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project check in

For this first check-in, consider the types of events that could be held at a venue. Select an event that you would like to manage as a professional event planner and the venue in which it would take place (existing or imaginary). Write a brief explanation of your choice and why you made it. Include details of your venue (amount of seating, indoor or outdoor, etc.) and how your event would be setup at the venue.

Discussion 3, Week 3

Please respond to the following:
1. Kozol talks about educational inequalities in terms of the poor infrastructure and funding, oppressive teaching approaches, and unfair tracking and sorting out of students by the school system in low-income and communities of color. He also describes the intense emotional impact of the humiliation and disregard youth are treated with by the educational system.
For this post, please: Identify 1 or 2 specific examples he offers to illustrate his points. Do you think they are effective examples? Why or why not? What do these examples reveal on a deeper level?
2. When you think about your own educational history, what was your most positive experience? What characteristics made it feel like a positive experience? What feelings and attitudes did the experience generate about education for you?
What was your most negative educational experience? What characteristics made it feel like a negative experience? What feelings and attitudes did the experience generate about education for you?

Discussion 1, Week 3

For this post focus on the reading by Anyon and respond to the following:
What is meant by the “hidden curriculum”? What social, cultural, or political purposes does the hidden curriculum serve?
What differences do Anyon and her team note among the four types of schools? What attitudes toward knowledge and work are the four types of schools teaching students? What kind of future are children from each economic background being prepared for?

Discussion 2, Week 3

Answer the following questions using the texts provided:
1. Please explain — According to Freire:
What is the Banking method of teaching? What is the impact of this pedagogical approach?
What is the Problem Posing method of teaching? How is it linked to liberation according to Freire?
2. In reading the Malcolm X excerpt, please explain:
In what ways can education become a tool of liberation? How does it transform X’s life?

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