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QUESTION 12 The local market for apple cider is in perfectly competitive equilibrium with

Question: QUESTION 12 The local market for apple cider is in perfectly competitive equilibrium with the following supply and demand: Supply Imarginal cost: P-3 0.60 Demand marginal benefit: P-27 -0.20 In equilibrium, what is the total consumer surplus that the drinkers of apple cider get to enjoy? Show transcribed image textThe a…View the full answerTranscribed image text: QUESTION 12 The local market for apple cider is in perfectly competitive equilibrium with the following supply and demand: Supply Imarginal cost: P-3 0.60 Demand marginal benefit: P-27 -0.20 In equilibrium, what is the total consumer surplus that the drinkers of apple cider get to enjoy?

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Sociology Research Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

You will need to write a paper of approximately 7-8 pages pertinent to contemporary social theory. You can write a description of a theorist and his/her ideas (e.g., Robert Merton, C. Wright Mills).

Or, you can write a description of a particular theory or theoretical idea (e.g., ethnomethodology). Or, you can take a contemporary social theory and apply it to a social institution or issue (e.g., labeling theory and body image among modern females). Please send me the topic in advance.

Discussion 2 Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

QUESTION 12 The local market for apple cider is in perfectly competitive equilibrium with

For this Shared Practice, write a 3- to 4-paragraph essay in APA format. Identify the Course Outcome you selected and the passages from  The Goal.

Explain why each passage you chose is relevant and important in effective business management. Justify your response, and include citations for each passage. As you move on to next week, reflect on this statement, “If I had only known this, back when…”

Intervention Treatment Plan Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

According to the Counsel on Social Work Education, Competency 4: Engage in Practice-informed Research and Research-informed Practice:

Social workers understand quantitative and qualitative research methods and their respective roles in advancing a science of social work and in evaluating their practice. Social workers know the principles of logic, scientific inquiry, and culturally informed and ethical approaches to building knowledge. Social workers understand that evidence that informs practice derives from multi-disciplinary sources and multiple ways of knowing. They also understand the processes for translating research findings into effective practice.

The MSW program expects students in their specialization year to be able to:

· Critically evaluate evidence based and “best practice” treatment interventions.

· Compose clinical intervention plans that are grounded research-based knowledge

This assignment is intended to help students demonstrate the behavioral components of this competency in their field education.

To Prepare: Review the agency’s intervention/treatment plan used to engage clients. After reviewing the agency’s intervention/treatment plan, consult the literature and conduct extensive research, with the goal of finding best practices that supports or adds to the agency’s current intervention/treatment plan. The purpose of this assignment is to find research that supports or adds to the agency’s current intervention/treatment approach.


Submit a 1-2-page paper in which you:

1. Briefly describe the agency’s intervention/treatment plan (Student agency is a short term inpatient mental health/substance abuse hospital. On the treatment plan the agency assess client strengths and deficits. The agency sets goals and interventions for each client’s treatment plan).

2. Briefly discuss best practices about interventions identified in the literature

3. Briefly discuss how the agency can incorporate those best practices into the current intervention/treatment plan

4. Provide a brief summary of the similarities and differences between the intervention/treatment plan used at the agency and the suggested practices in the literature

Note: If no formal process is used in the agency, discuss the agency’s current process and compare it to the suggestions in the literature. You are expected to present and discuss this assignment with your agency Field Instructor. Your field instructor will be evaluating your ability to demonstrate this competency in the field evaluation.

Discussion Post Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Due Week 4 and worth 150 points

Choose one of the professional scenarios provided in Blackboard under the Student Center tab, or click here to view them in a new window.

The message should take the block business letter form from the posted example; however, you will submit your assignment to the online course shell.

The block business letter must adhere to the following requirements:


Address the communication issue from the scenario.
Provide bad news from the company to the recipient.
Concentrate on the facts of the situation and use either the inductive or deductive approach.
Assume your recipient has previously requested a review of the situation via email, letter, or personal meeting with management.


