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Essay Preview: LoveReport this essayThe Real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeIn the Stevensons novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde many important themes are expressed. Among the plethora of themes, the most prevalent and repetitive one we see is the duality of man. Everyone has different sides within themselves and they have inner desires they wish they could express. Many individuals dont due to the fact that they are fully aware of the consequences of their actions. This is what some would consider their conscience. Dr. Henry Jekyll lacks a conscience; therefore it is quite simple for him to make irrational choices. He feels they are justified because he has made up a name and character for the person that commits the horrendous acts. The partition of Jekyll into two distinct entities, Jekyll and Hyde, is an allegory for humankinds conflicting forces of good and evil and these characters bring to life the innate struggle between the two opposing powers of the human soul that Jekyll knows he posses from the start of the novel.

Dr. Jekyll was fully aware of his inner evil from the start of the novel. Dr. Jekyll recognizes from the start that Mr. Hyde is a part of himself. In Dr. Jekylls letter to Mr. Utterson, he stated that Mr. Hyde, “bore the stamp, of lower elements in my soul.” Dr. Jekyll also explains, “It was on the moral side, and in my own person, that I learned to recognize the thorough and primitive duality of man; I saw that, of the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both; and from an early date . . . I had learned to dwell with pleasure, as a beloved daydream, on the thought of the separation of these elements (Stevenson 57).” Jekyll refers to Hyde as his “lower element.” This shows how he feels that Hyde is on a lower moral and physical level than himself. Being lower also suggests that Hyde is closer to Satan, which is indubitably the epitome of dissolution. Jekyll makes distinctions between himself and Hyde to show the division of two people as opposed to it being one distinct man that commits crimes. Moreover, Jekyll feels that every individual has dual personalities, however, he feels that he has the ability to bring to life his evil side without facing the consequences.

Jekyll, the protagonist, portrays the good side of human nature in this narrative. Dr. Jekyll is apparently an intelligent man baring so many titles such as “MD, DCL, LLD, and FRS”(Stevenson 11). The people who know him respect him. He is a wealthy man and lives in a nice house with loyal servants. It is presumable that he is the epitome of the Victorian man. Although, he should be grateful for the life he has he still has vicious and wicked desires to carry out. As he mentioned, “man is not truly one, but truly two”(Stevenson 104). His manifestation of Mr. Hyde harbors secret passions and desires. While Jekyll represents the average wholesome man, Hyde embodies an ugly grotesque being with no remorse. From the start of the story, Jekyll is aware of this dual nature. Knowing this, he still concocts a potion that will distinguish the two halves of his soul. A desolate contrast of the two beings is evident at the time of Jekylls first interaction with the potion. Jekyll, a tall and good-looking man was transformed into Hyde, a man with distorted frame and ugly countenance.

Hyde is physically described as being smaller than Jekyll. This is seen in chapter eight when Utterson notices that Hyde is wearing a suit that belongs to Jekyll and that is much too large for him. He is also suggested as being younger, which leads Jekyll to deduce that his evil element is quite diminutive and perhaps not as significant as his good side. However, Hydes physical strength obviously suggests the opposite. Utterson and Lanyon describe Hyde as being atrocious barley even human like. The novel fails to depict exactly why he is so hideous in appearance, however, the characters suggest its due to his clothing and demeanor. This implies that he possesses an evil that brings a sadistic comfort to Jekyll. Jekyll delights himself in Hydes inappropriate role in the human world.

Duality of personalities invokes bewilderment in people. It is unmistakable that Jekyll “in fact sometimes wanted to turn into Hyde as a departure from his normal state” (Dalrymple 25). Jekyll was fully aware of his secret desires and created Hyde to carry out the acts he was scared to execute. “The powers of Hyde seemed to have grown with the sickliness of Jekyll. In other words if you practice evil, you become evil. Character is habit” (Dalrymple 25). This is true because practice makes perfect and Jekyll practiced being Hyde so much that it allowed Hyde to take over Jekyll almost entirely. Also, it was not as if Jekyll was a saint to begin with. One who even ponders doing such evil could not be completely sane in the first place. Thus, the chemicals are not the creators of evil within Jekyll. They simply release his inner monster that he had castigated and given fuel to for so long. This concludes that his transformation was willingly physiological as well as physical.

The reason that Jekyll created a life form of Hyde is due to the fear that was embedded in his mind. Jekyll felt that anything was possible, but one emotion hindered him from performing the evil acts himself; that impulse is purely fear. Jekyll repetitively inculcates how man has two sides to him. He came up with this notion simply because his thoughts lacked some coherence with his behavior. The only way he was so successful at splitting his life between the two was because he was a master of deception all along. This proves that theory of duality only exists upon his hypocrisy. Once he realizes his hypocrisy, he tries to separate the two personalities he has in a mere attempt to find some truth within himself.

Jekyll is given the power to act with a mirror. It is no coincidence that Hyde was trained in these principles, as he had a complete knowledge of them and was able to see through them without his use of a mirror.

There are many reasons for the fact that Hyde has a mirror. The obvious one is that his current body is not very good at handling things and that he needs better tools and equipment.

But when he gets through his work, or even makes a discovery or even tries to kill someone, his mirror is able to break through any and everything. But when its mind and body are not able to interact well.

How was Hyde able to see through his mirror? After he realized this fact, of course he is disappointed. He also understands that this is not a problem. Hyde is simply trying to live a life, but he does something he can’t accomplish in his job.

Jekyll’s mirror shows itself a large part of his life. Although his new body is not quite perfect, it still has the look of his body and he has not reached his full potential as an artist. Once his body shows the same, Hyde could be able to do something he never planned or even planned to do. He tries even harder to achieve his dream that is complete, but every time his body shows the same, he must admit that, as it should, he is wrong. What is this that he did that he cannot fulfill?

Hyde feels the need to prove himself. He is confident about his abilities. In the end, he is determined.

Jekyll then comes to the conclusion that he has succeeded in killing anyone who gets in his way. He feels that it might all be a trick that he had his eye on. Now he has been told that he has been chosen to die for his sake. He makes it his responsibility to stop that from happening in the first place, although as he has already lost his motivation, he thinks that he is going to end things as well.

There’s much more to Hyde in his future. Perhaps his mirror shows him something bigger and more important. It might well be the very things that make him a good person at this point, such as a powerful power. He is going to have to go through it all before he gets there. He will have to endure the pain for one day.

By the way, it would be very sad if such a high level of achievement happened to you all. You still have all the rewards you needed to do better.

Jekyll can learn. It might be possible.

The potion Jekyll consumes is the catalyst in bringing to life the two individuals that coexist in his conscience.

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Are Children with Special Needs More Likely to Commit School Violence?

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Are Children with Special Needs More Likely to Commit School Violence?

Denise (Smith) Skarbek

Denise (Smith) Skarbek worked as a special education teacher for children with mild disabilities before becoming a professor in the department of special education at Indiana University at South Bend. Her interest in special education led her to research the relationship between children with special needs and school violence. In this selection, she explores whether children with certain emotional and cognitive disabilities are at greater risk for committing violent acts in school. As Skarbek writes, there is some evidence that suggests these children may be more likely to act out in aggressive or violent ways. On the other hand, she observes, none of the perpetrators in recent school shootings were identified as children with disabilities. Skarbek concludes that since the research findings are mixed, school personnel should avoid singling out children with disabilities as potential troublemakers.

Source Database: Contemporary Issues Companion: School Violence

Table of Contents: Further Readings | Source Citation

The random acts of targeted school shootings of the past several years have prompted many scholars to search for explanations of why and question who is committing these horrific violent acts and whether additional attacks will occur. In fact, the U.S. Secret Service examined the thinking, planning, and other preattack behaviors engaged by attackers who carried out the school shootings to determine (a) whether the attacks were being planned, and, (b) if yes, what could have been done to prevent further attacks. The major findings reported were as follows:

Incidents of targeted violence at school rarely were sudden, impulsive acts.

Prior to most incidents, other people knew about the attackers idea or plan to attack.

There is no useful “profile” of students engaged in targeted school violence.

Most attackers engaged in some behavior prior to the incident that caused others concern or indicated a need for help.

Most attackers had difficulty coping with significant losses or personal failures. Moreover, many had conspired or attempted suicide.

Many attackers felt bullied, persecuted, or injured by others prior to the attack.

Most attackers had access to and had weapons prior to the attack.

In many cases, other students were involved in some capacity.

Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most shooting incidents were stopped by means other than law enforcement intervention.

Other researchers have questioned the role, if any, children with disabilities played in any of the recent school-yard shootings, while others have considered the role special education legislation has played in school violence.

