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QUESTION 1 What are financial crisis? When markets are working efficiently and conservatively When

Question: QUESTION 1 What are financial crisis? When markets are working efficiently and conservatively When markets are working erratically and inefficiently When markets are working efficiently and erratically When markets are working inefficiently and conservatively QUESTION 2 What is nonsystematic crisis? It involves only one or a few sectors It involves allSee the answerSee the answerSee the answer done loadingOnly 50 minutes, please help.
Show transcribed image textAns 1: when market are working inefficiently and conservation. Ans 2:when involve only one and Few sectors. beacuse of it economy is not run symultauonsly means one sector grow faster and other follow traditional activity only. Ans 3: A systematic cr…View the full answerTranscribed image text: QUESTION 1 What are financial crisis? When markets are working efficiently and conservatively When markets are working erratically and inefficiently When markets are working efficiently and erratically When markets are working inefficiently and conservatively QUESTION 2 What is nonsystematic crisis? It involves only one or a few sectors It involves all sectors It involves almost all sectors It involves most sectors QUESTION 3 What is systematic crisis? It involves only one or a few sectors It involves all sectors It involves very few It involves most sectors QUESTION 4 What is one of the five shocks in an economy? Decreases in uncertainty Decreases in interest rates Government fiscal surplus Balance sheet improvement Banking problems and panic QUESTION 5 What is one of the five shocks in an economy? O Increases in uncertainty O Decreases in interest rates O Government fiscal surplus Balance sheet improvements O Banking stability QUESTION 6 What is a bailout? O “A method to restore the gains incurred by one or more economic agents, usually with taxpayer money” O “A method to restore the gains incurred by one or more economic agents, usually without taxpayer money” O “A method to restore the losses suffered by one or more economic agents, usually without taxpayer money” O “A method to restore the losses suffered by one or more economic agents, usually with taxpayer money” QUESTION 7 What is the difference between positive and negative equity? O “Positive equity occurs when market price of the asset is greater than the amounts borrowed to purchase it, while negative equity occurs when its less than the amount borrower” O “Positive equity occurs when market price of the asset is less than the amounts borrowed to purchase it, while negative equity occurs when greater than the amount borrower” O “Negative equity occurs when market price of the asset is less than the amounts borrowed to purchase it, while positive equity occurs when greater than the amount borrower” O “Negative equity occurs when market price of the asset is greater than the amounts borrowed to purchase it, while positive equity occurs when its less than the amount borrower QUESTION 8 What are subprime mortgages? O Loans provided to risk-free borrowers O Stock provided to risky borrowers Loans provided to risky borrowers O Stock provided to risk-free borrowers QUESTION 9 What are mortgage-backed securities? O A bundle of home mortgages Single home mortgages Multi-family mortgages All of the above QUESTION 10 What was the US interest rate between July 2006 and July 2007 (page 152, figure 12.4)? 9% 1% 5% 3% QUESTION 11 What is one of the five shocks in an economy? Decreases in uncertainty Decreases in interest rates Increases in economic growht rates Decreases in unemployment rates Banking problems and panic QUESTION 12 What are asset bubbles? An increase in value of assets such as commodities above the basic level O A decrease in value of assets such as commodities above the basic level QUESTION 13 What is a financial panic? Low number of selling occurs during the rapid de-leveraging of the financial system High number of selling occurs during the slow de-leveraging of the financial system High number of selling occurs during the rapid de-leveraging of the financial system Low number of selling occurs during the rapid leveraging of the financial system QUESTION 14 What is the opposite of an asset bubble? O An asset bursting An asset expansion QUESTION 15 What is a credit crunch? The volume of loans increases because of a bursting of an asset bubble during a financial crisis. The volume of loans decreases because of a bursting of an asset bubble during a financial crisis. The volume of loans decreases because of an expansion of an asset bubble during a financial crisis. The volume of loans increase because of an expansion of an asset bubble during a financial crisis. QUESTION 16 What is a negative bubble? A rapid increase in price level A normal level of price levels A rapid decrease in price level All of the above QUESTION 17 What was the highest U.S. Home price Composite Index between 2000-2008 (page 152, Figure 12.3)? 100 225 50 120 QUESTION 18 Which yiels is shown in page 154, figure 12.6? Interest yields Inflation yields Bond yields Unemployment yields QUESTION 19 What was the lowest U.S. interest rates between October 2001 to April 2004 (pasge 152, Figure 12.4)? O 1.00% O 3.80% 10% 6% QUESTION 20 How much did the Bank of America had to pay to purchase Merrill Lynch (according to the text)? $10 Million O $15 Million $5 Million $50 Million

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Anthropology Assignment essay help online free

This is a test it is not timed. I need a professional that knows about Anthropology.

