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QUESTION 13 Recently, gas prices have soared across the capital region. When the average

Question: QUESTION 13 Recently, gas prices have soared across the capital region. When the average gas price rose from $3.60 a gallon to $4.40 a gallon, the region observed a slight decrease in consumption of gasoline from 600 million gallons per year to 500 milion gallons per year Based on this information, what would you estimate that the price elasticity of demandShow transcribed image textTranscribed image text: QUESTION 13 Recently, gas prices have soared across the capital region. When the average gas price rose from $3.60 a gallon to $4.40 a gallon, the region observed a slight decrease in consumption of gasoline from 600 million gallons per year to 500 milion gallons per year Based on this information, what would you estimate that the price elasticity of demand is for gasoline in the Capital region (The answer could be negative or positive and is not necessarily a whole number,

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Identity Development Paper Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

1. Using one of the identity development models discussed in class, you will write an essay mapping out your journey of personal identity development.  You will  include concrete examples from your life that exemplify the various stages of development.  You will recognize your current stage of development and be able to explain why you are currently in that stage.

2. Identity development models were developed by psychologists long before you were born. Critique the model that you used to map out your journey. Were you able to recognize yourself in the model? Is it outdated? How? Why? What about the model is flawed? How would you adapt the model to match your own understanding of your development as a young adult, your racial identity development, or your identity development an LGBTQ person?


Jean Kim’s Asian American Identify Development Model (1981, 2001)

Five Stages (Sequential and Progressive):


Ethical Awareness –


Starts in early childhood around age 3 or 4. At this stage the family serves as the significant ethnic group model and depending on the amount of ethnic expression in the household, positive or neutral attitudes are formed.
Identity is formed through family structure, prior to integration of school and peers

White Identification –


Begins once children enter school and peers and the school environment become key influences in propagating racial prejudice, which starts to negatively impact self-esteem and identity. Becoming aware of their difference leads to wanting to identify with white society and distance themselves from their Asian heritage.
Individual actively attempts to assimilate and identify as White to avoid criticisms of differences


Awakening to social political consciousness –


Means the adoption of a new perspective, usually associated with increased political awareness and an understanding of oppression and oppressed groups. The primary result is no longer wanting to identify with white society.
Individuals have realization of acts of discrimination stem from the structure of race in our society
Begin to join forces with other oppressed groups to uplift and move race forward


Redirection to Asian American Consciousness –


Characterized by a reconnection and pride with one’s Asian American heritage and culture. Anger about white racism may be a part of this stage.
Individuals develop a sense of pride within themselves with support of their family, friends, social networks




Represents the highest form of identity evolution. It includes a positive and comfortable identity as Asian American and a respect for other racial/cultural groups. The feelings of association for or against white culture are no longer an issue.
Individual establishes healthy self-concept, integrate and interact with others outside of his or her own race


Discussion Paper Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

QUESTION 13 Recently, gas prices have soared across the capital region. When the average

Answer: 1

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented, structured approach with instructions for responding to unplanned incidents. This step-by-step plan consists of the precautions to minimize the effects of a disaster so the organization can continue to operate or quickly resume mission-critical functions. Typically, disaster recovery planning involves an analysis of business processes and continuity needs. Before generating a detailed plan, an organization often performs a business impact analysis (BIA) and risk analysis (RA), and it establishes the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).


BIA is a systematic process which determines and evaluates the potential effect of an interruption to the critical business operations. And these may be as a result of a disaster, an accident or an emergency which may come at any time. It is an essential component of an organization’s business continuance plan without this business may not in a position to be in success. The result is a business impact analysis report, which describes the potential risks specific to the organization studied. BIA is used in DR(Disaster Recovery) and BC(Business Continuity) planning process as the report is being generated and that report has all the various factors which lead to adverse impact on the business.

The BIA helps to reduce the adverse effect caused which always provide help to Business Continuity. All factors in the report are considered an immediate action is taken. With distributed networks, increasing demands for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, and the widespread risks to the security of personal, confidential and sensitive data, no organization can afford to ignore the need for disaster planning. I today’s world BC and DR for IT professional provides coverage to natural hazard, man-made hazard and even to accidental hazard. this provides the professional various types of benefits to cover the losses.


RPO stands for Recovery Point Objective and RTO stands for Recovery Time Objective, these two parameters are used in the Disaster Recovery. Provides the basis for identifying and analyzing viable strategies for inclusion in the business continuity plan.