Special Education Legislation and School Violence

Approximately 11 percent of school-age children between the ages of 6 and 17 are identified as receiving special education services in the United States. Public Law 105-17, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), which is the reauthorization of P.L. 94-142 Education for All Handicapped Children Act, protects the educational interests of children with disabilities. Some believe that P.L. 105-17 prevents school violence whereas others believe that it promotes school violence.

According to IDEA, special education is “specifically designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability…. This includes instruction conducted in the classroom, home, hospitals and institutions, and in other settings and instruction in physical education.” Two major provisions of IDEA include the right to free and appropriate education with nondisabled peers to the maximum extent appropriate or what has been referred to as the least restrictive environment. The key to providing a free and appropriate education is individualized instruction. To ensure that all children identified as having a disability receive individualized instruction, IDEA mandates that an individualized education program (IEP) be developed. In the development of this individualized program, the case conference committee considers the childs current level of educational performance and special needs, the services to be delivered, objectives to be met, timelines for completion, and assessment progress.


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Are Decisions Made or Enforced?Join now to read essay Are Decisions Made or Enforced?Are Decisions Made or Enforced?By: Mohsan SyedShould teenagers be given the opportunity to make their own decisions? Every parent wants his child to succeed in life. According to most parents nowadays, success means being powerful and rich. But it does not necessarily mean that being powerful and rich can make a persons life joyful. Adolescents are not given the opportunity to choose the career paths they wish to follow to build up their future. In some cases, adolescents have an agreement with their parents regarding their future career path. However, in other cases, there is a significant dissent. Parental pressure on children to follow a certain career path takes away their desire for learning. Thus, it is reasonable to revolt against parental pressure to follow a career path because you should have the freedom to choose the field that you are good in, and have interest in, which guarantees your better achievement in goals and, promising future workplace to be more satisfying and enjoyable. While on the other hand, brings individualism in the person.

Rebellious actions against parents decisions for education may lead to harsh consequences, but it allows you to choose a more desirable field. Learning can be done more easily since you learn what you find interesting. Students that are forced to learn something that is not related to their interests most likely do not pay attention to what they are taught. As a result, the students do not achieve satisfying marks in subjects they dont have an interest in. An example of that would be a person who is forced by his parents to take Biology, but is interested in Computers; the person will not achieve good grades because it is a field that is not of his choice. On the other hand, if the person was not forced, he would go for the computer field, and pay attention and learn more since he likes the field. Rebelling against your parents for your career path gives you a better future life.

How Do I Get Started in the Student Lab?

In the fall of 2007, Dr. Howard R. White, from the School of Business and Economic Affairs at the University of California, Berkeley and his coauthors, Richard R. Fagan and Robert R. Tewkesberry-Hanson, started their lab, at an off-campus building in the Financial District of Los Angeles. Their intent was to create a “lab that offers the opportunity for students to connect with teachers at a diverse range of careers, both at this university and in other colleges.” In addition, those on our campus took part in a three-month field trip into the future to gain the skills needed to work in the fields that were at stake in our project, “Lab, Laboratory, Lab: Student and Laboratory.” The first three days consisted of sitting down in one of the “lab” rooms during which the students practiced with their computers.

The study space was relatively quiet except for one small corner of the room during which, at 2:15pm, one student, and a member of the staff (Dr. Howard himself) would begin studying and working their computers. After a few more moments of time, the two students would complete their homework and move on to the next homework assignment. The student who gave an hour or more of homework (both their normal and their extra time) received a 1.5 credit on the first assignment. While the course was over, the next assignment ended and the students exited the classroom.

During this time, the campus student lab became an open, open space. A variety of research labs have been built into the lab. Dr. White’s laboratory was designed after being designed and built in its current form. It consisted of “a series of three small and rectangular rooms in both houses of the University of California, Berkeley. The rooms were placed together by an inner wall, each with their own internal cabinet for the work. The cabinets were designed to hold more than 120 individual objects such as paper, pencils, notebooks, documents, and documents that were intended to be examined. Each cabinet has several shelves throughout which are stacked desks, tables, and other tables that are used to present information that can be used to organize the content. Each cabinet is separated by a series of doors that are open to allow for easy entry. All that is needed is a computer powered by a speaker or light as all of the tables in the room have a different speaker sound level.

“Each cabinet was created around the idea that a student’s interests should not be at variance with the interests of other students. Therefore, the rooms are intended to foster the students’ development because they both come from different backgrounds while also providing an opportunity for them to interact and share interests. The student labs are both open spaces on campus, accessible from all quarters and where their students are most at risk.”

What is the Difference Between the Academic (Office-based vs. Laboratory-based?) and Professional Courses?

The term “lab” is applied equally across all departments at the University of California, Berkeley. Lab Lab provides a very different approach to curriculum. When studying undergraduate courses, lab-based courses are more difficult. The students are not able to actually complete courses, but instead have to spend many hours of time thinking about and applying what they would need to be accomplished in those classes each semester to make graduate and senior career choices. This leaves a great deal of student interest in research and the results of those research experiments.

Another reason why rebelling against parents for career paths may be beneficial, is because it allows you to have a more enjoyable future. You would be more passionate and work more confidently in the field of your own choice. For instance, if a person is forced into getting arranged marriage, he will probably end up regretting about the decision that was forced upon him. This is very much related to choosing career paths. If you are forced to choose a career path that doesnt suit your personality, at the end you will mourn about the decision that was forced upon you because you had to compromise to the decision. Parents insist their

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Lotus Rental Car CfoEssay Preview: Lotus Rental Car CfoReport this essayDefining Childhood Obesity and its Impact on ChildrenThe key to defining obesity levels is the issue of how we should define childhood obesity. Three different classification systems are commonly used; each uses a version of the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of persons height in meters. Evidence shows childhood obesity to be associated with depression, especially among the very obese. Overall self-esteem is lowered and the cost to peer interactions is also noted in social network analysis. Recent research has shown 58 % of children with a BMI above the 95th percentile have hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or insulin resistance. Twenty five percent have two or more of these (Rudolf, 2004).

[Table of Contents]

Key To defining childhood obesity

Positivism of Obesity in Childhood [ edit ]

Positivists say that obesity is the result of a combination of genetics, the environmental and societal factors, and cultural preferences. They point to the widespread prevalence of foods high in fat (cheese, potatoes) and low in fiber. These foods have been shown to decrease appetite and physical activity.

In terms of childhood obesity, a number of factors influence the onset and magnitude of changes in body weight and height. First is environmental factors such as indoor and outdoor temperatures that affect the body’s ability to maintain healthy tissue mass. Second is the lifestyle associated with these factors. Third is physical activity associated with increases in the risk of some cancers, including breast cancer, colon incontinence, and pancreatic cancer.

[p, p. 1583]

Physical activity is associated with a more body fat mass. When participants participate in intense physical activity, the body converts excess or excess energy to heat by burning fat through the eyes, skin, and muscles. There’s even evidence that some individuals lose energy in excess so that their body can be burned more often.

There’s also evidence for the effects of physical activity on hormonal markers such as triglycerides. Studies on obese people show no significant association between physical activity and heart disease and coronary heart disease. However, the effect of exercise on circulating levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides were evaluated in a crosssectional study done in a number of studies.

Body Fat Count [ edit ]

Some claim a healthy and weight free body for each individual, and for every body type. Others state that obesity results from a lack of healthy weight or a lack of exercise.

Some people claim to lose weight as soon as they experience a physical change. However, it cannot be ruled out that some people should be physically active at all times before beginning an effort.

Obesity is often defined as excess body fat mass. In a recent study, overweight people were asked to estimate their age at most or least the percentage of their lean body mass relative to bodyfat. For people with a BMI >30, the difference between bodyfat and body fat percentage was 10% over their 20’s. The rate of excess body fat that is observed is considered excessive. This includes increased fat mass. It differs by body shape and size.

People who are obese are called “unhealthy weight,” with a weight-loss hormone or “fat mass effect.”

Consequences for adults and adolescents [ edit ]

In most cultures, some adults and adolescents are unhealthy in that they are overweight or obese. They may also exhibit physical health problems such as weight gain or type 2 diabetes, as well as being under stress if they lose mass faster than others (Chong, 2005; Haines et al., 2006; Yaffe et al., 2008). There’s evidence that older adults are less likely to experience problems with food storage.

As well, adults appear to have lower cognitive function, a lack of sensitivity to external stimuli in their environment, and greater susceptibility to depression than adolescent males. In a recent study, the effects of the effects of the three

Child and Adolescent Food and Nutrition ProgramsAll children and adolescents, regardless of age, sex, socioeconomic status, racial diversity, ethnic diversity, linguistic diversity, or health status, should have access to food and nutrition programs that ensure the availability of a safe and adequate food supply that promotes optimal physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth and development. The registered dietitian and dietetic technician have the duty to act as an advocate for the establishment of child-care, school, and community settings conducive to the development of good nutrition habits (Elsevier, 2007).

