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Programming Question

Simple computer science live assignment tomorrow at any time. There are between 40-80 MCQ questions and 2 hours to complete the live assignment. Students usually complete the live assignment in about a hour but there are 2 hours of time to finish the live assignment.
I will have 7 live assignments similar to this and is looking for a long term tutor for all 7.
This link provides extensive review material for the live assignment:
I have also attached study material as well.

Secure Programming

You can use the book(Security for Software Engineers
By James Helfrich. CRC Press.
ISBN: 978-1-138-58382-5) or other sources to complete the questions, however, make sure that you use your own words for all responses. If you choose to use any quotations from another source, provide a reference and link to that source. 1- Why is secure programming
necessary in application development? 2- What is input cleansing, and why is it so critical in secure programming? 3- What is a misuse case and how should it be used during application development? 4- What does it mean to have a security mentality? 5- Name and describe two security principles that programmers should follow: Principle of least privilege, Principle of fail-safe default. 6- Explain the difference between static and dynamic application testing? 7- During the systems development life cycle, when should security be addressed for an application? 8- Consider this photograph as a metaphor for application security. What can you learn from the photograph in terms of applying secure programming techniques? ( See the attached for the photograph 9- Describe for each (1) how the attack functions, and (2) how secure programming techniques can be used to protect against the attack: Cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL code injection


Programming Assignment Help It requires a when[space]key_pressed script that will take a word from the user and display a new word that is the same as the original except that all letters in the second half of the alphabet (n to z inclusive) have been removed.
The user should input the word as a single string and the new word that is displayed should be a single string.
For example, if the user enters
is displayed.
a.Create and write down an algorithm to solve this problem. You might like to use the ideas above, or alternatives of your own.
(10 marks)
b.Create a when[space]key_pressed script to implement your algorithm. Depending on your algorithm and the way in which you choose to implement it, you may also decide to have a when_green_flag_clicked script.
Take a screenshot of your script(s) and paste it into your TMA document.
(11 marks)
c.Copy the following table into your TMA document and add to it two tests you would perform to check whether the completed program fulfils the specification. (Several tests might be appropriate: you are only required to add two.)
Test numberTest purposeInputsExpected resultsWordNew word displayed1No letters in second half of alphabetcalfcalf2 3 (4 marks)

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SWI prolog and java programming (cut deck problem)

I need code solution for the cut decking predicate in the attached document.
The solution code needs to be written in two languages, the first is SWI Prolog and the second is java.
All the instructions are in the document. document your code and provide explanation of what your code doing.

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