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Process Writing About A Historical Event

One of the most common methods for this type of writing is to break down a process into smaller steps. The goal for Process writing can either be informational or instructional. If the writing is informational, it may explain how something happened (ex. a news report about an event, historical information, a briefing). This means it isn’t the goal of either the writing or the audience to replicate the process but to understand what happened. *For this paper, I would like to write about a historical event using the Process writing strategy*Begin with a clear introduction with a thesis statementInclude a list of materials (ingredients, tools, equipment, sources, skills)Explain each step in chronological orderDefine special termsGive helpful tips and warnings as neededInclude visual aids as neededEnd with a decisive conclusion A thorough introduction where you provide your reader with the necessary information to introduce your topicA clear, direct thesis statementEffective organizationStrong details and descriptions At least two sources to support the ideas and claims expressed in the paperA thoughtful conclusion Formatted in APA

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