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Referencing Tom Wujec’s TEDTalk, choose a process at your organization and create a process map. You can hand draw the map, take a photo with your phone and upload to your initial post. Explain why you choose that process, and what did you learn from process mapping it. What “unexpected truths” were revealed? How did Tom’s TEDTalk, ASQ 7 Basic Tools for Process Improvement article, and your textbook assist you in completing this exercise?
Your initial response to the discussion question should be 600 words. Your initial post must incorporate the concepts we are covering this week that relate to our discussion and have our text and at least one scholarly/peer reviewed APA citation with in-text citations incorporated into the body of the post.

Writer’s ChOICE Essay

Write a minimum of 250 words
Read the Connections section on pg. 17 of your book that discusses the relationship between mathematical proportions and architecture, music, and literature during the Renaissance era. Choose one of the relationships (ex. math and architecture or math and literature, etc.), do further research, and report additional information to extend the “conversation” about one of these relationships. Do not just summarize what you read in your Humanities book, but extend the topic by providing additional facts. Cite your sources.
use the link i provided as your source
If you base your main post and peer response entirely on the reading shared, you do not need to cite your sources. However, if you also use other resources (books, articles), cite them using MLA or APA Format.

Human Resources Discussion

Management Assignment Help Performance Management
What obstacles/barriers do you believe hinder employees’ performance levels in an organization? How can it be overcome and why? Share at least two more effective ways (not already shared by your classmates) for managers to conduct job performance evaluations in helping the employees achieve short- and long-term goals?
Your initial response to the discussion question should be 300 words. You must have at least one course (our text) and one non-course scholarly/peer reviewed source in your initial posting. Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post.

Intelligence Collection and Processing and Relation to the State

Craft a 1 page memo. Make sure to include the following points in the memo:
Explain how legal barriers may or may not prohibit information sharing at the different levels of government.
Include decision-making products as they relate to your chosen Key Assignment topic.
Review the Key Assignment selected strategy and determine what (if any) barriers there may be to information sharing.
Determine whether or not any barriers to information sharing are identified.
Determine whether or not an implementation plan addresses those identified barriers.
Determine how the strategy that you have selected fits into the overall information-sharing global structure.
Part 2
Review your selected strategy, conduct an assessment of the primary policies within the strategy (or the goals and objectives), and provide a detailed assessment of the pros and cons of each. Consider the intelligence cycle and the processing of information as well as interagency coordination and information sharing.
Complete a PowerPoint presentation of 8–10 slides, and include the following:
Assess the primary policies of the selected Key Assignment strategy.
Assess the pros and cons of each policy, taking into consideration the intelligence cycle and interagency coordination.
Provide any recommendations for improvements to the overarching goals and objectives or primary polices of the strategy.
Provide recommendations for implementation.
Submit a 1–2 page executive summary of your findings.
Include a cover slide and a reference slide.
Part 3
Please submit a draft of your Key Assignment, drawing from your work in previous weeks and 2-3 new pages.
Provide a written analysis of a specific intelligence and information-sharing strategy. Your draft should examine the strategy of an agency, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), or any national strategy that involves intelligence and information sharing, such as intelligence-led policing. Your draft should be 15–20 pages in length and should provide an in-depth analysis to determine whether or not the current strategy meets the intelligence and information sharing needs for homeland security (HLS), and make recommendations for improvement.
The analysis will examine factors such as, but not limited to the following:
A brief description of the strategy to include the agency responsible for the strategy and the history and evolution of the document
An analysis of the agency’s past and current structure and capabilities
Identification of information-sharing barriers and an explanation of how and why they are classified as barriers
A description of the specific policies within the strategy
Identification of legal entities and legal barriers
A description of whether or not there are ethical and privacy considerations
The intelligence cycle
Interagency coordination
You must include a reference page using APA formatting.

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