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PSC Scope and Methods: Excercise on identifying dispersion in a variable

Below are the raw frequencies for two ordinal variables: a measure of individuals’ levels of social trust
(part A), and a measure of opinions about a requirement that would regulate automobile manufacturers
(part B). The social trust variable, which is based on the extent to which individuals think that people can
be trusted, has four values: low, medium-low, medium-high, and high trust. The automobile
manufacturers variable is based on how strongly respondents favor or oppose requiring car manufacturers
to make cars and trucks that use less gasoline. This variable is coded by five values: strongly favor
requirement, favor, neither favor nor oppose, oppose, or strongly oppose such a requirement.
For each variable: (i) Construct a frequency distribution, including frequencies, percentages, and
cumulative percentages. (ii) Sketch a bar chart. (iii) Identify the mode. (iv) Identify the median. (v) State
whether the variable has high dispersion or low dispersion. (vi) Explain how you know.

1. Raw frequencies for the social trust variable: low trust, 437; medium-low, 334; medium-high,
264; high trust, 273.
2. Raw frequencies for the car manufacturer variable: strongly favor requirement, 645; favor, 197;
neither favor nor oppose, 52; oppose, 14; strongly oppose, 9.
(Please see the attched picture)

Meteorology: Mid-Latitude Cyclone Case Study

For the mid-latitude cyclone over the US Great Lakes region of the United States:
Analyze each chart, and apply the conceptual model of a developing mid-latitude cyclone (presented in the Module 7 Wx Basics lesson), to identify and describe the presence of visual indicators supporting that the mid-latitude cyclone is in the development stages. For your submission, describe a total of four indicators, one from each of the weather maps provided.…………
In formulating your discussion, use terminology and descriptions appropriate to and in line with the processes involved in mid-latitude cyclone development to:
Identify the visual indicator.
State on which of the maps the indicator is found. For indicators on the upper-level maps, also include the relative location of the indicator with respect to the surface low-pressure center (the location of the surface low-pressure center is annotated on each upper-level map with an “L”).
Concisely describe the specific visual evidence of the indicator on the map.
Concisely explain how the indicator is promoting the development of the mid-latitude cyclone.

reference in APA format. 200-250 words per answer

Week 8 Discussion Forum

Political Science Assignment Help Should there be a death penalty for first-degree murder?
Make an argument that either supports or opposes the use of the death penalty in first-degree murder cases.
Be sure to define what is involved with first-degree murder and provide adequate reasoning and support for your argument. ( please cite anything you use)

Detailed instructions will be uploaded on a separate file, please refer to it and read it carefully. Make sure

Detailed instructions will be uploaded on a separate file, please refer to it and read it carefully. Make sure you look at the sample answer to get a reference point of what the expectations are. No outside research needed, the material and sources will be uploaded. Only use what is asked for!

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