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Provide an overview and trends analysis of fuel levies from 2000 – 2022 – students

Question: Provide an overview and trends analysis of fuel levies from 2000 – 2022 – students to use graphs and tables in this section • Discuss the fuel tax increase impact the public social welfare • Discuss the fuel tax increase impact the economic growth of S.A • Does temporal relief on fuel tax suggested by the Finance Minister have a positive impact on theSee the answerSee the answerSee the answer done loadingProvide an overview and trends analysis of fuel levies from 2000 – 2022 – students to use graphs and tables in this section • Discuss the fuel tax increase impact the public social welfare • Discuss the fuel tax increase impact the economic growth of S.A • Does temporal relief on fuel tax suggested by the Finance Minister have a positive impact on the economic growth
Fuel price plays a significant role in determining the cost of production and the economic growth and development. Suppose if the government decided to increase the fuel tax it will have an negative impact on the public social welfare. Because when t…View the full answer

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English – Source Evaluation Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Assignment #2: Source Evaluation

Purpose: To demonstrate your ability to evaluate online sources.

Search the web – not the Library databases – for sources related to your topic, and select 4 sources to evaluate. NOTE:You’ll want to try to find quality sources, but they don’t need to be perfect. You’ll be using them to demonstrate how you evaluate online sources.
Typing directly into the scoresheet in the attached file (below), create Works Cited entries for the sources you have found.
In order of how the sources appear on the Works Cited, evaluate your four sources by assigning a score of 0 (low quality) to 5 (high quality) for each of the criteria. Explanations for each of the criteria can be found in the Week 3 Module under the “Evaluating Internet Resources”(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. link from Georgetown University.

Once you’ve finished scoring and adding the totals, provide written rationale for your total scores by explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each source. Explanations should be typed below the chart in the document provided, and they should clarify why you deducted any points from a source’s score or explain why a source is or is not credible. Minimum three sentences for each rationale.
To submit this assignment, save the document with your scores and explanations. Upload the saved file by clicking the green link in the upper right corner of this page.
Read the rubric below carefully.
















Rationale #1:


Rationale #2:


Rationale #3:


Rationale #4:


Works Cited

Logistics Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Provide an overview and trends analysis of fuel levies from 2000 – 2022 – students

*Answer the following questions by taking any Saudi Manufacturing company

*No plagiarism


Critical Thinking

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and apply Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools to suggestlogistics performance priorities. To this purpose, you should review about these companies through secondary available information. Think about how you can apply the concepts/tools that you learned in this course.


Just in time (JIT) is an inventory management method whereby materials, goods, and labor are scheduled to arrive or be replenished exactly when needed in the production process? Using this concept of JIT and Lean Thinking you should answer the following questions by taking any Saudi Manufacturing company.


Why Companies adopted JIT model?
Assess the reasons for using lean thinking. What are the benefits from Suppliers to end users? Using examples and Reasons why Company more focus on lean thinking and make their production Optimal?


The Answer should be 3- 4 pages in length including the cover and appendices, with 1″ margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12 point font. The cover of the answer should include title, course code and name, your full name, and your University id number.


The Answer must follow the outline points below:

JIT and Lean Thinking
Their Main functions
Any local example
Reasons with suitable Examples


Humanities – Sculpture Assignment Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Sculpture Assignment

Auguste Rodin – The Kiss

Grave Stele of Hegeso

Directions and Rubric


C) DO NOT present this as an outline. Present it in paragraph form as you would any paper.


a subjective statement regarding the subject matter has been included

which of the sculptures resonates the strongest has been identified

why the choice resonates has been clearly discussed

no terminology has been used in the opening statement

the sculpture chosen for applying texture has been identified

actual texture in the sculpture has been identified

the term has been underlined

how actual texture exists within the sculpture has been discussed

implied texture in the sculpture has been identified

the term has been beenunderlined

how implied texture reinforces the subject matter has been clearly communicated

a sculpture term has been identified within the other sculpture

that term has been beenunderlined

how the term reinforces the subject matter has been clearly communicated

the sculpture in relief is identified

that it is in high relief or low relief has been determined

that term has been beenunderlined

rationale for the choice has been included

what makes the sculpture in the round communicate differently than the one in relief has been clearly stated

in the round has been beenunderlined

how one or more of the aspects discussed objectively supports the opening statement has been communicated

that term has been beenunderlined

the assignment is clearly organized, thoughtful, and substantive, and free of spelling/sentence/grammar errors

total point possible

In the first paragraph identify the set of sculptures that were chosen and which of those two appealed to you the most. This is your opinion but don’t use the terminology in this opening. But, remember that you will be referring to it later. You may even want to develop this part last. Avoid using the word details in this opening statement.

