition to incorporating ROSS, the supply chain management upgrades should also include the implementation of a Factory Planner (FP) supplied by i2 Technologies. (i2. 2005)

Through the combined use of ROSS and Factory Planner Kuipler Leda will be able to use “the synchronous manufacturing approach [which] uses forward scheduling because it focuses on the critical resources. These are scheduled forward in time, ensuring that loads placed on them are within capacity” and then f the necessity arises the production foreman or the workforce can make adjustments to the resource planning. (Chase-Jacobs-Aquilano, p. 736, 2005).

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas are unavoidable when a company introduces change at the level that Kuiper Leda will be in order to grow and attract new customers. The stakeholders involved in the Operations Management scenario include, Kuiper Leda senior management, Midland motors and other customers, outsourcing partners, raw materials suppliers, American distribution center, and the workforce.

Kuiper Ledas goals are to maintain its reputation with regard to product quality and delivery performance as well as generate revenue. Due too the system of planning used at Kuiper Leda the company has had delivery performance issues as well as having to turn away business. The products produced by Kuiper Leda are important parts in the overall assembly of an automobile. Any deliver performance failures could possible delay the launch or delivery of an automobile to the dealer.

Kuiper Leda will be increasing production and managing costs through the use of outsourcing, central warehousing, reduction of operating costs through decreased supply streams, and implementation of an inventory management system.

The first dilemma Kuiper Leda will be facing will be the production of a quality product on time and in required volume.

Increasing production without making the workforce being forced to work excessive overtime.

Reducing overhead through the reduction of its supply stream. Parts vendors want to maintain volume with Kuiper Leda, but Kuiper needs to decrease the supply stream to reduce overhead cost.

Kuiper Ledas management team will need to determine which companies to conclude business based-on several criteria, including:

Must have

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War on Drugs, Incarceration and Liberal European Policies

Essay Preview: War on Drugs, Incarceration and Liberal European Policies

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War On Drugs, Incarceration and Liberal European Policies

In the year 2001 Portugal became the first country in Europe and the world to abolish criminal penalties for people in possession of any illicit drugs for personal use. When Portugal passed this law it was revolutionary across the globe and many nations and leaders criticized the nation and predicted it would become a catastrophe and that drug consumption would skyrocket and that the nation would become a nation of addicts. Fourteen years later to the shock of many experts and world leaders Portugal seems a less addict nation with drug consumption plummeting and the spread of deadly dieses such as AIDS decreasing. The success of the Portuguese system inspired larger European countries such as Spain and Italy to follow its example and implement similar policies. Other European countries such as Czech Republic and Switzerland also developed different but similar policies, decriminalization so far seems to of yielded positive results across Europe. Compared to the United States which pioneered the “War on Drugs” and used its power to export it prohibitionist policies across the globe still seems posed to continue on its current policy on a national level which have resulted in the highest incarceration rate in the world and has affected many minorities and lower class communities

Drug prohibition in the United States began in 1914 with the Harrison Narcotics act which was passed by congress and was mostly focused on opium. The law was influenced by Canada which passed an identical law earlier in 1908. The law that would kick prohibition into overload and begin a policy of incarceration and draconian measure was the National Prohibition Act of 1920. The National Prohibition Act which was inspired by the temperance movement made every narcotic including alcohol illegal. At the times Narcotic use was not high when compared to alcohol, the effect of the law would have an effect on crime across the United States creating a huge underground black-market for alcohol. Alcohol related crimes increased and incarceration levels rose drastically. The prohibition on alcohol would eventually end in 1933 which lead to a significant drop in crime rates but the prohibition on narcotics would remain and become the focus of the authorities. Drug enforcement would remain a policy in the United States and not until the administration of Richard Nixon that drug related crimes became much harsher and more draconian. It was Nixon that would come to coin the term in 1971 “War on Drugs” and that would be used even till the present. Nixon’s policy would become the status quo of the United States and would also change U.S. foreign policy. The United States using its power and influence would begin a crusade to spread its drug policy across the globe, sometime by force if necessary sanctioning or punishing countries that did not follow U.S. doctrine in drug policy as was the case in Colombia or Panama. From 1971 when the war on drugs was declared the crime rate and incarcerations began to steadily rise, while around the whole country violent crimes were decreasing incarceration rates were rising. The “War on Drugs” has had a huge social impact in the United States and the world.

Cigdem V. Sirin (2011) argues that the current United States drug policy which has been in place since 1970 and billions of dollars spent with the intention of reducing drug consumption and drug related crimes has been ineffective. Even after 45 years since being implemented the drug war is far from over or has yielded the desired effects, apart from raising drastically the incarceration rate it has also resulted in racial inequalities in the criminal justice system. Sirin (2011) mentions that the war on drugs is also a war on minorities because of the disproportioned incarceration of minorities when compared to whites which has led to grievances in minority communities, contributed to socio economic inequalities and has broken thousands of families. These reasons Is why Sirin (2011) is so against the war on drugs because she believes that it is an obstacle for achieving an egalitarian democracy and has contributed to the cycle of poverty that plaques our society.

Caitlin Elizabeth Hughes, Alex Stevens (2010) argument is similar to Sirin (2011) in one perspective they both have a negative perspective of the War on Drugs or drug prohibition in general. Hughes,Stevns (2010) make their argument by looking at Europe and how it is changing and liberalizing its drug policies. Hughes, Stevens (2010) make the argument that the biggest obstacle to decriminalization is political will and uninformed populace. Hughes, Stevens (2010) use Portugal as the basis of their argument as mentioned before decimalized all drug use in 2001, where it is now considered an administrative offence rather than a criminal one. Hughes, Stevens (2010) also focus on various studies performed and statistics taken throughout their research. Hughes, Stevens (2010) also give a fine example of my perspective which is Functionalism because in my studies I found out that for this issue to be solved all levels of society will have to work together and contribute and adapt to change.

From its beginning the war on drugs has targeted minorities because of the economic inequalities many minorities communities face. The access to resources has had a profound effect on minorities when relating to the war on drugs people of less education and resources facing a history of discrimination and with little social nets are more susceptible to being absorbed into the drug trade or drug use. This has contributed to police forces and law agencies to implement a culture of racial profiling Sirin (2011) that has also come to create much animosity among law enforcement and minority communities. 2/3 of people incarcerated come from minority communities which is a huge disproportion considering that they only make up about 30% of the population. Once incarcerated it becomes very hard for individuals once out of jail to succeed or progress in life as a criminal background is something that hunts people for the rest of their lives and becomes a huge obstacle that keeps many individuals in poverty.

Breaking down the incarceration rates and its effects the United States is rather startling James Braxton Peterson (2015) mentions how the United States currently spends 80-billion dollars on locking people up and totals out to a population of more than 2 million people not counting individuals in probation and parole. Peterson (2015) mentions how the United States only has 5% of the world population but has 25% of

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Wealth and Poverty

Essay Preview: Wealth and Poverty

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Poverty is huge in our society today. Even though its everywhere, we could live a life that completely ignores it. Theres also a lot of wealth, several big industries and companys and people who are just living the American dream. Our society has an issue with materialism; its all about the next best thing, the next toy, the next gadget, the newest car. But then theres poverty and people who are deprived of necessities. There are people who live on less than two dollars a day and will be trapped in their lifestyle of poverty forever. If God has blessed us with abundance what do we do with it? Or what is the biblical response to poverty?

Kerby Anderson is the president of Probe Ministries International. He is a graduate of Oregon State, Yale, and Georgetown. He has written several books of his own as well as been an editor. He is a nationally known columnist and the host of Probe. His article Wealth and Poverty deals with the biblical perspective and why wealth and poverty are important to Christians. As Christians we have a responsibility to the poor, we are also told to live responsibly, with our money and our lives.

Everyday people of the church who have been given abundance are also living in abundance. This does not glorify the Lord and is selfishness. I wouldnt say its a hundred percent sin to be well off nor to have a nice home, but what are you giving back to God? If God has blessed you with money and material things, He calls us to give back and to take care of His children who are not in the same position.

Anderson talks about our society that is bombarding believers with views and images of wealth. Wealth is satisfying at the time, it seems like when you are staring at the ad that you absolutely need it. But there are so many things we own that we never pay attention to. As a college student and having to pack up a part of my life and live in a home that is so temporary; Ive really learned that there is so much I have that I will never need and can live without. Our western society is so troubled with materialism and being consumed by it is sin. Further, you cant place your trust in wealth, something that is so temporary. We see in Job that wealth can just be taken away. Ive seen first hand wealth taken away. We cannot place our trust in money, but in a God who provides for our needs. When we start trusting our money we begin trusting God less. 1 Timothy 6:10 says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” If we are blessed with wealth, loving it should be far from us and our priorities of how we invest are crucial.

Poverty is such a struggle, especially the reason for poverty. Some are born into poverty, some have faced circumstances and oppression that are unfair, some are lazy, some face the difficulty of location

Union Fee And Mistreating Of Others essay help

We Live in a World

Essay Preview: We Live in a World

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We live in a world where we ourselves contribute to a system that prays on us like a beast.

It uses us to mistreat one another and we have become addicted to this behavior.

We all have our parts or roles to play and some of us are even paid to do it.

And if we refuse to mistreat one another we will lose our jobs.

Some of us will try and become independent because of this.

But others who arent independent and under the beast rule, will try and keep us from using city water, or energy, they want us to register our property to them, and buy our food from them, they want us to use their money the way they want us to use it and they want us to educate our children with the things they want them to know. And the list goes on. Most of our talents and passions are used against us to divide us in religion, race, fraternities, status and secret organizations.

No matter who we are or what we are, nothing matters more than ending this mistreatment, and Im looking towards the exit. If I exit on my own I fear that I will be cut off from life supporting necessities. And Im going to exit, but I cant go cold turkey and do it over night. I am ashamed that I have to serve this beast until the day has come where I have exited its ways.. But it is better to serve the beast with a plan to get out, than to serve the beast without a plan to get out. Im looking to personally unite with four people who feel the same way. I dont have to know anything about them except that they desire to not participate in the mistreating of others. So I am asking if you and I can personally unite and stay in contact?

The union is for those who agree with being independent and self reliant in reference to having their own, food (land), energy, water and seek to change or eradicate laws or a monetary system that is destructive to natural liberties.

There is no union fee, and the goal is to grow the union large enough to be effective in areas that have challenged centuries of ancestors who had the same interest.

We want this union so that when we finally realize that money should not control the distribution of resources and the ability to sustain a beneficial life in regards to quality of food and technology, no one can be employed to participate in cutting the water or food supply off to any living organization, community, state or country. Nor should they be able to employ others (especially if they are Hold the Line union members) to cut utility or energy supply from others, or enforce laws upon others without their consent..

But you are not joining or uniting with an organization, you are uniting with me, personally. You and I must only use the title of such a union, “HOLD THE LINE” to refer

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Water Conservation

Essay Preview: Water Conservation

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Through brain storming and number of sittings at initial stage a design for the model and manual was developed. The model consists of a ply showing the water supply area, consisting of pipeline network with an OHT. The water supplied from the OHT runs through the pipe line and reaches the house hold having the water connection. A leakage in the pipeline is shown sunken in drain water depicted by blue color. In first instance the water is supplied from the OHT directly having no leakage or breakage, it reaches the house hold with good pressure and is portable. In the second instance the pipeline has a breakage which is sunken in the drain water depicted by blue color, on the other end of the line a water booster is installed which sucks the drain water and thus the supply water is contaminated.

