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Questions: How Does A Supervisor’s Engagement Impact Employee Empowerment? How C Essay Help Online

How does a supervisor’s engagement impact employee empowerment?
How can one empower employees to help meet the organization’s mission.
Describe a situation when you felt either empowered or powerless within your organization. How did it make you feel?
What did you learn most about the ways in which power can be used within organizations?

This research paper is about the Dream Act, research about how todays government argumentative essay helpThis research paper is about the Dream Act, research about how todays government and society is doing with The Dream Act now in todays world. The goal of this article is to gain a better understanding of the recent events in immigration and to go deeper into them.
Please read all the information attached and written.
The key goal of this essay cheap essay helpPlease read all the information attached and written.
The key goal of this essay is to show my interest in data science and confidence in how well I can do in grad school by harmonizing data science and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
I have an economics degree and minored in codding.
I have work experience in RPA as a project manager leading all steps from discovery to implantation.
Complete in a Word document. The answer to each question must be 100-125 words f essay help onlineComplete in a Word document. The answer to each question must be 100-125 words for EACH question.
1.Describe your in-groups and your out-groups. Give an example of how your in-group has influenced the way that you see the world. Give an example of how your out-group either changed or reinforced your view of the world.
2.What leadership style or styles do you respond to in a positive way? What type of leader is most effective in today’s bureaucratic environment? As the group leader, how would you lead your team or group through a project?
3.Select a deviant behavior with which you are personally familiar (your behavior (s) or something that you know someone did) and choose one of the theoretical perspectives to analyze what happened.
4.Describe a broken social rule that you observed. What was the reaction of others? Why did people react in that manner? What was your response to the situation and other’s reactions?
Please use intext citations. Please provide permalink for references. Thank you.
Write an analysis of a text (journal article, magazine article, editorial, speec online essay helpWrite an analysis of a text (journal article, magazine article, editorial, speech, book, or website) that breaks down the text you are analyzing and shows how it works to inform, persuade, or entertain an audience. Your analysis should read the text carefully and also offer insight into how the text adds new perspective to a particular cultural or social issue that is important to you. The goal of analysis is not to evaluate or judge, but rather to uncover “how texts work” For this Analysis Essay, you will break down the source text you have chosen to write about, analyzing the context, subtext and appeals used by the author of the source text. you will focus both on textual analysis (close reading of the text itself) and contextual analysis (analyzing the text within its larger cultural context). Overall, your Analysis Essay should offer a clear, coherent, and detailed understanding of how the text works, breaking down the writer’s choices and explaining how the writer makes the issue relevant, interesting, and emotionally connected to a community of readers.
Detail the overall research design best college essay helpPLEASE THOROUGHLY EXAMINE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS
Detail the overall research design in the Ohio Lottery case (See Exhibit OL1). What are the advantages and disadvantages of this design?
Evaluate the MET process (Exhibit OL-2). What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the MET technique?
What measurement scales are used in the sample questions provided (Exhibit OL-3)? Why might the lottery attitude and lottery importance questions have presented the most challenge to the professional researchers?
Using text Exhibit 12-2, map out the likely quantitative instrument content.
The survey contained several questions that would alert the researchers that the participant was not taking the research process seriously (see case exhibit OL-3). Is this a good or a poor idea? Why?
Evaluate the MET discussion guide for the Ohio Lottery Research.
primary goal of the thread is to thoroughly answer each of the case study
questions. Some answers may require a
paragraph-style response, whereas others will be best answered with a table or
bulleted points. Use the response style that is most appropriate to answer the individual
question while ensuring the following are met:
thread will consist of 800 – 1000 words that answer all the assigned case
study questions, include 1 biblical application/integration (no more than
10% of the total response) and across all the questions use at least 5
different peer reviewed sources.
case has multiple questions and each question response must be supported with
at least 1 peer-reviewed source.
Use proper grammar and current APA
INCLUDE TEXTBOOK IN REFERENCES:Schindler, P. S. (2021). Business Research Methods (14th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education
In Chapter 10 on Personality, King (2022) presented various ways to measure pers college essay helpIn Chapter 10 on Personality, King (2022) presented various ways to measure personality traits through self-report tests, standardized tests like the Myers-Briggs or the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and projective tests such as the Rorschach Inkblot Test or the TAT (Thematic Apperception Test).
Rooted in the Humanistic Perspective from research by William James and Abraham Maslow, a subfield, Positive Psychology emerged in the late 20th century as Martin Seligman, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, Christopher Peterson, Edward Diener, Carol Dweck, and many others. These modernist theorists look for what is right and not what is wrong in a person. Various topics studied are happiness, character strengths, gratitude, mindfulness, grit and resilience, flourishing and optimism (American Psychological Association, 2022).
Follow these steps:
First view the video, The Science of Character. The Science of Character (8 mins) explores the neuroscience and social science that proves that we can shape who we are, and who we want to be in the world.

Take the VIA Survey FREE: First you need to register. This link will take you to the registration page. Fill in the information in the box and click the blue bar “Register Now.” The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to answer all the questions. The more honestly you answer, the better your results. Upon completion you will receive your 24 character strengths and virtues in rank order. The top 5 are considered your signature strengths. We will be working with these 5 in the discussion post.
In your initial discussion post, discuss in detail:
List your 5 signature strengths (the top 5 items on this ranked order result from the survey.
How do you use these strengths today?
How can you use these strengths in your future career choice?