Include the proper introductory elements (sender’s address, date, recipient’s address). You may create any details necessary in the introductory elements to complete the assignment.
Provide an appropriate and professional greeting / salutation.
Single space paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.
Limit the letter to one page in length.

Clarity / Mechanics:

Focus on clarity, writing mechanics, and professional language/style requirements.
Run spell/grammar check before submitting.

ENG315                                    Professional Scenarios

1. Saban is a top performing industrial equipment salesperson for D2D. After three years of working with his best client, he receives a text message from Pat (his direct manager) assigning him to a completely different account. 

Pat has received complaints that Saban gets all of the good clients and is not a “team player.” 

Saban responds to the message and asks for a meeting with Pat to discuss this change. Pat responds with another text message that reads: “Decision final. Everyone needs to get a chance to work with the best accounts so it is fair. Come by the office and pick up your new files.” 

Moments later, Saban sends a text message to Karen, his regional manager and Pat’s boss. It simply reads, “We need to talk.” 

 2. Amber, Savannah, and Stephen work for Knowledge, Inc. (a consulting company). While on a conference call with Tim Rice Photography (an established client), the group discusses potential problems with a marketing campaign. Tim Rice, lead photographer and owner of Tim Rice Photography, is insistent the marketing is working and changes are not needed. 

Amber reaches over to put Tim on “Mute” but accidently pushes a different button. She immediately says to Savannah and Stephen that the marketing campaign is not working and that “…Tim should stick to taking pretty pictures.” 

Tim responds, “You know I can hear you, right?” 

 3. James shows up to work approximately five minutes late this morning, walks silently (but quickly) down the hallway and begins to punch in at the time clock located by the front desk.  

Sarah, the front desk manager, says, “Good morning, James,” but James ignores her, punches in, and heads into the shop to his workplace.  Sarah rolls her eyes, picks up the phone, and dials the on-duty manager to alert her that James just arrived and should be reaching his desk any moment. 

4. Paul works for the website division of SuperMega retail company. He receives an email late Friday afternoon that explains a new computer will launch at the end of next June and it will be in high demand with limited stock. Also contained in the three-page-message is that customers will be able to preorder the item 30 days before launch according to the production company. Paul is asked to create a landing page for consumers who are interested in learning more about the product. 

By mistake, Paul sets up a preorder page for the product that afternoon (well in advance of the company authorized period) and late Friday evening consumers begin to preorder the product. Sharon, Vice President of Product Sales at SuperMega, learns of the error Saturday morning and calls Paul to arrange a meeting first thing Monday morning. Sharon explains to Paul on the phone that the company intends on canceling all of the preorders and Paul responds that the company should honor the preorders because it was not a consumer error. After a heated exchange, Paul hangs up on Sharon when she insists that the preorders will be canceled because of Paul’s error. 

Research Paper Annotated Bibliography persuasive essay help

Human Resource Policy Project: Research Paper Instructions

In a research paper, provide researched rationale for the nature and substance of your 4 selected (Dress Code, HR Benefits, Harassment, Sick Leave Or you can choose any other topics), distinct policies. This paper is to be reflective of an academic research paper. The research paper must address the reasoning and/or rationale for the inclusion of the selected policy elements in a policy manual.


The selected policies must correctly address employment legislation pertinent to the stated size of the company (15–25 employees). In elaborating on the rationale, you may want to consider the following questions: Why should these elements be in a policy manual? What laws or principles mandate an organization follow these guidelines? What cases have established precedent for this issue to be addressed clearly in an organization’s employee policy manual?


Support your rationale with (at minimum) the 12 scholarly sources used in your annotated bibliography in addition to the textbook and the Bible. Remember, government websites and previous/current court cases are useful but will not be included in the scholarly reference requirement.


The paper must be at least 2,200 words, in addition to the cover page, the abstract, and the references page. It must be written in current APA format. Papers submitted with less than the minimum word count will not receive full credit in this area of the grading rubric.


Following are some examples of HR policy topics. These are only examples. You may identify/select other topics that would be relevant and appropriate for a general employee policy manual/handbook.