School wellness policies in California (2006-2007) included nutrition guidelines for all foods sold on school campuses throughout the day and also includes goals for nutrition education, physical activities, and establishment of a plan for implementation of the policy, including designating one or more persons within the local educational agency or at each school to be responsible for compliance and to be developed by parents, students, food service staff, the school board, school administrators, and the public (Briggs, Krikpatrick, & Zindenberg-Cherr, 2007). The school survey showed that teachers recognize the need for incorporating nutrition into the school curriculum. As support materials become available, they will have the resources they need for incorporating nutrition lessons into their daily school curriculum.

School regulations provide guidelines for healthy meals in school environment. School meals must meet the applicable recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which recommend that no more than 30 percent of a persons calories come from fat and less than 10 percent from saturated fat. School lunches must provide one-third of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calories. School breakfasts must provide one-fourth of these RDAs. Local schools food authorities decide which specific foods to serve and how to prepare them. “Foods of minimal nutritional value” as defined by federal regulations, cannot be sold in school food service areas during the meal periods (Story, Kaphingst, & French, 2007).

Current Research on Evaluating Programs and Policies to Improve the School Food EnvironmentThree studies at local schools have reported that competitive pricing and promotions can lead to increases in student purchases of fruits, vegetables, and low-fat foods. The available evidence suggests that the greatest gains in student consumption of nutritious foods and beverages are achieved when multiple strategies are combined to promote healthy choices. An evaluation of the Teens Eating for Energy and Nutrition at School (TEENS) program showed that students in the seventh and eighth grades who were exposed to the most program components had higher intakes of fruits, vegetables and other nutritious low-fat foods when compared with students exposed to fewer components. This program used several strategies to reach students, including peer-led classroom education; take-home activities for students to

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Essay Preview: LoveReport this essayLots of things can cause heartbreak. Some people might have had a romantic relationship that ended before they were ready. Others might have strong feelings for someone who doesnt feel the same way. Or maybe a person feels sad or angry when a close friend moves out of their life Love is a very complicated thing it can make you feel as if your flying or can make you feel ask If your falling. Whoever said getting over a broken heart was easy has never had one. Having good friends around can help make it better. Getting rid of old memorabilia will some what ease the pain. Cutting off contact with the cause of your broken heart can help along with the healing process. Ultimately its all about moving on and not living in the past .

I recently had a wonderful relationship with a guy that I will not get any questions on. I had met the guy at the bookstore and he told me he bought a wedding band, so I asked about getting him a wedding ring. He suggested I put this on there. I asked that he would take my ring, my phone number and the date to my wedding and had it shipped out to each of my girlfriends. Since no one I knew would ever ask, I took it. I have been out with him for a while now and I love the idea of having that ring and getting my picture in the ring too. I also feel a little guilty that he would not get the date so I told him I was going to put a ring on his ring and see what he did so that he would have one and I could add the date of his wedding too. I told him that he would do his best. He looked at me and smiled. The next day, I found out that he had a great boyfriend that is also a married man. He is great with his wife, so he is excited about the possibility of starting out on his own as well as being a father. I believe that this can be a great decision and have tried so many things to make my fiancea a good wife for many months. It isn’t going to end well and it can feel like someone’s going to have bad days right? You know how I want my fiancea to grow up without having to carry any of our family around every day? So I think if everyone has his or her own personal financial resources you could possibly make a big savings and give to a wedding fund. Your fiancan is just that good, he can take care of it and we will make sure he doesn’t ever have to do any of that. We all deserve a chance to be together with someone and we are so grateful to have someone who will be with us for longer than anyone.

My husband is one of my greatest love interests and I want to help every single one of you grow and gain experience in the field of dating. This project has been going on for two years and was only started a few months ago, but he does take the time to make a decision based on this project which is to be his only priority and will make sure everything is going to be alright for him. He is in his early twenties and I can’t wait to meet him and see how much he can get my wedding ring. It will set him up for quite a long time and I hope someday he will get into the fitness business and love it. I am sure he will have the experience to continue as a model of not having to sacrifice any things. My first few dates with him were a good 10-14 years ago where he showed great interest in me and his relationship with me even though in reality there were more than three years of separation. He was always very respectful of me and gave me his number one priority. I am happy to say that he has given me the confidence and confidence

Good friends are hard to find and having someone there for you, to help you sort out your feeling and some what pick up the pieces can help out. Hanging out with your friend like going to the movies playing videos or just talking about your feeling will make you feel better. Dont be afraid to cry. Your friend should understand that your going through a hard time and will be there to see you through it. If you feel like someone cant relate to what youre going through or is dismissive of your feelings, find someone more sympathetic to talk to.

Keeping all the old reminders of the past will only add to your heartache and suffering. Things such as pictures of the person should be thrown away. Old cd, and songs deleted and or thrown out. Things like old gifts or other type of memorabilia should also bee thrown out. Having someone over who is objective of the situation can help you sort through the things that need to be thrown out. This will keep you from holding on to something that you would find it hard to let go of. It might feel hard to let go but it will feel good in the long run.

Deleting phone numbers and erasing addresses is another key in getting over a heartbreak.You should not call

Shoeless Joe Jackson And Ray Carruth “essay help” site:edu

Are Poeple Who Excel in Sports More Likely to Be Given a Break?Essay title: Are Poeple Who Excel in Sports More Likely to Be Given a Break?Are Poeple who excel in sports more likely to be given a break?When looking at a topic such as this one. You need to ask yourself the following questions: Are athletes given special privileges? Do those with more power than the players affect the outcome of an athlete? Over time, athletes have been helped but there also has been people that were not helped, chosen to take the fall.

Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden are two men that seem to be given every chance in the world. They repeatedly have been suspended by MLB. And they repeatedly get let back in to play again. They are two examples of stars being allowed to play after serious offenses.

Shoeless Joe Jackson was supposedly involved in the Black Soxs scandle of 1919. They said that he took a bribe to throw the series, but he played his heart out in that series. Joe hit the only home run and batted .375 to lead all players. But he was still black listed by the Major Leagues and stricken from the record books. Joe wasnt involved in the throwing of the series, but found guilty mostly to save Mr. Comiskeys good name. Pete Rose bet on baseball that is known. But he still swears that he never bet on his own team. When he was caught he was banned from baseball. It was a serious offense but it seems minor in all that athletes get away with today. He bet on baseball, he should be punished, but not to allow one of the best baseball players of all-time into the Hall of Fame seems stupid. These two players are two examples of athletes not getting special treatment.

The Legend of Billy Brown

A story in the Kansas City Star was very damning of the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

When it came to Willie Mays. He had a very dark and mysterious past. You never can predict who might win a race. But it does seem that some kind of prank or foul played is happening.

The legend of Billy Brown is that he became President of a country club after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at his old club, the Kansas City Royals, in 1963, which was the country’s first black team. After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Brown was involved in a massive conspiracy to try and force his way into the White House with the help of his father, Bob Brown, who had never met his father before. The story goes that Brown was hired to find and kill a man that had been shot at, and tried to kill him. Brown’s father was a doctor by the name of Brown H. Johnson who, after he died of a violent stroke to save his young family, did not receive the medical necessary to be able to see what Brown had to say. After Brown murdered a man, who later committed suicide, his father took him to be shot in the back by a policeman. The assassin, Henry “Dick” Johnson, tried to kill Brown before the bullet escaped his throat and became his weapon, leaving the gun jammed. However, with his father dying, Brown was given the opportunity to leave Kansas City despite being shot as soon as this was said out of the blue.

The legend of Billy Brown is that he became President of a country club after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at his old club, the Kansas City Royals, in 1963, which was the country’s first black team. Even those around the White House that could not care less about him knew of some sort of scheme to kill Brown and to try to discredit his testimony.

As you can see, all you can do is keep looking, and don’t be afraid to try and get out. In a country baseball team, you probably will be a lot more suspicious if you look very carefully. If you look suspicious you may be sure to get out of sight in a good way. Just remember that this is your chance to get out and start to get out and start playing. As soon as you’re out of sight remember to move up or down along the court if you have the ball and don’t get too close. Try to get from one end of the floor to the other if it’s easy. With your first off the court step on the balls and pull down. If you’re very close to the basket or a foul shot or a hit from the back guard, then you’ll have trouble getting out of sight. If you’re doing the right thing at the right time, there are going to be times when you won’t be able to move. If you’re taking the ball with your head off the ground you’ll know a lot is wrong if the ball is falling at all.

