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Professional Statement

This portion of the application will be used to assess your written communication skills and to evaluate your knowledge of your career choice and your commitment to the social work profession. Please address all items below:• Experiences and/or relationships that have influenced your selection of social work as your professional career (family, education, volunteer involvement employment, receipt of social services, etc.)• The values intrinsic to the profession of social work per the NASW Code of Ethics. Using your own experience, demonstrate how your personal values align or do not align with social workvalues.• Your understanding of the responsibilities of the social work profession.• Your experience with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles.• Any personal characteristics or limitations which you have considered in planning for your social work education. How will you address these while in the program?• The arrangements you have you made for completing the BASW Program and the University requirements for graduation in terms of finances, time management, completing required courses and a two day per week daytime field practicum in the senior year.• Your short and long-term career plans once you complete your BASW

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