During the activity the model demonstrated the process of water distribution system, reason for low pressure, illegal connections, use of water boosters and its ill effect, reason of supply water contamination, satisfaction of quires of the community members were done.

This was an effective method to make the community members understand the process of water distribution, reason of contamination and the methods through which this can be checked. Many community members mostly women did not had the knowledge of water distribution system and how the use of water booster can contaminate the supplied water. The negative thinking towards the Agra Jal Sansthan was also reduced as the community was able to understand the cause of supplied water contamination. The model attracted the residents and after the demonstration it was easy to explain the role and responsibilities of them toward the supply network infrastructure.

A manual with pictures showing various water wastage instances with text on how to save water in day to day life was developed for the Training Programme on Water Management and Conservation Technique. This manual was distributed among the participant and an explanation on various techniques to preserve water were being discussed with them. The ideas of the community members were also collected and open discussion with the satisfaction of their quires is being done.

This activity is an interactive method through which the community members are educated on the various issues of urban water supply with the help of model. In the next session the discussion with the manual describing the techniques of water conservation enhances the knowledge of the participant on the issue of water conservation and management.

Light Of These Practical Consequences And Practical Consequences buy argumentative essay help

Was National Semiconductor Morally Responsible

Essay Preview: Was National Semiconductor Morally Responsible

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Who is right in this dispute, National Semiconductor or the department of defense? Explain your answer.

Ans. According to my opinion, Defense department is ethically right, because if the company is fined as a corporation, then how would they be able to punish those people who were actually involved in that situation. While a corporation is made up of individuals that make the company, so if any sort of mistake is occurred, then obviously the people are involved in conducting this irresponsible act must be punished, in order to teach them the lesson, that any one will not ever think about doing such act in the future.

What are the practical consequences of accepting the position of the department of defense? Of accepting the position of National Semiconductor? In light of these practical consequences, which position do you think society should adopt?

Ans. The practical consequences of accepting the position of the department of defense is that, they must punish those people who were actually involved in committing that act, also they must be penalized the company, so that they would never be able to perform such act in the future. While National semiconductor should make an internal investigation to find out the concerned person, to teach them the lesson by penalizing him, in a very strict manner.

On the whole society should adopt both the situation, both company and its members must be penalized, because company should be fined due to lack of proper management, and members would be fined, so that no one would be able to perform such act in the future.

Main River And Vast Number Of Nets ccusa autobiographical essay help

Candy Chiu

Essay Preview: Candy Chiu

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Candy Chiu(Choose another one if you already answered this for Week 5.) Describe one or more of the ways that water, water usage, or water-based industries were already becoming a contested issue in the West in the nineteenth century. For clues and examples, see the documents and essays dealing with mining, irrigation, fishing, and trapping. What were the claims and interests competing for water or water-based resources?        In the nineteenth century, water is so important in transportation and it is a great development in the West. Especially water helps in the relationship between countries. In order to fish for trading, countries started to find a better sea with rich seafood. Catching fishes on the main river can improve their quantity of trading and selling. “The vast number of nets that are being continually dragged through the water at the canneries on the main river during the fishing season catch millions of full-grown salmon on their way up the river to spawn… (page 262)” It is clearly shown how important can water be and how people use this as a way for living. As salmon were so plentiful, people do not need to worry about their food and surviving as well as maintaining their selling profits. Besides, in order to create healthy and large amount of vegetation, water is essential. Planting near the rivers can enrich the soil to become more fertile and the cash crops can grow better instead of impotent or lack of nutrition. For example, as California was lack of rainfall, it was necessary for them to move their agriculture from fertile soil and dry to San Joaquin River with riverboats. This increased “the number of acres planted in wheat increased from 89563 to 380547. (page 274)” In other words, there had more space to farm with sufficient water supply. Apart from that, hydraulic mining was a helpful invention by using natural materials. By using high-pressure of water to break the rock to find gold, it can help to reduce the labors and also the time taking for mining. “Hydraulic mining, a more capital-intensive and destructive method of unearthing ancient veins of gold, replaced placer mining for continuous operation. (page 272)” Using hydraulic mining can become a long-term mining event and also in a faster speed. Most of the people in the nineteenth century rely on these kinds of ways for developing their society and maintain their own living, and they started to know how to use water well.

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Cannabis Sativa

Essay Preview: Cannabis Sativa

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In the entire world, there has never been a plant quite as amazing as Cannabis Sativa. Being the worlds only renewable resource capable of solving many of its environmental, psychological, and economic problems, it is of no surprise that the plant has made quite an impact in the discovery of the New World.

Cannabis Sativa, also known as; Hemp, cannabis hemp, Indian (India) hemp, true hemp, muggles, weed, pot, marijuana, reefer, grass, ganja, bhang, “the kind,” dagga, and herb became an ideal plant to cultivate because of its many fine attributes. Depending on the culture, Its leaves and flower tops were the first, second, or third most important and most used medicines for at least two thirds of the worlds people for at least 3,000 years.

Cannabis hemp is by far, the strongest, most durable, longest lasting natural soft fiber, and the worlds most advanced plant family on the planet. Because it is Dioecious, having male, female and sometimes hermaphroditic qualities, it is easy to grow and cultivate. This tall, woody, herbaceous annual, reaching anywhere from 12 to 20 feet in one short growing season uses the sun more efficiently that any other plant on earth. It can be grown in any climate or soil condition on Earth, and is a premier renewable natural resource.

Many countries found the plant appealing because of its abilities to flourish in extreme heat. The Arabs discovered that the sticky goo, or Hashish, that covered the flowers and leaves was a natural protectant against the sun, holding in moisture and repelling damaging heat. Its ability to survive in temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit made it ideal for mass production in the New World. Not to mention that it needs no chemicals to grow and has very few natural enemies.

The Hemp plant was initially cultivated for its main two attributes, its hardiness and its useful fibers. Until the 1820s in America, 80 percent of all textiles and fabrics used for clothing, tents, bed sheets, and linens were made principally from the fibers of Cannabis. Until 1883, from 75-90% of all paper in the world was made with cannabis hemp fiber including that for books, Bibles, maps, paper money, stocks and bonds, newspapers, etc. Everything from rugs, diapers, drapes, quilts, towels, rags, and even our nations flag were made possible by Hemp. The rest of the world used its fibers well into the 20th century and most countries still rely on it for the bulk of their paper and textile industries. Even the first settlers in the New World arrived here on ships with canvas hemp sails. The word “canvas” is the Dutch pronunciation (twice removed, from French and Latin) of the Greek word “Kannabis.” The paintings of Van Gogh, Gainsborough, Rembrant, etc., were primarily painted on hemp canvas, as were practically all canvas paintings. Its strong, lustrous fiber withstands heat, mildew, insects, and is not damaged by light. Oil paintings on hemp have stayed in fine condition for centuries.

The flowers and leaves of the Cannabis plant was used for medicinal purposes first by the Chinese. As the popularity of the plant grew, so did its involvement in medicine. Famous Europeans and Americans, including Queen Victoria and George Washington, have been known to use it for fatigue, fits of coughing, rheumatism, asthma, delirium tremens, migraine headaches, cramps, depression, and PMS. It was one of the very first herbs to be used in medicine and scientists are still discovering new ways of applying it to todays modern medicine.

It is widely believed that Hemp was brought to the New World by Pedro Cuadrado, a conquistador in Cortess Army. When Cortes made his second expedition to Mexico, Cuadrado and a friend when into business raising hemp in Mexico. They became very successful in raising the new cash-crop until 1550, when the Spanish governor, concerned that the natives were using the plant for other uses than rope, limited the two entrepreneurs production.

With the discovery of the New World, many europeans found themselves sitting on a gold mine. Though they found no literal gold mines, they found many other ways to exploit their ventures in the Americas. The new land they found was thick with trees, teeming with fish, overflowing with furs, and controlled by easily overpowered natives.

It was Sir Walter Raleigh who first became excited at the prospect of harvesting Hemp in the American Colonies. In 1585, his friend and tutor, Thomas Heriot, told him that he had seen a hemp-like plant growing wild in what was to become Virginia. Heriots hemp was Acnida Cannabinium, a plant which also yields a fiber suitable for weaving, but it is inferior in strength to actual cannabis.

The mercantile system which England adopted as part of her policy towards the colonies was basically

Adult Hood And Large Part Of Our Lives nursing essay help

Sexuality Case

Essay Preview: Sexuality Case

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Sexuality is a large part of our lives in society today and in every society before us. As is the aspect of perspectives on relationships. Life, in a way, revolves around these two aspects and invades our minds like a helpless plague. We naturally focus on sex and relationships without our conscious efforts. It is imperative to explore the interests in both sexuality through life and perspectives on relationships.

Sexuality is a riveting topic that, believe it or not, starts with infancy. Sigmund Freud states that sexual development starts at birth. The book Life-span Human Development states that Freud says that, “we are born, he said, with a reserve of sexual energy redirected toward different parts of the body as we develop.”(Life-Span. Freud. Pg. 401). The proof of this is all around us shown on a daily basis, from infancy to adult hood beginning with biting, sucking, and other oral tendencies that infants have to the more intimate act of sexual intercourse that takes place between two, or more, adults. And I believe that the reason our sexuality progresses is not only because of our bodies and that they are maturing, but also because of our psyche.

I also think that it is part of our sexuality as well as our nature that leads us towards being attracted to others of the same or opposite sex. I know that when we are young our attachment is mainly towards our parents, because they are our protector and that they are the ones that nurture us till we are adult. Though as we grow older I believe that the attachment between parent and offspring weakens to a degree because we start to try and feel accepted by our friends and peers and then by members of the opposite sex as we try and form relationships with others.

Relationships are simply a grand friendship that involves more things such as commitment, intimacy, and, I believe, more trust than before. The longest lasting relationship that most people have though is the one that is with their parents as it lasts to the end of the parents life time usually. Even when we are adults and we are with our spouses for years on end, we still keep friends around, people that we think we can confide in, which is beneficial both mentally and physically. Even though it seems that when we reach adulthood that our friends seem to fade away, minus the longtime friends or others that have been there for about the same amount of time, but I personally believe that in this day and age it is not the case as much as maybe it used to be.

So in the end it is our psyche and the maturation of our bodies that makes out sexual curiosity and desire for it grow. From infants to adults we are sexual beings, it is only the level of intensity and the growth of our bodies. And that it is our sexuality and our attachment that leads to relationships and constant changing of social networks.

Role Of Teaching Writing And Second Language Learners Of English college essay help online free: college essay help online free

Ways of Teaching Writig for Beginners and Advanced

Essay Preview: Ways of Teaching Writig for Beginners and Advanced

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Chapter I The Role of Teaching Writing in TEFL

Chapter II Strategies and techniques for developing fluency in writing

Chapter III Types of classroom writing performances

3.1 Types of classroom writing performances for beginners…14

3.2 Types of classroom writing performances for advanced…18


“Reading makes a full man; conference a ready man, and writing an exact man”

(Francis Bacon )

How is writing like swimming? Give up? Answer. The psycholinguist Eric Lenneberg (1967) once noted, in a discussion of “species specific” human behavior, that human beings universally learn to walk and to talk, but that swimming and writing are culturally specific, learned behavior. We learn to swim if there is a body of water available and usually if someone teaches us.