Finally, review all of the other strengths. Which one would you like to increase and why? How might that help you?
For additional information on these character strengths and virtues, this link will take you to a resource with information regarding all 24 strengths.
(VIA Institure on Character, n.d.)
Your response should be in the 300-350 range. References and citations are expected to be used in the process of answering these questions. Additionally, respond to 2 of your classmates. Compare and contrast the experiences they have had regarding memory processes with your own experiences. Ask them an additional question to help you better understand their viewpoint. Remember that you must do this with 2 of your classmates. Your responses to classmates should be in the 100-150 word range and should be more than just telling them they did a good job or stating your agreement with their response.
The textbook must be used and cited on all discussions along with other required sources.
American Psychological Association. (2022). A primer on positive psychology. Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools.
King. L. A. (2022). Experience psychology (5th ed.). McGraw Hill.
Shlain, T. (2014, March 20). The science of character. Let it Ripple Studio.
VIA Institue on Character. (n.d.). The 24 character strengths.

On the Internet, research different methods for financing health care (HMOs, PPO college admissions essay helpOn the Internet, research different methods for financing health care (HMOs, PPOs, and private insurance).
List two examples of each
How does each method work?
What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Make sure to use at least two reputable references in addition to your textbook.
This is my book: L., B., & Huston, C. (2020). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application (10th ed.). Wolters Kluwer Health.
Examine the characters of Jeevan Chaudhary and Kirsten Raymonde. Compare and con college essay helpExamine the characters of Jeevan Chaudhary and Kirsten Raymonde. Compare and contrast their stories of survival as he tries to survive the beginning of the pandemic while she experiences the world many years later. Do their stories share any complimentary themes?
Writing a 1,200-1,500 word essay formatted according to MLA style, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman font. This essay should include quotes, paraphrases, and summaries taken from the primary texts we have read in class and any other relevant primary works, include at least two secondary sources. Note: Since Station Eleven was published this decade you may find secondary sources on it difficult to come by, so you may want to focus on secondary sources that focus on particular themes or literary terms that are relevant to your topic. You may also use your notes and any material referenced in class. Be sure to properly cite any sources that you do include in your essay in MLA citation format including a Works Cited page.
The grade of your essay will be determined based on how well you respond to the topic and provide support for your argument. Your topic should be well supported by a good understanding of the texts discussed and effective references/quotes from those texts and secondary source(s). You should also proofread your essay and adhere to college-level English standards and conventions. These standards and conventions should include, but are not limited to: an interesting vocabulary, powerful style, and appropriate voice and tone.
As always, you should assume that your audience has already read the work, so avoid plot summary. Keep your paper focused on analyzing the novel. Make arguments for your particular analysis and then support them in the individual paragraphs. Any plot points should merely be made in supporting your arguments of analysis.
For this assignment, you will write a two page paper describing a concept of the college essay help onlineFor this assignment, you will write a two page paper describing a concept of the humanistic theories of Abraham Harold Maslow.
In a two page paper, discuss:
The foundation of this concept
Why you believe this concept is relevant
How you could apply the concept in daily life
At least three benefits that application could provide as someone seek greater self-understanding
The following excerpt is from “A Fable For Tomorrow” (from Rachel Carson’s book essay help online freeThe following excerpt is from “A Fable For Tomorrow” (from Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring).
There was once a town in the heart of America where all life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings. The town lay in the midst of a checkerboard of prosperous farms, with fields of grain and hillsides of orchards where, in spring, white clouds of bloom drifted above the green fields. In autumn, oak and maple and birch set up a blaze of color that flamed and flickered across a backdrop of pines. Then foxes barked in the hills and deer silently crossed the fields, half hidden in the mists of the fall mornings….
Then a strange blight crept over the area and everything began to change. Someevil spell had settled on the community: mysterious maladies swept the flocks of chickens; the cattle and sheep sickened and died. Everywhere was a shadow of death. The farmers spoke of much illness among their families. In the town the doctors had become more and more puzzled by new kinds of sickness appearing among their patients. There had been several sudden and unexplained deaths, not only among adults but even among children, who would be stricken suddenly while at play and die within a few hours.
There was a strange stillness…. No witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it themselves.
This town does not actually exist, but it might easily have a thousand counterparts in America or elsewhere in the world. I know of no community that has experienced all the misfortunes I describe. Yet every one of these disasters has actually happened somewhere, and many real communities have already suffered a substantial number of them. A grim specter has crept upon us almost unnoticed, and this imagined tragedy may easily become a stark reality we all shall know.
Carson creates a hypothetical town and tells her story to set the tone, background, and “stage” for the reader. This is often called an anecdote. That is, she uses the brief story (with use of clear, precise, vivid narration and description) to illustrate a point she plans to make, her ultimate purpose of which is to bring to light the grim reality she goes on to discuss – society’s overuse of chemicals and pesticides, and the like is destroying our very existence.
Your assignment:
Think of an issue you would like to discuss or tell your readers about. Then, write a short introductory story – or anecdote – to draw the reader in, create a scenario (real or hypothetical) that the reader can relate to and which can lead to the actual issue you wish to discuss. Many of us have brief encounters or situations – “stories” – that have happened to us and may even illustrate a specific point. Feel free to draw from your own experience if you have such a scenario.
Some suggestions:
The importance of going to college and getting a degree.
The importance of teamwork in sports, school, and/or business.
Why “honesty is the best policy.”