Dress Code
Technology Use
Code of Conduct
Benefits (This can be more specific to areas such as paid time off, health care benefits, and so forth.)
Training Opportunities/Expectations

Human Resource Policy Project: Annotated Bibliography Instructions

The annotated bibliography for your 4 selected human resource topics must consist of at least 12 reputable, professional, scholarly journals and/or informational venues that deal with the content of the course (i.e., not blogs, Wikipedia, newspapers, etc.), be in current APA format, and contain persistent links so others may have instant access. Include a proper title page.


It is highly recommended that you use Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Library online resources. A librarian is available to assist you in all matters pertaining to conducting your research, including what constitutes a scholarly article (reputable, professional and/or scholarly journals, and/or informational venues that deal with the content of the course).


The Jerry Falwell Library librarian has asked that the following be shared:


Articles in Business Source Premier have a “Permalink” you can use to post in your assignment. The permalink, in most cases, will allow anyone to access your article. Articles in Business Source Complete have a “Permalink” you can use in your assignment. The Permalink should allow anyone to access your article. To get the Permalink, look the article up in Business Source Complete and click the article title. Then click the “Permalink” link that appears in the right column.


The annotations are designed to help your classmates better understand and more easily learn about your topic. The annotation is not a normal required component of APA; rather, it is a specific additional requirement for this assignment. Note the following regarding your annotated bibliography:


An annotated bibliography is a list of the journals and resources you used.
Each citation is followed by a brief paragraph (at least 150 words) that is descriptive and evaluative—the annotation.
The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.
For more information on annotations, see this link about Annotated Bibliographies.


Do not cut and paste from your sources, as this constitutes plagiarism. Regardless of the reason, in the event of plagiarism, you will receive 0 points for the entire assignment.

Body Image and Media Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

I need a two page LITERATURE REVIEW  about ” How does the media affects body image”? This literature review needs to include a minimum 6 scholarly articles.

Case: P’kolino Financials” Entrepreneurship Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

W5 Discussion “Case: P’kolino Financials”


Case: P’kolino Financials

This case (found at the end of chapter 9) consists of the financial exhibits from the P’kolino case analyzed in a previous lesson. The P’kolino financials are pretty detailed; they should begin to acquaint the new entrepreneur with the sort of financial planning needed to get a substantial enterprise off the ground. Please pay special attention to the financial assumptions—numbers alone are just gobbledegook. They need to be based on real assumptions connecting projections to the real world.

Please answer the following questions in the discussion:

How do the common-sized income sheet ratios compare to industry standards? Can you explain the variances in a way the makes the projections seem sound?
How do the revenues per employee compare to industry standards? Again, can you explain the variances?
Do the financial projections accurately capture all the expenses that are implied in the written plan (refer back to the previous case)?
Is the proposed financing sufficient to cover the company’s cash flow needs? What happens if sales are not as high or quick to materialize as expected?

No student needs to answer all of these questions in their first post. Address one or two and let other students pick up the others.

Marketing and Financial Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

PART 1 : Online Discussion (a minimum of 150 words)

Watch the video, Creating the Marketing Plan as attached file, and answer the following questions:

1.What do you believe is the most important element of a marketing plan? Provide your rationale for this statement.

2.What do you believe is the least important element of a marketing plan? Provide your rationale for this statement.

3.Provide three reasons why a company should write a marketing plan. Provide your rationale for this statement.


PART 2 : Response to peers(a minimum of 50 words)


PART 3 : Response to peers(a minimum of 50 words)

PART 4 : FINANCIAL Management(3-5 pages depends on info)

Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate document. Explain how you reached the answer, or show your work if a mathematical calculation is needed, or both. Submit your assignment using the assignment link above.

In your own words, please identify two different stock exchanges in the United States. Describe the similarities and differences between the two stock exchanges. Identify one stock from each of the two stock exchanges.
Using the two stocks you identified, determine the free cash flow from 2013 & 2014. What inference can you draw from the companies’ free cash flow?