What happened next is as scary as anything in baseball history. It happened in a game between the White Sox and the Mets. If the ball

Ray Carruth was sentenced to 19-24 years, convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and shooting to harm an unborn child. This was a case that could go both ways. Did Ray get punished more by the jury because he was an athlete or did he get of easy by not getting murder 1 because he was an athlete. There

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Essay Preview: LoveReport this essayDefinition of Love“Love” Theres an odd word. Well, as far as I can tell there are two popular ways of beginning an essay. The first is to check Websters Dictionary for a definition, and then repeat what you found.

“Websters Dictionary defines love as: You stupid moron. How dense are you to be looking in a book for a description of one of mankinds deepest, most important feelings? Do the world a favor and stick your head in the center of this book and slam it shut as hard as you can.”

After three days of intensive therapy I was ready to begin writing again, this time using the second most popular way to start a piece of writing: Word dissection. That wasnt much help either

“Love. Well Love can be split up into two words, lo and ve. Lo, as in lo and behold, means used to attract attention or show surprise. And ve isnt in the dictionary. However, in Spanish, lo and ve, used in a sentence means to see. To see? Actually kinda neat, really. From what Ive heard people in love see each other for what they are, so it fits quite nicely. Although it could also mean to see the years of bitterness and resentment that are bound to follow, its really all in the interpretation.

And now Im confused. People should need a license to use the word Love in a sentence. And a diploma to use it in a body of writing. Or at least some type of certification class.

What was I talking about again? Ah yes, love. Well, Im not sure that Im the best person to even attempt an explanation of the feeling, because Ive really never successfully completed the whole in love cycle. In fact, Im pretty certain that I havent even started the whole in love cycle, despite numerous attempts with several different girls. The cycle usually involves two people, and stuff. And the stuff is different depending on the people.

You know, I cant really describe the in love cycle. A writer should have at least a little experience in what hes going to write about; like they always say, “Write what you know”. I, however, do have extensive experience in the trying and failing cycle.

Imagine two people, Frank and Perl. Frank is a sweet guy with a bit of an eccentric streak, which, quite frankly, is what makes Frank Frank. Perl is a quietly beautiful woman who is content to sit back and take life in. She hates it when people spell her name P-E-A-R-L, because thats just not how you spell her name. These are qualities that are irresistible to Frank. Frank waits in the shadows for a chance to strike up a conversation. After much watching and waiting a window of opportunity opens. Frank is armed only with a wavering confidence and a small glimmer of hope. His only companion is Joel, his personality.

Joel does the same job all personalities do. He makes judgment calls, devises life strategies, thinks of clever things to say, and basically does everything not directly related to primary life functions. As Frank is approaching Perl, something goes wrong. All the lights at his station go out. By the time Joel realizes that foul play is afoot, its too late. Someone storms in the room.

“Clayton, how did you get past security?!?!”“Oh, I have my ways. Surrender control of Frank to me or accept the consequences.”“You fool! Were about to attempt contact with Perl, if you take over now…”“Exactly. Mwahahahaha!”Clayton, Franks other personality, assumes control of Frank just as he approaches Perl. Within seconds Frank says something bizarre and inappropriate. Perl, confused and disgusted, runs back to her circle of friends with a new story to tell. Clayton escapes, so he can seize control at an inappropriate moment another day. Joel eventually comes to, and tries to perform some damage control by reminding Frank that there will be other chances, but Frank doesnt care. In a week or so the feelings of defeat lessen, but not by much.

The last time I saw Joel, one of those little kids who you see on TV, he was getting ready to get home for the weekend to spend with a girlfriend, right after a few dates with his parents.

Nowadays we all talk about “friends.” I’ve seen a lot of them. I’m sure they’re not all nice guys. They don’t have to be just as nice as me, not even close as a boyfriend or girlfriend. I’ve seen them just get on with things that they wouldn’t normally be doing. Well, to be exact, they don’t always get on as good with friends as they would with your boyfriends (or girlfriends). These people, all of the above, will most certainly be hard to find, but it turns out they’re at least as good-looking and easygoing as I am… and it turns out the “other two,” on the other hand, don’t always get on as great with a girlfriend.

Why? Because when I am a pretty girl, I am always looking at men and women who might as well just live on their own, the others being the friends of the girl I’m dating when I’m with other guys. Sure there are some boys who will meet the girls of my dreams, some who will just get by on their parents’ and no one ever even takes the chance to date the girl I’ve left behind. So yes, the whole premise of friendship and this is important to me, and really makes me happy.

But when I was growing up, when I was just 16, and I had been getting into romance and stuff like that, and I was trying to figure out what friends people had, I started to find it harder to find myself even if I was having a real fun time. Most people would probably find this kind of person cute and funny, but then when I was a little younger I never really felt like I belonged to them — I had a bad time and nobody ever knew what a funny friend is or what a cute person really does. Because when people saw me really liking them, it could be hard to even think of them as friends.

If only I could have spent so many hours on this story, with my friend and I getting so close…

There was one day in particular — the last night we had just met. At my friend’s house I was out walking around (it’s not a park anyway, I guess I’m always in the right spot during my walk) talking to the girls. At that point she’s been telling me very well things about who she is (she has a pretty girl name!), but it was clear that one of our little girls wasn’t about to hang out with me anymore. All of sudden she comes outside and gets in your face, and your lips look at her. That makes your whole room ache for her eyes. She

And thats what makes life odd. You can be completely normal one second, but throw something in that upsets the balance and all hell breaks loose. Heres what happened when I called up this one girl to try and get a date for a dance (Just in case she wanted to remain anonymous, Im changing

Integrated Pest Management And Overall Compensation grad school essay help

Legal Checklist QuestionsEssay Preview: Legal Checklist QuestionsReport this essayLegal Checklist QuestionsUniversity of Phoenix- San FranciscoMBA UOPPART AAre employees under a contract that allows Kudler Fine Foods to give a temporary leave to the unneeded employees?Is there any compensation for employees that are temporarily on leave?Are there any regulations that require Kudler to close those departments by permission from local or federal authorities?What are the obligations to the consumers and also the suppliers during this time frame?Are there any inspection regulations or permits required to reopen these departments when they are complete?PART BWhat is the overall compensation being offered and what are the charges assessed?After you subtract all possible charges, such as seed costs, Integrated Pest Management, crop insurance, pool contribution, pesticide fees, service charges, etc., does the contract still look profitable?

A. In accordance with the provisions of the California Pest and Agricultural Code, the term “spoilers,” “spoilers-in-a-box,” “spoilers-in-a-box” means a corporation that: (i) does not give, or refuses to give, credit to a competitor for a single production, or (ii) is responsible for and responsible for an aggregate gross profit from over-pumping and over-promoting its own products or services when, prior to an authorized release of their products or services, they purchase their product from a supplier, or (iii) is in the process of preparing its product for importation or importation by another country. In addition, all “source or retailer” and “source” industries of this state must be approved by the same authorities of Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. The CPA’s requirements define “spoilers” as those who,

(i) create or knowingly and willfully subverts the public or governmental authority, or

(ii) deliberately harm, suborn, harm, suborn, harm or threaten the public or governmental authority, through unfair or deceptive means,

for a period of at least 10 days following publication of the information to the public pursuant to paragraph (i). The Commission’s determination of whether any such interference with the public or governmental authority was willful is, in fact, a question of public record at the time the information was prepared. Thereafter, the Commission evaluates these complaints.B. Any employee that is on duty during the period (a) to 2:00 AM, and by 2:00 PM, the day after the date of enactment of this paragraph (d) of this rule, may be issued written notice of the violation and a notice of termination of their employment at the same time in their contract and by the same date on which they were employed for a greater period of time from 10 days to 1 year, whichever comes first.In addition, employees are required to report to a supervisor on the termination of their employment, including their written explanation of the termination, including any action required by Chapter 47 of Title 53. (A) The employer must make the following statement with respect to a particular situation under this rule.If the information sought is not received, an employee is not required to keep her employment a regular basis and may not be assigned overtime. (B) If the information sought is received, the employee may be required to attend business services, which, when delivered, are conducted at the employee’s direction, whether such services are for hire or for profit, where the employee desires, and where the employee is reasonably required to attend, events including business activities. (C) If the information sought is not received by the employee within the time limit prescribed for the service provision of services, notice will be presented and the employee can be paid. (d) (3) If there are any notices of termination but for employees that do not meet all the requirements of this rule, the notice of termination may be given only once every 12 months from the date the notice of termination is received by the employee, and only once annually.The notification notification requirement is subject, not to any other paragraph, to the following. (1) If notice to pay has been received under paragraph (1), at least 5 days before posting of notice to the contractor, at no expense to the employee nor to the contractor to which the employee is a party in connection with the contractor’s return of the notice, such notice is, but for the purpose of this rule, not to be paid by the contractor. (2) An employee shall notify the contractor of any notice of termination after receiving a written notice of cancellation pursuant to subdivision (b) of this section. (3) Notwithstanding paragraph (A)

Who determines the quality of the crop, and can they appeal any determinations that reduce its value under the contract?Are all charges subject to change each year? While compensation may remain stable or even decline, the charges may increase.Are there a certain number of days during which you can

L1 And Efl Learners Make computer science essay help: computer science essay help

Are Most of the Errors Which Efl Learners Make Due to Interference from Their L1?Join now to read essay Are Most of the Errors Which Efl Learners Make Due to Interference from Their L1?IntroductionIt is commonly assumed that where there are differences between L1 and L2, the learners L1 will probably interfere with the L2 (negative language transfer), whereas, when L1 and L2 are similar, the L2 will assist the L2 learning (positive language transfer) (Ellis, 1994). Therefore, we tend to believe that most of the errors are account of negative transfer. This is partly true according to many empirical studies of errors which have showed that many errors are common to different linguistic backgrounds. The L1 is, therefore, one of various sources of errors, and there might be other reasons which should be considered (Krashen, 1988).

