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– Questions based on the case Study as per the attachment

Case Study

Monsooned: A case study on project deadlines, the Indian ‘yes’ and high-context versus low-context communication.

Rebecca works with United Technologies, a Chicago based company. She is talking on the phone to Abhinav, the manager of one of United Technologies vendors for customer service outsourcing.

Rebecca: We really need to get all of the customer service representatives trained on our new process in the next two weeks. Can you get this done?
Abhinav: That timeline is pretty aggressive. Do you think it’s possible?
Rebecca: I think it will require some creativity and hard work, but I think we can get it done with two or three days to spare.
Abhinav: Ok.
Rebecca: Now that our business is settled, how is everything else?
Abhinav: All’s well, although the heavy monsoons this year are causing a lot of delays getting around the city.

Two weeks later…
Abhinav: We’ve pulled all of our resources and I’m happy to say that 60% of the customer service representatives are now trained in the new process. The remaining 40% will complete the training in the next two weeks.
Rebecca: Only 60%? I thought we agreed that they all would be trained by now!
Abhinav: Yes . The monsoon is now over so the rest of the training should go quickly.
Rebecca: This training is critical to our results. Please get it done as soon as possible.
Abhinav: I am certain that it will be done in the next two weeks.

Questions based on the Above case Study:
1. Did Abhinav agree to the initial timeline requested by Rebecca?
2. What might Rebeccabe thinking about Abhinav?
3. What might Abhinav be thinking about Rebecca?
4. How will this incident affect their future interactions?

Finc 310 Money and Capital Market

Assume that the U.S. economy just entered into a recession. What can the Federal Reserve do to try to get the economy out of a recession? Among other comments that you may make, please be sure to discuss the following:
Describe the role of the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve in the United States, and describe the tools available to the Federal Reserve to influence the nation’s money supply.
Discuss the Federal Reserve’s open-market operations, and the importance of its role. How does another key central bank around the world conduct such operations, and why are they important? What recent open-market operations have the Federal Reserve and another country’s central bank taken?
Explain what happens to the U.S. money supply when the Federal Reserve buys and sells Treasury bonds. Describe in detail how this has affected U.S. banks’ abilities to lend and the overall U.S. economy.
Explain what has happened to the U.S. money supply and economy when another central bank outside the United States has bought and sold U.S. Treasury bonds.
How do you think that you will be personally impacted by the recession?

Business Question

Business Assignment Help 1000 word essay on how a scholarship will change my life. I will use my degree in Business Administration to help inspire others to reach their goals through business coaching.A little background about me to include in the essay. A I am a mother of 3 , I am a US Navy Veteran . Business owner of a kids clothing line set to start this summer. Take care of elder brother that is disabled. Currently starting a non profit for teen girls a shelter for neglected teen girls and teen moms. Currently reside in Fort Lauderdale Fl . 36 years old. I have been attending Nova for 4 years now . I come from humble beginnings. I want to be able to receive funding fo my non profit business maybe purchase land or purchase a building I will use my resources to help and uplift others. I will help my community.

BL Unit III Open Ended

Susan, a wealthy widow, invited an acquaintance, John, to her home for a steak dinner on a specific date and at a specific time. John told Susan that he would be delighted to come to dinner and, eager to impress Susan, spent lavishly in preparing for the evening. His purchases included a new blazer, new shoes, an expensive floral arrangement, and champagne for Susan. At the agreed upon date and time, John arrived at Susan’s house only to find that she had left for the evening. John went home and sent Susan an email saying that he came for dinner but she was not home. The next day, Susan sent John an email saying that she was sorry that she had forgotten the dinner and had gone to the theater with friends. Assume that the facts given are admitted and not in dispute. Did Susan and John have a contract? Why, or why not? Your response must be at least 75 words in length.
Rhodes, a wealthy businessman, and Axe, an artist, were involved in a business venture a few years ago, and Axe blamed Rhodes for the failure of that business venture. Despite the bad blood between the two, Rhodes, who was also an art collector, wanted one of Axe’s paintings because Axe was becoming more popular, and the value of his paintings was increasing. Rhodes sent Axe a letter stating that he would pay Axe $100,000 if Axe would agree to paint a painting specifically for Rhodes. When Axe received Rhodes’s letter, he was angry and wrote a quick letter to Rhodes not only rejecting Rhodes’s offer but saying that he thought Rhodes was a crook who should be in jail. As soon as Axe put the letter rejecting Rhodes’s offer in the mail slot at the post office, Axe had second thoughts about rejecting the offer and decided that he would paint a quick painting and take Rhodes’s $100,000. Axe immediately called Rhodes and said he accepted Rhodes offer and was ready to start on the painting immediately. The next day, Rhodes received the letter from Axe rejecting the offer. Now, Rhodes was angry because the letter said that Axe thought he was a crook and should be in jail, so Rhodes immediately called Axe and said the deal was cancelled. Was a contract between Rhodes and Axe formed? Why, or why not? If a contract was formed, did Rhodes have a legal basis for cancelling the contract? Your response must be at least 75 words in length.

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