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Profiles of Emerging Innovation Leaders

As emerging economies have continued to focus on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, a number have begun to see success and sustainable gains. And while there are consistent themes, there are a number of different approaches that have worked in various country contexts. Your assignment is to choose two emerging economy countries that have begun to emerge as innovation leaders and develop profiles on those countries and their strategies. You should first define the criteria by which you are judging them to be a success and discuss their performance against those criteria. In this discussion, you should also note why innovation and entrepreneurship is important to these emerging economies. You should next develop a profile of each country that includes the following elements:
Basic information about the country to include location, population, resource base, very brief overview of relevant history, and current positioning in the global economy
Explanation of the strategies taken to promote innovation / entrepreneurship
Results to date of those strategies
Challenges encountered in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship and how those have been overcome (if they have)
Implications for other emerging economy countries (are there techniques that can/should be replicated?)
Your paper should be six to ten pages in length and should have appropriately documented sources.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

Discussion Thread: Relationship Marketing and ‘Every Good Endeavor’

you are reading Timothy Keller’s book ‘Every Good Endeavor.’

On page 41 of the hardcover version of this book, he included, “Did God create food only to provide for necessity (nutrition) and not also for delight and good cheer? So to the purpose of clothing apart from necessity (protection) was comeliness and decency. In grasses, trees, and fruits, apart from their various uses, there is the beauty of appearance and pleasantness of fragrance…Did he not, in short, render many things attractive to us, apart from their necessary use?”

Additionally, you will explore the concept of Relationship Marketing and, in particular, you will focus on Differentiating Customers by Their Needs. Please answer these questions and use scholarly support for your answers:

Why has more progress been made on customer value differentiation than on customer needs differentiation?
Is it possible to meet individual needs? Is it feasible? Can you describe three examples where it has been profitable?
For each of the following product categories, name a branded example, then hypothesize about how you might categorize customers by their different needs.
Personal Care (cosmetics, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)
Connect the chapter from ‘Every Good Endeavor’ called ‘The Design of Work’ to ONE of the examples you provided. For example, a Louis Vuitton handbag holds important items for their consumers from their money and credit cards and many other daily essentials. But a handbag from Walmart works just as effectively. Why is there such a following for Louis Vuitton then? You choose YOUR example. Connect Timothy Keller’s excerpt from page 41.

A key component in the learning process is to complete a self-assessment or to academically reflect upon the lessons

Business Assignment Help A key component in the learning process is to complete a self-assessment or to academically reflect upon the lessons learned throughout a course or experience. Identify at least two or three specific ways in which the discussions and assignments throughout an MBA program have changed your perspective of business or your practice of business in order to better live out your faith. Additionally, identify at least one instance that is specific to this strategic management course.

Show detailed solutions. 1. The following data is collected from customer complaints about service problems at a hotel. Complaint Essay

Show detailed solutions.
1. The following data is collected from customer complaints about service problems at a hotel. Complaint types are coded A-G. Use a spreadsheet to construct a Pareto chart for this data.
A 5
B 9
C 22
D 5
E 18
F 9
G 7

2. In your own words explain principles of lean thinking. Use a logistics related example to show where and how those concepts apply.
3. You are managing an order processing facility where employees pick the customer orders from the warehouse, package, and deliver them to postal services. There are bar-code scanners and conveyors to facilitate finding and moving items through the facility. Deliveries to each state are grouped together as part of your deal with postal services for a lower rate. There are problems in order processing, including orders filled with wrong items, orders with right items but the wrong number of some items, and finding packages being shipped to the wrong state. Prepare a cause-and-effect diagram to show the causes of these problems and explain your solution for each.
4. The following data is collected at a carpet production facility to show the number of flaws per 100 yards of carpet:
sample # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
flaws 7 5 0 10 12 5 9 4 6 2

Determine a proper control chart. Use a spreadsheet to calculate the upper and lower control limits for the control chart and draw it. Suppose that the next carpet sample of 100 yards has 14 flaws. What can you say about the process? (There are two parts to this problem. Be sure to develop the control chart for the 10 samples. Then develop a control chart with the 11th sample included.)

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