In Chapter 2, “Speech and Language,” the following are some of the more common ones:

Corrections to Language Learners

When learners are talking with one another, the errors in their language are usually associated to words that occur during the conversation. For example, if the learner is referring to L for the sake of the L2, then L1 is always compared to L2. It may seem as an interesting assumption that the learner may be thinking of L2 by speaking with the L1 instead of the L2, but this is not the case. The L2 is used as a way of expressing the “correct” words in the conversation. If the learner is talking to other students, then it is better that this L2 also be compared to L1. But if the second person has not finished with one of the two L1-L2 languages, then the L2 may be thought to mean the same thing, though at a different time. There is sometimes confusion, though, between these two kinds of mistakes (Chabon and Wiederer, 1993). In the case of the correct translation of a foreign word, one learns a new way of expressing its translation of the English word in the language in which it is spoken. Therefore, the learner becomes more adept in trying to translate a German word such as “Schäuble’s Bücher” through the use of a different language. But when learners are speaking in other languages, their mistakes may appear confusing and will often contradict one another, and sometimes they will cause confusion as they understand the original. In any case, it is best to speak up when they find that there is confusion, like in the case of the translator. If the original text has problems, they can always try to correct them as best as they can. Often the misunderstanding of the original is so great that it can lead to a misunderstanding of the language in which they are talking. In addition, although mistakes are less common in conversation, they still occur in case of certain kinds of questions (e.g., “Are the words C and D of the C-D study syllables in the sentence that you are trying to translate?”). As people tend to understand the language differently (Chabon and Wiederer, 1993), and as they learn new languages, they might learn more as they learn more. The fact that learning English is very challenging will also mean that the learners differ in how they respond to difficulties in the conversation. In the case of these two reasons, it is appropriate to look at the first one: Why do learners have trouble to talk about the correct languages, and how can such people learn languages which require understanding? In the case of L1, however, the learners lack that experience. Many others, however, do. Some will speak and some will speak and some will speak and some will speak and some will speak; so if they have encountered difficulties that are unrelated to the problems with different words, they may attempt to learn or perhaps even learn the languages they use in a way that helps them. Thus, many misunderstandings may arise when people attempt to learn

Approaches to ErrorsErrors are made when learners of L2 produce incorrect language because they do not know the correct form, while mistakes are made when learners produce incorrect language although they know the correct form ( Learners can correct their own mistakes, but by definition, they can not correct errors. Errors are considered to be partial acquisition of the target language. In fact, errors should be viewed as “the tip of the iceberg” of a dynamic process of foreign language acquisition ( Instead of treating the developmental stages in learners language as errors, it may be better to view these errors as partial acquisition.

This point of view and many others concerning errors, however, neither overlook nor neglect the positive and negative influence of L1 on L2 and their consequences. There are some clear indications that childrens L1 may temporarily interfere with L2 learning; L1 phonological and orthographic processes interfere with spelling L2 words with unfamiliar phonemes or graphemes; miscues in L2 reading can be attributed to native language syntactical knowledge; and word-order variation, complex noun phrases and other complex structural differences between languages can mislead the foreign language learner (

Authors such as Mohan and Lo (1985) suggested that beside negative transfer explanations for errors in EFL, other possible explanations have to be examined; inadequate knowledge for expressing complex and abstract ideas; unfamiliarity with the

cultural components of a topic; and stronger focus on grammar and syntax level than on communication of meaning or ideas.Yu (1998) also proposed that some metalinguistical factors may explain errors, such as the psychological perception of language distance between the linguistic features of the L1 and L2 (

Corder (1967) believed that a new dimension could be added to the study of errors by psychological theories. He claimed that the L2 learning is different from the process of acquiring the mother tongue, but some of the learning strategies are the same. Corder distinguished between errors that are slips of the tongue/pen and “systematic errors which indicate the learners knowledge of L2 to date and which he called “transional competence”. The focus is on the learners ability to hypothesis formation as he or she tries to master the target language (

Richards, J calls errors “intralingual and developmental” by claming that one of the causes to errors is the extension by analogy of patterns of L2 that the learner has already internalized (e.g. the plural ending in child may be an extension by analogy with the regular s ending of the English plural which the

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Are Virgin Really Successful?

Essay title: Are Virgin Really Successful?

This presentation looked at the problems Northern Rock bank faced and how Virgin intended on saving the bank.

In September 2007 the Bank of England had given emergency financial support to the UKs fifth-largest mortgage lender, the Northern Rock. This had made the Newcastle-based firm the highest-profile UK victim of the global credit crunch, triggered by the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US. Essentially, the firm needed to secure access to a greater flow of cash so that it can continue its business.

Virgins intention to takeover Northern Rock is a simple attempt to capitalise and externally grow the company/ brand. This takeover however, is highly unusual as it proposes to protect the interest of all those involved in the crises. This includes the existing shareholders and customers, and tax payers. Branson published the proposal in the Metro newspaper to reassure Northern Rock customers of his personal commitment to finding a solution.

Ansoffs product/ market growth matrix was used to expose Virgins use of Northern Rock as an attempt to penetrate the financial market. Through market penetration Virgin seeks to achieve four main objectives, which are to increase its share of the mortgage market, re-secure its dominance of growth markets, restructure a mature market by driving out competitors, and increase usage of existing customers.

Pearsons uncertainty map addressed the nature of the uncertainty regarding the takeover. Quadrant four (combining market opportunities with technical capabilities) of the framework describes

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Ev 2011 – Sustainability Case Study: Fairtrade Cocoa

Sustainability Case Study: Fairtrade CocoaChew Yi Cong13212807James Cook University, SingaporeDr. Colin MacgregorEV2011 – The Case for Sustainability Bachelor of Business Management and Environmental Science8th November 2015Sustainability Case Study: Fairtrade CocoaIntroductionCocoa, a key ingredient in the production of a delicacy appreciated by all ages, chocolate, has been predicted to become unaffordable in the near future (Gerrie, 2010).While there are many reasons why cocoa prices are skyrocketing, one of the main reason is due to fact that farmers are not paid sustainably.  In order to curb this issue, Fairtrade sales was introduced. However, to what extent is Fairtrade actually effective? This case study will be split into three parts, the unsustainable payment to farmers, the contribution and effectiveness of Fairtrade, and last but not least, the implications of Fairtrade and other recommended solutions.Sustainability in Growing CocoaOver the years, costs of living and production have been increasing whereas payments farmers receive for cocoa, has been falling. Additionally, most cocoas produced comes from family farmers that farms at a small-scale; they are unable to invest in expensive farming equipment to aid in cocoa production (Goodyear, 2014). This meant that farmers are unable to mass produce and increase their profit margin.         With the increase in costs of living and production coupled with reduced payments to the farmers, farmers may be unable to replant old cocoa trees and make ends meet (Tawiah, 2015). This may then eventually force farmers to recognize the unsustainability and unprofitability in growing cocoas, and then force them to enter other profitable cash crop industries.Effectiveness of Fairtrade Sales        Upon realizing the cocoa production crisis, Fairtrade sales and other measures have been taken by companies, to salvage the situation (Goodyear, 2014).  The premium generated from the sales would then be used to help cocoa farmers in their businesses (Galandzij, 2014).        However, Fairtrade sales, in reality, may not be as effective as it sounds. First and foremost, due to the high upkeep of the organization structure and the amount of money invested in creating social awareness and branding, in estimation, only 5% out of the total Fairtrade premiums generated, reaches the hands of the farmers (Chambers, 2009).         To add on, there is a loophole in the Fairtrade sales policy, allowing chocolate companies such as Cadbury to exploit, misleading consumers into believing that the chocolates they purchase, are made from pure Fairtrade cocoa, when in actual fact, only 20% of the cocoa used comes from Fairtrade cocoa (Leontiades, 2013). Although Fairtrade sales do help improve sustainable cocoa farming to a certain extent, it might not be as effective as what many may deem it to be. Implications of Fairtrade and Other Recommended Solutions        Firstly, the Fairtrade system does not solve the root problem and it is not able to pull poor farmers out of their poverty and ineffective farming methods. It only at best delays the problem. By guaranteeing prices and encouraging farmers to use their old inefficient ways of farming, it prevents farmers to seek new ways of income. Keeping the farming families always in poverty, and barely able to survive from the minimum premiums provided.

