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Psychology Question

Researchers are always trying to find ways to more accurately measure prejudice and stereotyping. This is especially true for finding ways to do so that we can’t consciously control when we’re answering questions and that overcomes concerns over social desirability bias (which is a common concern with self-report measures.) In both the lecture and reading, you learned about the Implicit Association Test or IAT, which is thought to be a covert way of measuring prejudice, however there is disagreement among psychologists both about the accuracy of the IAT and whether or not the test is truly measuring prejudice or bias.
Please first try taking the IAT for yourself to help in writing your discussion post, you can take different versions of the test here:

For your discussion post, write about whether or not you think the IAT is an accurate measure of prejudice and make sure to include why you’re choosing that position. (Make sure to support your argument and position, for example you can discuss what you see as the strengths of the test or weaknesses of the test to use as support for your position.)
Note: Make sure to use content from the module to back up your opinion. Remember, I want to see you engaging with the course material- you can even use material from other modules when you see appropriate.

Consultation Areas of Interest,

There are many areas in which a forensic psychology professional can consult with the courts. Areas in which consultants provide valuable insight include, but are not limited to, battered woman’s syndrome, eyewitness testimony, hostage negotiation, and interviewing or interrogation techniques. Although the verdict does not rest solely on these areas of consultation, all have been used by the courts to aid the trier of fact (judge or jury) in coming to a conclusion in a case. In this Discussion, you analyze consultation areas within the forensic psychology field that are of interest to you and from which the courts benefit.To prepare for this Discussion:
Review the assigned pages of Chapters 5, 6, and 14 in your course textPsychological Evaluations for the Courts. Pay particular attention to the different areas of consultation within forensic psychology and think about which are of interest to you.
Review the articles “Hostage Negotiation Consultant: Emerging Role for the Clinical Psychologist” and “ Interviewing Suspects: Practice, Science, and Future Directions,” and think about the areas of experience and expertise for forensic psychology consultation.
Review the articles “Interviewing Suspects: Practice, Science, and Future Directions,” “Battered Woman Syndrome,” and “Jury Selection—Asking the Right Questions: A Way to Improve the Art of Jury Selection” to gain additional insight into these potential areas of consultation within forensic psychology in the courts.
Select two areas of consultation within forensic psychology that are of interest to you and in which you could become an expert. Think about the next steps involved in becoming an expert in each of the two areas you selected.
With these thoughts in mind:
By Day 4
Post a brief description of the two areas of forensic psychology consultation that you selected and explain why you selected each of them. Then explain the process you would take to become an expert in each of these areas. Be specific and support your response with references to the literature.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

My essay is based on an article named ‘Psychology: a Giant with Feet of Clay’ by Zagaria, ando, and

Psychology Assignment Help My essay is based on an article named ‘Psychology: a Giant with Feet of Clay’
by Zagaria, ando, and zennara. They give three main arguments in their article to prove that psychology is not a science, and I tried to give counter arguments and prove that psychology is a science against their 3 main arguments.
However, I do not think I did I good job overall because the essay looks ambiguous and the parts that I elaborate my arguments are not very clear, It does not not look like a well structured piece of writing which is what I need to have.
I need someone that is knowledgeable in the psychology field so he/she can add his knowledge and correct the parts that I did a mistake regarding the subject matter. Lastly, conclusion part is really weak because even I did not know how to summarize the
essay so please try to rewrite the conclusion part
note: i do not want the editor to change the whole essay with a previously written essay because Im afraid of getting caught with plagiarism.

300 word discussion on abnormal Psychology

Discuss some of the clinical assessments or ways we can get information about a client.
What is the difference between projective and subjective (response inventories) testing?Which one do you think is better to use to identify personality traits and whether or not the person has a mental disorder? Explain.

What are some of the ethical considerations associated with clinical assessments?

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