Just as there are non-swimmers, poor swimmers, and excellent swimmers, so it is for writers. Why isnt everyone an excellent writer? What it is about writing that blocks so many people, in their native language? Why dont people learn to write naturally, as they learn to talk? How can we best teach second language learners of English how to write? What should we be trying to teach? In this course paper I want to discuss these and many other questions. [Brown, D., 2nd edition, Teaching by Principles].

This paper potentially challenges the ways which makes possible the writing be developed, become more advanced and wider. In what follows, the new interpretation of the role of writing in TEFL will be discussed and, finally, the creation of an environment that supports learning, and which involves the introduction of classroom activities as for beginners, as for advanced pupils, will be suggested.

The main objective we have put forward in this paper is to bring some ideas and familiarize the teachers with some ways of teaching writing at the lesson of English. In addition, the other objectives are to show teachers how writing skills can be developed through controlled activities in class and to show teachers how to prepare pupils for freer writing activities.

To avoid danger of applying writing failures in interpreting the writing diversity, we have consulted modern sources such as: “Teaching English Forum”, “English”, and of course we appealed to the main methodologist Marianne Celce-Murcia and her book: “Teaching English as a second foreign language”. We have analyzed, compared, deduced and generalized the points of view according to the different ways of teaching writing topic of the methodologists: Douglas Brown, Adrian Doff, G.V. Rogova, Adriana Vizental, and others.

In the first chapter we have discussed the importance of writing at the English lesson, how to develop pupils writing skills, and some types of writing activities. The second chapter depicted some practical activities for developing writing for beginners and advanced, in teaching English, and gave more concrete activities on certain topics, which are discussed by the books proposed for the pre-university education in the third chapter, we have provided some practical suggestions for developing writing for beginners and advanced students, depending on the subject of the topic.

Chapter I

Within the communicative framework of language teaching, the skill of writing enjoys a special status – it is via writing that a person can communicate a variety of messages to a close or distant, known or unknown reader or readers. Such communication is extremely important in the modern world, whether the interaction takes the form of traditional paper – and – pencil writing or the most advanced electronic mail. Writing as a communicative activity needs to be encouraged and nurtured during the whole language learners course of study.[ Celce – Murcia, M., (1991), Teaching English as a second or foreign language, University of California]

I.I A review of the approaches to teaching writing

English as a foreign language teachers and pupils face certain problems in teaching and learning writing.

In many countries, as in our, education systems emphasize writing for taking tests. For many pupils the only reason to practice writing is to pass examinations or to get a good grade in the class. This focus on writing to pass examinations reduces writing to producing a product and receiving a grade from the teacher. This is not likely to make students interested in writing, which becomes artificial, giving pupils no real sense of purpose or perspective of a target audience.

Even though these problems will persist, there are ways to improve the teaching of this skill to benefit all writing tasks and prepare pupils for the writing they will have to do after they graduate. Three main approaches to teaching writing have been advocated and used in English language teaching.

The product approach

With the product approach, teachers focus on what a final piece of writing will look like and measure it against criteria of “vocabulary use, grammatical use, and mechanical considerations such as spelling and punctuation,” as well as content and organization. The normal procedure

Demand Of Water And New Water Sources persuasive essay help: persuasive essay help

Watershed Developments

Essay Preview: Watershed Developments

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English Essay

Can we imagine life without water? Water is a very precious and limited natural resource. The demand of water for development of agricultural, industrial, and urban use is increasing each year. Wise use of these resources should be the concern of all people, whether they are involved in agricultural production, Industrial activities or not. If each individual person in the world accepting it, we can manage to conserve soil and water effectively then there will be measurable effect on the developments of countries.

Current problem

Watershed resources play a significant role in the development of a country which depends on the location of a watershed. We use water for housekeeping, agriculture and industrial uses. It is for this purpose, needed to use proper management of water resources to acquire new water sources. Detailed research is needed to find uncovered ridges and valleys. The water from valleys such as tropical rainforest in rainy season is not conserved and gets wasted. The negative impact is already seen such as soil erosion. If we start using this wasted water, there will be proper soil conservation and it will be possible to recharge ground water. According to research various soil and water are constructed in our watershed area. Due to several conservations schemes the water, will get conserved and will give benefit of the area. (

Water is a limited natural vital resource, which is indispensable for the existence of all-living, plants, animals and people. Today water covers 90% of its globe surface. Only less than 1% of it is available for use and consumption by mankind. There are many researches available who are claiming that greater part of earth may go without water in the coming decades. Water tables in several Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have already gone significantly low.

What if we do nothing

The further projections are that by 2025 grater part of India may go without water unless suitable new resources are found and the available water is conserved. Total water in the world estimated to be 1.5 billion Km. about 95% of this is can be found oceans. 5% of the remaining fresh water, (60Km) is converted in polar ice and snow, leaving only 1.5km of fresh liquid water for plants, animals and people around the globe. About half of the ground water is stored at depths below 1000m. Only 15000 km of fresh liquid water exist in lakes and streams around the globe. (Wikipedia)

An average country like India receives about 120cm rainfall, the amount of water usage by each individual person is far greater than the 120cm of rainfall, which falls down. A country like India has been widely criticized for a lack of impact. Weaknesses in participation of new water sources, and inflexibility in choice of technology have been blamed in many cases that they are not investing in new water sources.. World population has increased nearly threefold in the last 50 years. In India nearly 70% of the population still depends up on the agriculture which is the biggest user of water. There is considerable uncertainty as to the climate change and its manifestation. If we are looking in our own country we will see that Netherland is actually under sea level. The last fifty years there are none fluctuations in our water resource supply chain. Were using the latest technical sources to live with water after the latest water emergency in the year 1952. Netherland is still investing in new water sources like new concepts to recycle our own water with less environmental damage. But, many researches show that in the year 2020 less water will drop down from rainfalls. The lakes and streams will have significantly low water levels. This results into less water for each individual person in the Netherlands. And without water none person can live longer than two days without water. (

Concept that is already being used

Watershed development has been proved as an attractive approach of using new water sourcing developments over recent decades. Not alone in India but also other governments countries, national and international organizations are funding watershed development projects All the Projects and programs have been put into practice across America, Africa and South Asia, but India where the approach has been most popular and permanent. In India the government investment has been running at above 500 million dollar each year. This investment considering watershed development in areas where water supplies are being used for domestic use. (

In developing countries both non-government organisations and government development agencies have

implemented watershed management projects for the

Debt Financing And Equity Financing admission essay help

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages for Amsc to Forgo Their Debt Financing and Take on Equity Financing?

Essay Preview: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages for Amsc to Forgo Their Debt Financing and Take on Equity Financing?

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Equity and Debt

What are the advantages and disadvantages for AMSC to forgo their debt financing and take on equity financing?

If we see the financial statements of AMSC, it has been a debt free company and funded by equity capital. Therefore, the decision to stick to equity financing and forgo debt financing was in lines with the ongoing tradition of the company to utilize equity capital for financing operations. The major advantage of such a strategy is that it allows company to eliminate fixed interest payment burden on debt taken by the organization. In other words, the company would need not worry about paying interest payment and principal repayment on debt taken by the organization during tough times or periods of cash crunch and liquidity problems. In other words, the firm would appear very strong to prospective investors, creditors and lenders as it would essentially mean high security for their advances or money extended/invested in the firm.

However, the major disadvantage of pursuing this policy for a well established corporation like AMSC is that they are not able to utilize the leverage offered via debt financing. As the company is debt free, it can certainly take some debts in the books up to a fairly comfortable debt to equity ratio, say .25:1 or even .5: 1 and enjoy the leverage extended by the debt funding. By leveraging debt, the owners can earn a higher return for its shareholders as well as prevent dilution of equity that can occur due to fresh raising of capital via equity financing. In other words, an optimal amount of debt to equity ratio would allow the firm to take advantage of leverage offered via debt and increase returns for the shareholders.

However, AMSC was a loss making business in 2003, the decision to finance via equity was a prudent one as it could not afforded interest payment burden. I agree with their decision to take equity financing at that stage because the firm was growing at that stage and could not afford to bear the burden of huge interest expense. Hence, equity financing was a prudent decision to move ahead as it prevented further loss on account of interest expense. Further, the major disadvantage of debt financing at that point of time would have been increase in the risk levels of the organization, which would have been perceived negative by the markets as the firm was already in loss and could not afford more losses.

In todays scenario, AMSC can afford to take some debts in the books and enjoy the leverage offered by debt capital to increase returns to the shareholders of the organization.

Let us take a scenario that AMSC uses debt financing for funding its operations in 2003, when it was a loss making entity. Now, the company was already facing shortage of cash and additional burden of regular interest payment would have worsen the situation

Young Bronsilaw Malinowski And Traditional Culture essay help tips: essay help tips

Western Culture

Essay Preview: Western Culture

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The influence of Western culture on traditional culture can be both beneficial and negative for the traditional culture. Usually the traditional cultures maintain their non-material values and norms, but adopt material changes. Material and technological changes are helpful and can bring great improvements and make life more efficient, for example, communication. Although there are many constructive changes caused by western culture, when two cultures make contact it can cause conflict. Even though some traditional cultures try to maintain their traditional ways and values, it is impossible to remain unchanged after contact with western culture. This is all caused by the two cultures merging which is known as diffusion.

To study change, it is essential to study culture. Anthropology is the scientific study of humans, especially their origins, their behaviour and their physical, social and cultural development. Cultural anthropology is the study of human behaviour that is learned. The study of learned behaviours and symbols that allow people to live in groups provides an understanding of human experience. (Nanda + Warms, 2013)

A young Bronsilaw Malinowski is a British anthropologist who studied change and economics. He set sail to the Trobriand Islands to study their culture and way of living. He first rose to prominent notice through his studies of the Trobriand Islanders whose marriage, trade and religious customs he studied extensively. In 1916 he began his signature work of the Trobriand Islanders, studying kinship, trade, the practical purposes of the ritual and religion, as well as the intersection between cultural ideals and actual daily behaviours. Malinowski embraced the value of studying everyday life in all its mundane aspects, however it was not enough to simply record what tribal members said about their religious beliefs, sexual practices, marriage customs, or trade relationships but it was important to also study how this measured up to what they did in everyday life.

Furthermore, Malinowski discovered through his work that the so-called “superstitious savages” were actually far more rational and pragmatic than white colonialists and missionaries had given them credit for. For example, tribal marriage and religious practices, no matter how strange or exotic, revealed themselves to be an integral part of the healthy functioning of the community, playing vital roles in trade, community cohesion, and social stability. Even “magic rituals”, once derided as the height of ignorance and irrationality, were from Malinowskis functionalist viewpoint, highly sensible and effective. It became apparent for example, that when Trobriand Islanders went fishing in a lagoon, it was a straightforward matter. But when they had to go beyond the reefs, out into the deep ocean — with all the vagaries and dangers of accidental injury, freak waves and sudden storms, as well as sharks, unpredictable hauls, and other difficulties – they then resorted to magic ritual to help them assuage their fear and get on with the job required of them. To Malinowski, it mattered not that such rituals had no basis in science (that they would not actually calm waves or ensure a worthwhile catch); what mattered was that they empowered the islanders to do what needed to be done – in a situation where events were beyond their material control. Thus they maintained the psychological well-being of tribal members, and allowed members to better participate in the necessary social and economic functions of the community.