In the second paragraph choose one of the sculptures and discuss both implied and actual texture. The discussion of texture only needs to be applied to one of the sculptures. Remember that all things have actual textures (textures that really exist and can be felt). In sculpture these actual textures are more prevalent and relevant than in paintings. Many sculptures also have implied textures – those that can be imagined because of how the work is presented, but would not feel that way if we actually touched the sculpture.

In the third paragraph identify the sculpture that was not used for texture and apply a sculpture term to it. There were several other sculpture terms (not elements or principles terms) identified within the sculpture lecture and reinforcement (contrapposto, patina, tableau, etc.) Do not use medium or technique unless how it impacts the subject matter can be successfully applied. You may want to select this one before selecting the one to which you will apply implied texture. Do not use relief, undercut, or ‘in the round’ for this part as they are covered in other parts of the assignment.

In the fourth paragraph identify which of the sculptures is ‘in relief’ and determine whether it is in low relief or high relief. Make sure you know how to identify the types of relief. Give rationale for your choice. Then, discuss how viewing this specific sculpture ‘in the round’ communicates differently from the one ‘in relief’. Do NOT just state that it can be seen from various points of view. Rather discuss how that fact makes this particular sculpture communicate differently in some way.

In the last paragraph choose sculpture terminology from your post. Discuss how it reinforces your opening statement. If you cannot discuss how it reinforces your opening statement, then adjust your opening statement to make that application easier. But, do not use the terminology in that opening statement. Use it in the closing one.




The set of sculptures selected is “Abraham” from The Gates of Paradise sculpted by Lorenzo Ghiberti, and “Pieta” sculpted by Michelangelo. “Abraham” is interesting not only because it presents two scenes within one work, but that it is one panel of many in The Gates of Paradise. However, the drama of the “Pieta” is a much more compelling work as the pain of Mary’s loss is so clearly portrayed in the work.

Michelangelo’s “Pieta” is one of the greatest sculptures of all time, made even greater by the fact that it is carved out of one piece of marble. Although the finished sculpture has a smooth actual texture, many of the implied textures are enhanced through his shaping the marble into those folds, which if one were to touch it would have the expected curves and spaces. However, the implied textures are the ones that make the work such a convincing masterpiece. The skin seems soft and supple rather than hard and cold. The apparel seems to have a softness and delicate texture that visually appears to be real. Even the piercing of Jesus’ hands and feet have been given special attention.

Ghiberti’s “Abraham” also has elements of implied texture, but its real interest is that of combining two elements of Abraham’s life into one panel. The two vignettes are of Abraham and Sarah becoming parents in their old age, and the sacrifice of Isaac. These create a tableau that details two of the most relevant parts of Abraham’s life. Note that because it is a relief, it is able to convey not only the separate scenes but a context within which each is presented.

The Ghiberti is in relief. Much of it is in low relief, but certain aspects (Abraham and the angel’s wings on the lower right, and the men on the lower left) have undercuts, which makes them in high relief. The Michelangelo is a sculpture in the round. It would be difficult to fully appreciate this sculpture from just one photograph. Looking at it from various angles reveals the details of the stigmata, as well as the rock (Golgotha) upon which Mary sits. Both sculptures tell a story, but while the Ghiberti is more objective in presenting those parts of Abraham’s life, the emotional moment of Mary’s loss is undeniable.

There are several aspects of “Pieta” that reinforce the drama of Mary’s loss – the positioning of the figures, Mary’s head bowing down, the grown man that lies in her lap, the weight almost too much to bear. But, it is the intricacy of the implied texture that really draws the viewer in to experience the mother’s loss of a child. And yet, Michelangelo makes it seem that Mary is strong, almost regal in her sorrow, that God has given her super-human strength to bear this loss.


Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

This week we will be discussing nonverbals and the influence they have on culture. Watch the following video and respond to the prompt (500 words min. in total):


1) If someone were to analyze and explain to you your nonverbal tendencies, how would they describe them? (i.e., how do you stand? How animated are you when you talk? How is your overall body posture? Do your nonverbals represent a confident and/or extroverted individual?) If you are unsure about this, ask a friend.

2) What is the relationship between your nonverbals and your identity? – Do your nonverbals match your characteristics?

3) Now that you are more aware of your nonverbal tendencies, do you plan on trying to change them? If so, how? If not, why not?

Part 2.

Watch the following videos and respond to the prompts. You may have to conduct your own research to assist in answering these last questions. If so, please include your references.

4) Explain what proxemics means as related to intercultural communication

5) Which countries rank the highest in the need for personal space?

6) Which countries rank the lowest in the need for personal space?

7) Where do you fit on the continuum of preference for personal space? (i.e., do you feel uncomfortable when people stand close to you) – Why do you feel this way?

Bonus Videos*

Extreme examples of close proxemity:

Discussion Paper Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

In light of some countries’ abuses in the use of incarceration and violations of prisoners’ rights, what can be done to influence a country to change its policies? What might be the limit to the enforcement of such policies?  This assignment must be at least TWO pages long (no more than three

“The Pleasure of My Company” Cause and Effect Chart college essay help los angeles

Asking questions about a narrative book can sometimes seem like a book report. The way we break the skin, or get beneath the text is to find ways to stretch our critical thinking abilities. This should be evident in the assignment below. There is a chart and you are asked to fill out the causes and effects of different events.If you read something on the cause side of the chart, please fill in the corresponding effects of that event. If you read something on the effect side of the chart, look back at the causes for that event.


There are no questions, but you’ll find that a simple event can have more links backward in time than a simple answer would be able to cover. Search the book for complete answers to each of the events on the chart. You must admit that Daniel is not a simple man, so don’t attribute simple causes and effects to an event in his life.

It’s interesting taking apart books using tools like cause and effect, comparison and contrast, process, or even classification. This discussion will be with the entire class. Contribute as much as you can on each point in the cause-effect chart.  Each student will post a completed chart and each chart will include one quote from the book to support every answer.






You can either attach a document where you’ve filled out the chart (several sentences per cause or effect) or you can write out each answer.



Fill out the chart below




The attack on Teddy





Teddy got a new babysitter





Daniel needed help practicing his




Daniel took Teddy to Rite Aid






Daniel needed order before the speech






They had to walk to freedom hall












They stayed the night with Daniel

Daniel pretended to read







Daniel made a new magic square







Teddy chose crackers






Brian volunteered to drive









No wrinkles in Daniel’s suit




Compare and contrast each speech at Freedom Hall.  Do the participants have anything in common?  What are the notable differences?

Discussion Paper Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Imagine you are a team of HR generalists assigned to one of the five locations of a local fast food restaurant in your city. The owner has challenged you to create a new performance review.

Research different types of performance reviews and create two 175-word review forms that managers can use with their employees.

Include the following components:


Explain in a total of 175 words why each of the questions that you included would be relevant based upon your research.

Cite any outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Role of African American in Civil War Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Mamta Gurung

Prof.Eduardo Moralez

HIST 1301

11 February 2019


Role of African American in Civil War


Thesis Statement:

Civil war is defined as a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same nation. TheAmerican Civil War was fought in United States from 1861 to 1865 which is also considered asthe central event or the greatest war in the American history. The American Civil War also

known as the War between States was the important step on the way to American independenceand prosperity that we can see today.


