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Question 18 According to their effect, when the MPC 6.80 and the MPS 0.0

Question: Question 18 According to their effect, when the MPC 6.80 and the MPS 0.0 can wat incending $10 AD surve to by 1 1 10 Question 19 Which of the following them to the in 1 Question 20 Question 17 The government should poli Question 18 According to the multiple effect, when the MPC und the 20 and there is no crowding out an increase in vengo516 AD curve to theAsk an expertAsk an expertAsk an expert done loading Show transcribed image textTranscribed image text: Question 18 According to their effect, when the MPC 6.80 and the MPS 0.0 can wat incending $10 AD surve to by 1 1 10 Question 19 Which of the following them to the in 1 Question 20 Question 17 The government should poli Question 18 According to the multiple effect, when the MPC und the 20 and there is no crowding out an increase in vengo516 AD curve to the right by O 10 5200 Question 19 1 pts Which of the following fiscal policies should the govement de toate their Inventanding supply depending 1 pts Question 20 Which of the following focal policies should the go to reduce inflation incomprenden des the money Oceasta Increase

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Design Thinking Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Your role is to illustrate an aspect or multiple aspects of the reading(s) you believe to be most memorable, interesting, puzzling, and/or important. Make sure to provide a short description that explains your illustration and how it pertains to the reading(s)

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       *How does your illustration relate to the reading(s)?

*Why did you illustrate the reading(s) the way you did?
*What, if anything, did illustrating the reading(s) help you realize the content within?

(connected to this week’s material, extremely clear and organized thoughts. includes labels/headlines/bold/emphasis as needed and makes it easy to understand role and role contributions. document submitted is 3/4 to 1 full page, may exceed one page, but does not exceed 2 pages.)

NBCC Training Standardiization Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Question 18 According to their effect, when the MPC 6.80 and the MPS 0.0


What are some of the implications of people with different levels of  training and education providing assessment related to vocational and  substance abuse counseling? 


Vocational rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment staff is focused on the provision of holistic care, which encompasses alleviating the problem and helping the clients lead a meaningful life to improve their functioning. Accordingly, the counselors are educated and ”trained to provide a wide range of vocational, educational, supportive, and follow-up services’’ (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 2000).

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Organizations target talented individuals with diverse skill ranges to handle different organizational tasks. First, vocational and substance abuse counselors with varying training and educational levels come with diverse perspectives and models on how to solve the clients’ needs. Secondly, it supports the organization’s specialization for rehabilitation and treatment care hence optimizing the outcomes in a culturally-diverse world.

However, the challenge is that a lack of standardized levels of providers’ training and education would make it hard for the organization to also standardize its professional practices and requirements on employees. Some assessors with low training and educational levels may not meet the clients’ needs and organizational competency standardized making it harder for them to fit into the organization. Furthermore, lack of standardized training and education of the assessors may mean that some of them may misdiagnose the clients’ vocational and substance abuse challenges making it hard to implement the appropriate rehabilitation or treatment plans.


How might standards established like that of NBCC’s MAC help support standardization? How is this a protection of the public? 

Testing Teens In Psychology Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

 When using tests with teens and children, what information is  appropriate to provide them prior to assessment? And when would you  include a child or teen in the feedback on the testing results? 

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Min 175 words

Discussion Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online


How globalization is defined? How it has impacted developed, developing, transition and emerging markets? 
How regional trade agreements helping and impacting globalization? How regional trade agreements help a country’s economy? 
Why corporate social responsibility is a significant concept in international business. How it impacts consumer confidence? 
What are different kind of cultures and how they impact businesses? Why cultural differences demand different management styles?

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What are the components of Hofstede model? What themes are shared in Hofstede, Global National Culture and 7d Cultures model?
How these models help corporations to effectively run their businesses globally? Why attending to them is important for effective management?   

These are the questions from   Digital and Global Enterprise subject

Digital and Global Enterprises
Digital and Global Enterprises

Price and Channel Strategy Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Starbucks and a new yogurt that is being sold to them must be incorporated into the paper

Price and Channel Strategy [due Mon]

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Assignment Content


Top of Form

Purpose of Assignment 

This assignment is designed to help students analyze and understand how price setting and go to market (distribution) are interrelated and affects the profitability and growth of the business. It has been designed to be a short overview on purpose: the concepts of pricing and distribution are complex and a general understanding is what should be absorbed in one week of study. 