But despite all of these contributions and their considerable scientific influence and ramifications, Malinowski is primarily acknowledged as the father of that branch of anthropology

Washington Heights And Forty-Minute Stroll gp essay help

Washington Heights Case

Essay Preview: Washington Heights Case

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Before I went to Washington Heights, I searched for some information from internet, and then I knew that the heights was a Greek and Cuban neighborhood in the 70s; then it was mainly Puerto Rican; now its a Dominican neighborhood. It is named for Fort Washington, a fortification constructed at the highest point on Manhattan island by Continental Army troops during the American Revolutionary War, to defend the area from the British forces.

According to the map, I can clearly know Washington Heights is in the northern reaches of the borough of Manhattan and is connected to New Jersey across the Hudson River via George Washington Bridge.

After getting off at 181st street, I saw a lot of apartments on top of stores and so many people walking on the street, I thought it must be a very busy area. Then I went east to Broadway and then turned to south to go down. Along the way, I saw a lot of deli, pizza stores and fried food restaurants, the most impressed me were Wendy and McDonalds. Also, there were many health clinics next to fried restaurants. At the corners, there were often pharmacy and small barber shops, and stores were often small and clustered me to each other. One interesting thing that I noticed was streets and roads are tilted, I guessed the reason is that Washington Heights is on the high ridge. And one more interesting thing was that very few taxis come here. As for the languages in advertisement there, I saw English, Spanish and some I dont know. Also, Spanish was frequently heard being spoken on the streets. People there were mostly hispanic and white, very few blacks and Asians. The most prevalent type of buildings there, I thought, are apartments on top of stores on both sides of the street, and then conformed to the physical environment. As far as I knew from internet, the majority of the neighborhoods population is of Dominican birth or descent, and most of the neighborhood businesses are Dominican owned, driving the local economy, so the Washington Heights can be considered to be a good example for Cultural Diffusion.

After a forty-minute stroll on the streets, I turned back to explore Fort Tryon Park. It was absolutely amazing! I love the views, fresh air and wonderful scenery there. I thought this park has one most significant feature which is quiet. It does not have performances and sports like in Central Park but only for people to walk to relax. In the park. I strolled through enchanting gardens and saw masterpieces of medieval sculpture, stained glass, and finally I enjoyed unparalleled views of the Hudson River. May be because there were some monasteries, the park looked very solemn with many trees lined up , which can be probably considered that human activities often affect the environment. And then I got to go home.

On the way back to train station, I saw some sparse graffiti on apartments walls, tailor stores and some laundromats I did not see

Western Medicine And Traditional Chinese Medicine custom essay help

Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm) – Two Modalities Discussed

Essay Preview: Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm) – Two Modalities Discussed

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The development of the health care and the health system that we have today is due to a whole range of healing paradigms that have been influenced by certain cultures and philosophies over time. Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are two modalities that will be discussed.

Western Medicine derives from ancient Greek philosophies of naturalistic and vitalistic principles. Hippocrates, a Greek philosopher known as “The Father of Medicine” taught the important causal association between environmental factors and disease (Potter, 2007). This discovery was a forerunner for the “scientific method” and is essential in todays evidence based medicine. He also believed it was important to treat the body as a whole. Since then science has evolved over time. In the 1600s, Descartes likened the body to a machine, which separated mind and matter, body and spirit (Potter, 2007). Thus many western physicians primarily look for a single cause of a specific effect, treating the symptom rather than getting to the root of the problem (Toh J, 2008).

Western Medicine is scientific and more widely accepted for treating mainstream illness. It is the defacto medicine in the world today.

TCM is the third oldest medicine dating back around 3000 years. Yi Jing first recorded Qi and Yin Yang, the fundamental theories of the TCM practise. Jing believed that everything came from the interaction of Yin and Yan and when Yin and Yan unite, there is Qi (Potter, 2007). The TCM philosophy is based around Health being harmony within the body as well as between the body and the universe (Shen-nong, 2005). Unlike Western Medicine, TCM is integrative, based on understanding the whole body rather than single parts. It also uses natural healing mechanisms rather than drugs, such as herbs. TCM is regarded as an alternative medicine in the Western world.

The two methods reflect different views on health and how its treated. TCM evolved completely independent of the history of Western Medicine. However they both began with similar philosophies of natural treatment. “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” Hippocrates quoted, as he had a great belief in the body to heal itself (Food Matters).

With the growing population, there is a higher demand for medical treatment. The Western society is becoming more aware and open to alternative methods of medicine. TCM is attracting attention in places such as the health care industry, governmental agencies, media and the public (Kit Hui, 2000). Their modalities such as Acupuncture are now used widely in the western world. Modern trends suggest that an integration of both paradigms might have a beneficial effect. While Western Medicine has strength in cases such as trauma, TCM is strong in preventative medicine and chronic problems (Stone,

Chief Chef And Food Industry global history essay help: global history essay help

Weaknesses Case

Essay Preview: Weaknesses Case

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fdvsvfsvManufacturing sector

Can you tell about your company?

Company are called NAZUAN BAKERY was formed 1 year ago and located at Putatan.

What do your company do?

Company are specialty in custom made bakery.

What product/services you give?

We provided wedding cake, bun, bread, cupcakes etc.

Can you tell the level of employee do your company need?

Chief Chef, two assistant chef, sales person and cleaner.

What are the qualification are needed to apply for position in your company?

Chief Chef – Diploma in culinary arts

Qualification is not important because recruitment is mostly based on experience and skill.

Does experience needed? If yes, what are the time lines? Why?

Yes, time line is not important. During the recruitment, direct demonstration from the candidates.

How do you want your potential employee to act?

Hard-working, creativity, well organize, motivated to do the work

List all the skill that your company need in an employee?

Able to use the kitchen hardware efficiently.

Do your company provide training?

Yes. The training is given by the chief chef every day. Chief Chef will demonstrate the skill to the new workers

What are the challenges you encounter when providing training?

Did not take training well because not motivated to do so, lack of discipline, not confident with their self and cause them not able to express their work.

Does gender effect your decision in recruitment?

Yes. Because male are not productive when doing their work. Female are more organise, hardworking and motivate.

Do health conditions important?

Yes, because in a food industry, health and cleanliness are important. Customers will not interested to buy food that are low in hygiene.

Does transportation needed?

No because it will be ready by the company

What are your biggest disappointments to see in an employee?

California Gold Rush And California Land Developer John Sutter write my essay help

California Gold Rush

Essay Preview: California Gold Rush

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California Gold Rush: by Lauren Burt

James Wilson Marshall was a skilled carpenter trained by his wheelwright father

in New Jersey. Marshall was building a sawmill for California land developer John Sutter

in Coloma Valley near Sacramento when he observed something glittering in the new

millrace that had been allowed to flow overnight. He described the nugget as “half the

size and shape of a pea.” “It made my heart thump,” he later recalled, “for I was certain it

was gold.” Examining the nugget, he exclaimed to his fellow workmen, “Boys, by God, I

believe I have found a gold mine.”

The impact of Marshalls find that afternoon at Sutters Mill in the Sierra Nevada

foothills was enormous, and became known worldwide. Although Marshalls discovery

occurred in 1848, the electrifying news did not reach the East Coast and other parts of the

world until a year later, triggering the Gold Rush of 49, the greatest stampede of gold

seekers in history.

The only hope was to keep the discovery quiet. Sutter and Marshall swore

the mill workers to secrecy, but word got out. When Jacob Wittmer took two

wagons up to the mill on February 9, the Wimmer children apparently told him of

the gold. When he scoffed at the story, it was confirmed by Mrs. Wimmer and the

other adults. Wittmer brought the news back to the fort, and even used some of

the gold to buy a bottle of brandy at the fort store. The store operator sent word to

his partner in San Francisco, the enterprising Sam Brannan. Henry Bigler shared

the news with three of his fellow Mormons who were working on the new flour

mill near Sutters Fort. They visited Coloma and then on the way back to Sutters

Fort prospected at a spot that shortly became the rich diggings of Mormon Island.

On February 10, Sutter himself wrote his impatient creditor, General

Mariano Vallejo: “My sawmill is finished and I have made a discovery of a gold

mine which is extraordinarily rich.” As the word seeped out, Sutter was soon

openly telling visitors to the fort about the discovery.

The first printed notice of the discovery was in the March 15 issue of “The

Californian” in San Francisco. Shortly after Marshalls discovery, General John Bidwell

discovered gold in the Feather River and Major Pearson B. Reading found gold in the

Trinity River. The Gold Rush was soon in full sway.

By ship, horse and wagon, and on foot, hundreds of thousands of men and women

with their families poured into California, leading to the territorys early statehood, and

extending the United States from coast to coast. Thus began one of the largest human

migrations in history as a half-million people from around the world descended upon

California in search of instant wealth. They came in droves, pans in hand, hoping to find

a gleaming spot of yellow beneath the dirt. A few flakes of gold bought dinner and a

place to sleep; a strike could set them up for life.

The 49ers, as they came to be known for the massive migration westward that

started in 1849, after word of the gold discovery had filtered back East, may have

represented some of the hardiest travelers ever. But they hardly knew it at the time. From

farmers to aristocrats who traveled in style, few understood the nature of the trip they

were embarking upon, and many gave up after only a day or two on the trail, earning

themselves the humiliating sobriquet of “backed out Californians” as they backtracked to

their homes and farms. For the hardy thousands who persevered and made it, the trip

alone was as educational as the arrival in the strange land called California. Many took

what they assumed was the easy way, the migration by sea that continued from 1849 for a

decade. The trips typically began anywhere along the Atlantic Coast with ships sailing

southward around Cape Horn and back up to San Francisco. Others sailed only as far

south as Panama, where travelers disembarked, then made a three-day trip by mule and

canoe across land to the Pacific side, where they boarded another ship for the trip north to

San Francisco.

At first the only people who came to look for gold were men from the

coastal towns and ranches, sailors whose ships had brought cargo to San

Francisco, or soldiers loosed in the aftermath of the Mexican War. Only the

best equipped brought tents. Most settled in brush shelters or just laid out their

blankets on the ground. Marshall tried to keep them away from the mill and his

own claims, directing them up and down the river and to tributary streams. Gold

Affects Of Ses And Socioeconomic Status instant essay help: instant essay help

What Are the Affects of Ses on Health, Behavior, and Education?

Essay Preview: What Are the Affects of Ses on Health, Behavior, and Education?