RPO:-Recovery Point Objective (RPO) describes the interval of the time that might pass during a disruption before the quantity of data lost during that period exceeds the Business Continuity Plan’s maximum allowable threshold or “tolerance.

RTO:-The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in continuity.



Brooks, C., Bedernjak, M., Juran, I., & Merryman, J. (2002). Disaster Recovery Strategies. IBM Redbook.

Answer: 2

Very nice explanation on the topic. I like the way you explained each and every definition. Especially RTO and RPO here, The recovery time objective (RTO) is the targeted period of time and a service level within which an organization procedure needs to be reinstated when a tragedy or disturbance so as to circumvent undesirable significances related with a break in business continuousness. A recovery point objective (RPO) is the maximum acceptable amount of data loss measured in time.  This is the age of the files or data in backup storage obligatory to recommence normal procedures if a computer system or network failure happens.


Test Questions Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

What roles are included in health and human services?

This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s module and textbook readings.

Working in the field of human services is a unique, yet rewarding career. Human services professionals work with many different populations and hold positions from entry level assistants to private practice that require increasing levels of education. As a human services worker, you will be expected to know about the clients who need services, the resources available to help them, and the types of HHS career positions who work with different populations.



The Human Service Professional

Use Chapter 2 to answer the questions below.


Values are important to human service professionals because they _____.

☐They allow clients to have a denial excuse

☐They help clients focus on termination

☐They help human services professionals to respect the dignity and welfare of all people

☐None of these apply

The lifelong process of learning about oneself by continually examining one’s beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors is called _____.






Simon is able to see situations and experience a feeling from his clients’ perspectives. Simon demonstrates _____.





Regardless of the length or intensity of the helper’s training, his or her basic focus is to assist clients with their problems and to _____.

☐Improve their lifestyles

☐Bill appropriately for services

☐Help them help themselves

☐Find others they know who need help


A(n) _____ pleads and fights for services, policies, rules, regulations, and laws on behalf of clients.








In the table below, provide examples of the kinds of tasks performed for each human service role.


Human Services Roles
Tasks Performed

Human Service Professionals
Type answer here

Type answer here

Type answer here

Social Workers
Type answer here

Type answer here


The Helping Process

Use Chapter 7 to answer the questions below.


The helping process begins with _____.




An individual who leans back with his or her arms uncrossed is indicating _____.


☐A desire to hide

☐Openness to suggestion



When helpers engage in ____listening, they attend to both what is said and what is not said.





The goal of _____ behavior is to encourage the client to talk about and examine issues, problems, or concerns.




The _____ client may come more or less willingly but fail to participate actively in the helping process.







List each stage of the helping process anddescribewhata human services professional does in each stage.


Stages of the Helping Process
What is Done in Each Stage

Stage 1:Type answer here
Type answer here

Stage 2:Type answer here

Type answer here

Stage 3:Type answer here

Type answer here

Stage 4:Type answer here

Type answer here

Stage 5:Type answer here
Type answer here






Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video!


Describe 3 skills you believe are most important for HHS workers to have. (examples: working well with others/problem solving).

Type answer here
Type answer here
Type answer here

Which of the 3 skills above have you mastered? Which skills are you still working on?

Type answer here
Type answer here



Financial Plan Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

W5 Assignment “Financial Plan (First Draft)”


Financial Plan (First Draft)

This week, you will build your draft financial plan. You will need to do it for the first two years. Use the Comparable method (please refer to chapter 9 of your textbook for further information).

For this week, complete the following:

Complete a list of key financial assumptions that drive your revenue projections, cost of goods sold and operating expenses. Identify 2-3 companies to benchmark (financial information can be found on their annual reports which are public). Include 3 APA style references for your assumptions.
An opening day balance sheet (your balance sheet MUST BALANCE)
A monthly cash flow statement for years 1 and 2
An income statement for years 1 and 2
A chart or graph showing growth from start-up through year 2

Please use this template:  Copy of ENT_financial_packet-3.xlsx

to build your pro-forma financial statements. Please be aware, the included worksheets do not interact with one another. You will need to enter information on each of the worksheets.

These pro-forma financial statements do not include a graph/chart required for item 5.