1 test has 9 questions

2nd test has 8

Please see instructions below


You will be submitting your answers to the lab questions (in the lab documents and lab manual exercises) in this “quiz.” At the end, you will be asked to upload a file or picture of your lab, depending on the lab. 2 attempts are allowed.

Character in Ron Rash’s Novel essay help online free

QUESTION 1 What are financial crisis? When markets are working efficiently and conservatively When

For this 800-1000 word essay (not including the Works Cited), you will analyze one character in Ron Rash’s novel Above the Waterfall. Choose a main character or a minor character, and discuss this character’s development over the course of the novel. Avoid summarizing the novel–this is not a book report. Some examples of what you could cover in a character analysis are:

What function does this character serve in the novel, and why is that significant? (For example, is the character a catalyst, antagonist, protagonist, or foil?)

How does the character change over the course of the novel and why?

What does this character show about the human psyche?

What does this character reveal about society?

What does this character reveal about social roles? Does this character fit into a specific role or does this character show that we don’t or shouldn’t fit into socially prescribed roles?

What does this character reveal about a particular allusion, symbol, or theme in the novel?

***Don’t attempt to answer all of these questions in such a short essay–these are examples of the kinds of questions you may choose to focus your analysis.

Your goal is to write a well-organized, well-developed, correctly cited, grammatically and mechanically acceptable essay. Include an introduction with an audience attention-getter and a thesis statement. Write well-developed body paragraphs with ample evidence (details and quotations) cited from the novel and supporting evidence cited from a reputable journal article about the novel or about a topic related to the novel (such as the Appalachian Region in NC, methamphetamine addiction, environmental preservation, etc.). Transition smoothly between paragraphs and ideas. Write a conclusion that draws the analysis to a strong close, rather than merely restatign the thesis or content of the earlier paragraphs.

Websites are not allowed as sources.


1. Use MLA format, as required for the course (see the details provided within the “Getting Started/Course Info.” folder).


2. Title your essay creatively–do not give your essay the same title as the novel or character you are analyzing.


3. Use literary present tense (refer to events in the novel in present tense rather than past tense).


4. Write in third person since this is a formal essay. Use “the reader” or “readers,” not “I,” “me,” “my,” “you,” “your,” or “yourself,” as in this example: “The reader notices Ron Rash’s use of allusion in Part One when….”


5. The first time you refer to the author in a sentence, use his full name: Ron Rash. After that, only use his last name in sentences: Rash. Do not refer to authors by first name.


6. Italicize the novel’s title, Above the Waterfall. Treat all other source titles appropriately, with either quotation marks or italics, according to the type of source.


7. To support your analysis in every body paragraph, use quotations cited from the novel and quotations or paraphrases cited from a library database article.

8. Use MLA-style parenthetical in-text citations for all quotations and paraphrases.


9. Integrate quotations smoothly into your sentences, punctuating and citing them correctly. Do not use long block quotations.

10. Use an attribution tag to introduce the literary criticism author and his or her credentials and/or article title (if no author is given) when you first include it in your essay.


12. Create a Works Cited page using correct MLA formatting for your sources: the novel and one library database article.

Internet Impact essay help online free

Discussion Forum 1

Internet Impact

In Discussion Forum 1, post your response to the following discussion questions. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar.

How has the Internet impacted your life? List and explain your top 5 preferred or most used sites and explain why you prefer or use these sites. Describe three ways that using the Internet has changed your life. Have these changes been for better or worse?

Digitalisation and Technization Influence essay help online free

I need a paper that explains how digitalization and technization have affected the world we live in today. I don’t need them focussing on organizations and businesses because this is not a business paper. It is a sociology paper and it needs to focus on the human being and the environment around him.

Psychological Effect of Sexual Abuse Victims essay help online free

To complete this assignment, students are to select a topic or concept within the science of Psychology, and cited within the textbook, and type and submit a research paper that consists of one thousand (1,000) words within the text. The paper must be written utilizing no less than, four (4) psychological sources (i.e. periodicals, journals, websites, etc.). Students are not allowed to utilize information found and cited from either Wikipedia or the associated textbook (Associated Textbook: Psychology authored by King 5th edition is NOT Acceptable) as a resource and neither is information provided by Wilipedia.). Any submission utilizing either of these as resources will receive a grade of Zero (0). Information utilized and/or cited from either of these sources will result in a grade of zero (0) for the assignment. All papers must be written in compliance with APA Writing Guidelines format and must conform to all standards there of

Can use King, The Science of Psychology, 5e: Laura King as a source but NOT Psychology authored by King 5th edition

Healthcare Issue essay help online free

Scientific and Mathematical/Analytical Perspectives of Inquiry Paper

Compose a focused paper that explains and describes your healthcare issue/topic from the scientific and mathematical/analytical perspectives of inquiry. (You will cover two perspectives in one paper.)