The importance of communication and/or trust in a relationship (friendship, romance, business, etc.).
The fact that giving or a random act of kindness can actually help the “giver” feel better.
The devastating effects of bullying on school-aged children and adolescents.
A need to help orphans and children in war torn countries.
*** Or, simply choose an issue of your own. In fact, you can choose to narrate an intro for your upcoming Evaluation (C&C) essay, if you like. ***
Choose a submission type
Term Paper Instructions:
Your textbook is designed to cover
the three broad topi essay helpTerm Paper Instructions:
Your textbook is designed to cover
the three broad topics of Behavior Management (1) individual behavior; (2) group
behavior; and (3) the structure of an organization. Therefore, this method is how we will
approach the term paper.
Choose one (or two) Fortune 500
companies. Write a brief introduction of
your company and then write a minimum of 500 words for each of the 3 major
sections listed below. You will then
write a minimum of 100 words as a summary section. You must have a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed
reference for each section, for a total of 6 peer-reviewed references.
Required: 100 words
Recommendation: Complete this section by the end of Week 3
Required: 500 words and 2 peer reviewed references for
this section
Topics that may be included:
Personality, Perception, and
Attitudes, Emotions, and Ethics
Motivation at Work
Learning and Performance Management
Stress and Well-Being at Work
Recommendation: Complete this section by the beginning of
Week 5
Required: 500 words and 2 peer reviewed references for
this section
Topics that may be included:
Work Teams and Groups
Decision Making by Individuals and
Power and Political Behavior
Leadership and Followership
Conflict and Negotiation
Recommendation: Complete this section by the middle of Week 6
Required: 500 words and 2 peer reviewed references for
this section
Topics that may be included:
Jobs and the Design of Work
Organizational Design and Structure
Organizational Culture
Career Management
Managing Change
Required: 100 words
How to find peer-reviewed references
How to find peer-reviewed references
I created this YouTube video to provide a clear explanation of how to find peer-reviewed references.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
What article did y custom essay helpSpecifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
What article did you select for your term-long critical analysis project? List the title and author.
An author’s purpose or goal is their reason for writing a work. Based on a literal reading of your selected article, what do you believe is the author’s purpose?
What pieces of evidence from the text led you to arrive at that decision?
An author’s audience is the group or groups of people who are being addressed in the reading. What audience do you believe the author is writing for in your selected article? What potential challenges does the author face when addressing their purpose with this audience?
Word document and include a page with references. It must be written in MLA or APA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.
I have a PhD thesis in molecular biology which needs some corrections. I ha online essay helpHi,
I have a PhD thesis in molecular biology which needs some corrections. I have attached what the examiners want in a word file
Assignment Instructions
Create a 1-to best college essay helpYOU MUST COMPLETE THIS TO PASS THIS CLASS.
Assignment Instructions
Create a 1-to-3-page, double-spaced paper describing emic and etic perspectives of the holiday of Halloween in the United States.
The paper must be formatted in APA Style, with an APA-Style title page, page numbers in the upper right, headings, parenthetical in-text citations, and a reference page. The headings must be centered on the line and formatted in bold and in title case. Paraphrase or quote and cite from the textbook and from at least one additional scholarly, outside source to support your points in the paper. Include at least the following headings: Emic Perspectives of Halloween, Etic Perspectives of Halloween, and Conclusion.
To write this paper, consider the following points:
Page 288, in the Religion chapter (Chapter 11) of your textbook, asserts that, “. . . to study supernatural beliefs, anthropologists must cultivate a perspective of cultural relativism and strive to understand beliefs from an emic or insider’s perspective” (Henninger-Rener, 2020)
Analyze the beliefs of people in the United States regarding the holiday of Halloween. Analyze beliefs about Halloween from both the emic, or insider’s perspective, and from the etic, or outsider’s or observer’s perspective.
While writing on this subject, consider customs, traditions, rituals, or practices that some Americans participate in to celebrate Halloween. Describe some of those customs, traditions, rituals, or practices and their significance from both an emic, or insider’s, perspective and from an etic, or outsider’s or observer’s perspective.
What meanings do the celebrations surrounding Halloween have for people celebrating the holiday?
Do these meanings vary among celebrants?
Do these meanings vary across sub-cultural groups, genders, or age grades or age sets?
Feel free to explain Halloween from the perspective of Americans who do not choose to celebrate the holiday. What meanings does Halloween have for such Americans?
What does it mean to reject a holiday or to choose to not celebrate a particular holiday?
What meanings does that have for the individuals themselves and what meanings might be apparent from an etic, or outsider’s or observer’s perspective?
What about celebrations that are described as alternatives to Halloween, such as harvest celebrations in the United States, for example, offered around or near October 31st?
What is the significance of such celebrations for those participating and what meanings might be apparent from an etic, or outsider’s or observer’s perspective?
Please go through the lecture pdf-chapter 4 (page 41 – page58 ), and also “the s college essay helpPlease go through the lecture pdf-chapter 4 (page 41 – page58 ), and also “the situational leadership”, which is a prerequisite for you to answer the question and is “must-be”. Your answer need to be linked with chapter 4 and the situational leadership.
I have the Intro and heading to add with the other pages that are needed for thi online essay helpI have the Intro and heading to add with the other pages that are needed for this assignment. I will add powerpoints of I need and how I need it.
After reading the selections listed from Chapter 2, choose a western movie or TV essay help freeAfter reading the selections listed from Chapter 2, choose a western movie or TV show broadly defined from any year that demonstrates one or more of the themes about the west discussed in the readings.