Cintroll Inc

Taurus Caldwell

Grantham University

ENT301 Week 4





Cintroll Inc is a company offering painting services for the residential as well as commercial structures. The company is planning to take over the industry from its competitors through acquisition. Therefore, this report will seek to highlight the various useful information regarding the company and then discuss the various processes which will be undertaken in finding its viability and strategies to be put in place. To do this, the report will focus on the company and its products as well as its services description. This report will also discuss the industry, the customer bases as well as the company’s competitors and market plan research. It will also highlight on both primary and secondary research plans.


Company Products and Description

Cintroll Inc was founded in the year 2013 by Cintroll Jakes which was intended to offer painting services to the commercial and residential structures. The services therefore provided by the company is mainly painting together with minor repairs of walls and grounds which may have cracks which can be done before painting is commenced. Cintroll Inc founder has been seeking to expand its operation and minimize competition which he attained through acquiring its major competitor (Barros &Oberle, 2012). With the acquisition having been done, the major duties of the organization are to set up branches all over the country so that they can provide painting services as needed by the customers from time to time.


Industry, Customer & Competitor Analysis

The painting industry which Cintroll Inc is operating in is very flooded with numerous firms which offer the same services. However, Cintroll Inc is at an advantage in that their major targets is not the residential homes but large organizations which have a various set stipulation for a firm to carry out the task. In essence, Cintroll Inc has set their records straight to these organization and seeking also to introduce the new services offered which are or free of charge such as minor repairs.

Consequently, Cintroll will be taking advantage of the constructions which are depicted to be all over the country through setting branches all over and offering to paint the house with affordable costs. With a good reputation and many years of experience in the industry, Cintroll Inc will also have a chance of winning the government contracts to paint their new structures as well as the newly renovated structures which need painting services (Fleisher &Bensoussan, 2007). It is worth noting that when dealing with such government contracts a lot of paperwork will be submitted to ensure that the firm which is given the task has enough resources and expertise to handle it satisfactorily.


Marketing Plan Research

In order forCintroll Inc to expand its market, a SWOT analysis will be the best strategy to use. This is because it will help them to understand themselves well as well as the environment in which they will be operating in. In this regards, it can be noted that Cintroll Inc already has ties with the government and has a well-recognized reputation which offers them an advantage over their competitors. This, therefore, is strength to the company. Since it is not a state in the industry, Cintroll has experience which as well makes it’s the best choice of customers.

However, Cintroll Inc has a weakness in that it lacks modernization when it comes to advertising and the use of tools of painting. The company is not well known in other areas which imply that the competitors are taking over the potential customers. It as well has opportunities which entail adopting the latest technologies which will enable them to perform their duties effectively (BizPlanDB, 2014). They should also adopt the latest advertising techniques which will let the reach out to many customers as possible. The threats faced by Cintroll Inc are the changes in the economy which affect the customers buying abilities since they will not afford to pay for some services. For instance, a rise in inflation leads the customers to use almost all their money in food.


Primary and Secondary Research

The research which Cintroll Inc will carry out before venturing into any market will entail the primary and secondary research. With the primary research, the company will use strategies such as interviewing of the customers so as to know what they need and how they need it. This implies that the primary research is made up of raw data which are from the customers themselves and needs to be implemented for the organization to gain a lot from them (Hamilton, 2010). Secondary research which can also be carried out includes reading of articles and any materials relating to the customers so that they can be understood better.




Barros, A., &Oberle, D. (2012). Handbook of Service Description: USDL and Its Methods. Springer Science & Business Media.

BizPlanDB. (2014). Market Research Firm Business Plan. Author.

Fleisher, C. S., &Bensoussan, B. E. (2007). Business and Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods. Upper Saddle River, NJ: FT Press.

Hamilton, J. (2010). Primary and Secondary Sources. Edina, MN: ABDO Publishing Company.

Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Erin Brockovich


Write a 5 page paper (excluding title and reference page) in APA double spaced paragraph format answering the following questions. Do not strictly answer the questions in itemized format, and use citations where references are applicable. The idea behind the short paper is to watch the film and see what knowledge you have learned throughout reading the textbook you see applicable in the film and your own critical thinking/interpretation of it:


Write a brief summary about the current situation in the movie and what has transpired throughout the film. During the summary, reference on some of the key points below. You are not restricted to these topics only:

What is the problem, who are some “parties” that are affected by the current circumstances, and what is the current impact of the communities involved?
What was the substance that was making people sick? What did the substance penetrate (air, drinking water, soil)? What was Erin Brockovich’s motivation for pursuing this issue? What illnesses did the substance cause?
What laws or statues are applicable in the film ? Is there anything from the textbook that is applicable ?
Are there any other environmental situations similar to the one in the film that have occurred in the past ? If so, which ones and what were done about them ?
What risks did Ed Masry take as a small business owner? Did Ed Masry take a risk by hiring Erin? Why or why not? Why do you think that PG&E continued to lie to the residents of Hinkley about the water conditions? What should PG&E have done instead of lying? Consider this…is it sometimes harder to make the right (ethically correct)
decision is than the wrong decision (unethical)? Why is this?Did the case get settle or not ? If not, what was the ultimate outcome.
What should the government do to prevent companies from making unethical decisions? What should the consequences be?
Think of a time in which you had to make an ethically tough decision…now, write what helped you to make the right or wrong decision. What are some suggestions for others who will face tough ethical decisions? What can help them to make the right decision? Should businesses demonstrate corporate social responsibility? Do the decisions I make impact others?


Assignment will be graded on content and appropriate referencing. Any material that is copy and pasted will have points deducted. Sloppy formatting, excessive paragraph spacing to meet page requirement, and improper referencing will also have pointed deducted. Everyone is required to submit his or her own assignment. Plagiarism will result in a zero. All papers must be submitted via dropbox in word doc format (no .pdf)


Supply Chain Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Faculty of Business and Law


MODULE NAME:     Supply Chain Operations Management                      

Module Code
Credit Value
Module Leader





Assignment Brief



Assignment title:

Assignment 2





Feedback and Grades due:



Resit Date



Please read this assessment brief in its entirety before attempting your assignment.

Assessment Breakdown

Company A:

A manufacturing organisation which supplies the construction industry is currently reviewing its manufacturing processes in order to improve production, reduce lead-times and increase customer response. This is an attempt to keep up with demand and increased customer requirements.

The organisation manufactures Door Hinges from different raw materials as the main product, as well as other ironmongery products which are fitted to doors.

The product specification and order sizes can vary from batch to batch depending on customer requirement. On average 50% of the product output is made up of standard sizes which can be stocked and the other 50% are specific sizes and specific raw materials which are specified at the point of the customer placing the order. Raw materials have long lead-times but can be obtained from several different suppliers.

Customers expect the manufacturing company to deliver products within a short lead-time and this is due to the fact that doors are fitted at the end of the construction process. An additional issue is that the purchasing of these products can be overlooked until a few weeks of the building completion hence late orders come in all the time.


Company B

Company B is also looking to improve its manufacturing process in order to increase competition in the market as well as reduce inventory costs and have a better managed cash flow (capital management).


The organisation is currently holding high levels of inventory and in contrast to organisation A, organisation B has a small number of variation on the manufactured products as well as a more consistent order size.

Despite the fact of having a good forecast from its customers, organisation B still has lead-time issues and parts are accumulating all around the shop floor due to the high number of works in progress (WIP).



Your task

Give a brief description of lean versus agile supply chains identifying which strategy would apply to which organisation and why (25%)


Identify the benefits and pitfalls of each strategy giving examples from the real world (25%)


How could these strategies be implemented by either company A or B and what considerations need to be made in each case (25%)


Give a real world example of an organisation that has successfully implemented one (or both) of these strategies and evaluate the success it has achieved since implementation of the strategy (25%)




Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes that are being assessed in this assignment are:

a.    Apply and reflect critically on the Supply Chain Management Models as a basis for effective resource management.

b.    Distinguish between key supply chain concepts and techniques and apply appropriate ones for controlling and planning cross functional operations.

c.    Evaluate and synthesise the various definitions of quality in an operational context and identify opportunities for quality improvement.

d.   Demonstrate an ability for problem-solving in complex scenarios.


Your grade will depend on the extent to which you meet these learning outcomes in the way relevant for this assignment. Please see the grading rubric at the end of this assignment brief for further details of the criteria against which you will be assessed.


Word Limit


The maximum word limit for this assignment is 2,400words


In accordance with the, as stated in section 4.40 where a submission exceeds the stipulated word limit by more than 10%, the submission will only be marked up to and including the additional 10%. Anything over this will not be included in the final grade for the assessment item. Abstracts, bibliographies, reference lists, appendices and footnotes are excluded from any word limit requirements.