Address your general topic by forming and answering two levels of research questions for each inquiry.

• Choose a “Level 1 Research Question/Writing Prompt” from both of the lists below to answer in the paper.

• Compose a “Level 2 Research Question/Writing Prompt” for each kind of inquiry that provides detail, specificity, and focus to your inquiry, research, and writing.

• State your research questions in the introduction of your paper.

• Answer each research question and support your assertions with evidence (research) to form the body of your paper.

• In the conclusion of the paper, briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.

Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts

SCIENTIFIC Perspective of Inquiry

• What are the anatomical, physiological, pathological, or epidemiological issues?

• Which body systems are affected?

• What happens at the cellular or genetic level?

• Which chemical or biological issues are most important?

Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts


• What are the economic issues involved?

• Which economic theories or approaches best explain the issue?

• What are the statistical facts related to the issue?

• Which statistical processes used to study the issue provide for the best explanation or understanding?

Your paper must be five pages in length and reference four to six scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. Be sure to follow current APA Style (e.g., spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, page numbering).

Social Psychology essay help online free

Here is complete instructions. i am also going to upload a perfect example of how it should be. Psy 3500. Social Psychology Research proposal in Social Psychology (150 points)Research proposal in social psychology: For this paper, you will need to develop a research proposal, using an experimental design, to test a hypothesis/theory in social psychology. (Note: This is only a research proposal, so you won’t need to conduct this research.) You should use the APA style, double-space and typed only (Times New Roman, font size: 12). The content of the proposal should be at least 8 pages, plus the references. Professional style: Please follow the steps carefully. Imitate the format you have learned from academic articles. You need to write this research proposal as professional as possible, and avoid informal language (such as, I, me, we, etc.).

1. Formulate a research question / Introduction: (10 points)Think about several research questions that are directly related to this class, and then choose the one that you want to write for this assignment. Why do you think that this research question is important and worthy of conducting? What is the significance of this research? What kinds of contributions do you think that this research can bring to human knowledge?

2. Literature review (50 points)Please include at least 8 relevant academic articles in the literature review section, and discuss how these articles answer your research question. What are their research designs? What are the limitations of these articles with respect to your research question? How could you go beyond these studies in order to answer your own research question? (Follow the academic format you see in other academic articles). The literature review should be about 2-4 pages. You need to do some comparisons among these articles, like what you see in some academic articles, rather than discussing each of them separately. For the academic format, the references should be consistent with the citations. That is, for everything you cite within the paper, you should include it in the references. If it is not cited within the paper, it should NOT be included in the references. You need to include at least 8 relevant academic studies in your references.


3. Hypotheses and theoretical justification (20 points)What’s your theoretical justification (logical argument), and what is your hypothesis? If you want, you can integrate your theoretical argument with the literature review.You should put your hypothesis after your theoretical justification.4. Experimental design: (30 points)The purpose of this proposal is to design an experiment within social psychology. Please review chapter 1 regarding the focus of social psychology: How would individuals’ thoughts, feelings, or behaviors affected by others? Here are some important points to keep in mind when you design a social psychological experiment:

(1). How would the majority, “normal,” people react? Social psychology studies “normal people.” Therefore, please don’t focus on criminals, prisoners, or those going to the clinical services. (These would be a good topic for other classes.)

(2). Psychological social psychology focuses on the “immediate reaction” to the situation you created, such as how would most people react when a little girl gives them a candy? For this assignment, please do not design anything that requires an extended period of time.

(3). You need to use an experiment, NOT surveys.For this assignment, you are required to use an experimental design (don’t just use a survey as your independent variable). In other words, you need to take an action (or create a situation), manipulating the independent variable, to see the consequences or changes of the dependent variables.In your paper, describe the process in as much detail as possible. (You might need to review chapter 2). Don’t forget to include the following major points: What’s the independent variable? What’s the dependent variable? Do you need a control group? Do you need a pre-test? Why or why not?

5. Data Collection (20 points)How would you choose and recruit your participants? How many people do you plan to choose? Are there any potential biases in your sampling process? (Do you think your participants represent the general public? Why or why not?) Will the biased sample have any impact on the results of your research? (For example, conducting your experiment among college students versus among senior church members.) Please discuss the data collection process in detail.