In a paper of at least 750 words, write a thesis-driven argument explaining which interpretation of the frontier is depicted in the movie and why.
I have provided a list of suggested westerns to help assist you in your search, but feel free to choose a western not listed. Feel free to ask me if you are unsure about a particular movie.
Be sure to use specific evidence from the movie that supports your thesis, and explain why the evidence supports the thesis.
DO NOT use any other sources for the paper! Just use the readings, the textbook, and the film.
If you refer to information from the readings, or quote from the texts, please put the page number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence or quote.
Based on your proposal from Topic 3 and any feedback you may have received, writ college admissions essay helpBased on your proposal from Topic 3 and any feedback you may have received, write a 1,000-1,250-
word paper that connects specific cultural communication patterns or practices to the history, values, and beliefs of that culture. You should focus on a culture of which you are not a member (e.g., you would not research GCU cultural communication patterns because you are a member of the GCU community). Your paper should integrate five reputable and authoritative sources.
The following journal article titles illustrate the variety of patterns or practices that your paper could
The Gift and the Common Good: A Chinese and Business Ethics Perspective
Acculturative Family Distancing and Depressive Symptoms Among Latinas: The Role of Intergenerational Cultural Conflict.
Engaging Malaysia: A Grassroots Approach to Inter/Intra-Religious Communication
Impact of Romantic Facebook “Crush Pages” on the Egyptian Youth
The Impact of Covid-19 to Indonesian Education and Its Relation to the Philosophy of “Merdeka Belajar”
This is not an all-inclusive list and you are free to pick any pattern or practice in collaboration with your
instructor. Notice that each of these articles addresses a communication issue and links it to cultural
distinctiveness. The focus of your paper is to present research on the history, beliefs, and values of a
cultural group and give examples of communication patterns or practices that are influenced by these histories, beliefs, and/or values.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
Here is the situation to which you are expected to respond:
In January 2018, Chi essay help freeHere is the situation to which you are expected to respond:
In January 2018, Chinese scientists revealed that they had successfully used somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) to produce two identical, live monkeys named Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong. The successful cloning of the macaques, Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong, followed the cloning of Dolly the sheep more than twenty years earlier.
In February 1997, the Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut announced that he had successfully cloned a lamb. “Dolly” was the first mammal to be cloned from adult body cells. A clone, by definition, is a genetic replication, by nonsexual means, of a single parent. In the years between Dolly and Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong, more than twenty animals had been cloned. Dolly’s birth was the culmination of many years of research and many failed attempts (276, according to Dr. Wilmut’s report).
Successful cloning of mammals has ushered in a new era of human manipulation of the natural world. If the same procedures used to create Dolly and Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong were followed with human material, cells taken from an adult person would be placed in a human egg from which the nucleus and DNA had been removed. Then, the egg would be implanted in a woman where a successful period of gestation and birth would result in a child being born with only one parent and genetic material identical to her or his one parent.
In 1997, Dolly’s birth was so significant that scientists and laypeople reacted with a mixture of excitement and fear. At the time of Dolly’s birth, human cloning was banned in a number of countries such as Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain. In the United States, then-President Bill Clinton took two steps: 1) He banned federal funding for attempts to clone human beings, and 2) He called on the National Bioethics Advisory Commission to review the issue and make recommendations.
The Commission’s report included a number of conclusions and recommendations:
1. They concluded that “at this time it is morally unacceptable” to attempt human cloning. They recommended:
a. The continued moratorium on federal funding for cloning projects.
b. The request that private agencies voluntarily comply with the moratorium.
2. They suggested that Federal legislation be passed to prohibit attempts at cloning for a period of three to five years, after which the situation would be reviewed to determine whether the moratorium should be continued.
3. They warned against legislation that might interfere with other important scientific research.
4. They asked that people of “different ethical and religious perspectives and traditions” consider carefully the “ethical and social implications of this technology.”
5. They asked that government agencies be urged to keep the public informed of significant development.
The National Bioethics Advisory Commission ceased to exist in 2001 when President Bill Clinton left office. Now, following the creation of Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong, you have been chosen to continue its work of reviewing the issue of human cloning and making recommendations about how to proceed. I am sure you are very glad you have taken this ethics course because you have the knowledge and experience to help you take on this important task!
Following the birth of Dolly and, more recently, Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong, it appears that human cloning can be done (or, at least, that it is realistic to envision the capability of human cloning in the future). The question remains, however, whether human cloning should be done.
In the examination, you are supposed to respond to the question: Should human cloning be allowed? As you respond, you should
1. properly use and cite at least four scholarly sources, which are related to human cloning and ethics, and include them in a Works Cited list,
2. take a position on the question, “Should human cloning be allowed?”
3. demonstrate the ways you use sources for ethical reflection from the Quadrilateral we have discussed in this course (Reason, Religion or Higher Authority, Tradition, and Experience),
4. develop your answer using at least one of the three modes of ethical reasoning we have covered (Teleology, Deontology, or Areteology), and
5. describe ways in which your answer to this issue helps you “benefit from applying ethical reflection to real-world issues.”
The final point calls you to address the “so what” question about the position you are taking. In other words, in what ways does your position on human cloning affect your life (and others’ lives)? Or, how might your ethical reflection on this issue help you reflect on other moral issues in the future?