Using the 2016 & 2017 financial statements for both stocks, prepare two financial ratios for each of the following categories: liquidity ratios, asset management ratios, and profitability ratios. You should have a total of six ratios for each stock, per year. What challenges, strengths, or weaknesses do you see? Please be articulate.


Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Instructions and Tips

The Excel MOS Certification Exam is not a set of questions like a quiz. It is a set of steps to be completed on real Excel workbooks, much like the Cases and Review Exercises you did in the textbook. However, they take some getting used to. Thus, we have prepared a set of four practice exams for you to work on in Weeks 10-13 that test Microsoft’s stated objectives. You will submit the completed practice exams to Blackboard and they will be scored and become a portion of your final grade.

You may want to print the instructions or you might want to follow on the screen by switching back and forth between Excel (the workbook) and Word (the instructions). Either way the checkboxes should be used to keep track of your progress. If you don’t understand a task, leave it unchecked and come back to it later.

There are four practice exams, one in each of Weeks 10 through 13. A possible set of goals as you work on these might be:

· Project 1 – Take your time getting used to the type of tasks and the way they are stated as you complete the test.

· Projects 2 & 3 – Work quickly and make an effort to get everything correct.

· Project 4 – Make an effort to finish in less than 90 minutes, including going back to any tasks you may have skipped and double-checking the more difficult tasks.

While we have no way to time you on these practice exams, you can make them even more realistic by timing yourself. That way you will be able to see if you will need to work quicker on the actual exam. Of course, complete these four practice projects for class no matter how long they take since they are graded.

Keep the following tips in mind:

· Be sure you read each task carefully and follow exactly what it says. For example, are you being asked to change a theme or a theme color?

· Do not do any extra operations even if you think things would look better or it would make more sense. For example, if it doesn’t say center a heading, don’t center it.

· If there are additional choices like in a dialog box and the instructions do not say to change those additional choices, leave them alone.

· Changing a Theme changes almost all color names. If you don’t see the specified color name, you may not have the correct Theme. Additionally, when applying any colors, look at the color specified in the task (e.g. Green) and at the description as well (e.g. Accent 3) – this way, the setting can be made correctly even if you have the wrong theme or theme color.

· Be exact – a misspelled word, lack of a space, or incorrect capitalization can be marked wrong, even if you get the rest of the task correct! NOTE: If you are instructed to enter text and that text is bold, italicized, and/or underlined, do NOT match the formatting displayed on the instruction sheet. If the text should be formatted, there will be an instruction to do so.

· If you are told to Copy a formula or use AutoFill or “extend” the calculations, be sure to do it that way. Do not recreate the formulas one by one. The test may be looking to see if you have used absolute references so that copying works out correctly. (It may also be much quicker.)

· The test is timed. Work efficiently! Remember your shortcuts. For example, use the Fill Handle to enter multiples of a formula or label or a series such as days of the week.

· Practice reading the descriptions in the Insert Formula dialog boxes so you can follow one if they have a function you are not familiar with.

· If a task asks for a command or setting you are not familiar with, do a LITTLE exploring. You may find the command or property and be able to carry out the task without prior knowledge of it. However, if you don’t find it quickly, move on to other tasks that you can complete.

We’ve made these practice tests as close to the actual exam as possible. The actual exam does not always specify steps as clearly as you might like and they never give explanations. You’re supposed to be familiar enough with Excel to figure it out. Because this is still a learning experience, our practice exams have occasional notes and hints. The actual exam will not have any notes or hints.

We will be happy to answer questions. Just send us an email.


Test Conventions:

The first column merely numbers the tasks; the second column contains the steps and details.

An address in square brackets like [A1] means cell A1.

When you need to create a chart, the cells to be included may be specified in two parts: the data followed by the labels. You will need to select both before starting to create the chart.

Each task has a checkbox so you can check it off when completed. When you reach the end of the list of tasks, the checkboxes make it easy to go back to tasks you did not complete (and, thus, did not check).

Project 1 Sales 2017 Sheet


You track the invoices of food sales for your company. You need to format and calculate sale totals.


☐ 1
Open the Practice Exam 3 workbook.