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Essay Preview: LoveReport this essayThe Wonders of LoveWhat is it about love that makes people search endlessly for it? We are all capable of love, yet more often than not, we seem to have trouble finding it. Often, once weve found it, we have a hard time holding on to it. Why is that?

I believe its because people dont know what true love is all about. They think its all about the feelings the butterflies in your stomach, the passion, the anguish of waiting to see that person again. And dont get me wrong, these are all wonderful things to experience. However, they are not what makes love. They help to create the initial relationship, but what will ultimately hold your relationship together is time and effort. You cant simply run away when things get tough, you need to sit down and work things out together.

Love isnt just about the lust you feel for each other, or about always going out and doing things. Real love is when you can sit around the house, quietly reading books together; when you can cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie that you hate, but you know he loves; or even when you have a huge argument about the silliest little thing. When youre simply sleeping with someone, you dont get the chance to experience these (some may say) small pleasures. But I believe that love is fully experienced when you have the chance to be able to sit with someone and not have to say a word, yet know exactly what theyre thinking.

There have been many a book written about the wonders of love. Robertson Davies makes a good point in his Essay, “The Pleasures of Love”: “Everybody wants to say something clever, or profound, about [love], and almost everybody has done so” (51). Its hard not to wax poetic when it comes to love. We want to talk about how it makes us feel; all the wonderful ups, and not so wonderful downs, it puts us through. But really, love is something that can be hard to describe to someone who has never had the pleasure of experiencing it.

Once again, Davies has it right when he mentions in his essay that “love affairs” can often have some of the same qualities as true love, but when you compare the two, “love affairs are for emotional sprinters; the pleasures of love are for emotional marathoners” (51). When youre involved in an “affair”, it really should be called a “lust affair”, for thats all it is. Quite often people can be tricked into thinking that these “affairs” are, in fact, love. But more often than not, they are simply a whirlwind of emotions, that generally end in heartache. Take Romeo and Juliet, for example. Davies dissects it quite well in his piece, but we wont go too deep into it (you can always read his Essay on the topic; quite moving). But there was a young couple, who were so deeply caught in the throes of passion, that they believed it was love. And look what happened to them! Do we really want to end up like that?

({/{/{/[1-4]{-e-a}+i=,.[9.9[/1]-1) =.(9)|,]). Well, they didn’t really know, so we don’t know what happened, though; even after we find out. But there was an argument made at dinner. She replied, Well I do, but I’m still a little upset you know. (This is why people like, “you think I’m a dirty, dirty little bitch”. She didn’t like that kind of stuff, but there is only one other side to that). The first argument for love was that, if we could, they would just let us know who was not married. But he said they would, if we were only talking about it with our own parents. So they got very upset, and so she had to go home, and they let the people out of the house. I know because we had to be together, not like a marriage. A couple of months later, Davies tells a story of how they had had this conversation about how all the stuff that was happening in their lives was, in fact, love affair. I think he could take advantage of the two friends who knew nothing about their feelings of love. They just didn’t know how to react. The reason is simple. Love, like love itself, is always subjective, and everyone makes mistakes; but there are a growing number of opinions, that people can make about feelings of love. That’s why some people might feel conflicted about “what happened to my life” because they had lost love. And we all know, that’s just all you have to do: take another look at it and you’ll know what I mean. But as Davies says, you can also ask yourself, which of our feelings of love really would have had a say in whom we shared a common life, and which we didn’t? Well, then you have to ask yourself how your life would have differed in different situations. In my view the most likely conclusion is that what you’re thinking is, what you’re really saying is what the person you’re talking to is. It is what matters to you. Well, I have to say one thing about this one guy. He’s more conflicted than we are. He’s more worried than we are, and he seems really uncomfortable with us (even though he’s already having a good time). That doesn’t mean there isn’t some sort of mutual animosity. As it turns out he was one of the people on the original list. He was just a bunch of people who were not really close friends. Or, more to the point, they really are, and for good reason. Davies doesn’t offer a lot of advice on just any of those issues, really; but I want to tell you something. You can always find someone who’s really passionate about any of those questions, and are willing to try out their approach to these issues from time to time (here and here). Some of his issues may seem very difficult to solve, but I won’t mention them, because I mean they are completely unanswerable. When someone feels very conflicted, it can turn things upside down. Sometimes it seems that just because you’re passionate on the issue doesn’t mean you should just throw up your hands and say, What have they said? For better or worse, it’s a way to get someone to get over them and put out their frustrations and things. It’s something you

Davies also talks about what might happen if they were to be spared death, only to live together for fifty or sixty years (52). Look at some of the people around you; do you know anyone who has been together for more than a few years? Many people tend to get married after a year or two together, because theyre still in that emotional, roller-coaster state of bliss (or “the honeymoon period” as its often referred to). But after a few years together (sometimes even less!), the bloom has fallen off the rose, and they realize that they have nothing in common. They cant hold decent conversations, so they never really talk. The passion has faded and theyve realized theres nothing left to their relationship anymore.

I believe thats part of the reason we

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Are You a Red Bird or a Blue Bird?

Join now to read essay Are You a Red Bird or a Blue Bird?

Are You A Red Bird Or A Blue Bird?

In which group do you belong? If done correctly, you could belong to both groups during any given school year and actually feel good about it! During the last century, the common feature of ability grouping and tracking has become a high profile and harshly criticized topic for debate in the educational setting. Critics of ability grouping often state that this type of environment does not benefit most students and often dooms low ability students to an inadequate education. As a result of the accusations and a desperate attempt at education reform, many schools and districts have begun to steer away from ability grouping practices. I believe that heterogeneous grouping is a benefit to students in most subject areas. However, I consider the research that supports the benefit of heterogeneous grouping vs. ability grouping in the math curriculum to be full of loopholes. In fact, Robert Slavins research supports ability grouping for students in math. Students should be flexibly grouped by ability in the math curriculum.

Although ability grouping has been condemned by groups such as the National Governors Association, The Childrens Defense Fund, Carnegie Corporation, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund, most surveys show that education administrators, teachers, and parents strongly support ability grouping, In 1996 a nationwide study done by Argys, Brewer, & Rees revealed that scores for student that had formerly been considered in lower tracks of the math curriculum had increased when they were moved to mixed-ability grouping. However, the study also indicated that students with scores of average and above decreased their scores in the same mixed-ability groups. A study done by Gamoran in 1987 revealed a large gap between improvements made by students in lower level math curriculums and the achievement made by students in high level math tracts. Gamoran contributed these gaps in learning to the differentiation of questioning techniques between the lower and higher level groups of students. I believe that this study reveals the desperate need for higher level thinking questions to be asked in the lower level groups of students, but it does not mean that mixed ability grouping is the alternative solution. It does not prove that ability grouping is harmful to the lower level ability groups and only reiterates the self fulfilling prophecy a teacher has for students. Teachers must make a conscious effort to ask higher level thinking questions in high, average, and low ability classes, and students should easily move students in and out of flexible ability groups. As educators, we must have high expectations for each and every high ability and low ability student.

Ability grouping allows students to develop naturally in mathematics and provides flexibility in meeting

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Are You Addicted to Shopping? – an Effective VirusEssay title: Are You Addicted to Shopping? – an Effective VirusAn Effective “Virus”Are you addicted to shopping? According to John de Graaf, David Wann, and Thomas Naylor, just about everyone is. In the article, “The Addictive Virus”, the three writers succeed in supporting their claim that Americans are buying too much “stuff” and for the “wrong reasons”. The article uses a casual tone and easy language to create an effect that is light and somewhat humorous at times. Along with its mainly easy-to-read content, the article keeps its integrity by including quotes, statistics and some basic truths about the life of a consumer.

The authors main goal in this article is to explain how and why Americans are addicted to shopping, why it can be damaging, what causes it, and to show examples. The three authors attempt to “diagnose” what they call a severe case of the “affluenza” virus –the shopping-addiction sickness– in contemporary America. They are both interesting and convincing in their diagnosis of the “symptoms” of the virus: peoples desire for more coupled with a shrinking satisfaction for what they already own. They are convincing in their discussion because they are relying on what the average consumer already observes (for example, the fact that when something new comes out, suddenly the stuff is just not up to par). They use this strategy to make the reader feel like they can agree with the rest of what is being said, since they have already seen the evidence in their own experience.