Hollys house is a non-residential child and adult victim advocacy center. I woul college admission essay helpHollys house is a non-residential child and adult victim advocacy center. I would like some abuse statistics in Indiana to be included as well. I have attached the outline that needs to be turned in as well and a sample outline and the rubric. One of the three sources but be peer-reviewed
I.The first part of the exam deals with markets for private goods and market pow scholarship essay helpI.The first part of the exam deals with markets for private goods and market power.
Explain the concept of market power in plain language as if you were speaking to someone who hasn’t studied economics. Make sure to identify what creates market power, what the problems with market power are and what is good about market power.
Give an example of market power in every day life that you have experienced.
Identify an example of market power from the news, the web, a blog or a podcast. MAKE SURE TO FIND THE MOST RELIABLE AND CREDIBLE source you can. Describe the concept in economic language and explain how the current pandemic has impacted market power in this market. You must cite this external source using APA style.
II.The second part of the writing part of the exam deals with markets for public goods
Explain the concept of public goods in plain language as if you were speaking to someone who hasn’t studied economics. Make sure to identify what distinguishes public goods from other types of goods, and both the problems with public goods and the positive aspects of public goods.
Give an example of public goods in every day life that you have experienced and how public goods are misunderstood.
Identify an example of public goods from the news, the web, a blog or a podcast. MAKE SURE TO FIND THE MOST RELIABLE AND CREDIBLE source you can. Describe the concept in economic language and explain how the current pandemic has impacted public goods in the example you cite. . You must cite this external source using APA style.
This assignment is graded on a 30 point scale (each concept is worth 15 points each)
Please read the rubric below. For information on citations in APA style — go to the bishop library online (Links to an external site.)
How should nurses assure policy
change for advanced practice registered nurses?” essay helpHow should nurses assure policy
change for advanced practice registered nurses?” What role does the Affordable
Care Act (ACA) play in addressing workforce shortages in rural communities?
The discussion must address the
Rationale must be provided
500 words. Minimum of two scholarly
references in APA 7 format within the
last five years published
Turnitin < 20%

Essay question (3 questions pick only 1)
first paragraph answer the question!
Ex college admission essay helpEssay question (3 questions pick only 1)
first paragraph answer the question!
Explain the thesis with facts,
Support thesis with evidence.
Must be 4 paragraphs long.
I need a 250 word response to the following classmates post:
1. Review the prior college admission essay helpI need a 250 word response to the following classmates post:
1. Review the priorities in the current National Quality Strategy ( Which priority is most important to you as a healthcare consumer, and why? Which priority do you believe is most important to providers, and why?
“I believe the most important quality as a healthcare consumer is making care safer by reducing the harm caused in care delivery” (AHRQ, 2016). I think that is very important because the importance of hospitals is all based on their patients and their safety. We want to ensure that all patients are well taken care of and safe from harm. Also, I do believe that accidents happen in healthcare facilities, but we would not want to risk the life of any patient. If a patient has a risky surgery that they should take but consent not to, no one should force the patient to do anything they do not want to do. Patient safety is a health care discipline. Patient safety aims to prevent and reduce risks, errors, and harm that occur to patients during health care. Patient safety discipline is a continuous improvement based on learning from mistakes and adverse events.
An example of harm to a patient is when a patient in a hospital is prescribed the wrong medication because of a mix-up due to similar packaging.There has been little communication between providers and a lack of verification before medication administration. Usually, the individual provider who makes a mistake would take the blame for the incident and may be punished. Communication and verification of medication are the two crucial mistakes the providers make. The providers must communicate effectively and verify the prescription before administering it to the pharmacy. Many drugs may look similar, so verifying the medication before it is issued is essential.
I believe the most important to providers is working with communities to promote the wide use of best practices to enable healthy living. We want everyone to have a healthy life. Many providers can go to different communities and talk about other ways to improve life, such as what to eat, exercising, etc. Also, communities must learn about diseases, their risks, symptoms, etc., so many people can stay safe from the disease. Some disorders are worse than others. An example is COVID-19. COVID-19 has impacted many people and caused a significant impact on the country. A way to help communities learn about COVID-19 is by using social media to express to the communities the facts about COVID-19 and how we can stay safe. Another way to express communities is by having vaccines available for kids, adults, and the elderly. Vaccines for all ages can reduce the risk of someone getting sick from COVID-19.
All of the six priorities of the National Quality Strategy (NQS) are critical in healthcare and should be used daily. All healthcare facilities are under moral law and need to follow the rules. Also, any healthcare worker should make good decisions when a dilemma arises. Dilemmas happen unexpectedly, and they should be addressed appropriately. The critical aspect is that we would not want the dilemma to happen again. We want to reduce the risk of ethical violations as much as possible. We want to help our communities and promote healthier lifestyles for everyone.
AHRQ. (2016). Working for Quality. AHRQ. Retrieved June 28, 2022, from
What are your three favorite words in the English language? Explain what they me college admission essay helpWhat are your three favorite words in the English language? Explain what they mean to you.
My three favorite words are; Creator, Creation, and Charity.
Creator and Creation – Genesis 1 and beyond (kjv).
Charity 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 +/- (kjv)
Some would argue that the Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee actually began duri online essay helpSome would argue that the Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee actually began during the days of slavery; however, by the midpoint of the 20th Century, activists throughout the state were mobilizing local citizens to stand up for their rights.
Statewide where did these early protests, demonstrations, and activities occur?
Identify the local leaders of these movements.