☐ 2
Rename the Sales sheet to 2017 Sales.

☐ 3
Change the Theme color to Blue II.

☐ 4
Change the Tab Color of the 2017 Sales sheet to Blue Accent 2.

☐ 5
Without deleting the text, remove the hyperlink from A3 on the 2017 Sales sheet.

☐ 6
Apply the Style 40% Accent 4 to cell A3.

☐ 7
Wrap the text in row 5, then center it.

☐ 8
Merge and Center A3:G3. Then make it 18pt.,bold, vertically align middle

☐ 9
Insert a row at the top of the sheet and make the row height 45.

☐ 10
At A1, insert the picture Health Valley Logo.png and resize the height to 0.8”(the width will automatically adjust).

☐ 11
Apply the Picture Effect:Shadow, Offset Diagonal Bottom Left and then apply a Picture Border: Black, text 1 with a Weight of 1 point.

☐ 12
Create a formula tocomplete each of the invoice totals in the Total Salecolumn.

☐ 13
Create Named Ranges:  Name: SaleAmount       Cell range: D7:D18

Name: TaxAmount          Cell range: E7:E18

Name: ShipAmount        Cell range: F7:F18

☐ 14
In cell K7 use the correct named range (SaleAmount) in a function to calculate the total sales.

In cell K8, use the correct named range in a function to calculate the total tax.

In cell K9, use the correct named range in a function to calculate the total shipping.

☐ 15
Format K7:K9 as Accounting with 2 decimals.

☐ 16
Set the print orientation to Landscape.

☐ 17
In C19, type your first and last name.

☐ 18
Without deleting it, modify the Name column so it doesn’t show.


Project 2 Addresses Sheet


You need to import customer addresses and make them reader friendly.

Create a new sheet and name It Addresses.

On the Addresses sheet, import the text file Employee addresses. It is tab delimited. Place the import in cell A1.

In the cell F2, use afunction to insert only the State abbreviation from E2.

In the cell G2, use a functionto insert only the Zip from E2.

In the cell H2, usefunctions to combine the customersfirst name and last name in all capitals. The first name and last name should be separated by a space.

Use Auto Fill to bring the formulas in F2:H2 down through row 19.

In the cells A1:H1: Apply the Style Heading 3.

Autofit column G.

Change the column width of H to 25.

Change all occurrences of the zip code 10028 to 10027.

Insert 3 rows at the top of the sheet.

Create a text box across cells B1:G3 with the textNY & CT Customers.

Format with box fill withTeal, Accent 6.

Format the text in the text box: 18pt, Bold, Centered(horizontally and vertically) and with a WordArt Style: Pattern Fill – White, Text 2, Dark Upward Diagonal, Shadow.

Create a page break before row 13.

Repeat rows 1:4 to print on the top of each page.

Create a center header: Employee Addresses, bold, 14pt.

Create a center footer: the page number.

Scale the data on the sheet to fit the width of 1 page (NOTE: Do not fit the height or it will negate the page break.)

Project 3 Annual Sheet


You want to display the highest Quarterly Sales and display certain products in a chart format.

☐ 1
Create a New Sheet and name ItAnnual.

☐ 2
Cutthe cells A26:F41 on the Addresses sheet and paste into cell A1 on the Annual sheet. AutoFit columns A:F.

☐ 3
Make the order of the sheets: 2017Sales, Annual, Ledger, Addresses.

On Annual, delete rows 3:4.

In Cell A1: replace Nationwide Budgeted Sales with Al’sSporting Goods (ASG)

Hint: Make sure your capital letters and spaces match.If the columns are not wide enough, auto fit the column widths.

In the cells,A1:F1, merge and center the title.

In the cells,A2:F2,merge and center the date.

Format the text in Cells A1:F2: 14pt; Fill: Green, Accent 4, Lighter 60%

Format the numbers in cells B5:F14: Accounting format no decimals

On the Annual worksheet use the data in cells A4:E13 to Insert a 3-D Clustered Column Chart beginning in cell A16. The products should be on the horizontal axis.