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Jalisa OdomOctober 11, 2015English 102CogginsAnnotated Bibliography Rough Drafts What are the affects of SES on health, behavior, and education?Brogan, Ray. “Socioeconomic Status.” Socioeconomic Status. The Gale Group, 23 Dec. 2009. Web. 14 Oct. 2015.In the article, “ Socioeconomic Status,” Ray Brogan discusses socioeconomic status and how it effects the behavior and education of American youth. He uses examples to directly compare situations that may occur in a low-income home versus more affluent families. Brogan starts by defining socioeconomic status as a combination of financial stability and economic differences or “the grouping of people with similar occupational, educational, and economic characteristics.” He claims that socioeconomic status also considers other variables such as chance for social or economic advancement, influence on policy, availability of resources, and prestige of the primary occupation. He also discusses how these variables can interfere with a child’s cognitive development.      Brogan indicates that one of the key differences observed between families with a high or low socioeconomic status is their parenting style. He explains that parents with a high SES are usually more conversational when communicating with their children. While on the other hand, parents with low SES tend to be more directive and expect obedience without question from their children. They are more likely to encourage their children to conform to society’s expectations or seem “normal,” while a parent with higher SES will be more open and encouraging to creativity and exploration. Rogan states, “ These differences foster self confidence in the high SES students and an uncertainty about life in the low SES students.” These issues are inevitability carried into schools and translated through behavior. Rogan explains how children growing up in a low SES neighborhood are more likely to experience distressing events that include, but are not limited to, physical punishment, domestic violence, and other serious crimes. The author presumes that these experiences are demoralizing to a child and can lead to depression, low self esteem, and juvenile delinquency. He then moves to explore some dilemmas within the school system.     Schools in areas with a lower SES tend to have less resources. Brogan feels that, “Their students, beginning school with little preparation, require an educational system with a more skillful and focused approach.” Yet the teachers in the low SES areas are often less paid or trained than those in well-off areas. Most students can’t fathom burdening the cost of college, so they dont aspire to go to college or sometimes even graduation. Rogan states that one of the biggest problems for children in low SES is the “self-fullfilling prophecy of failure”. A combination of lack of support at home and discrimination for things such as hair, shoes, or clothing can lead a child to feel like they do not belong or a loss of hope to do well. Although Brogan states that, “The detrimental effects of low SES on early childhood can be ameliorated by quality preschool programs, “ he does not go into depth regarding a solution.

Brogan, Ray. “Socioeconomic Status.” Socioeconomic Status. The Gale Group, 23 Dec. 2009. Web. 14 Oct. 2015.Chapter 2 of Eric Jensen’s book, “Teaching with Poverty in Mind,” focuses on how poverty affects behavior and performance of students. He begins on a scientific note by explaining how DNA accounts for 30-50% of our behavior while the other 50-70% can be explained by environment.  The DNA sends signals to your genes which control various functions. These gene switches can be turned on or off by a different environmental factors such as stress or nutrition and can strengthen or impair things like aggression, immune function, learning, and memory. One of the biggest variables in a child’s influential environment is their social relationship. The author explains, “the complex web of social relationships students experience — with peers, adults in the school, and family members — exerts a much greater influence on their behavior than researchers had previously assumed.” The students’ core relationship with their parents or primary caregiver can begin to form a personality that is either secure and attached or the opposite. The author also talks about how the “school socialization process”  is a blend of pressure for students to be like their peers or risk social rejection and a quest for high social status which drives students to attempt to differentiate themselves by getting involved in extracurricular activities. In addition to genetics, social relationships, and environment, socioeconomic status plays a huge role in a child’s performance. Jensen provides the mnemonic EACH to describe the most significant risk factors affecting children raised in poverty: Emotional and Social Challenges, Acute and Chronic Stressors, Cognitive Lags, and Health and Safety Issues. The author feels confidents that, “this reality does not mean that success in school or life is impossible” and provides tips and tools for educators on how to help. Houle, Brian. “How Obesity Relates to Socioeconomic Status.” How Obesity Relates to Socioeconomic Status. PRB. Web. 14 Oct. 2015.Brain Houle, assistant director of the Colorado University Population Center wrote an article for the PRB (Population Reference Bureau) about how Obesity Relates to Socioeconomic Status. He begins by referencing information found by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that say over one-third of U.S. adults are obese. The CDC defines obesity as a body mass index equal to or greater than 30. He goes on to explain how obesity is related to some of the leading causes of death including heart disease, some cancers, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Next he refers to a study published in Social Science and Medicine that used date from 67 countries. He found that in lower income countries, people with higher SES are more likely to be obese while in well off countries the wealthy are less likely to be obese. To explain this inverse proportion the author states, “It may be that in lower-income countries higher SES leads to consuming high-calorie food and avoiding physical tough tasks. But in higher-income countries, individuals with higher SES may respond with healthy eating and regular exercise.” He believes that the problems of malnutrition are being replaced by problems of overconsumption that differentially affect SES groups. Houle also regards the lifestyle of high or low SES as an influential factor on obesity. He mentioned the growing rates of obesity in the transition to early adulthood. He found that, “ men with a middle-class upbringing and lifestyle were almost as likely to be obese as those brought up in working-poor households but working now in lower-status jobs”. Finally he concluded that these studies show that the stated factors can increase the risk of obesity based on socioeconomic status.

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Washington Appellate Court

Essay Preview: Washington Appellate Court

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GARRATT v. DAILEY, 46 Wash. 2d 197, 279 P.2d 1091 (Wash. 1955).

By April Wood



Garratt v. Dailey


Washington Appellate Court



Five year old Dailey (Defendant) pulled a chair out from under Garratt (Plaintiff) just as she was about to sit causing her to fall and break her hip. Garratt sued for personal injuries and alleged that Defendant had acted deliberately.


The trial court entered judgment for Defendant and found that he had not intended to injure Plaintiff. The court made a finding of $11,000 in damages anyways. Dailey appealed.


Can a 5yr old child be liable for an intentional tort?

Is the element of intent satisfied if the defendant knows with a substantial certainty that his act will result in a harmful or offensive contact?



Under the Restatement of Torts an person who commits a direct or indirect act which is the legal cause of a harmful contact with another is liable if: 1) the act is done with the intention of bringing about a harmful or offensive contact or an apprehension thereof to the other or a third person, and 2) the contact is not consented to by the other or the others consent thereto is procured by fraud or duress, and 3) the contact is not otherwise privileged. The absence of any intent to injure, would not absolve the defendant of liability if in fact he knew she could get hurt.



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What Are Ethics and Social Responsibility?

Essay Preview: What Are Ethics and Social Responsibility?

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What are ethics and social responsibility?

What is ethical behaviour? What does it mean if a person is ethical? And importantly, what does it mean if a person is not ethical?

In management, ethical behaviour is not just desirable, it is essential if an organisation is to succeed in todays competitive environment. This chapter will look at ethics, discuss the influences on a persons ethical behaviour, and try to determine what types of behaviour could be considered ethical. Later on we will consider the concept of social responsibility: the way an organisation behaves in relation to the people who are affected by it.

Ethical behaviour is behaviour that is considered right by society. John Schermerhorn, a management expert, describes ethical behaviour as more than just the behaviour required by law: it includes something else. He uses the following equation:

Ethical behaviour = legal behaviour + something else

The something else refers to the extra distance you would go to help others, or to do what you believe to be right. However, it is important to remember that what I consider right and what you consider right may be two different things. The way you perceive what is right will depend on the environment in which you were raised. Each society, for example, has different expectations, values and norms which govern or influence the behaviour of the people within that society.

Norms are those rules which a group – a family, team or society – uses to guide its behaviour. Norms are developed over time, and include both formal and informal rules about what is appropriate in certain situations. If we are ethical, we have values and norms which are accepted as right by the society in which we live.

We all have an understanding of what is ethical or unethical. Think about the following situation:

You arrive home from work one day to find your neighbours front door wide open, even though their car is not in the garage. You have always been curious about their home and furniture, and would like to see inside. What do you do?

Most people would decide that it was wrong, or unethical, to look inside a neighbours house without their permission. On the other hand, you might consider that it would be ethical to close the front door to prevent others – such as burglars – from entering the house and stealing your neighbours property.

Quiz: Are you ethical?

Generally speaking; most people are honest and law-abiding well, at least most of the time. Even though we obey the law and do what is right 99 per cent of the time, we occasionally slip up. Look at the following situations and tick those that apply.

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By Which Standard Is the Right of Access to Emergency Services Gauged

Essay Preview: By Which Standard Is the Right of Access to Emergency Services Gauged

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creoiwdk 1. By which standard is the right of access to emergency services gauged?

3. That of a prudent layperson

2. The emergency room nurse is often faced with the responsibility of providing care for people who were responsible for motor vehicle accidents. In some cases, the nurse is caring for that person along with victims of the accident. This situation causes the nurse moral distress. How could the nurse best help to alleviate this distress?

3. Remember to respect the person, not the actions of the person

3. Social security act of 1935?

The Social Security Act of 1935 provided for the federal welfare by establishing a system of federal benefits for the aged population and by enabling states to make provisions for aged persons, blind persons, dependent and crippled children, maternal and child welfare, public health, and administration of state unemployment compensation laws. Despite having a cardiovascular history, there is no indication the 45-year-old woman meets the criteria for inclusion.

1. A school nurse negligently administered an overdose of medication to a student, causing the student to suffer a severe reaction that necessitated hospitalization. Should a lawsuit result from this case, the nurse would be held to what standard?

1. The reasonably prudent school nurse

2. What is the most significant professional qualification necessary for a nurse who practices as a school nurse?

4. The nurse’s ability to exercise independent judgment in emergency situations

3. Which nurse is exposed to the greatest risk of liability for malpractice because of the nature of the employment relationship?

1. The occupational health nurse

4. Which situation constitutes nurse abandonment of a home health care patient?

3. The nurse terminates the relationship without affording the patient reasonable notice.

5. After analyzing assessment data, the home health care nurse determines that a change is necessary in the medical care of a patient. The nurse makes the change without consulting the physician. Under which circumstance is this a legal action by this nurse?

2. If there is a signed, standing order for the change

6. In which health care settings does the Patient Self-Determination Act of 1991 affect patients?

2. In all health care settings, including home health care settings

11. The school nurse is leaving campus after work when an accident occurs on the playground. The nurse responds and treats the injured students. Which standard of care would most likely determine liability?

4. The reasonably prudent nurse in an emergency situation

1. The nurse is frustrated by the number of single mothers who receive medical services at no cost. What is the greatest danger of this frustration?

2. The nurse may unintentionally neglect to educate patients on services available.

2. The correctional nurse has drawn blood from an inmate who has experienced gastrointestinal bleeding. While performing the venipuncture, the nurse told the inmate the blood was being drawn for the purposes of evaluating the inmate’s hemoglobin and hematocrit. Can the blood also be used to screen the inmate for drug usage?

3. No, the blood can be used only for the determination of medical situations.

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Caffeine Case

Essay Preview: Caffeine Case

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You can develop a high tolerance for caffeine. Generally thats not a good thing. Its certainly not a good thing to do to your body. Caffeine plays dangerous games with your central nervous system. Its also an example of a “the more you get the more you need” drug. If you drink excessive amounts of caffeine every day youre going to need more and more to get that “buzz” from your drug. Not only is this dangerously unhealthy its also not good for your wallet. The average price for a cup of plain, black coffee is about $2. If you get two a day, youre spending well over a thousand dollars a year on coffee! Forget it if youre going for one of the fancy coffee drinks. People who consume their caffeine in other forms arent off the hook either. At $1 a can, soda drinkers can take a hit of $365 for just a can a day habit! Physical tolerance, it would seem, is only part of the expensive caffeine tolerance picture!

There are many reports of the pros and cons of caffeine consumption. Some research instructions encourage moderate caffeine consumption while other camps completely discourage any consumption. Sorting through the information can be daunting. The best way to know if youre helping or hurting yourself with your caffeine habit is to talk to your healthcare provider. If youre curious to see just how much caffeine your consuming check out

I try to keep my habit to two cups a day. Thats down from 12 cups a day when I lived and worked in New York. My acid reflux has cleared up and my ulcers are gone. If it wasnt the complete cure, cutting out excessive caffeine certainly did help. Yes, I went through the withdrawals of headaches and nausea, but it was a week of unpleasantness that resulted in measurable improvements in my overall health.

