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Reagan’s Policy in Iran-Iraq War global history essay help

Analyzes U.S. tilt toward Iraq in 1980-1988. Background, overall Middle East policy, secret talks, aid, arms for hostages deal with Iran, aftermath.

This research paper summarizes and evaluates the policies pursued by the Reagan Administration during the war between Iran and Iraq (1980-1988). The basic policy of the United States during that period was to maintain a balance of power in the Middle East which after 1982 resulted in a decided tilt of the United States to support of Iraq. That policy served American interests well during the war, except for one glaring inconsistency, the administration’s abortive attempts to arrange arms for hostages deals with Iran which backfired and led to the Irangate controversy. The continuation of an accommodating policy toward Iraq after the end of the war is more controversial and led to the Gulf War, but President George Bush not President Ronald Reagan, must bear responsibility for not adapting policy…

Dimitri Mendeleev high school essay help: high school essay help

This paper discusses the life and contributions of Dimitri Mendeleev, the founder of the first Periodic Table of Elements.

This paper looks at the life-long contributions that Dimitri Mendeleev made to the field of chemistry. The author details Mendeleev’s personal and professional biography including his battle against childhood disease which almost cost him his life. His family’s struggle to insure that he was able to study at a prestigious university and to overcome the poverty into which he had been born influenced his drive to constantly work and succeed in his chosen field. In 1869 Mendeleev constructed the first Periodic Table of Elements. He also authored many books in the field of chemistry and predicted the discovery of many different elements, as well as weights and measure. The author also notes his many contributions to the advancement of technology in Russia.

Mendeleev was born in 1834 in Siberia. His family consisted of thirteen brothers and sisters, his mother and his father. The family was poor, his father eventually went deaf before he died, and yet Mendeleev’s mother insisted that her youngest child further his education. He hitchhiked over 14,000 miles across Russia to Moscow, only to be turned down by the University of Moscow because he was from Siberia. His mother never gave up, and the two of them traveled to St. Petersburg where he trained and eventually became a Professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of. St. Petersburg. (Chang, 233) During his third year of study there, Mendeleev fell ill, and was bedridden for the next year. He kept up with his studies, and graduated on time, and received the medal of excellence for being first in his class. (Rumppe, Sixtus

Classroom Management and Organizational Planning professional essay help: professional essay help

An examination of classroom management techniques.

The author discusses the importance of creating classroom routines, plans and a safe environment for children to interact for effective classroom performance.

“There are certain characteristics an educator must posses in order to establish a management and organizational plan. With this in mind, a lengthy topic discussed by Froyen & Iverson (1999) is conduct and covenant management within the classroom. In order to address this topic, it is imperative that the teacher establishes a classroom routine that is followed daily. It is also necessary to establish a safe environment in which students will be able to learn and feel they can share and discuss new knowledge. Lesson plans and materials need to flow and make sense to both my students and the educator. The sharing of expectations and goals to students for each lesson will help guide the students toward mastery of material. In order to address content management, a form of checking students understanding and evidence of mastery for each lesson should follow unit material. Any discipline problems that arise during a lesson should be solved with input from the student.’

Polaroid Corporation free essay help: free essay help

A case analysis of Polaroid Corporation outlining its competitive strategies, organization hierarchy and current status.

The following paper examines the role of strategic management in an organization especially one that is in the competitive environment of technology, such as ‘Polaroid’. This essay examines how Polaroid managed to start off with a figment of imagination of land, and eventually turned into a multi million dollar empire. However, the process of getting to such a large corporation took some process thinking on the part of the management. The writer examines the effectivity of Polaroid’s Management’s decisions.

When Polaroid first started out it was the only leader in the market. With its innovative technology, it managed to a large market base that eventually became its main consumers. However, soon it was faced with competition in the form of Berkley Photo and later on from international and local divisions in the form of Kodak, Eastman and Fuji. It was likely that Polaroid would be facing competition as it diversified in its various divisions. For instance in the movie business, camera business as well as vendor relationship.”

End of Cold War & Superpower Relations grad school essay help: grad school essay help

Historical context, causes & effects, reformist policies of Soviet ruler Gorbachev, military issues, failure of communist economy.

This research paper explains what is meant by the end of the Cold War and how and why it ended. The end of the Cold War encompasses a combination of events, the most important of which was the cessation of the confrontation and competition of the two nuclear superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, and their allies, including nuclear disarmament, the withdrawal of Soviet military power from Central Europe, the toppling of communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the breakup of the Soviet empire and the collapse of the Soviet communist government and economic system. Many internal and external factors contributed to this result, but the most important were the internal centrifugal forces unleashed by the policies of the last Soviet ruler, Mikhail Gorbachev.

Black Holes essay help writing: essay help writing

This paper presents a detailed look at black holes, providing the reader with a description of this phenomenon as well as evidence that it exists.

The following paper takes a look at the historical discovery of black holes, the current mindset about what they are and how they relate to the universe. The writer asserts that while the evidence is circumstantial at best, it is becoming more unified with each new discovery.

“Since the advent of science fiction the Black Hole theory has been used to add dimension and character to many books and movies. The space ships are sucked into Black Holes never to be heard from again, aliens are believed to emerge from them and they are used as portals to new universes according to fictional history. The use of the theory of Black Holes in fictional works is something that allows artistic license about what they are and what they aren’t and what scientists believe at this point to be true.”

The Role of the Technical Trainer college admission essay help: college admission essay help

This is a research study which examines presenting and evaluation methods of technical training.

