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Professional Resources

Search for Local Professional Resources
After learning about the importance of professional development and reviewing some National resources, each student will be taking different and unique career pathways in which they will seek professional development opportunities. Furthermore, the internet provides an endless amount of professional development resources, associations or organizations (e.g., NAEYC) on a National and Local level. Thus, students should begin their exploration of professional development resources that closely relate to their field of study-CD/ECE.
Copy and Past the following questions with your answers in the reply text box below.
Search for two (2) State/Local professional development resources.
State the two (2) resources, associations, or organizations:
In your own words, how do these professional development resources associations, or organizations relate to your career choice/profession? (e.g., NAEYC):
Using the resources you chose, list two (2) workshops/conferences/trainings you would consider attending:
Note: Remember making new discoveries in this field can pave the way to reaching your career goal(s). Hence, thoroughly read questions and complete the activity, entirely.

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Paragraph answer

I need help answering 1 question in paragraph format. About 6-8 sentences. I will provide a video where the information is given.
1. Using examples from the Journey of Man film, explain how we know humans have spread out of Africa, where we went, and why and how we got there.

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Simple Organizing Excel Gallop Poll system report

The following data was from gallop poll system in the PDF file which I used adobe to copy and paste all the data in excel for you to make it easier so there will be no data entry or typing, just needs organizing!
You need to move things around, add worksheets, etc and basically organize the data into a format where it can be more easily reported and analyzed. They will be sending out this survey 2 more times, so the end goal is to be able to track changes over time. I have also attached a heatmap which is basically the information in the pdf a little organized, I would like you to use all these 3 things to create a new file that is well organized using the information given, you can use the heatmap as a base for now!
Notes about the heatmap:
t’s a pretty simple “heatmap” version in Excel, but it does break down the entire point of the PDF quite well.

On the PDF, the information about the “Engagement Index” would be useful – these scores will hopefully be increasing over time as well as the individual question scores.
Additional information: there were 609 individuals who received survey links from Gallup. 317 people completed it, which was a participation rate of 52%. I have not found this information included in any excel options in the Gallup platform, presumably because it’s proprietary information that includes some of their formulas etc.

As I type this email I realize we could probably be more specific about the Outcome Indicators for Gallup, now that one has been completed for the system and I have a much better understanding of type of results we’ll continue getting in future surveys. I’ll ponder this a little more and aim to add this to an email with the other Indicator that needs reworded.

Calculus Question

Writing Assignment Help What mathematical ideas are you curious to know more about as a result of this course? Whatmathematical ideas do you think you might use in applications later on?Give an example of a question about the material you’d like to explore further or a way you think some coursetopic could be applied to something in your area of interest. Why does this idea or question interest you? Howdoes it relate to the course material?
M.1. Definitions of LimitsUse the definition of a limit to interpret and approximate limits graphically and numerically.

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Cause and Effect Presentation

Last week you completed your Cause and Effect Essay. Over the next 2 weeks, you’ll be drawing upon the ideas expressed in your essay and communicating them using a different medium: a narrated slide presentation.
In contrast to essays, which rely almost exclusively on text to get the message across, a slide presentation uses as few words as possible on the slides. An effective presentation uses visual elements, such as photographs, charts, tables, maps, and even cartoons. Remember that because you will be providing an audio narration to accompany your slides, there is no need for the words you are saying to appear on the slides as well. In fact, there is almost nothing duller than listening to someone read words off a slide, so don’t do it!
This assignment serves a number of different purposes.
It will enhance your slide making skills.
It will give you practice at creating an audio recording.
It will remind you of how your voice sounds to others.
It will help give you a better understanding of how the same ideas can be expressed using different communication channels.
For more tips and advice on making effective presentations, please see Chapter 15 of our textbook, and be sure to review the Assignment Connection in the Week 7 Lesson.
Assignment Requirements
Include approximately five to seven visually appealing slides. Remember to show your audience using visual elements, such as charts, graphs, and pictures, rather than to tell them with long blocks of text (after all, you already did that with your essay).
Use audio or audiovisual accompaniment of approximately 5–7 minutes, or roughly 1 minute per slide, using PowerPoint or another presentation software (ask your instructor if you have questions about what may be used).
Please note that Week 8 closes on Saturday at midnight, not Sunday as in Weeks 1–7. The assignment must be submitted by this date.

Week 7 forum

Please research and select an article of your choice (Do not choose an article from the readings in the lessons) related to sports finance, then create a post including the following:
List the title and author of your article.
Share a link to your article so that I, as well as other students, can review it.
Give a brief review of what your article is about.
Please answer the following questions:Do you agree or disagree with the author and why?
What impact do you feel this topic/story has on the sports world?

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