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Canadian Times

Essay Preview: Canadian Times

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Part 1

Red Army – the red army was the army of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from 1918 through 1992

Vladimir Lenin – was the first president of Soviet Russia and USSRs first government he ran USSR from 1922 to 1924 then Stalin took over

Karl Marx – was a german philosopher and revolutionary who created Marxism also with the help of Friedrich Engels he founded socialism also known as communism.

Bolsheviks- a Russian communist party which was a former Social Democratic Labor Party which was headed by Vladimir Lenin, took over power in the Russian Evolution of 1917.

Blood Sunday- was the massacre of peaceful demonstrators trying to deliver a petition to Tsar by the Russian Imperial Guards in St Petersburg on January 9 1905.

Part 2

The Bolsheviks were successful in the Russian Civil War because of their strong ,determined and intelligent leadership by Trotsky and Lenin. Together they both had tremendous political, social and military skills that played right into the war. Their political policies such as Communism, The new economic policy made for self determination. The leaders dedication inspired its soldiers and changed them from weak and ineffective to strong determined soldiers set out to achieve. Lenins political knowledge made it possible for the Bolsheviks to be successful and popular. Providing Russia fair and motivated leadership that it lacked in the past, Lenin promised Peace , Bread, Land and all power to the soviets to gain support. By appealing the wider range of Peasants or working class people it gave Lenin more leverage since they had been treated bad in past by the former ruling parties. Peasants support meant immerse amount of eager soldiers wanting to fight for the socialist cause.

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Car Rental Business Plan

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Soapy Rides Car Wash

1.0 Executive Summary


1.1 Objectives

1.2 Mission

2.0 Company Summary

3.0 Services

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

6.0 Management Summary

7.0 Financial Plan

1.0 Executive Summary

[back to top]

Soapy Rides is a prominent hand car wash serving the East Meadow, Long Island, NY community. Soapy Rides will be run by Mark Deshpande, of the prominent Deshpande family. The Deshpande family has been serving the Long Island area with a car repair business and property development /management for over 30 years. Mark will be leveraging the incredible good will and brand recognition of the Deshpande family name to quickly gain market penetration.

The Business

Soapy Rides will be providing customers with three services: exterior car washing, , interior cleaning, and detailing. Soapy Rides has no true competitors that are trying to offer a high quality service for a reasonable rate. Most are trying to compete on price alone. Soapy Rides ability to provide a high quality service, both in regards to the actual washing as well as customer service is all based on their ability to find the best employees. Hiring the best employees is cost effective because it decreases HR costs associated with turnover and other employee costs. Hiring the best employees and making sure that they are well taken care of ensures that they in turn take care of the customers. Study after study proves that a happy employee is far more likely to provide the highest level of customer service compared to an employee who is not happy and feels that they are being taken advantage of.

The Customers

Soapy Rides will target three main groups of customers: individual car owner and leasers, car dealerships, and local businesses. The surrounding area is quite affluent, 40% of the residents earn over $70,000 a year. Consequently, they have nice cars and want them to look nice. There are five different car dealerships within a three-mile radius which will require car washing services for the various fleets. Lastly, there are many different local businesses that have company cars and that require clean appearances.


The strength of Marks experience and his familys name equity and assistance is Soapy Rides competitive edge as well as a significant asset. Mark has been involved in the familys car repair business for the last ten years. He has worked his way through the organization and has been the manager for the last five years overseeing operations of $1.2 million annually. Before the family venture, Mark received his MBA from Cornell University. With 30 years invested in the community, the Deshpande family name has generated significant value as a fair, active member of the community. Lastly, Soapy Rides will be able to leverage several of the Deshpandes for their business expertise.

Soapy Rides is positioning itself as the premier hand car wash serving the Long Island area. Mark has forecasted a 20% market share. The business will generate a 95% gross margin and an 11% net margin after year one and 20.79% after year three. By year three the business will have developed a yearly net profit of $48,000 .


Click to Enlarge

1.1 Objectives

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The objectives for Soapy Rides Car Wash and Detail Service are:

To be viewed as a premium car wash and detail service in East Meadow.

Maintain a gross profit margin of over 95%.

Maintain a net profit margin of 10-15%.

Expand to two locations after third year of operation.

1.2 Mission

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The mission of Soapy Ride is to provide top-quality washing and detail service for luxury car owners in East Meadow, NY. Soapy Rides will work to keep employees satisfied in order to maintain impeccable customer service.

2.0 Company Summary

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The company is solely owned by Mark Deshpande and will be funded

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By the President of the United States

Essay Preview: By the President of the United States

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Whereas it appears that a state of war exists between Austria, Prussia, Sardinia, Great Britain, and the United Netherlands, of the one part, and France on the other; and the duty and interest of the United States require, that they should with sincerity and good faith adopt and pursue a conduct friendly and impartial toward the belligerent


I have therefore thought fit by these presents to declare the disposition of the United States to observe the conduct aforesaid towards those Powers respectfully; and to exhort and warn the citizens of the United States carefully to avoid all acts and proceedings whatsoever, which may in any manner tend to contravene such disposition.

And I do hereby also make known, that whatsoever of the citizens of the United States shall render himself liable to punishment or forfeiture under the law of nations, by committing, aiding, or abetting hostilities against any of the said Powers, or by carrying to any of them those articles which are deemed contraband by the modern usage of nations, will not receive the protection of the United States, against such punishment or forfeiture; and further, that I have given instructions to those officers, to whom it belongs, to cause prosecutions to be instituted against all persons, who shall, within the cognizance of the courts of the United States, violate the law of nations, with respect to the Powers at war, or any of them.

In testimony whereof, I have caused the seal of the United States of America to be affixed to these presents, and signed the same with my hand. Done at the city of Philadelphia, the twenty-second day of April, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three, and of the Independence of the United States of America the seventeenth.


April 22, 1793

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Carnegie and the American Dream

Essay Preview: Carnegie and the American Dream

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Andrew Carnegie and The American Dream

Many have tried; few have achieved – The American Dream. What is the American Dream? According to Webster the American Dream is the ideal according to which equality of opportunity permits any American to aspire to high attainment and material success.

Andrew Carnegie is the epitome of the American Dream because he is a classic example of rags to riches success story. He seemed to be touched by an angel. No matter what was wrong with the world, Andrew Carnegie was to consistently capitalize on success.

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland, in 1835. “Protected by proud and self-sacrificing parents, Andrew may not have known in these years what real poverty was”(Wall, Andrew Carnegie)

Andrew Carnegies formal education ended after elementary school, the familys respect for books and learning ensured that Carnegies education would continue throughout his life. Born the son of a weaver, Carnegies family suffered the effects of the industrial revolution. The mass production of the new steam looms left countless families out of work. To escape the depression of their hometown his family immigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1848.

At the age of thirteen, Carnegie began his new life in America as a bobbin boy in a cotton factory. Through a connection from his uncle, Carnegie was offered a job as a messenger boy and operator for the Telegraph Office. From the promotion of his new job, Carnegie became acquainted with Pittsburghs most

Well-known men.

While employed by the Telegraph Office Carnegie met Thomas A. Scott, the superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad, who offered him a job. It was while being employed by Scott, that he was given a proposal to invest in the Adams Express Company. Carnegie was able to convince his mother to mortgage their home and loan him $500 to begin his first investment.

In 1865 Carnegie left Pennsylvania Railroad after 12 years to concentrate on his own businesses, the first being the Keystone Bridge Company, which made iron and steel. Carnegie surrounded himself with intelligent advisors, made heavy investments in new equipment, and maintained his ownership stake in all his enterprises, enabling him to exponentially increase his wealth.

During his trips to business trips Carnegie he came to meet steel-makers. At about age 38, he began concentrating on steel, founding the J. Edgar Thomson Steel Works near Pittsburgh, which would eventually evolve into the Carnegie Steel Company.

In the 1870s Carnegies new company built the first steel plants in the United States to use the new Bessemer steel-making process, borrowed from Britain. “By close scrutiny of their process and through conversations with them, he had come to a number of conclusions. To continue as a maker of iron products, it was important to start by making pig iron… If he was to remain in and expand his iron industries, he had to get out of everything else- his diversified security holdings, his bonds promotions, his acting as an intermediary between companies needing funds and the foreign investment bankers.” (Hacker, World of Andrew Carnegie)

Other innovations followed, including detailed cost- and production-accounting procedures that enabled the company to achieve greater efficiencies than any other manufacturing industry of the time. Any technological innovation that could reduce the cost of making steel was speedily adopted, and in the 1890s Carnegies mills introduced the basic open-hearth furnace into American steel making.

Carnegie also obtained greater efficiency by purchasing the coke fields and iron-ore deposits that furnished the raw materials for steel making, as well as the ships and railroads that transported these supplies to his mills. Carnegie also recruited extremely capable secondary people to work for him, including the administrator

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Senior Interview

Essay Preview: Senior Interview

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Senior Interview

This last Friday, our aviation orientation class was mentored by a class of seniors. We were split up into groups and the seniors spoke about their majors.

My senior majored previously in architecture but after a few years working in the field he decided that it wasnt for him. He had a sister who was attending USD for the aviation program, and had been very impressed by the program when he visited her in the spring. After much prompting by his sister who was now contracted by the military at that point, he decided to come to USD for commercial aviation.

After a few months here at USD and having taken a couple of flying classes, he decided to switch to the Helicopter program that had taken up his interest. He was a new member of Army ROTC so the switch was very convenient and cost effective because of the scholarship he received which gave him a stipend, and helped to pay for most of his flying cost.

Although our majors are different as I am majoring in Meteorology and Air Traffic Control the interview was still very helpful in the long run. We discussed how we came to come to USD, and how our childhood helped to shape our chosen path. My senior had been shaped by his sister coming here and has always had his head turned toward the sky when an airplane was flying overhead. Whereas I had been introduced to airplanes by my father and grandparents as a child, when we would take trips down to the Airport and watch the airplanes land and takeoff.

Besides for reminiscing about our past since we wouldnt take many of the same classes we talked about the few classes that we knew for sure that we would both have to take. Those classes include those along the lines of Avit 102, Meteorology, some programing classes, and the general education classes. I was told to take my Spanish and math classes on the base especially math on up from pre-calculus as the teachers grade really hard and many people fail their first time through the course. We discussed what classes stink like English and airport planning and what rock, like Miles class for meteorology even if it is really early in the morning.

After we talked as much as we could about the classes we knew we shared. We discussed the weather and how it affects life up here in Canada. He told me about how not only is the winter miserable but the wind also causes a lot of issues for flying and everyday life. I was informed about the no fly November because of this and the cold, and it makes me a little concerned for what is coming. Now I know that I need as many warm clothes as possible with wind breakers, snow boots, and layers, layers, layers. Having come from down south it should be an interesting first winter.

After all said and done, even though I was a little skeptical of how much use I would get from talking with someone of a different major, it

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Senior Project Reserch Paper

Essay Preview: Senior Project Reserch Paper

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Gabriela Valdez


1ST Have you entered a room full of little kids and being asked a million questions at the same time?well Most of you have the experience, but image that is how I felt the first time I entered to Ms. Vazquez classroom (slide with some questions) My name is Gabriela Valdez and my project was job shadowing an elementary school teacher (slide with a teacher picture)

2ND Head Start is a Federal program for preschool children from low-income families, operated by local non-profit organizations in almost every state in the country. Children who attend Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities, also receive free medical and dental care, have healthy meals and snacks, and enjoy playing indoors and outdoors in a safe setting. I got motivate to do this project first of all because I love kids and I want to learn more about them this was the perfect project for me. I see this not as the project I have to do but as what I want and like to do.

