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QUESTION TO ANSWER : You have to launch your own MEXICAN FOOD Brand in Chandigarh Tricity , a competitor

QUESTION TO ANSWER : You have to launch your own MEXICAN FOOD Brand in Chandigarh Tricity , a competitor to TACO BELL, Read the Taco Bell Case study and post that make your own “Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy” IMC Strategy for Your Brand

Taco Bell is one of the large restaurant chains under the Yum! Brands portfolio. A couple of other brands that fall under its ambit are KFC and Pizza Hut.

Amongst the chains under the Yum! Brands portfolio, Taco Bell, was the most profitable. They had great advertising campaigns like the ‘Yo Quiero Taco Bell’ campaign that starred a Chihuahua with an attitude who grew into a pop-culture icon. The ads created the highest advertising awareness for the chain and positioned Taco Bell as a cool place to eat.

However, Taco Bell’s marketing approach changed after the recession. By 2011 Taco Bell was coming off its 3-year slump when the marketers at Taco Bell decided to change things up.
DraftFCB, Taco Bell’s advertising agency designed an integrated marketing campaign to position TB as a multicultural experience of food.

Taco Bell’s Integrated Marketing Communication Approach:
Taco Bell launched a new campaign slogan, ‘Live Más’ (más is Spanish for ‘more’), to make the brand attractive and relevant to young, and cross-cultural consumers.
The company rolled out new products and an upscale menu to penetrate the market of health-conscious customers. It co-branded with Doritos to launch the famous DLTs (Doritos Locos Tacos).
Taco Bell’s Integrated Marketing Communication Activities included:
• A commercial based on a Youtube video of a customer who drove 900 miles to try the DLTs. A montage of Instagram posts in which customers were trying the DLTs for the first time.
• Influencers were identified amongst the fans and were invited to try the DLTs which motivated them to spread the word about DLTs through their social media channels.
• The company launched a 60-second Super Bown Ad on the Live Mas theme featuring a bunch of senior citizens sneaking out of their retirement home to party. After a long night of crazy pursuits, they finish at Taco Bell for a bite before heading back. This ad received a lot of attention on social media and drove a lot of traffic towards the brand.
• A Taco Bell Mobile Ordering and Payment App was launched.
• Taco Bell tested platforms such as Periscope to live stream launch of a new product to catch the attention of Generation Z.
Taco Bell has now started the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship supports innovators, creators, and dreamers who want to make a difference in the world.
Taco Bell’s Integrated Marketing Communication Channels
• Social Media
• Television
• Advertising at high profile events
• Influencer marketing.
Taco Bell combed through their social media feeds to find user-generated content that they broadcasted on their TV spots. It seamlessly integrated two channels which were until then believed to be incompatible.

Option #2: Tools for Online Creation

For these week’s assignment, you’ll explore in-depth the tools that are used to create visual content for websites, social media, and emails.
For this assignment, we will focus on three categories of tools:
Web design. These are tools that help you create and edit websites.
Photo editors. These are tools that help you edit, sharpen, and size photos.
Image editors for social media. These are tools that help you create social media posts using graphics.For each of the three categories listed above, identify three different tools. Discuss their strengths and weaknesses.
Identify their cost (especially note if they are free!).
Provide your recommendation vis-a-vis the tool, identifying who should use it (beginner, skilled, expert, for example), and whether you believe it is good value. Explain.

Submission Requirements
Draft your results using PowerPoint or another slide presentation application, with one tool per slide. Include screenshots or other visuals associated with the tool.
Provide in-depth descriptions and analyses of the tools in your speaker notes.
Include a conclusion slide at the end that summarizes and synthesizes your work. (HINT: a table with criteria and your evaluations would be handy for your conclusion.)
Your presentation should be 10 slides in length not including the required cover and references slides.
Make sure your presentation conforms to the CSU Global Writing Center. Check out this guide to presentations from the Library.

Option 1 AdWords Campaign—Online Survey

Marketing Assignment Help You are planning to start an AdWords campaign to help bring more consumers to the webpage of your business, your employer, or your favorite brand. However, before setting up your AdWords campaign, you still need to find more information regarding the preferences of your current customers and how they found you in order to be able to create a cost-effective AdWords strategy. Your objective is to create an online survey that will be distributed to current consumers.
Write a 2- to 3-page paper (not including title, reference, or appendix pages) that:
Explains the message you plan to send to consumers, your choice of questions, how you plan to deal with bias, and your sample size.
Evaluates online survey platforms, identifies the platform selected for your survey, and explains the rationale for your choice.
Includes the survey in an appendix at the end of the paper. You must set up the survey on the platform you selected and provide the link to the online survey as part of the appendix. You do not need to distribute the survey, but it needs to be in final form.
Your paper must be supported by a minimum of two sources in addition to course resources and be formatted according to CSU Global Writing Center.The Marketing Research Guide and theCSU Global Library are good places to located these sources.

WTA- Activity

Chapter 4: Extent (How Much) Decisions.
Chapter 5: Investment Decisions: Look Ahead and Reason Back.
1. You own a plant that produces 10,000 copiers per year. Your fixed costs are $50,000 per year. The marginal cost per copier is a constant $5. What is your break-even price? What would be your break-even price if you were to sell 70% more copiers?
2. Suppose you make an initial investment of $70,000 that will return $20,000/year for four years (assume the $20,000 is received each year at the end of the year). Is this a profitable investment if the discount rate is 15%?
3. A US company has revenue of $5.5 million and total costs of $7.5 million, which are or can be broken down into total fixed cost of $3 million and total variable cost of $4.5 million. The net loss on the firm’s income statement is reported as $2,000,000 (ignoring tax implications). In prior periods, the firm had reported profits on its operations.
A. What decision should the firm make regarding operations over the short term?
B What decision should the firm make regarding operations over the long term?
C. Assume the same business scenario except that revenue is now $5.0 million, and total costs of $7.5 million, which are or can be broken down into total fixed cost of $3 million and total variable cost of $4.5 million, which creates a net loss of $1.2 million. What decision should the firm make regarding operations in this case?
APA format
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