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Quality Factors food

Evaluate factors that influence safe, quality patient-centered care. Consider:
Shared decision-making
Laws, regulations, and policies
Analyze changes in technology and their effect on quality patient care.
Explain the roles of communication, collaboration, and shared decision-making.
Consider communication and collaboration between health care team members, between the patient and staff, and involving insurance companies.
Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources in an APA-formatted reference page.
Format your assignment as an 875-word paper. **** Please see attached Grading Rubric

NSG468 Wk 5 Discussion Post #2: Quality Factors (NG)

Respond to the following discussion post in a minimum of 175 words:
Patient safety and quality, patient centered care are some of the most important concepts in providing healthcare, and quality care does not exist without patient safety first and foremost. Although there are many factors that may influence these things, some that I believe are the most important are communication, shared decision making, and the interdisciplinary team.
Communication is key, and plays a major part in the entire scope of a patient’s care, but especially in their safety. When it comes to safety, for in an article from the Patient Safety Monitor Journal it is mentioned that “communication is a leading cause of sentinel events, which are the most serious adverse events. All told, communication failures contribute to somewhere between 50% to 80% of sentinel events.“(Patient Safety

Quality Factors

Nursing Assignment Help Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
What factors do you see in practice that influence safe, quality patient-centered care?
Have those factors shifted or changed as your role as an RN has progressed or changed?
Do you think the factors will continue to change?
What factors do you see affecting safe, quality patient-centered in 10 years?

Hi! This is a group project and my part is as described below: Evaluation of the theory: (this section

Hi! This is a group project and my part is as described below:

Evaluation of the theory: (this section is to be supported and linked to the
definition of the criteria for analysis (Total: 45 points)

• Scope, comprehensiveness or range: significance of the theory: (30 points)
• Explication/ parsimony/ clarity
• Social utility and significance
• Logical development; clarity
• Credibility/ reality convergence
• Its ability to generate theory if a conceptual model or if a theory, its testability

• One journal article are to be presented and discussed that have utilized the theory/model as an underpinning for research demonstrating evidence-base practice. (15 points)

I will also attach the rubric, please take a look as the instructor follow it very close!

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