After meeting with my mentor for several times, I finally got more involved with the kids. Their classes are Monday to Thursday from 1 to 4:30. I went for the entire class a few times, there are 18 kids in class and each one is unique in their own way, for example we have pair of twin sister s Elena and Olivia they are 3 ½ as they say when I ask. In class there was a kid that I use to babysit when he was just born because his mom had not time, I had approximately 2 years that I didnt see him so it was great to have time with him and have part on his education.

3RD Every day some kid will wine for everything and cry over every little thing if they dont get what they want but that is part of the new things they learn at school. At first I use to worry a lot when they acted like that but know I know that they do it because they want to get attention and I also know when they are doing it for real.

My role was to play with the kids and other times help Ms. Vasquez with the lessons she prepare for the day. During my project working with the kids I have learned to be patient and teach them in a way they will remember and make it easy for them. Things that are really important in class are the respect for other and learn to share with others. Some kids are going to kinder garden next year and they need to be preparing for it. All this that we learn in school since we are little kids are thing that we will use in life. I also have learned that kids have to be understood on what they think and need, we as adults think that their way of thinking is silly but is really important for them. I want my life to be full of kids and Im sure it will be.

4TH During the process I have learn a lot but know I can understand that if I want to be a teacher I have to be really patient and now I can understand teacher and how y guys feel when students dont do what

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Canda and Ww1 Abd Ww2

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Canda And Ww1 Abd Ww2

World War I and Canada World War I, a terrifying ordeal that robbed 25 million humans of their lives, began on August 3, 1914. On this date Germany invaded Belgium, and when Britain moved to defend Belgium World War I had begun. Canada, a member of the British Empire, was now legally at war with Britain. The Canadian government was not consulted about going to war. Many Canadians were strong supporters of the British at this time and proudly went to war by choice. However Francophone Canadians were not interested in fighting for a British affair that had nothing to do with Canadian interests. In 1918 the horror that many countries had been facing for years finally ceased. The League of Nations was formed to prevent the atrocities of war from occurring again. This organization failed miserably when in 1939 Germany invaded Poland, causing England and France to declare war on Germany. World War II had been instigated. One week later Canada also declared war, for support for Britain was still strong in the country. This six year war resulted in the deaths of 14 million people. Many believe that Canadas involvement in both World Wars I and II, was unnecessary. During these 10 years of fighting (both World Wars) 101700 Canadians were killed or missing. The loss of these lives is one that could never been replaced. Both wars cost the Canadian government 23 billion dollars, putting Canada into great debt. Also, the unity crisis created by conscription1 has been yet another damage to a country that has been through war. Individuals who are opposed to Canadian involvement in both World Wars place the value of life above freedom, rights, and inhumanity to man. Others feel Canadas past involvement in World Wars I and II acted as substantial steps to Canadas independence from Britain. The world wars were events in history that helped society move towards excepting womens performances of different roles in society, made Canada a reputable country, set standards of religious freedom and equality, and increased agricultural production by 40%. Canadas involvement in both World Wars was vital to Canadas independence and todays constant effort for world peace. The Great War (W.W.I) created many problems that have made Canadas involvement in the war seem trivial. Conscription2 was introduced when there were not enough volunteers in Canada to replace those killed or wounded. This was aimed mostly at Quebecers and French Canadians, who shared the common belief that Canadians should not be endangered because of connections to Britain. Many English speaking Canadians viewed this opposition to conscription as unpatriotic. In Quebec, conscription became a symbol for the tyranny of the English-speaking majority. The bitter feelings caused by conscription created a unity crisis in Canada that is still evident today. The first world war cost Canada 3 billion dollars. This exceeded the federal budget by six times what was usually spent. The first income tax was introduced to help pay for this debt. World War II was a slightly more expensive ordeal, costing Canada 20 billion dollars. Many argue that this money could have been used to make Canada a more prosperous country, and income tax could have been prevented. The largest and most irreplaceable loss from any war is loss of life. Billions of children grew up in the war era without fathers, brothers, and grandfathers. Other children were never given the chance to meet their fathers before they were slaughtered in trench warfare or taken prisoner. Husbands, sons, and other loved ones were taken from innocent citizens by the most extreme act of hate and misunderstanding; war. The cliche “In every cloud there is a silver lining” applies to both world wars. Before W.W.I Canada was a member of the British Empire and had no control over foreign policy. W.W.I proved that Canada was not just made up of pawns to fight for Britain. The unity crisis created by conscription showed that Canada was developing a separate culture, with different sovereignty related beliefs. After W.W.I prime minister Sir Robert Borden demanded that Canada have its own seat at the Versailles peace conference in 1919 and later with the League of Nations. Canada was beginning to prove itself capable of independence. In 1931 the statute of Westminister granted Canada control over foreign policy. Eight years later Canada entered W.W.II one week after Britains declaration of war to prove that Canada was no longer controlled by Britain. Over the years Canada gained more independence from Britain until finally in 1982, Canada patriated our constitution, allowing us to change it without Britains consent. Canadas involvement in these wars also contributed to equalization of rights between males and females. Before W.W.I women were expected to be housewives and raise children. Many jobs were left vacant by men going to war from 1914-1918, so women were allowed to take over these jobs. Women also served overseas as nurses and ambulance drivers. By the time world war II took place, once again only 22% of women over 18 were employed outside the home. However by 1942, the war crisis encouraged all women without children to enter the workforce. Women drove busses, delivered mail, sold real estate, took over farm work, and a few served

Public Schools Produce Good Citizens And Private Institutions grad school essay help

Can Public Schools Produce Good Citizens?

Essay Preview: Can Public Schools Produce Good Citizens?

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Can public schools produce good citizens? Stephen Macedo states his position by stating that public schools can and produce good citizens. Believing that students are geared more towards the civic educational criterion integrated into todays educational system, Macedo focuses on the response to ongoing trends in the educational standards today and how they divert attention away from traditional methods of education such as newspapers – replacing them with media such as the internet to get their information about world events. Chester E. Finn, Jr. contends that public institutions cannot provide good citizens because as

free citizens to rule the state” does the state have the right to have an influence in shaping our values and beliefs held in public institutions? As facts and statistics will show, public schools simply cannot provide good citizens in our society because they generally lack the time and resources required to produce quality citizens.

Public institutions provide general education for the masses, or non- elitists per se. This type of educational system is aimed towards a general understanding of mathematics, social studies, and science. Most public schools have small classrooms with many students lacking the student/ teacher bond which is crucial to a students development in the early stages. Classes become impersonal and students are often looked at as cattle. As a result of this type of general education provided by public institutions, it limits the time spent for human development in schools which promote social development such as communication skills and interaction. Its very rare that public schools offer etiquette classes and capitalize on the growing trend of civic educational methods.

Private institutions most likely provide small classes with less students. Classes become more personal than public institutions and the student/ teacher bond that is crucial for student/ human development has been established. Private institutions provided a more specific type of education, emphasizing on courses beneficial to the student according to his career goals, moreover, offering etiquette classes by a means of polishing social interaction skills. As a result, students who are institutionalized in private schools are generally more, “well rounded” and, “polished” increasing the probability of becoming and exercising the behavior of a good citizen, rather than those belonging to public schools. Taken from

“People who have private schools in their communities believe by wide margins that such schools “generally provide a better education” than public schools and do a better job “teaching academic skills” and “maintaining discipline and order.” (For 67 percent of respondents, the term “private schools” refers to “parochial schools or Christian academies,” while for 16 percent it refers to “non religious private schools.”)


The Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), published by the National Center for Education Statistics, provides data on public and private schools. The following table, based on 1999-2000 SASS data (the most recent). This source also provides other statistics comparing public vs. private institutions, such as: Teachers who perceive certain issues as serious problems in their schools. Some of

Downtown Toronto And Sale Industry cheap mba definition essay help

Modernized Organized Ordering

Modernized Organized Ordering (M.O.O) offers reliable, scalable, and cost effective devices that are designed to provide easier access to ordering food on the go. The company is located downtown Toronto, Ontario making us central to our customers.

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier company in the point-of-sale industry in providing advanced ordering processes, leading technology, best in class service, and flexible customization capability.

The current market in Toronto has more than 5,000 restaurants. This represents a significant market to begin our business with. Many restaurants in Toronto may not realize the cost efficiency that Point-of-Sale kiosks offer. Once a few restaurants see the advantages of such a product then the popularity of kiosks would increase in the Toronto area. Since kiosks have not caught on in Canada as a whole, the potential market beyond Toronto to a national scale is very promising as well. Our competitors IBM, Acrelec, and NCR are either based in Europe or United States. This means our company has a better opportunity to provide well established Canadian companies such as Tim Horton’s and Harvey’s with a quick and easy ordering process.

Investing into our company will be beneficial over the long-term. Our projected sales in the beginning will be slow as our main intentions is to focus on the smaller food chain restaurants in the Toronto area. As business starts to pick up, the pace on development and upgrading our devices to tailor to our customers’ needs will also increase. Our profitability will increase sufficiently by 20% and our work force will increase by 15% by the end of the 4th quarter. Furthermore, once we have perfected our devices for the needs of our customers, we will start to mass produce our units and sell them to larger corporate customers. As a result, our intentions will be to provide newer software

Era Llena De Innovación And Consumismo Excesivo De Las Personas argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online


La posmodernidad debemos comprenderla como una era llena de innovación, tecnología y avances así como un consumismo excesivo de las personas a muchas cosas.En la organización se ve reflejada la posmodernidad ya que estas deben estar produciendo productos y servicios novedosos para lograr alcanzar las ventas y beneficios deseados pro parte de la empresa, debido a que si ya no te actualizas como empresa empiezan a quedar obsoletos tus productos hasta un momento en el que ya no vendas más y es ahí cuando tienes que poner a tu alcance y el de tu fabrica nuevas tecnologías que logren un mejor desarrollo e innovación en tus productos.De igual forma la posmodernidad se podría decir que nos está consumiendo poco a poco a todos, a las organizaciones debido a que el capital humano que poseen lo desechan ya que suplantan a las personas por maquinas esto genera un gran desempleo, las tecnologías pueden ser perjudiciales en todos los ámbitos simplemente a todos nosotros el celular nos consume mayoría del tiempo en el día y que estamos haciendo? Que producimos? Que creamos?, nuestra mente está obsoleta en los medios tecnológicos, que la poca creatividad que tengamos se vuelve nula y no creamos por eso ya somos solo robots en esta sociedad.

La posmodernidad se basa en ser creativos en innovar en crecer e incorporar valores agregados a los productos y servicios para poder esta vigentes, y es bueno aplicar el conocimiento adquirido para crear nuevas cosas, por eso mismo las organizaciones tienen que tener una velocidad de respuesta hacia los consumidores para poder seguir establecidas y en crecimiento constante.Lograr un buen uso de la tecnología nos hace mejorar  e impulsa a la expansión y desarrollo de distintos mercados tales como las empresas electrónicas y las que se desarrollan dentro del ámbito de las redes y loa tecnología, que es la organización del futuro.

Fingerprint Evidence And Plain Arch essay help site:edu

Fingerprint Evidence – What Is Evidence?