In line with section 4.41 of the same Policy, where a submission is notably under the word limit, the full submission will be marked on the extent to which the learning objectives have been met.



Rubric Assignment 2:


Learning Outcomes addressed through this assignment
No submission / no evidence

Work submitted is of no academic value / nothing submitted
Evidence included or provided but missing in some very important aspects.
Of satisfactory quality, demonstrating evidence of achieving the requirements of the learning outcomes
Of sound quality, demonstrative which is sufficient and appropriate to the task or activity
Of high quality, demonstrating evidence which is rigorous and convincing, appropriate to the task or activity
Of very high quality, demonstrating evidence which is strong, robust and consistent, appropriate to the task or activity

Distinguish between key supply chain concepts and techniques and apply appropriate ones for controlling and planning cross functional operations. 
Falls well short of the threshold standards in relation to one or more area of knowledge, intellectual, subject based or key skills
Knowledge base is coherent and of appropriate depth/detail for the field of study, including an awareness of current theories and issues
A firm, detailed/ comprehensive knowledge base for the field of study and its developing and provisional nature, including a good grasp of current theories and issues both abstract and practical
Strong comprehensive/detailed knowledge base for the field of study, including an assured grasp of concepts, principles and major theories. Some awareness of the provisional nature of knowledge
Rigorous, comprehensive and detailed knowledge base, including awareness of the provisional nature of knowledge.

Evaluate and synthesise the various definitions of quality in an operational context and identify opportunities for quality improvement. 
Insufficient evidence of the ability to sustain valid argument, critically evaluate evidence from a range of sources,  transfer or apply skills to solve problems in relation to threshold standards of competence.
Primarily derivative, with limited evidence of autonomous/creative analysis, synthesis, and evaluation or application.
Some evidence of the ability to analyse new or abstract, synthesise data/concepts, critically evaluate and apply appropriate methods/techniques
Evidence of considered and confident analysis of new/abstract data/situations, synthesis of data/concepts, critical evaluation of evidence and effective application of knowledge skills to address complex problems
Sustained ability to engage in analysis of new/abstract data and situations, with confidence and authority in application.

Demonstrate an ability for problem-solving in complex scenarios. 

Major deficiencies in knowledge of wider context and implications.
Limited knowledge of wider context and implications.
Some understanding of wider context and implications
Good understanding of wider context and implications
Detailed understanding of wider context and implications



Service Book Review Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Coursework:  Book Review

Urgency 12 to 15 hours

Citation Style

APA Style

No. of Pages/Wordcount

4 page(s)/1100 Words

No. of Sources/References 1


English US


The name of the book is Confronting the bomb by Lawrence S. Wittner.

You can select one out of the three questions..

Management Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Management Assignment #7: PROMPT

DUE DATE: April 15th (21:00 EST)!!


Each student should complete the following problem and submit a single file in Word OR Excel with all requirements in either format.

Given the following information about a small project,

Task     Duration         Immediate

            Estimates        Predecessors

A          2 days              None

B          5 days              A

C          4 days              B

D          9 days              A

E          4 days              B & D

F          12 days            E  & C

Draw a network diagram.
Identify the critical path, earliest start and finish and slack for each task.
Using MS Excel, produce a Gantt chart for this project.
What would happen if a new estimate for task D increases its expected duration from two days to six days? Would the project take longer? Would anything else change?


NOTE: Assignment will be submitted through turnitin so be careful with originality/plagiarism.


Grading Rubric

Points Avail
Points Earned

Spelling and Grammatical Errors


Schedule Development Problem

a. Network diagram

b. Identify the critical path, earliest start and finish and slack for each task.

c.  Gantt chart for this project.

d.  Project Change



Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

1.  Competitive Advantage- Entrepreneurship Portfolio-Critical Thinking Exercise 3-1 through 3-6.  Complete items 1 through 6, which require you to create charts similar to the exhibits 3-4 and 3-6 in the text book for this assignment.

2.  Key Concept Questions:

3-7: Gross profit is the profit of a business before which other costs are subtracted?
What is the average unit of sale for the following businesses?

3-8: A restaurant that serves $2100 in meals to 115 customers per day.
3-9: A record store that sells $1500 worth of CDs to 75 customers per day.

3.  Biz Builder Business Plan:

Complete business plan section 2.0, Mission, Vision and Culture: A, B C & D sections- for your specific business.   Be sure to write as a narrative than just simply answering the questions.  Remember your audience.

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