6. Research ethics: (10 points)Will this research harm anyone? How could you protect your participants? Please discuss all possible research ethic issues we discussed in Lesson 2.7. Overall APA format: (10 points)

Please take a look at the APA format from the module, and follow the APA format as closely as possible. For this paper, you are NOT required to include an abstract nor a conclusion. Here is a portion of an article that needs to be used. I also downloaded a a paper with the the same them and it is a perfect example of how the paper should turn out. use as a guidline

Social Policy essay help online free

Instructions Begin working on the final project. Please choose the social policy you wish to research, Choose any social welfare topic to include Food Stamp Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPS) and Unemployment Benefits. These are just a few that I identified for you. write an abstract for your paper, and provide at least three sources Utilizing the text and outside scholarly sources, examine a social welfare policy, and provide a written analysis of existing policy in the chosen area.

This project should be a minimum of 4 – 6 pages (not including title page, reference page, or graphs), well-researched with APA formatting guidelines being followed. Three academic journal sources are required. The following should be addressed: Type of policy and level at which you are is analyzing the policy (federal, state, or local) Intended target population of the policy Brief history of the policies intended to address this problem Policy alternatives that were explored (bounded rationality framework) Political constraints on the policy decision making process Unintended consequences of the policy, if known Results of the policy on the target population Explain the role of advocacy in addressing your selected social policy

The following criteria must be represented in your research and essay: Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the policy practice arena Describe the role of listening skills in the creation of social welfare policy Activity Explore the methods other developed countries use to assist families with children such as child allowances and universal daycare. Join with a classmate and each can select a different country to study. Discuss the reasons the United States has not adopted these approaches. What methods do you think the United States should use to aid low-income families with children? Paper Requirements Length: 4 – 6 pages Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins APA Format

Factors Affecting Athletic Sneaker Industry essay help online free

I have to write a 2-5 page paper Times Roman 12 font.

This week I am to research factors affecting the Athletic sneaker market/industry as a whole.

I taken interest an interest in the Athletic footwear industry, specifically the sneaker industry.

Nike/Jordan Brand, Adidas, etc..

How will these companies be affected by the “Rise of the sneaker” resale market.

The Movie Parasite Analysis essay help online free

Compose an MLA Format – headed, titled, double-spaced essay with Work Cited or Works Cited. The essay should include an introduction with thesis, body paragraphs with film evidence, and a conclusion. The film is the primary source, but other secondary sources from videos, reviews, and or other articles may be use as well to enhance the analysis.

The essay should be at least 900-1,2000 words long. Use third pronouns and person point of view, and refer to the film with present tense verbs. Write out all contractions.


Discuss one or more of the following themes from Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite, and discuss its/their use in the film.

Class Warfare

Role of Women




Human Resource Management essay help online free

Course Book – Human Resource Management (15th Ed) by Gary Dessler (Florida International University)

Outline of case study due by Wednesday 15 July

The case study paper is focused on the problem that Human Resource Management professionals face with employee dating, the history of the problem, why it is a problem/underlying causes, and do HR professionals have a right to regulate dating between employees. Plus, suggested solutions, and what the solutions would achieve.

Data Collection and Analysis essay help online free

Assignment Overview

Earlier in the course, you converted your research topic into an overarching or primary research question. Even the most focused research question may contain within it a series of more fundamental and related questions. Once these are determined, the researcher must then determine the kinds of information necessary to answer them.

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following EPAs and practice behaviors:

C4: Engage In Practice-informed Research and Research-informed Practice

C4.GP.B Apply critical thinking to engage in analysis of quantitative and qualitative research methods and research findings.

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will identify a series of subquestions that must be answered in order to find the answer or answers to the primary question. You will also begin to identify the kinds of data you will need, from whom you will gather it, and which methods you will apply to your proposed study. The approach you use “may depend on your topic, purpose, and intended use of the study results, as well as the orientation toward social science that you adopt” (Neuman, 2013, p. 110).

The subquestions you have identified will help you determine the kinds of data you would need to collect in order to address your research question. Who will be answering these questions:

Who will your participants be?

Is the data quantitative or qualitative in nature—should it be in the form of numbers or words?

What methods might you apply to glean the information that you seek?

What instruments, measures, or tools would you use in your study?

Also, identify how you would analyze the data that you collect. Will you be conducting statistical analyses of any kind? Or, will you be using coding and categorizing? Will you be using any computer software to assist with the analysis?

Finally, consider the results of the study. Who should know about these results? How will you present them?

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment:

Restate your overarching research question.

Identify critical subquestions related to a primary research question. In other words, what questions require answers in order to address the primary question?