What is evidence? Well this answer changes for every different crime scene. Every crime scene has evidence and something is always left behind at the scene. According to Adams (2004), one of the best forms of identification evidence when available is fingerprints. Fingerprints are perhaps the most widely recognized instrument in investigations (Adams, 2004). It is also widely recognized and popular to every citizen from all the CSI related television shows and movies. Fingerprinting has served all governments worldwide during the past 100 years to provide accurate identification of criminals. Fingerprinting is an example of nature clashing with technology. When the human finger touches a surface it leaves behind a combination of natural oils, sweat, and other contaminants which the finger has come in contact with, in the form of the ridges of their skin (Fisher, 2000). These ridges are one of a kind to every person, and are permanent from birth to death unless something happens to a persons fingers. In this paper I would like to address information on fingerprints, techniques and processing of this type of evidence.

There are a few different types of fingerprints and impressions. An inked fingerprint is when a person gets ink applied to their fingers and then makes an impression on a fingerprint card (Adams, 2004). Inked fingerprints can be used to rule out innocent persons and victims whose prints were found at the crime scene these prints are called elimination prints.

There are latent fingerprints, which you cannot see with the naked eye without the right tools used. The latent prints are formed from contaminants such as skin oils being left behind on something or someone. Newton (2006) states that temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit could damage latent fingerprints and temperatures below freezing should be warmed up before attempting to do any development. Patent prints are visible to the human eye without any kind of adjustments. Patent prints are formed from transferring a material from the finger to another surface. Patent prints are also formed by impressions in a soft surface like wet paint. Plastic prints are three dimensional formed from the impression into soft surfaces like putty.

Each finger has a different pattern. There can be a combination of loops, ridges, and whorls.

Newton (2006) states the following statistics about fingerprints:

“Radial and ulnar loops are the most typical fingerprint making up around 65% of prints. 25 to 35 percent of prints are classified as double loop whorl, central pocket whorl, and plain whorl prints. Plain arch, radial arch, ulnar arch, and tented arch only make up about five percent of prints.” The patterns can be compared to those found at crime scenes and to databases such as AFIS, which is the Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Either manually

Characters Logan Killicks And Tea Cake essay help app: essay help app

The Images of Black Men in Zora Neale Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God

The characters Logan Killicks, Jody (Joe) Starks, and Tea Cake have their own perspective towards Janie and the story explains why these men ever got involved with her in the first place. Janie, the main protagonist, goes through three major periods in her life that corresponds to her three different marriages. Logan Killicks, Janie’s first husband, is physically unattractive and in the relationship he has with Janie, he is shown as controlling. He wants a domestic helper rather than a lover or partner. So, he tries to force her to help him with the hard labor of the farm. Jody (Joe) Starks is physically attractive, but his ideal of a model woman makes him controlling in his relationship with Janie. He wants the image of his perfect wife to reinforce his powerful position in town. He asks Janie to run the store but forbids her from participating in the substantial social that occurs on the store’s front porch. Tea Cake is physically attractive and free spirited, which enables him to have equality in relationship with Janie. However, at first there was controlling through jealousy in their relationship because Tea Cake sees her as an object to be possessed. But because of Tea Cake’s open mindedness he is able to change and make adjustments. Logan Killicks, Jody (Joe) Starks, and Tea Cake, can be all tied together by their similarities, but in most cases they are very different. Through the characters Logan Killick, Jody (Joe) Starks, and Tea Cake, Hurston portrays the image of black men in the novel as being men who are similar by wanting control over their women, but in most cases they are very different.

Logan Killicks is Janie’s first husband. He is old and ugly which is in contrast to Janie’s youthful beauty. Janie resents him for his uneven face and for lacking the manners to wash his feet before coming to bed. In this case the reader could see Janie representing beauty and Logan representing everything ugly there is when it comes to all of

Henry Reeds Speech And Graduation Ceremony essay help for free: essay help for free

Cars and Literature

Essay Preview: Cars and Literature

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It wasnt until her, her family, and friend Bailey were walking up the hill to the school, when she started to feel the pressure of the moment. At the graduation ceremony everything was going smooth, until the principals speech left her in doubt of bad news coming. She was right, moments later two white gentlemen took over the stage and the speakers post. The man speaking was Mr. Eduard Donleavy, who was running for election and took the graduation ceremony as a great opportunity for him to introduce his plans for the future. The author described his speech as ignorant, self-centered, and humiliating. Suddenly her dream of having a wonderful graduation disappeared. The ceremony turned to a nightmare of forced listening to a speech full of statements that she believed and hoped were avoidable. The speaker, in less obvious way, talked about the Negroes, how they are meant to be farmers, maids, handymen, and washerwomen, and no matter what education they get, that is the prewritten destiny. She started believing that she is not strong enough to run against the wall. His speech has finally come to an end. He left the room with the same confidence as he has entered. The author, the graduates, as well as the rest of the audience who were black, were left with mixed thoughts but mostly full of hate and humiliation.

The time for Henry Reeds speech has come. Henry was author best friend from school. As the class valedictorian, he and his teacher prepared a speech called “To Be or Not To Be”. But Henry, while being just a child, was already well educated and mentally grown up young man. So instead of making his speech for the audience, he turned his face to the graduates and started to sing the Negro National Anthem. Soon all the graduates joined him, as well as most of the audience. For the author it was a great moment, a come back from the darkness. She felt the spirit in the room; she felt that no matter what people tell her to do; she could make a difference. She realizes that the life is bigger than just the school community; she identified herself as a member of a bigger community, the Negro race. At last, she felt great about herself again.

Person Of Great Strength And Essay Achilles computer science essay help

Achilles: A Hero No More

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In the introduction of the Essential Illiad given by Sheila Murnaghan, Achilles is labeled as “the greatest of the Greek heroes”. In classic mythology a hero is a person of great strength and courage celebrated for bold exploits and is often the offspring of a mortal and a god. Achilles was the greatest fighter among the Greeks or Trojans and feared no man in battle. He was also the offspring of a mortal and a god so by classic mythology definition, Achilles was indeed a hero. A hero is defined by the present day Websters Dictionary as: “one who inspires through manners and actions; an individual who leads through personal example and accomplishments requiring bravery, skill, determination, and other admirable qualities.” Achilles, in no manner, fits this definition. By contemporary standards, he is instead a pathetic villain. Aside from being a kidnapper, rapist and murderer, Achilles proves to be emotionally weak, selfish, and malicious. Many times throughout the Illiad, Achilles is also referred to as “godlike”. The gods of Greek mythology were subject to the same emotions and character flaws as humans, and though privileged to some foresight, the gods had similar mental capacities as humans. What really set the gods apart were their powers (controlling the elements, changing their appearance, etc.), great strength, and immortality. Because of his great strength and apparent invincibility, it is easy to see why Achilles would be called “godlike”. In the context, such a reference applies to physical stature and not character. In the Judeo-Christian world, God is all knowing, all powerful, and nothing short of perfect. To a Christian, “godlike” would imply perfection of character and would have nothing to do with ones physical stature, and therefore would not apply to Achilles.

Achilles was beyond emotionally weak. He was a whiner, he had a famous temper, he was spiteful, ungrateful, greedy, unreasonable, selfish, arrogant, and disrespectful. During the initial confrontation with Agamemnon, Achilles slams the sacred golden scepter to the ground and just before doing so, refers to himself as the “best Greek of all”. At many other times in the story, Achilles calls himself the “greatest” or the “best” and he never takes advice from the elders or his dearest friends. This shows just how arrogant and disrespectful he really was. At the beginning of the story, Agamemnon takes Briseis from Achilles and not until book 18 does he finally stop crying about it. During that entire time, Achilles’ justification for wallowing in self-pity is that he has been “dishonored”. This argument becomes null and void when Agamemnon offers lavish compensation for the affront. In addition to returning Briseis, Agamemnon offers Achilles seven unfired tripods, ten gold bars, twenty burnished cauldrons, a dozen horses, seven beautiful women from Lesbos, twenty Trojan women, his daughters’ hand in marriage along with a rich dowry, and the ownership of seven populous cities. Any reasonable person would have taken the offer but not prideful, bitter Achilles. Instead he continues on with the same old rhetoric and refuses to fight. As if standing idly by while his countrymen were being killed was not enough, Achilles has his mother call in a favor to Zeus asking him to help the Trojans so that even more Greeks would die during his absence. Not only did he abandon his comrades, he actually prayed for them to die because his pride had been hurt.

In addition to the previously mentioned character

Personality Style And Main Reasons compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

Acts of Bravery

Acts of Bravery

For my third essay, I choose to write about chapter 10 titled dream. When I read through this chapter, I really felt comfortable with my major, and it let me find out a few things about my personality style. When I refereed back to chapter 3 to do the personality inventory, my final results really described my personality. My personality types were visual/spatial and body/ kinesthetic. One of the main reasons why I choose to be a history teacher, is because I love to observe maps and learn about natural regions. Also I am very fascinated by ancient civilizations and the way things have played out in our history. Visual spatial also says that I would know my way through my house, which is true. Body/kinesthetic is learning through body sensation, moving around a lot, enjoying work involving the hands, and is graced with some athletic ability. I myself am very good with my hands, I love to build things with tools. If teaching doesn’t work out for me, my safety net is Carpentry. I have build many things around my house, such as 2 beverage bars, a fireplace mantle, I remodeled the basement, installed many decorative molding, and I build a tool shed from scratch. I move around somewhat, and the only sports I feel I am graced with is baseball and tennis.

Besides learning my personality styles, this chapter asked me a lot of questions about

Gas Industry Operation And Petroleum Products essay help tips

Oil and Gas Industry Operation and Markets

Oil and Gas industry operation and markets1. And this course is about one of the largest and most economically important industries in the world, the oil and gas industry. The scope of the oil and gas industry is huge. It not only includes businesses that explore for, produce, refine, transport, and sell oil and gas, but also a multitude of service companies that support these activities and transactions2. The economic importance of the oil and gas industry is even more vast than its scope. Changes in the price of natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum products affect not only fuel prices, but electricity prices, food prices, prices of all sorts of manufactured goods. And thus job markets, international balances of trade, and nations gross domestic products. 3. I hope youll join me in learning about this industry which is so vital to the operation of modern society. You need to know more about the oil and gas industry if you are seeking a job, or have a job, in the energy industry, or a decision maker whose business or policy decisions are affected by the industry or simply want to be an informed citizen. You also need to know more about the oil and gas industry if you work in national security, in financial markets, or in international development and relations. 4. Finally, if you study economics, business, geography, public policy, environmental sciences, or one of many more disciplines that pertain to human activities, this course is also of value. The course will explore the two major components of the oil and gas industry. Operations and markets. In the operations module, you will learn about the core activities that the industry executes to bring natural gas and petroleum products to market. We will look at the the exploration and production of oil and gas, the processing and refining of the oil and gas into useable fuels and other valuable commodities, and finally the transport of oil, gas and petroleum products from wells, to refineries, to retail outlets. 5. In the second module, the course shifts to the markets that drive oil and gas industry operations. You will learn about the various costs of the core oil and gas industry activities, the factors that determine the prices that oil, gas and petroleum products sell for, and the effect that the amount of oil and gas remaining in the ground has on the future viability of individual companies to the industry as a whole. So thats the course in a nutshell. Throughout the course, your knowledge will be tested, but you will also have the opportunity to contribute to one or more research projects focusing on industry activities, oil and gas prices, and worldwide markets. We have an international audience and experts in many different fields. So please take the opportunity to learn from each other. Lets get started.

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