Primary Source:

Thornburg, Mika. “The Civil War, 1861–1865.” The American Mosaic: The African American Experience, ABC-CLIO, 2019, Accessed 13 Feb. 2019.
Marching song of the First Arkansas Regiment. (2017). Marching Song of the First Arkansas Regiment, 1. Retrieved from
General Butler on the “Contraband.” (2017). General Butler on the “Contraband,” Retrieved from

Scholarly Book:

Tackach, J. (2003). Early Black reformers . San Diego: Greenhaven Press.
Williams, D. (2014). I freed myself : African American self-emancipation in the Civil War era . New York: Cambridge University Press.
Smith, J. (2002). Black soldiers in blue : African American troops in the Civil War era . Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.


Scholarly Journal Article:

(2003). The Other Side of the Story: The World of African-American Academies in the South After The Civil War. Negro Educational Review, 54(1/2), 3–16. Retrieved from
VAN HORN, J. (2017). “The Dark Iconoclast”: African Americans’ Artistic Resistance in the Civil War South. Art Bulletin, 99(4), 133–167.
LANDE, J. (2016). Trials of Freedom: African American Deserters during the U.S. Civil War. Journal of Social History, 49(3), 693–709.


Encyclopedia Entry (with author):

Levin, K. M. (2012, February 21). What Black ‘Confederates’ Really Did During the War. Retrieved February 11, 2019, from
Semuels, A. (2017, February 17). ‘Segregation Had to Be Invented’. Retrieved February 11, 2019, from
Moore, A. L., & Neal, L. V. I. (2010). “African americans and the civil war: Brave standard bearers”. Black History Bulletin, 73(2), 4-7. Retrieved from



Dr. Moralez


The purpose of the Rubric is to provide students with clear guidelines about how your instructor

will evaluate your final research paper.

1. Thesis and APA Format: ______/35

Does the final draft have a clear, unambiguous thesis? Does it follow APA format

for citations? Are page numbers from citations included? Are there transitions

between sections? Is there a conclusion? Is the grammar and spelling correct?

2. Primary Source: ______/10

Source must be integrated into overall argument; merely mentioning it once is not


3. Scholarly book: ______/10

Source must be integrated into overall argument; merely mentioning it once is not


4. Scholarly Journal Article: ______/10

Source must be integrated into overall argument; merely mentioning it once is not


5. Encyclopedia Entry with Author: ______/10

Source must be integrated into overall argument; merely mentioning it once is not


6. Word Count: ______/10

The paper must be 1400-1650 words, with word count on title page.

7. References Page: ______/10

Must follow APA template provided by instructor.

8. Title Page: ______/5

Must follow APA template provided by instructor. Must list total word count.

9. Final Total: ______/100

Final Grade:

Individual Exercise Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Week 8 Individual Exercise

Deliverables: Two Files: (1) Submit this lab report with answers to all questions including output screenshots into the ‘Individual Exercises Week 8’ assignment folder. (2) Submit an R script that contains all commands with comments that briefly describe each commands purpose.


Part 2 – Run an exercise on the Vehicle Solhouettes dataset from vehicle.csv, completing this report and providing the commands, output screenshots, and discussion/interpretation as requested. Ensure that all commands are saved in this report AND in an R script.


For Reference: UCI Machine Learning Repository: Vehicle Silhouettes



Based on what you have learned this week about k-means clustering, provide a one-paragraph masters-level response describing what you anticipate that the kmeans method will accomplish for the Vehicle Silhouettes data? Be specific about the behavior and output structure of k-means models. (80-120 words)


Data Pre-Processing: Load the Vehicle Silhouettes data into R Studio using the read.csv command (do not use File > Import Dataset > From CSV in the R Studio GUI as this uses read_csv() resulting in significant different variable types!!!).


Make a copy of the loaded Vehicle Silhouettes data you just imported and name the copy ‘myvehicle’. Keep the original import as you will need both the original and copy to complete this report. Include the command demonstrating this step below.

Command:  >

Remove the variable class from ‘myvehicle’. Include the command and answer to the question below.


Command:  >

Why do we need to remove the class variable as part of the data preprocessing steps for k-means clustering?


Run the scale() function on ‘myvehicle’. Include the command and answer to the question below. (Note: This command is NOT part of your tutorial. Consult the function help and use the default arguments. Hint: scale() is a function that outputs its results. You MUST save the scaled output back to the original ‘myvehicle’.


