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Project Management Plan (PMP)

Examples include, and are not limited to, topics such as: 1. Combining two maintenance organizations together after the merger of the parent airlines. 2. Outsourcing all or part of an in-house MRO activity to a third-party contractor 3. A study to determine whether to lease, buy, or build, a new hangar to expand inspection capacity. These are just a few examples to get you thinking. You can either use a real-world topic or be creative and develop your own scenario. The structure of your paper must be submitted in the following order: Title Page Table of Contents Body (12-18 pages) formatted according to the project guide and use subtitles to clearly identify project sections Reference page containing a minimum of 8 sources There is no need to complete an abstract Narrative style of writing in current APA format (Do not use bullets) Contain at least one accurately documented (APA style) parenthetical citation for each source listed on your reference page.Please see attached files for references.

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