Assignment Steps 

Resources: Marketing Plan and Outline

Construct a minimum 700-word plan for setting price and a distribution model (place/distribution) in Microsoft® Word. This plan should address at least three elements (from the Price and Place/Distribution list below) of the Price and Place/Distribution section of the marketing plan.

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Price and Place/Distribution:
Distribution Strategies
Channels, Mass, Selective, Exclusive
Positioning within channels
Dynamic/Static Pricing Strategies
Channel tactics (Pricing)
Daily pricing, promotion pricing, List pricing


Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not count toward the word count.


The plan will be a continuation of your global or multi-regional business you chose in Week 1 (Which is a business selling yogurt to Starbucks and must be incorporated into paper. This will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan for Week 6.


Course Project 1 Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Write your proposal for the Course Project. The proposal should be a maximum of two pages. Review the Course Project Overview attached .

Your project will provide an in-depth look at how a major multinational company operates overseas in two separate countries. The country comparison project is a 15- to 20-page paper that asks each STUDENT to compare and contrast laws and regulations, mandated compliance issues, demographics, culture, currency, economic and political stability, language, labor relations (unions), HRM policies and practices, HR trends, the likely effects, and the characteristics of the HR department or function of two separate countries. Each STUDENT may choose any two countries (within the seven regions listed below) to compare and contrast.

Provide as much insight into, and explanation of, the differences or similarities as possible. Use your understanding of the impact of the contextual factors (see below) on the HR policies and practices to estimate what a country’s HR policies and practices are likely to be, just in case you can’t find specific information on them. Use this understanding in your discussion of the HR policies and practices each STUDENT finds and the contextual factors of the countries. Make predictions about future trends toward possible convergence of HR policies and practices. Integrate research from online sources as well as our library to support your ideas and conclusions.

Each STUDENT will select a region of the world, and within your region, select two countries. For each country, select a target city to use in your analysis. The following is a list of the seven regions that you can choose from:

Middle East (i.e., cities in Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia)
Asia I (i.e., cities in India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)
Asia II (i.e., cities in Japan, Korea, China)
West Europe (i.e., cities in France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom)
East Europe (i.e., cities in Poland, Bulgaria, Russia)
Africa (i.e., cities in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa)
Central and South America (i.e., cities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba)

Imagine that each STUDENT has been asked to compare and contrast two city locations within a given geographic region. You will make a presentation to the executive committee of your company (i.e., the class) regarding the pros and cons of each location from the HR perspective. That is, each STUDENT will be doing a comparative HR analysis for each city. Ultimately, you will want to put forth its recommendations for a recommended city within the region.

The Comparative Analysis

Finally, after you have selected the countries and cities, you will use the following scenario as a point of reference to do your comparative HR analysis strategic plan.

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Your company is looking for a location for a new production facility in your geographic region. This production facility will hire many local workers for all aspects of the facility (e.g., production, supervision, quality, shipping, and other line functions). There may be a few (but not too many) traditional expatriates in accordance with the country’s established regulations. Fill in some details about your hypothetical organization to make the presentation more interesting and more relevant.


Prepare a report and make a presentation comparing and contrasting the cities you have selected from the region. The focus of the report is how the management of your human talent will affect the ability to be successful in that region. You will need to discuss a variety of issues in order to conduct a thorough analysis. The following is a list of the possible issues. These are ONLY suggestions. You probably will not be able to cover everything. It is your prerogative to present the issues you believe are MOST RELEVANT for the given region. Basically, give us a well justified decision regarding the location you have selected from an HR perspective.

Details to Include

Details you should include in your research paper:

Analysis of need/availability of talent (local, third country nationals)
Legal obligations and concerns affecting HR and labor relations
Mandated regulatory compliance of the country
Flexibility of the wage bill (ability to adjust hours and ability to adjust headcount)
Labor and management relations challenges that impact the decision-making process of global leaders
Employee Relations
Staffing and Selection
Compensation and Benefit Programs
Affirmative Action (if applicable to the country)
Competence of workforce (education/training)
Turnover rates
Medical and health systems
Cultural dimensions. How do they affect the practice of HR? How will they affect the functioning of the location?
The way the organizations are structured in the country
Political and economic stability, currency exchange issues
Quality and performance standards to create the best place to work for
Mechanisms to attract, recruit and select, and retain qualified talent
Value, empower, motivate, and reward employees
Generating a cohesive culture when leading the organization’s vision and mision
Ethical concerns regarding hiring, child labor, bribery, etc.
Salary levels expected by host nationals
Availability of housing, schools, benefits, etc. for expatriates
Other compensation and benefit concerns
Religion and level of orthodoxy
Other norms of the business community (e.g., greetings, meetings, negotiation)
Women in business
Group norms (e.g., individualism/collectivism)
Level of formality (i.e., deference, hierarchy)
Value of time and time consciousness