Command:   >

Why must we scale data as part of the data preprocessing steps for k-means clustering


What additional data preprocessing steps (if any) did you need to execute? Include the command(s) and output screenshot below.


Command(s):   >



K-Means Clustering – Running the Method (Hint: Record your results with k=4 in the table in part f):

Run ‘set.seed(12345)’ and then run the kmeans method with k=4 and store the output to a variable named ‘kc’. Include the command, output screenshot, and discuss the input parameters you used.


Command:  >






Enter ‘kc’ at the prompt. Provide the output below and then answer the following questions:




How many instances are in each cluster?



What information does the cluster means section provide and how were those numbers obtained?



What is the clustering vector?


What is the sum of squares by clusters and what does it mean?



Run the ‘kc$iter’ command. Include the command, output screenshot, and explain what the output shows.


Command:   >




K-Means Clustering–Evaluate the Model:


Build the cross-tabulation to compare how the method clustered the vehicles from ‘myvehicle’ to the actual vehicle class from your original import. Include the command, output screenshot, and answer the following questions:


Command:  >




What is the dominant vehicle class in each cluster?



What is the dominant cluster for each vehicle class?



What percentage of vehicles were clustered in agreement with the actual class?



K-Means Clustering – Cluster Visualization:


Run the ‘clusplot(kc)’ function to visualize your model. Modify the plot appearance to make your visualization clear and easy to interpret. Unlike previous exercises, your visualization will now be evaluated on clarity and aesthetics in addition to the standard command, output, and interpretation evaluation. Include the full command, output screenshot (zoomed in), and a one-paragraph, masters-level response with your interpretation of your plot.


(Hint: Your interpretation should discuss all of the visualized clusters and should begin to address specific observations (data points) within each that warrant discussion.)


Command:   >




Interpretation: (80-120 words)


K-Means Clustering – Experiment with Different K Values (3 Runs Summarized):


Completely fill in the table below documenting the results of your experimentation with modifying the k value. You may use any k value other than 4 that is greater than 0. You do not need to provide any commands or output screenshots in this report. However, you will be evaluated on these commands being present in your R script!


Number of Instances in Each Cluster
Between Clusters Sum of Squares
Within Clusters Sum of Squares
Number of Iterations






What effect do you observe that modifying the k values has on the method results? Provide a one-paragraph, masters-level response below:


What is an ideal value of k for the Vehicle Silhouettes data? This is a subjective and open-ended question. Challenge yourself and come up with a creative and well-supported answer for which value you believe is ideal. Provide a one-paragraph, masters-level response below: (80-120 words)




What differences between k-means clustering and classification methods did you observe? Provide a one-paragraph, masters-level response. (80-120 words)



Which part of this exercise did you find the most challenging and what steps did you take to resolve the challenge?




Computer Science Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Address one of the topics below:

Contrast and compare the differences between Risk Treatment,  Risk Avoidance, Risk Mitigation, Risk Acceptance, and Risk Transfer?
Discuss each component of the CIA Triad.
Outline the differeneces between Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessments and how each are measured.

When should information security policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines be revisited?
What Defense in Depth methodologies could be integrated into your business or educational environment?
Why are data classification systems important?
Outline the purpose of each layer in the OSI Reference Model.
What is a Pen Test in regards to Information Security?

Train Reservation System Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Train Reservation System


Based on your project scenario which has been suggested by you or by your instructor and

approved by your instructor, answer the following three questions?

Scenario Overview:


Using any project management tool, draw the project Gant Chart?


Using any project management tool, draw the project network and show the critical path?


Using Excel sheet, suppose the project will finish within 6 years (Starting from year 0). Follow

your instructor instructions about the value of:

1- Discount Rate

2- Cost for every year

3- Benefits for every year

Your task is to calculate the following:

1- Discount factor for every year.

2- Discounted Benefits for every year.

3- Discounted Cost for every year.

4- Discounted Benefits-Cost for every year

5- Cumulative Benefits – Cost

6- Calculate NPV

7- Calculate ROI

8- Determine the payback in which year (If possible).

9- Explain the situation of your project. (over, under, behind the budget). What your value means?

Then paste your Excel sheet here .

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