What is the legacy of their actions?
In this topic, I want you to focus your research and attention on your local area…if you’re in Johnson City, tell us about events in Johnson City, not about Memphis!
Remember to cite at least two sources.
Research the article 3 about New Zealand listed below.
As the leader of the emer essay help site:eduResearch the article 3 about New Zealand listed below.
As the leader of the emergency planning
team—prior to the disaster—for New Zealand Address the prompts listed:
In the introduction,
identify a risk, and choose a vulnerable population that is susceptible to
the risk or disaster that had taken place.
Determine the priorities
for situational awareness and communication strategies.
Examine how the Incident
Command System (ICS) will be influential in the overall operations prior
to a disaster taking place.
Provide a description of
how the emergency operations center (EOC) would provide support should a
disaster occur.
Analyze and develop a
mitigation or preparedness strategy to protect or reduce the vulnerability
and increase the communications and interoperability within social groups.
This is in CH. 4 Listed below: Regarding assistance using the Five Cs.
One Resource: Emergency incident management systems:
Fundamentals and applications (2nd ed.)
CH. 3 Opening
Incident Management in Other Countries
The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be
changed without changing our thinking. Albert Einstein
All too often, we take for granted the incident management
system (IMS) methods that began in the United States. Many believe that these
methods that were developed in the United States are used around the world, or
they would believe that they are not used anywhere except a few select
countries. Either train of thought would be a major misconception. As we will
see in this chapter, most countries have adapted an IMS method to manage
As a disclaimer, the information in this chapter was taken
from various research rather than first‐hand knowledge. Because the majority of
the information came from the Internet, it is possible that some information in
this chapter may be incomplete or incorrect. We apologize in advance for any
While the current IMS system in the United States is the
National Incident Management System (NIMS), most countries utilize a totally
different IMS method. Some countries utilize the Incident Command System (ICS)
component of NIMS, while others use similar bits and pieces of ICS, NIMS, or
some other IMS method. Some countries have no standard IMS method across their
nation, but rather leave it up to the provinces or the states what, if
anything, should be used. In some instances, these foreign countries do not use
an IMS method, or they only recently started using an IMS method. A basic
review of these countries and the methods they use can help us understand the
importance of the basic principles and concepts as they relate to managing an
CH. 3 New Zealand
The IMS system used by New Zealand is the Coordinated
Incident Management System (CIMS) method. The CIMS method is very similar to
the NIMS method used in the United States. This method was first introduced in
1998, and it is based on the same four basic tenets as the NIMS method, but
they use different words. In New Zealand, those base tenets are identified as
“Four‐Rs.” Those “Four Rs” are the following:
Risk reduction
If we compare this to the NIMS method used in the United States, risk reduction
is equivalent to mitigation, readiness is the equivalent of planning, and
response and recovery are the same. Much like NIMS method, the Coordinated
Incident Management System (CIMS, 2014) is flexible, uses common structures,
roles, and responsibilities, it requires common terminology, and it is modular
and scalable. This system is responsive to each community’s needs, it fosters a
coordination of response (among differing agencies), a coordination of
resources, and integrates information management and communications. It also
dictates a manageable span of control (number of people supervised), and it
provides for the facilities needed for the response. It also is constantly
evaluating the system to ensure that the Coordinated Incident Management System
(CIMS) meets the ever‐changing needs of first responders. One minor difference
that was found from the NIMS method is that the Coordinated Incident Management
System (CIMS) appears to put more of an emphasis on international compatibility
with other IMS methods (CIMS, 2014).
While the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS,
2014) method is similar to the NIMS method in many ways, there are also some
subtle differences. One definition in the Coordinated Incident Management
System (CIMS) method defines coordination as being assisted by a defined
command and control. According to this definition, command is vertical to a
single agency, while control is horizontal to outside agencies. Another
difference is in the general staff positions. Instead of four (or five if Intelligence
and Investigation is enacted) general staff functions, the New Zealand IMS
method has six general staff functions, and they identify the Incident
Commander (IC) as Control instead of command. These six functions are the
Public Information Management
The Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS, 2014) is also different in
providing an Incident Management Team (IMT) who assists the Controller. While
an Incident Management Team (IMT) is often used in the United States, they are
typically used to fill key position in ICS. New Zealand Incident Management
Teams (IMT) are typically technical experts who provide advice based on special
knowledge and handling of comprehensive work. The Incident Management Team
(IMT), when activated, could contain a Response Manager, a Technical Expert, or
other individuals who have specific information for that specific type of
incident. The Incident Management Team (IMT) can also include risk advisors.
All of the Incident Management Team (IMT) in the Coordinated Incident
Management System (CIMS) report directly to control (CIMS, 2014).
Another interesting concept in the Coordinated Incident
Management System (CIMS, 2014) method is the integration of the community into
any response. While most IMS methods suggest connecting with the community,
Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) method goes one step further. In
the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) manual, it states
Communities, organisations and businesses self‐respond to
emergencies, either as part of official pre‐existing arrangements or on their
own in a spontaneous or emergent manner. Response agencies need to accommodate,
link with, support and coordinate community participation in response.
Wherever possible, communities and the business sector
should be appropriately incorporated in response coordination planning before
incidents occur. Although CIMS is designed to apply to official response
agencies, its principles can be applied at the community level where they form
part of such pre‐planned structures.
The Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS, 2014)
method also provides a color scheme for each general staff function being
performed. This method has assigned pink for planning, dark blue for
investigations, and purple for public information. This color coding would seem
to be more helpful when trying to identify the functional‐based individual you
may need to interact with, or ask a question of, in an incident. The
Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) method also provides a structure
to identify the lines of authority between varying governmental agencies (CIMS,
2014), and while slightly different, it uses a planning process more like the German
version of DV 100.
In looking at Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS)
using a holistic review, it more resembles the NIMS method of IMS, but it
appears to be less complicated. While it may resemble NIMS, several stark
differences have been revealed. Even with those differences, integration from
Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) method to the NIMS method, or
vice versa, would not be hard when an international incident occurs.
Ch. 4
If you were to conduct a literature review written on the control and
management of emergency incidents, you would find common variables. While the
military utilized C4 and C4‐I as a way to manage troops, in a post‐9/11 world,
we now look at five reoccurring themes in order for the incident management
system (IMS) method to be effective. These five reoccurring themes (or
concepts) are critical to managing an incident. Those concepts are the
Not only are these Five Cs a reoccurring theme, but they also have a high level
of importance in incident management. This holds true in all phases of incident
management, including the preparedness mode, the response mode, the recovery
mode, and the planning and mitigation mode of an incident. They are the basic
concepts of managing any crisis, disaster, or emergency incident. These factors
have a significant relevance and are underlying pieces that make incident
management effective. The utility of each will be discussed in great detail.
7019.1.1 : Epidemiology
The graduate applies principles of epidemio custom essay helpCOMPETENCIES
7019.1.1 : Epidemiology
The graduate applies principles of epidemiology to the assessment of the healthcare needs of communities.
7019.1.2 : Community Care and Collaboration
The graduate plans and coordinates community care in collaboration with community partners.
7019.1.3 : Community Advocacy
The graduate develops culturally sensitive and relevant strategies to advocate for populations, based on knowledge of community health systems.
7019.1.4 : Community Health Promotion
The graduate proposes health promotion initiatives and services to promote disease and injury prevention.
7019.1.5 : Environmental Health
The graduate assesses the impact of the environment on the health of the community.
Part of cultural competency is advocating for sensitive patient populations regarding health issues or needed improvements in the community. A big part of advocacy is uncovering effective stories discovered in your community assessment. Equally important is understanding how to broadcast your discoveries to the larger community. In today’s society, social media is a powerful leveraging tool to share a story, build support, and demonstrate advocacy.
In this task, you will be submitting your completed “Community Health Field Experience Time Log” found in the Web Links section. The activities you complete in your community should relate to your field experience topic and focus on primary prevention of the health concern or risk. In addition, you will discuss a social media marketing campaign and implementation plan to convey a health message to the chosen target population.
Note: Your assessment will not be evaluated unless both Parts 1 and 2 of this task are submitted.
Your submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total of 30% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. The similarity report that is provided when you submit your task can be used as a guide.
You must use the rubric and task directions to direct the creation of your submission because each provides detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the course.
Tasks may not be submitted as cloud links, such as links to Google Docs, Google Slides, OneDrive, etc., unless specified in the task requirements. All other submissions must be file types that are uploaded and submitted as attachments (e.g., .docx, .pdf, .ppt).
Part 1: Field Experience Project Submission
A. Submit a completed “Community Health Field Experience Time Log” from the Web Links section by following the guidelines outlined on the attached “C229 Field Experience Activities List” and doing the following:
Note: Your time log must be submitted with your written assessment. If both are not submitted at the same time, your task will be returned to you without evaluation.
1. Include the date of each activity (mm/dd/yy).
2. Include a unique description of what was accomplished during the time spent for each appropriate primary prevention activity.
3. Include the following information for your contact person and site:
• name of the licensed registered nurse (RN; your contact person)
• the RN’s title or affiliation with the facility
• the RN’s license number
• a working phone number or email address for the RN
• the facility name
• a full physical address for the facility.
Note: WGU may contact the listed contact person to verify dates, hours, and activities. The contact person should be made aware of this validation process.
4. Include the number of actual hours spent on each activity (not including preparation time).
5. Explain the importance of each activity to your selected primary prevention field experience topic.
6. Record a total of 65 hours that meet each of the following requirements:
• 5 hours assigned from the local community assessment (“Windshield Survey”)
• 60 student-planned activity hours based on the attached “C229 Field Experience Activities List”
• no prep time hours (i.e., prep time should not be included in reported hours)
7. Include the required student signature with a valid date and RN license number.
Note: Audits and verification of time log activities do occur. Violation of the WGU Code of Student Conduct or the Academic Authenticity Policy could result in disciplinary action.
Part 2: Social Media Campaign
Note: The “CDCynergy” web link provided in the Web Links section may be useful in completing your social media campaign. The use of this web link is optional.
B. Write your community health nursing diagnostic statement that identifies the following components:
• a health concern or risk that is relevant to your chosen field experience topic
• the affected group (e.g., target population) or community
• suggested causative factors
• evidence or support for the health concern or risk
1. Explain how the health concern or risk from your community health nursing diagnostic statement is linked to a health inequity or health disparity within the target population.
a. Discuss the primary community resources and primary prevention resources discovered during your “Windshield Survey” that are relevant to the health concern or risk.
b. Discuss the underlying causes that lead to the health concern or risk for the target population.
2. Discuss evidence-based practice standards (i.e., scholarly backed guidelines or practices) associated with the health concern or risk.