Size the chart to 4 inches by 6 inches.

Display only the categories (by filtering): Baseball Bats, Olympic Frisbees, Kayaks, Tennis Racquets.

Switch the Row/Column data so the Quarters are on the category axis.

Create the Chart Title: Yearly Sales.Name the chart: 4Qtrs

Apply the Chart Style 3.

Using a format that will update even if the values change,highlight the top three items for each Quarter (each quarter must be done separately) with a custom format: orange fill and black text.

Copy the cells A4:F14 and Paste in cell A38 with the data transposed.

Make the titles in row 38 fit on two lines and make sure all the numbers display.

Project 4 Ledger Sheet


You need to analyze customer’s bank transactions for certain expenses.

☐ 1
On the Ledger sheet, sort the data simultaneously by bothName(A to Z)andDate(oldest to newest).

☐ 2
In cell H4 use a formula to find the number of expenses for rent.

In cell H5 use a formula to find the number of expenses on or before 2/28/2005.

☐ 3
In cell H7 use a formula to find out the total amount of transactions for rent.

In cell H8 use a formula to find out the total amount of transactions on or after 3/1/2005.

In cell H12 use a formula to find the average expenses on or before 2/28/2005.

In cell H13 use a formula to find the average expenses on or after 3/1/2005.

Convert the ledger data (A3:E66) to a tableand apply the style Medium Table 13.

Name the table with your last name and first initial.

Copythe table range and pasteit beginning at A70.

Convert the table at A70 to a range without the formatting.

Filter the data in cells A70:E133 for rent or medicine expenses that occurred after 2/3/2005.

Set a print area for G3:H13.

Add the property for Subject: Project for CIS122Land aComment: Upload this file on completion.

Save with your last name,first initial, and workbook name PracticeExam 3(e.g. SmithJPracticeExam 3). Submit the file via the link on the assignments page.


History Paper Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Paper: SIX-SEVEN(6-7) pages, double spaced, single sided, MLA

Topic: Industrial Revolution in United States and Worldwide

Entrepreneur Interviewing Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Interviewing an Entrepreneur

Are you married and are your family members entrepreneurs? I am married to a wife that is one of my partner in the business. One of my siblings is an IT expert and works with me in my industry. What is the educational background of the family? Our family is made up of IT experts, and it was one of the motivational factors that encouraged me to start up the business. What is your work experience? My work experience is mainly in the software industry where it has enriched mew with a lot of knowledge concerning software issues (Purwanto, 2016). The entrepreneur of my choice is Michael Clenn of Clennmic software enterprises. How did you start up the business? I was working with a particular hospital as an IT expert thus through the experience I had from the hospital.How did you recognize your opportunity? I decided to build software because I was a software engineer. I was not happy with how the hospital management was handling software issues (Raj, 2016). I was very creative at my workplace and realized that I could do better as an entrepreneur. I sketched a business plan that became real.

What were the challenges that you encountered after starting the business? I had problems with my cash flow management. I invested everything in my company; thus paying my bills was a problem. Paying employees was also an issue as in the beginning there was a lot of expenditures but no income. I also had problems with marketing my services due to financial difficulties. How did you solve your problems? For the cash flow management, I decided to have down payment for my services that covered all the expenses (Nieminen, & Hytti, 2016). For marketing strategies, I outsourced someone who was in charge of it. How can you advise someone that is starting the business? When one wants to start a business, choose the right company, budget well, know investors and focus on success. Any benefits of running a business? There are flexibility and satisfaction. How long did it take to make a profit? It took me like six month because I was busy paying bills and adding assets.




Nieminen, L., & Hytti, U. (2016). Commitment to an entrepreneurship training programme for self-employed entrepreneurs, and learning from participation. Education+ Training, 58(7/8), 715-732.

Purwanto, A. (2016). Cultural capital and business success among entrepreneurs. Journal of Economics, Business & Accountancy, 19(2), 227-236.

Raj, S. (2016). Problems Faced by Entrepreneurs: A Special Reference to Micro and Small Entrepreneurs in Mumbai and Pune.


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