In addition, each paper should be neatly typed, should use appropriate graphics, and should be approximately 15-20 pages in length, not counting appendices. Sloppy or careless work will be penalized.

Papers will be graded according to the rigor of the questions asked, the research and information provided, how well the questions are answered in the research, and the depth and breadth of their research scope.

Papers will be graded giving 20 percent for subject, 40 percent for illustrating international HR strategy, 20 percent for the depth and breadth of research and documentation, and 20 percent for the overall presentation, including graphics.

Generally speaking, papers that are merely informational are not sufficiently rigorous to show academic understanding and strength. A paper that develops the strategic link between international human resources and global business strategy and follows the business strategy through to the human resources strategy and the specific issues and tactics, is the type of paper each group is expected to produce.


Has Globalization Made These Places Better Or Worse For Their Residents? Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

The positive and negative impacts of globalization are hotly contested. Summarize these positive and negative arguments. Consider the cities detailed in Chapter 11: has globalization made these places better or worse for their residents?

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300 words

Textbook is attached



Coaching And Organizational Change Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Read the “Efficacy of Executive Coaching in Times of Organisational Change” article, and in 1,000 words, do the following:

Provide a brief summary of the article’s main points.
Compare quantitative and qualitative measures listed in the article.
Explain how the article related to coaching and organizational culture.
Write five reflective questions a coach could ask the executive to help identify strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential within an organization or company.
Explain why you chose the questions you did.

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Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Discussion Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Read the attached presentations and  

Reflect on the assigned readings for Week 1 and then type a two page paper regarding what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding. 

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Define and describe what you thought was worthy of your understanding in half a page, and then explain why you felt it was important, how you will use it, and/or how important it is in managerial economics. After submitting your two page paper as an initial post in the “Reflection and Discussion Forum,” then type at least two peer replies in response to your classmates posts (200 word minimum each). 

Short Paragraph Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Instructions: The Tallahassee City Commission unanimously approved a resolution establishing a goal of powering municipal operations entirely with renewable sources (like wind and solar) by 2035, and community-wide by 2050 (link).

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Discuss the following: 

What advantages and disadvantages are there to going to 100% renewable energy?
Assume Miami were to also go 100% renewable energy and you were in charge of the transition. Give a specific plan on how you would phase in the renewable energy and phase out the non-renewable energy and in what time frame.

Discussion Questions Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Read Lecture 2. React to the material in the lecture. Is there anything you found to be unclear? How could you use these ideas within your degree area? My degree area is Business Administration.


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Read Lecture 3. React to the material in this lecture. Is there anything you found to be unclear about setting up and using Excel for these statistical techniques? Looking at the data, develop some descriptive statistics on a variable—other than compa-ratio or salary—you feel might be important in answering our equal pay for equal work question. Interpret your results. 

Ph Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Choose one question to answer in 700words



1.Is there a moral or ethical responsibility to study ethics? Put another way, what is important about moral reasoning, and why is it practiced? To control results, to negotiate fear, a drive to be better at being a person? Explain not only the particular reasons, but why they are important and how they connect. 

Is there any relationship between the decisions we make about hypothetical scenarios (such as the Trolley Problem, or other judgements about fictional dilemmas) and ethical reasoning which occurs in response to events in our lives? Are they equally ethically relevant?
What is the relationship between forming a normative claim and evaluating a result using ethics?
Why do we form ethical claims and/or experience ethical intuitions? 


Research Assignments | Online Homework Help free essay help online

Select a leader you believe successfully led an organization through a crisis or challenge (e.g., public relations crisis, marketing mishap, shift in market demand, reorganization).

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Identify the leader and the company with which the leader is affiliated. Provide brief context for the crisis or challenge. Identify the leadership models and approaches that were employed in the handling of the situation. Finally, explain why you think the leadership was particularly effective in this context.

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