3. Identify data that provide insight into the significance of the health concern or risk from the local (e.g., county), state, or national level.
C. Develop a community health nursing social media marketing campaign strategy that will convey a health message and address the health concern or risk by doing the following:
1. Describe a measurable objective for the social media marketing campaign.
2. Recommend two social media marketing interventions (i.e., education, resources, networking) specific to the target population, and provide rationale for how each intervention improves the health message related to your selected health concern or risk.
3. Describe at least one social media platform you would use to communicate the interventions to the target population, and provide rationale for why each platform is appropriate for this group.
D. Describe best practices and guidelines when utilizing social media platforms for health marketing interventions.
E. Create a social media marketing campaign implementation plan by doing the following:
1. Describe at least two logical stakeholders and the roles and responsibilities each stakeholder has in implementing the campaign plan.
2. Describe at least two community partnerships and the contributing roles and responsibilities each partner has in the implementation of the campaign plan.
3. Formulate a step-by-step timeline of the implementation process for your social media marketing campaign.
4. Describe at least one method of evaluation and the detailed criteria that will be used to measure the effectiveness of the social media marketing interventions.
5. Discuss the costs associated with specific elements of the social media marketing campaign that would require financial support for implementation.
F. Reflect on the application of social media by doing the following:
1. Reflect on the community health nurse’s role in using social media to promote healthier populations.
2. Reflect on how a social media marketing campaign could apply to your current or future personal nursing practice.
G. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
H. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.
File Restrictions
File name may contain only letters, numbers, spaces, and these symbols: ! – _ . * ‘ ( )
File size limit: 200 MB
File types allowed: doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, pdf, txt, qt, mov, mpg, avi, mp3, wav, mp4, wma, flv, asf, mpeg, wmv, m4v, svg, tif, tiff, jpeg, jpg, gif, png, zip, rar, tar, 7z
Please use information from Topanga Terrace SubAcute and Rehabilitation Center located in Canoga Park, CA
Submit APA style table and three graphs depicting: Alternating Treatments Design cheap essay helpSubmit APA style table and three graphs depicting: Alternating Treatments Design, Multiple Baseline Design, and Changing Criterion Design. Each graph must demonstrate functional relationship between behavior and the treatment.
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There are 3 essay questions below.
• You must answer all 3 questions in complete online essay helpThere are 3 essay questions below.
• You must answer all 3 questions in complete essay format.
• For each question you will be graded on both substantive content (meaning how well
you demonstrate your understanding of the material) and also how you present and
organize your response. You want to be thoughtful and complete in your responses. If
you use a direct quote from the readings or videos be sure to put in parenthesis the
page numbers in the book that it appears. (You put this right after the sentence you are
• Each essay has several parts so be sure to answer EACH part of the question.
• Finally– You should answer each question in about 2-4 double spaced paragraphs with
a 12-point font (that is about 2 pages per question)
1. What is the family wage system? How was the family wage system an important factor
in increasing child labor? Compare and contrast how the family wage system operated
in TWO of the industries you read about. In what ways did the family wage system
reflect the realities of families? In which ways did it not?
2. The authors point to the importance of Industrialization, in which there was a transition
from a household which produces its goods to a household that consumes goods which
are then produced in the marketplace. This transition occurred over several stages
from pure house holding to factory production. Trace and explain some of the main
stages that were discussed in the readings AND how this impacted the growth of child
3. How was work for children in the industries gendered? To answer this question, select
two of the industries (one that was dominated by boys and one that was dominated by
girls). We studied and discussed the main tasks of that work and the differences in the
work performed by boys and girls. Why were boys the primary workforce in particular
industries and girls in other industries? What does this say about gender expectations?
To access book:
account: [email protected]
Password: 132456888
Having reviewed with your colleagues your knowledge of how to perform the projec essay helpHaving reviewed with your colleagues your knowledge of how to perform the project risk identification process, Bill Baumbas now wants your consulting team to prepare training for his project managers that is focused on the details of risk identification so they can perform this process for their projects. Prepare PowerPoint visual aids, about twelve to fifteen slides, for a training session for Bill’s project managers that will equip them to work with you and your team to identify risk, threats, and opportunities inherent to the LSDS project under consideration. Since you will not be able to present live in the virtual space, use the speaker notes section of your PowerPoint visual aids to “voice”, “script”, or “record” what you would say to your audience. Your last slide should be a References slide with APA formatted references, and you should use APA formatted citations to your references in the text of your speaker notes.
There is a considerable amount of information that you do not have about ASDG, Inc., e.g. history of the company, culture, and structure of the company, leadership, leadership structure, project managers, engineers, etc. However, you are given the latitude in this and all the following assignments to fabricate the reality you will be dealing with based on the information you do have. You are to assess every angle of the company and consider all of the project stakeholders, who will be impacted by your team’s ability to manage this office relocation project. You are to make assumptions about people’s titles, departments, roles, perceptions, etc. and create the story. Bear in mind the fact that your effectiveness as the project manager of this project will be used to evaluate ASDG’s performance. Your reputation, as well as your company’s reputation, depending on how well you manage this project.
In order to earn full credit, each student must research and find 4 articles/vid cheap essay helpIn order to earn full credit, each student must research and find 4 articles/videos/other sources to post here.
All entries must be in Times New Roman , title font size 16(bold) … font size writing essay helpAll entries must be in Times New Roman , title font size 16(bold) … font size 14…. double spaced with pages numbered
Bibliography should be in Harvard format

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