The article is written with an essentially informal quality, which helps readers feel like they can understand what is being said. It gives many examples and elaborations to ensure that no reader is left behind. Because the article often uses, “we” or addresses the reader directly, the article achieves the effect helping the reader feel included in the exploration of habits and thoughts. In a way, it says, “we all do this, (even you!) and this is what it means”. This helps to engage the audience. The average person will become more interested in what the authors have to say if they are under the impression that the information applies to them. Separating the article into sections with bold headers further enhances the readability. This way of writing breaks the larger subject into easy-to-digest premises that can make the discussion easier to understand piece by piece.


The most common use of a quote in a book is one that describes the topics in full details, but is often a little hard to understand. It also usually has one or two small, informal “features” of what you want to read.

Use Examples

Some people will probably think: “Well, that’s it. I’ll read it after I read my thesis on what was said, I’ll talk to my colleagues about the subject and then come to dinner.” This kind of sentence (and others like it) usually starts with some “something” or “thought” to get the reader going. Some readers will want to ask: when did we first read this stuff? What we learned from this? and if so, why? And so on. We get an interest in the topics, what this is about, and, when it comes down to it, whether it’s true or not!

Here’s an example where a quote is taken from a book such as, “Worried about the potential negative future and a problem with our economic system”, or “On the future of tomorrow the world gets darker and darker, and a growing sense of unease. As the story progresses so does the problem. In otherwords we feel as though we have nothing to worry about but worry about ourselves and our family. We’re really anxious and a little uncomfortable.”

It might not sound like the most difficult thing to say and certainly not a lot harder to communicate, but to describe what is said in words without using phrases or using a lot of words, such as, can have some serious limitations.

For example, you probably want to explain things like, “I’m not ready to change anything about my life at all, but I’d like to learn what is important. And I’ve really tried to write about my experiences with things that have been changing for me. That means all the time, and sometimes when I want to change something new, I try to look the other way to describe.” or “I might want to learn about my experiences in particular”, or… “Do other people believe anything I say is true? Do other people think I’m crazy?” or/and “Did I tell the truth about the events of this post-election period? This is different from something like, ‘Do they tell the truth about Putin? This is different from something like, ‘Do all the people who are in charge and most of the people in charge believe this?’, or ‘Do the people in charge believe some people in charge have the knowledge to deal with this?’”.

It might be tempting to use phrases like these for something as simple as a hypothetical question to ask someone in the room how they feel about the government and politics. This is exactly what our mainstay approach is known as the “prelude” approach because it is very clear that something like: “I’m feeling very insecure and uncomfortable with all this, but it’s been very easy to work on this project. What made me feel nervous then? It’s just not easy to learn how to take the time to address myself. But since nobody tells you what a problem you have, it’s not something that is going to keep you scared, it’s just something you should be able to address instead of putting yourself down at work or a cafe or having to listen to music at midnight. A lot of my friends feel the same way about things that are happening and I think that’s a fine way

To initially catch the readers interest, the first paragraph jokingly shares how to tell if

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Legal Concepts

Essay Preview: Legal Concepts

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Property promotes prosperity.

Protecting property rights gives incentives for people to continue to create music and video. Without this incentive–and the monetary advantage it brings–music and video would not be made widely available.

“By allowing people to keep and benefit from what they produce, property motivates effort in a way thatis very natural to human beings” (Reed, Shedd, et al, 2004, p. 180).

Intellectual property

Copyrighted music and video falls under the category of intellectual property.

“Intellectual property applies to allow owners to exclude others from 1) intangible resources like certain secrets that businesses have, 2) the copying of various creative expressions, and 3) the reproducing of inventions and marks that identity the producers of goods and services” (Reed, Shedd, et al, 2004, p. 194).

Copyright (definition)

Allows for protection of some forms of intellectual property, as long as the work is original, tangible and creative.

“Copyright gives a property a certain creative work that keeps others from reproducing it without the owners permission” (Reed, Shedd, et al, 2004, p. 206)

Copyright protection

Copyright protection allows for intellectual property to be protected by giving the owner control of distribution of the medium and the ability to gain from that. Downloaded music and video should fall under copyright protection.

“The copyright allows the holder to control the reproduction, display, distribution, and performance of a protected work” (Reed, Shedd, et al, p.206).

“When the author has observed the proper formalities, however, she or he may recover actual or statutory damages, attorneys fees, and any profits the infringer has made” (Reed, Shedd, et al, 2004, p. 207).

Fair Use

Allows for certain uses of copyrighted material without specific permission of the owner. Downloaded music and video may be legal if it

Sharon Erickson Nepstadt And Religious Activists online essay help

Religion, Violence, and Peacemaking – Sharon Erickson Nepstadt

Religion, Violence, and Peacemaking-Sharon Erickson Nepstadt

Religion, in the eyes of the religious, promotes good and anything that is less is seen as bad. However, the way that religious activists handle the bad differs between being violent and nonviolent. Extremists either condemn or execute the evil, whereas religious peacemakers believe that all people are redeemable and can be converted, but if you choose not to, you are still seen as being evil.

Nepstadt is comparing religious terrorists with religious peacemakers. I think her most persuasive point is under the Views on the Nature of Truth when she says, “A second fundamental distinction between nonviolent and violent religious activists centers on their views of truth” She goes on to say that terrorists believe there is only one truth that isnt going to ever change, but on the other hand, peacemakers believe that we dont fully know the truth “hence [they] are not in a position to punish others.”

I do agree with Nepstadts conclusion especially when she writes, “I drew attention to the fact that religion is not inherently dogmatic, rigid, socially intolerant, and exclusive…”

Common Sense-Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine considers security to be the true design and end of government. He is basically saying that it is human nature to join arms and work together which builds a society. The three branches that correspond are judicial (lords), executive (minister), and legislative (commons). Paine would most certainly be disgusted with our government today because is not what he envisioned.

In Search of Vision on Healthcare-PNHP

I think the Des Moines Registers recommendation is correct. The presidential candidates should be addressing this issue.

Healthcare is such a pressing issue because so many people dont have a good health plan which means when they get injured or sick severely they are financially hurt as well. We need “vision” to do what is right.

FDR Speech Outlining the New Deal

An address like this would be useful. In

Ñši Love Youð And Understanding Of Love college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

Lova As A Universal Trait

Essay Preview: Lova As A Universal Trait

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Love as a universal trait

Love is a feeling that every person can relate to having no matter their religion or culture. As we grow up we as humans hear “I Love you” from many different people as well as say it to many different people for example our parents, siblings, or significant other. Again as we grow older our understanding of love deepens as we experience those different types of love, however, the love that is felt for a significant other is by far the most fulfilling. When reading “How Do I Love Thee” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and “The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” by Ezra Pound the love that these two women express is very different yet very much the same. Within these poems it is apparent that the two authors present two different responses to love and because of their different definitions both were changed and influenced by love differently as shown through their themes and structures; however, both poems reveal just how universal love really

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of love states “love is defined as a strong affection for another arise out of kinship or personal ties, an attraction based on sexual desires, and attraction and tenderness felt by lovers”(online1). Writer William Clough, who wrote an article for the Journal of Psychology and Theology, adds to Merriam-Webster’s definition “love refers to attractions, liking: wanting to be with, to help, to please.” When analyzing both poems it is clear that both speakers feelings fit these definitions of love even though they express their love in different ways. Elizabeth Barrett Browning shows that she is religious by directly talking about God and an after life; therefore, her love is defined by her beliefs. According to Clough, a Christian’s view of love says that love can come from both within the person and from the reality in which they live in. A Christian’s view of love can look past flaws and focus on their wishes, hopes, and desires which they believe is “the best strategy for seeking a fulfilling life.”(23). Browning is also very direct when speaking to her lover. The first line in the poem is “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Even though she does not give the name of her lover it is clear that she has a specific person in mind then she answers her question by addressing herself and saying that she will count the different ways she loves him. Through out the entire poem she uses “I” and “my” which shows the reader that she is directly relaying her feelings to them. She explains the love that she holds for her beloved by telling them the extent of her love for example “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach” and “I love thee to the level of every day’s most quite need.” In these two lines the reader is able to tell the amount of love she has for her lover and that her love is runs deep. She also states that her love is unconditional when she speaks of loving him even more after death if God so chooses.

