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Question in interest area

Using the area of interest identified in the Week 1 discussion, address the following:Draft a PICOT question using the standard quantitative PICOT format.
Identify your practice question, being sure to include the following information and describe each part of the PICOT question in detail:Population
minimum of 2 scholarly article required

As a newly hired Nurse Manager for a small 25 bed rehab center, you have been warned that the

As a newly hired Nurse Manager for a small 25 bed rehab center, you have been warned that the facility is on the brink of bankruptcy. You know you must conduct a thorough analysis to begin to understand the situation.

Assess the financial situation of the facility.

Include the following aspects in the assignment: (the actual numbers do not matter)

1) Estimate macro-level and micro-level influences

2) Evaluate reimbursement sources

3) Consider service strategies to control cost

·4) Plan efficiencies to decrease spending and areas to increase reimbursement

NSG 410: Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

Nursing Assignment Help Submit your PICO(T) clinical question.
PICOT/The Research Question
The student will reflect on clinical nursing practice and write a research question. The question will be developed by using the PICOT framework (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, Time). The student will identify a nursing clinical question as follows:
· What individual or group am I curious about? (population)
· What key intervention am I curious about? (intervention)
· What intervention will I be comparing? (comparison)
· What do I hope to accomplish, or What would happen if I did this? (outcome)
· How much time will the intervention take to achieve the desired effects? (time)
The aim of the PICOT is to discover current research and promote best practices. The PICOT will guide the Literature Review. The PICOT must have a nursing clinical focus. A rationale for each element of the PICOT question must be provided and supported by a credible source. List the references on the reference page, following APA format.

Discussion forum

For this week’s discussion do the following;
1. Choose one of the articles posted and read thoroughly.
2. Identify the theoretical framework used in the article you chose (post the name of the theory and explain the theory).
3. Go the reference section of the article and Identify/select at least one primary source and one secondary source (articles) that supports the theoretical framework (list only the reference of these articles).
4. Now, search the SU nursing electronic library database such as Gale-Infotract on LIRN, CINAHL, or ProQuest to identify the primary and secondary source articles you selected.
Post a brief review of the abstracts of the primary source and secondary source in the article you chose.
Using in-text referencing and a reference list

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