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PSYC-232:SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY needing assistance

I am requesting assistance for an assignment for Social Psychology. I have the assignment instructions written below:
Instructions for your first blog activity
One of the goals of this course is to help you relate the course material to the “real world”. You will find that the topics we cover are frequently mentioned in news articles and displayed on TV and in the movies.
For each portfolio blog, you will need to find an example of social psychology in the real world. Each example should relate to topics or information covered in that week’s assigned chapters. Examples can be from newspapers, magazines (either in print or on the web), TV shows, movies, books (fiction or nonfiction), or other sources approved by the professor. Note that scholarly journal articles CANNOT be used for these blogs!
For each example, you’ll need to submit a summary that addresses ALL of the following items:
1) Where did you find the material? Provide a full reference in APA format for the source (note: see the “Resources” link on the course menu for helpful APA Style resources). Also, be sure to include a web link if it’s an online source!
2) Provide a detailed description of the item. What is it?
3) How is it specifically related to the current chapters? Tie the item to our textbook. Be sure to describe/explain the relevant social psychology concept(s).
4) Evaluate the accuracy of the example or describe how it expanded your understanding of the topic.
5) Write a discussion question related to this item (or to the topic more generally). The discussion question should be one that promotes thoughtful discourse on the topic (i.e. not multiple choice). Also, write a thoughtful response to your own question.
Once you have answered all 5 items (and labeled them 1-5), go and post a thoughtful or constructive comment to someone else’s blog entry.
NOTE: AN APA-FORMATTED REFERENCE FOR #1 IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A GRADE. Also, be sure to label each response (1-5), answer all questions thoroughly, and post a comment to someone else’s blog entry in order to get full points!
Teaching Blog Grading Rubric:
Excellent (20 points)
The blog entry fully addressed all questions, was in-depth, demonstrated understanding of content, and was well-written with few or no spelling/grammatical errors. Responses were labeled 1-5. APA formatting was correct. At least one thoughtful comment was posted in response to another classmate’s blog entry. Source was NOT a journal article.
Good (18 points)
Addressed all question(s) thoroughly and demonstrated understanding of content. Was well-written with few spelling/grammatical errors. Also, responses were labeled 1-5, and APA formatting was mostly correct. A thoughtful comment was posted in response to another classmate’s blog entry. Source was NOT a journal article.
Average (16) Mostly addressed the question(s), lacked depth/detail, incorporated some understanding of content. Responses were labeled. Had some spelling/grammatical errors. A comment may have been posted in response to another classmate’s blog entry. APA formatting had some errors. Source was NOT a journal article.
Needs Improvement (1-14) Did not answer all question(s), was not in-depth, lacked detail, demonstrated little understanding of content, had several spelling/grammatical and/or editorial errors. Obvious spelling/grammatical errors impeded understanding. Did not properly label items #1-5 or did not utilize labels at all. No comment was posted in response to another classmate’s blog entry. Had several APA formatting errors. Source was NOT a journal article.
No grade (0)
Did not have an APA-formatted reference, used a scholarly journal article (which are not allowed as sources on the blogs), did not add a blog entry, and/or created entry but did not answer any of the required items (in other words, blog entry was blank).

Choose one (1) of the following topics, and write a brief report (about 2 double-spaced pages). The report should

Choose one (1) of the following topics, and write a brief report (about 2 double-spaced pages). The report should describe your personal experiences, thoughts, or feelings and relate them to specific course concepts. This paper is worth 5 points. To get full points, the situation should be described clearly and linked clearly and appropriately to relevant course concepts. Once you complete the paper, deposit it in the course D2L Drop Box.