An examination of the needs and challenges of the technical trainer when designing and delivering instruction through the use of technology, specifically through critical incident questioning. This study determines the skills and competencies required by the trainer in order to effectively deliver information. Included are diagrams and graphs to explain the material analyzed.

“The role of a technical trainer carries a heavy weight in today’s workplace. With the ever-changing pace of today’s technology, there must be a way to provide guidance and support to these trainers. Research suggests that technical training contains a range of positive and negative characteristics. “Teaching via the Internet can be categorized as either institutional, instructional, technical, or personal, and the specific reservation about employing this technology may be closely related to the type and degree of technological use.” (Piotrowski & Vodanovich, 2000, p.48).”

Schizophrenia narrative essay help: narrative essay help

Definition, characteristics, diagnosis, treatment alternatives (drugs, family intervention, therapy, community-based).

The CDC website which, supposedly covers most diseases, is a confusing array of diseases. But, go to the alphabetic index, try S for Schizophrenia, and find nothing. Try Mental Health after a few other futile attempts, and you find some statistics about releases for mental patients, numbers of suicides for the year, and a list of nursing homes and other facilities, but no statistics on schizophrenia. It simply may not be a reportable disease. The reasons could be that there are other symptoms, unrelated to this so-called split personality syndrome, and so there is no simple statistic just for Schizophrenia.

Engineering Experiment on Friction instant essay help: instant essay help

This paper tests the co-efficient of friction and how it differs when weight and surface type are changed.

The following paper aims to find the force required to move blocks of different weights across different surfaces, thus finding a value for friction and comparing the results with that of a textbook and recording any differences. The conclusion found in this paper is that friction is directly proportional to the weight force applied and is measured in terms of the coefficient of friction, represented by the Greek letter mu (m).

“The coefficient of friction is the ratio of the frictional force present and the normal reaction to the mating surfaces and is represented as,
m = Ff – Rn
Rn = Normal reaction, weight force
Fn = Frictional force
But may also be worked out by dividing the force required in Kg by the weight of the object. Eg the force required to move a 25Kg object is 5Kg so to work out the coefficient of the object we would divide 5 by 25 to give a coefficient of 0.2.
Because of this the surface area of the block is independent to that of the coefficient and is not needed when determining a value for friction.
The coefficient of wood against wood is 0.35 giving a relatively low value for friction whereas rubber against concrete is 0.8 meaning it would be hard to slide rubber on concrete. The coefficient can be greatly reduced if a lubricant of some sort is applied in between the surfaces as it forms a layer preventing the bumps on the surfaces rubbing together making it easier to slide the objects past each other.”

The Age of Discovery: European Exploration college essay help online: college essay help online

A paper focusing on European exploration following the Middle Ages.

This paper discusses land and sea explorations undertaken by various European nations. The author cites specific explorers and their achievements. Also discussed are the effects of all “exploration” on indigenous cultures.

“The Age of Discovery was instrumental in the expansion of European civilization. The Age of Discovery produced European empires, stimulated economies and brought significant changes to most of Europe. European expansion and discovery affected not only Europe, but changed the societies and cultures of the civilizations that the Europeans impacted (annihilated). Euro-centrically speaking, the most important impact of the Age of Discovery was the role it played in changing Europe from an agrarian economy to a commercial and industrial capitalistic system.”

European Mercantilism and the Protestant Reformation essay help writing: essay help writing

This paper discusses mercantilism in Europe, and how it was affected by the Protestant Reformation in various countries throughout the continent.

The author provides examples of mercantilism in various European countries. Includes a look at not only religious, but also economic and political factors at work.

“European mercantilism was the product of the Protestant Reformation, though there were other factors which played an integral role in its development. The growth and development of mercantilist economies was proliferated by protestant states and without these states, European economies would have stagnated and remained generally primitive. Still, the French were able to have a successful foray into mercantilism. The Reformation had a substantial impact on the economies of Europe. The new attitudes fostered by the Reformation set the stage for Mercantilism and the later capitalist age. The national-state was formed and then preserved by the Reformation-inspired contractual “natural law” philosophy of Hobbes and Locke.”

Racism in Sports need essay help: need essay help

Sociocultural analysis of racist attitudes & practices in college & pro athletics, players & management, educational & scholarship aspects, institutional bias.

It is a well known fact that the standard of living of Blacks is below that of Whites in America. Blacks are continually migrating to urban centers in search of jobs, with the result that the hearts of many large cities are turning into overpopulated ghetto areas. Once trapped in a ghetto, advancement is very difficult. Generations of families are caught in the same cycle of little education, unemployment and low incomes.

A common belief among many people is that sports are a great avenue of escape for Blacks. They look at all of the high-salaried Blacks in the professional league and conclude that they have made it in society; high incomes, respected and accepted. The feeling runs that if these people can do it, others can ..

Democracy essay help: essay help

This paper gives a brief history of Athenian democracy, including economic conditions leading up to the start of this form of government.

This paper gives a brief history of Athenian democracy. The author discusses economic conditions leading up to the start of this form of government. Paper concludes with the replacement of democracy by another form of ruler ship.

“By 700 BC Athens was an established city-state on the peninsula of Attica. Originally a monarchy with the king elected by the aristocracy, Athens came to be ruled by the wealthy aristocrats, the upper tier in Athenian society. These aristocrats became known as the Boule. A group of nine Archons were elected from the Boule. They made all the laws and were responsible for executed them. Draco was elected head Archon in 621 BC and is remembered for writing down all the existing verbal laws, known as the Draconian code.”

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