Identify a relevant pool of participants.

Describe data sources (artifacts, literature, et cetera) relevant to a given research problem. Are you seeking information represented by numbers or words? Stated differently, are you interested in quantitative or qualitative data, or both? Describe these.

Identify contextually appropriate data-collection tools.

Explain the approach to relevant data interpretation. Be sure to explain why you have selected this approach. Consider whether you will use any computer software or programs to assist with the data analysis.

Explain the appropriate audience and medium for final data analysis. Include how you propose to present them and what format would be most appropriate to communicate your results to your audience.

Crisis Counseling and the Gospel essay help online free

Formulate a thread of at least 400 words to answer the questions at the end of the following scenario: You are called as a crisis interventionist to the hospital following a fatal car accident that took the life of the wife of the man you’re meeting with. As you arrive, you discover by his language and tone that he is either not a Christian or wants nothing to do with God right now. Based on Jesus’ exemplary model of a crisis counselor, is it okay to discuss the theological importance of salvation with this victim immediately following the car accident. Why or why not? Use Wright’s descriptions of Jesus in Chapter 1 and Scriptural passages of Jesus’ meetings with others in crisis to support your answer.

Please let me know if you have access to this textbook :

The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Couseling AUTHOR: DR H NORMAN WRIGHT

Critical Thinking essay help online free

Please read the above referenced article. Critically analyze this article and write a summary in essay form that includes the points listed below. Students must use their own words in writing their summary (in other words, do not quote directly from the article). Be sure to check your spelling and grammar before submitting your work.

First Paragraph (Introduction):

• Introduce the article.

• What was the purpose of the study?

• What was the hypothesis in this study? What did the researchers expect to find?

Second Paragraph (Background):

• What are the main ideas or the theory behind the hypothesis? Why were the researchers interested in studying this question?

• What is the supporting research for this study?

Third Paragraph (Results):

• What were the results of the study? What did the researchers find?

• Was the hypothesis supported? If so, how? If not, why not?

Fourth Paragraph (Discussion):

• Discuss the results of the study.

• What is the interpretation of these results?

• What impact do these findings have on theory?

Network Plan essay help online free

You were selected to design a small peer-to-peer network for a new facility which has six computers and a networked printer. Each desk computer must have a wired network connection. The rooms are to have wireless access for mobile devices.

For this assignment, you will utilize Gliffy®, (Links to an external site.) a software application to create a basic network diagram depicting a star topology with a switch as the central communications node. The focus here is on the network communications equipment for this LAN. Include only that equipment and end node devices on the network diagram. There is no need to draw out the layout of the physical space.

In addition to providing a network diagram, you must also provide a short essay that describes the details of the LAN equipment that is being used and the connections. In the essay, be sure to explain why each device is positioned where it is.

Also, briefly state any assumptions you’ve made about the kind of work being done, the demands the personnel in the office will put on the network, how they’ll use it, and how that influenced your design. For example, if the business that uses the LAN is a small video-based news streaming service, they will probably need more performance from both their network and ISP than a small rental property management office might need.


1. Depict a star topology that uses Ethernet.

2.Provide a ‘cloud’ shape or another symbol for the ISP WAN service. Label the symbol as ‘Dial-up,’ ‘Cable,’ or ‘Fiber Optic.’

3.Label all network devices in the LAN (brand and model names are acceptable but not required).

4.Connect to the ISP service using a dial-up modem, cable modem, or, if using fiber optic service, an optical network terminal (ONT). Do not use a combination device such as a modem/router.

5.Connect the LAN router (wireless router) to the ISP WAN service device. The LAN router provides many capabilities to include: DHCP, (Links to an external site.) NAT translation, (Links to an external site.) port forwarding, (Links to an external site.) QoS, (Links to an external site.) and software firewall services. Do not use a router/switch combination device; however, a router with integrated wireless capabilities is acceptable.

6.Use a managed switch as a centrally-located device to provide wired network connectivity for the seven end nodes (six desktop computers and a printer). Connect the switch directly to the main LAN router.

7. Connect the seven end nodes directly to the central switch.

8. Label the specific type of physical media (cables) being used to connect the LAN router to the ISP service device, the central switch to the LAN router, and the seven end nodes to the central switch.

9. Use a screen capture tool such as Snagit (Links to an external site.) or the Microsoft Clipping Tool to copy your diagram and paste the copied image into a Word document with the written essay.

Your application response is a reflective written assignment relating to the module readings, discussion, and other activities presented. All work must be original and not taken from Internet sources.

In a document, compose an essay consisting of three paragraphs (250-300 words) This assignment must be in essay format with an introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion.

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