Topics to choose from:
1. Think of a time when you first met a person and formed a very inaccurate impression. What aspects of social cognition contributed to, your false impressions.
2. Describe a personal example of the operation of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
3. Give an example of four of the following: a) an example of a time when the paralinguistic cues led to a different understanding than was conveyed by the verbal message, b) an example of when the facial and paralinguistic cues provided conflicting impressions, c) an example of how gaze was used to indicate liking or status, d) an example of how your perceptions of a person were influenced by the person’s body movements or gestures, e) the feelings or impressions created by a casual touch. For each example, describe the situation and your reaction.

3 part question

Psychology Assignment Help Part1 : What’s the value of recess?
The trend these days has been gradually reducing time spent in unstructured play in favor of increased time spent preparing for standardized testing. This trend gained momentum with the passage of No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. More time spent learning math and reading should be a benefit, right? Well, not so fast. Play has its own developmental purpose for youngsters and in this week’s discussion, you’re going to dig a little deeper into this topic.
Chapter 5 in your textbook (Experiencing the Lifespan by Janet Belsky) provides an excellent foundation for understanding the importance of play in various aspects of child development.
This brief news story (Links to an external site.) discusses recent recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) regarding play. Please review the attached original report by the American Academy of Pediatrics and use information from this report to support your answers.
The Power of Play_American Academy of Pediatrics.pdf Download The Power of Play_American Academy of Pediatrics.pdf
Answer the following:
Discuss two different types or categories of play and the impact on child development.
What are differences in play between boys and girls? What causes gender-stereotyped play? Be sure to cite a reference here, not just your opinions!
How does engaging in play enhance executive functioning skills? You might begin with one or two sentences about what executive functioning skills are, and then explain how play improves these skills.
What is meant by “healthy risks” in childhood play and how are these important in child development? (MINIMUM 300 WORDS) PART 2: First, read this article: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.and then read this article: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external, please answer the following questions: 1) From the article “How your personality shines through” by Art Markman, Psychology Today as well as in chapter 4, do you feel that the trait, or the situation is more important in determining how a person behaves (and while yes, both are important, for this question pick which side you feel is most important)? Explain why you feel this way using evidence from the reading and/or outside sources to support your opinion.2) Based on the article from question 1, do you feel that people are consciously aware that they are going into situations that match/favor their personality style, or do you think they unconsciously choose those situations? Explain. Support your viewpoint with evidence from the reading and/or outside sources.3) Are the results presented in the 2nd article surprising to you? Why or why not? Do you feel that a genetic predisposition (things we will be discussing in more depth soon in the course) could be overcome by our experiences? Explain your response using evidence from the readings/weekly notes to support your opinion. (300 MINIMUM WORDS) PART 3: I want you to make one strong argument for both sides of the issue below and then explain which side of the debate you favor and why. You need at least 4 paragraphs with a paragraph being at least 5 sentences. Topic: The world’s oldest profession: Prostitution. Make one argument in support of voluntary legalized prostitution (not forced) and one argument against it. Then let the class know your position and why. You should include feminist theory as well as real world consequences and statistics in your posts.

This week, through your assigned textbook reading (see syllabus) and the videos linked in this week’s announcement, you explored

This week, through your assigned textbook reading (see syllabus) and the videos linked in this week’s announcement, you explored the impacts of chronic stress on health. You learned how various aspects of identity (i.e., race, gender, social position, etc.) and related experiences of discrimination can impact health. Please consider what you learned this week, as you answer the questions below. Remember, you have to answer each question
1. What kinds of employment, education, housing, and/or transportation polices should we implement, as a society, to promote health equity and reduce experiences of discrimination? What obstacles and opportunities exist to implementing such policies?
2. Describe how the potential policies below might promote better health for everyone in society? What other policies or social changes might you add to this list:

Existing Policies:

Potential Policies:

8-hour work day


paid vacation

Minimum wage

Living wage

Unemployment insurance

Job training and placement

Free K-12 public education

Equal distribution of resources across public schools

Social Security

Universal Healthcare
Our book is Health Psychology by Straub 6th edition we are on chapter 4
The professor wants us to use the book for reference and one short video

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