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Project Statement: You are interning at an engineering firm that designs solar ponds to store thermal energy. Your boss

Project Statement:

You are interning at an engineering firm that designs solar ponds to store thermal energy. Your
boss assigns you and another intern to help design a new solar pond off the coast of California.
The other intern has been tasked with understanding the thermodynamics and heat transfer of the
thermal pond. You have been tasked with understanding the hydrostatic forces acting on the
concrete structure of the pond. Your boss asks you to first, do some background research on solar
ponds and then, send them your hydrostatic analysis in two weeks so they can complete their
design of the new pond.

The report format, analysis questions and more details are attached in the project descriiption(pdf file). The solar pond design figure is also in the pdf file. the format consists of background research, hydrostatic analysis and future recommendations. Please cite your sources using either Chicago or APA formatting. The word count does not have to be 1000 words as there are calculations involved.

BME 3?make 3 comments/annotations for 2 articles

The possible scores on each assignment range from 0 to 3.
3= average quality of timely submission of notes
2 = comprehensive and in-depth reading and incisive interpretation, 1 = demonstration reading, no (or only superficial) interpretation, 0 = no thoughtful reading and interpretation
About grading on the readings and discussion throughout this course.
Initial comments should be posted by midnight on Tuesday night. Replies to the initial comments must be posted by midnight on Sunday night. This is the recommended schedule to get the most out of the class.
The minimum requirement is that you make at least three posts (any combination of replies and comments) before midnight on Sunday.
The comments/replies you post on Perusall will be graded. You will receive an overall grade of 0, 1, 2, or 3 on the assignment. Your grade is based on several factors. The primary ones are:
The quality of your top three comments/replies. The goal is for you to demonstrate a thorough reading and insightful interpretation of the passage. In practice, this will require a comment length closer to a paragraph than a one line comment.
The distribution of your comments/replies. If all your comments/replies are on a single paragraph or section of the readings, your grade might be slightly reduced. We’ll be looking for your comments/replies to be distributed across the entire reading.
Time spent reading. If all your comments/replies are posted rapidly one after another, your grade might be slightly reduced.
We recommend that you read and post several detailed comments early in the week (Sun/Mon/Tues) then return later in the week (Thurs/Fri/Sat) to reply to other student’s comments, after you’ve viewed the lectures.
In summary, to receive the top grade on the assignment, you’ll need to contribute at least three comments or replies, each several sentences long. To be safe, contribute more, because we only count the top three; there’s no penalty for exceeding three comments/replies. Post these across the reading, not all on a single paragraph.

350 words main post 100 words two responses with APA Format and citations and references -rr

Engineering Assignment Help From the humdrum of the mid-2000s web apps, Apple radically changed the mobile world with the iPhone, offering well-designed apps of their own and curating apps that were accepted into the App Store. That influence has been far reaching, prompting Google to push their boundaries and develop material design, a design language that has become the distinctive hallmark of Android apps. When compared to the web world where some popular apps could get away with mediocre design, why do mobile apps face a higher design bar?
When compared to the web world where some popular apps could get away with mediocre design, why do mobile apps face a higher design bar?
Compare and contrast native mobile app design versus standard desktop app design. Discuss considerations for choosing one over the other. Elaborate on main advantages vs disadvantages.

Identify Technical Document

Locate a document that is used in a technical workplace. You may choose
to find one at your own place of work, within your department, around campus, or through a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. (To find documents, type in keywords like “report,” “proposal,” “instructions,” or “presentation.” You might find it helpful to limit your search results to documents in PDF format.)Once you have chosen a technical document, write a 1- to 2-page (minimum of 500 words) memo (see pg. 376-378 in Technical Communication for a memo example, checklist, and figure) in which you perform a descriptive analysis to explain what qualifies it as technical communication. Refer to pages 10 and 11 in your answer, and please examine the following key characteristics:1. Mobile, interactive, adaptable2. Reader centered3. Team oriented4. Highly visual5. Shaped by ethical, legal, and political issues (pg 19)6. Shaped by international and transcultural demands Please give specific cited examples from the document with written descriptions. For example, referring to characteristic 4. “highly visual”, I might write the background color is light blue while the header color is dark blue throughout the entire infographic creating a cohesive look and style that even matches its iconography (CDC). I might also write, referring to characteristic 2. “reader centered,” “as an outside reader who is not a medical professional, I noticed that the words were easy to understand and defined in layman’s terms. I also noticed that the visual hierarchy of larger sized fonts in varying black and white text at the top with smaller sized fonts at the bottom of each color block was easy for meto glance over” (Common Sense Media).

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