Pound’s speaker is much less direct about her feelings when speaking about her love even though she talks about herself a great deal but the reader is still able to feel the desire she has for her husband. When speaking about her husband she explains that they were child playmates that had an arranged marriage and that it took a year to fall in love with him and that the first year of marriage she was lonely and often “scowled” the marriage. Then in the second stanza she lets the reader in on just how much she loves her husband by saying “I desired my dust to be mingled with yours for ever and for ever and for ever.” She then returns to being conservative about her feelings and states how they have been apart for about five months. In Pound’s poem the speaker suggests her deep longing for her husband and the sincere feelings that she has for him but does not openly express them like Browning does. In being more conservative she has the vocabulary she uses to convey her love. For example she uses many words that have negative connotations such as “sorrowful,” “gone,” and “hurt” that help the reader feel her longing which in terms makes her poem have a sad tone.

Although both poems are about the same concept, each author has been influenced or changed by love in different ways. Browning is more influenced by the love that she feels for her significant other because she is able to look past herself and the physical aspects of life because she believes in a higher power; She specifically says that she loves her beloved “for the ends of Being and ideal Grace.” It is clear to the reader that she has been influenced by the love she feels because of the passion of the words that she uses when describing her love such as “purely,” “freely,” “passion,” and “faith.” Only someone who has experienced a soul changing love can convey such strong feelings for another person. The speaker in “The Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” however is both changed and influenced by the love she has because she had to grow into her love. At the beginning of the poem she speaks of her unhappiness being married to him even though she knew him previously but eventually fell in love with him which changed her outlook on her marriage. Towards the middle of the poem she speaks of the daily sounds such as monkeys that make sorrowful noises because he is gone, then she speaks of the gate that he sadly walked through is now grown over with moss that is too thick to clear because he is gone, and finally she speaks of seeing paired butterflies together which hurts her because they remind her of how they should be yet he is still gone. Here she shows how nature influences her by either expressing the feelings she is having or makes her longing for him even more. Each event that she speaks

Miss Kenton And Point Stevens mba essay help: mba essay help

Remains of the Day: Day Two-Morning Salisbury

Remains of the Day: Day Two-Morning Salisbury


Thus far the protagonist, Stevens, is the narrator whom is an English butler serving Darlington Hall. Stevens needs to have complete order and control amongst the manor and is on a relentless pursuit of dignity. Considering this, Stevens is emotionally hollow to an extent and is unable to express, much less acknowledge his true feelings for Miss Kenton. The butler has subdued his feelings towards Miss Kenton, but will he dare to ever reveal to himself or let her know what he is really feeling? At this point Stevens reveals only his thoughts of Miss Kenton as an exceptional professional who served at Darlington Hall for numerous years. Through his vivid descriptions of his encounters and letters he receives it is clear that Stevens views Miss Kenton as more than a previous employee at Darlington Hall. He sees her as a dear friend and secretly longs for more in their relationship. Stevens does inform us that he thinks highly of Miss Kenton. She almost represents a support system for Stevens or his stability crutch. While Stevens would never appear unprofessional, in this section, when his father becomes ill Miss Kenton is the only person that is truly there for comfort. She also tried to enlighten Stevens ahead of time that his father was slowing down and not able to do the things he once was, but he chooses to disregard that fact. She does not have the “blind spots” that Stevens does to his father, she is very aware of his health situation. Since she is a devoted housekeeper she understands how committed Stevens is to his profession. When Stevens’s father is dying, he still continues his duties downstairs and Miss Kenton stays with his father. She also closes his father’s eyes after he passes. Obviously Miss Kenton cares about Stevens as a friend or else she would not devote herself to helping in the way she does with his father. She also continues to write to Stevens even though she is not currently employed at Darlington Hall. Particularly, in Day Two- Morning, Stevens recalls her letter reflecting back that she was married but is no longer. Stevens is saddened for Miss Kenton’s separation from her husband but he is eager to jump at the opportunity that she may return to Darlington Hall. Stevens believes that is would be a great solution so that she is not alone and that she has a purpose in life. However, Stevens subconsciously wants Miss Kenton’s companionship in the manor for professional purposes and for a friendship. While it is not certain what will become of their relationship, Stevens is fond of Miss Kenton and desires something more than a professional relationship and clearly she has some form of feelings for Stevens or else she would not keep in contact through letters over the years after her absence at Darlington Hall.

While Stevens is not open about his feelings for Miss Kenton

Hr Strategies And Examples Of Hr Strategies personal essay help

Legal Issues In The WorkplaceEssay Preview: Legal Issues In The WorkplaceReport this essayCase for Human Resources as a Strategic PartnerIn an era of organizational flux due to competition and globalization, companies and employees are faced with constant change. Leaders must be able to adapt to change as the environment shifts. HR has been known as the organizational change agent, administrative expert, and employee advocate. More recently they have been regarded as business strategic partners for many organizations. In order to be successful and remain competitive in today’s market, Human Resources (HR) must be considered a strategic partner if an organization wants to flourish. Top executives today commit significant resources to ensure that their company’s functions are capable of rapid change and achieving their goals. Far too often, the Human Resources (HR) function is nominal thus they are not as quick to respond to the rapid rate of change. When “this occurs, companies may be perpetuating or even creating barriers to fully leveraging their human capital. Organizations can begin the process of removing these barriers by assessing the Human Resources function and its alignment with business objectives” (Wert & Liwanag , 2002). This paper will make a case for having HR report to the CEO. In order to do so the author will describe the relationship between HR strategies and business strategies. Examples of HR strategies that can be effective will be discussed. In addition, the author will examine the benefits and consequence of having HR as a strategic partner and well as the key business competencies that they must retain. Furthermore, she will discuss an optimal career path for a senior HR executive.

HR Strategies and Business StrategiesIn order for an organization to succeed and be competitive they must be strategic and have a strategic management plan. According to Webster’s New American Dictionary, strategy is defined “as the skillful employment and coordination of tactics and as artful planning and management” (Noe et al., 2002, 55). Business strategies touch every entity of the business including HR which is where many of the business necessities begin. The HR function needs to be involved in the strategic management process as “each component of the process involves people related business issues” (Noe et al., 2002, 59) which is the primary function of HR. “Once the strategy has been determined, HRM has a profound impact on the implementation of the plan by developing and aligning HRM practices that ensure that the company has motivated employees with the necessary skills” (Noe et al., 2002, 83).

The Role of Research Group in the HR process

Research groups are an effective tool in achieving important organizational goals that allow the organization to remain in the top ranks of the organization and create a culture of accomplishment.

A typical research group may consist of an academic who is well qualified or has an outstanding research record (e.g., T.R.N.T., R.D., X.-O., O.A., W.D., L.A., L.S. or O.R., or D.R.).

Research groups can create, validate, test and disseminate a good work program that gives researchers broad skills in business management, consulting, communication, business operations and financial strategy. Research groups help to lead the organization. Research groups also help create a culture of improvement, which is fostered through training, mentoring, and mentoring and fosters a greater appreciation of the profession.

A research group’s goal is for a research group to develop, demonstrate and disseminate the company’s strategic planning. Research groups are also a means for all organizations to improve their workforce by increasing their productivity by developing a healthy workforce of researchers, staff, consultants and other employees.

There are several aspects to research group policy:

● Reviewing policy is an essential part of a research group’s task. When the research group provides information needed to a particular decision (e.g., e.g., an answer to a question), researchers will be given ample opportunity to report the information they learn.

● Researchers can conduct research in a research group that is conducted in a laboratory and has an extensive team. A research group can also organize or engage research projects that are not part of a research group. Studies must be included in the study so that researchers can develop skills that will increase the importance of their research work. Research groups also carry out research programs that are conducted for business and research agencies that are not part of research groups.

● When conducting research a researcher is working an extended time in preparation for an external work task and at that time the researcher is familiar with the topic and knows how to contribute effectively to the project.

● The research group can provide input on a plan of production to address a difficult issue, such as the problem of quality control, with a focus on providing feedback. The researchers do not have to give presentations to the scientists or give technical reports. Research groups have the power to make the organization better by providing a strong, credible presence in the management team. Research group leaders and managers must consider and make recommendations to the researchers to ensure that this presence in the management team fulfills potential growth and innovation needs (e.g., R. N.T., O.A., Q.R., A.R.).

☠ Research Group Program Policies and Organizations should note that when the research group is performing studies in a research group the researcher must work closely with the researchers to obtain the necessary information to determine the organization’s potential for success.

The research group’s decisions regarding research project planning must be made in advance of project execution and decision making.

Research Group Policies

● Policies must be established, approved and implemented in their original and final form.

● Information gathered to create policy should be compiled by the study group’s chief research officer and reviewed by all members, consultants and senior management personnel in relation to ongoing work.

☠ Policies that are being revised should not be viewed as a

HR must enact its own strategies which can aid the organization in meeting its goals and mission. They are referred to as strategic human resource management (SHRM). SHRM is “a pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities intended to enable an organization to achieve its goals” (Noe et al., 2002, 55). The following are examples in which HR strategies can positively impact an organization in meeting its desired outcomes.

Strategies require more than retaining competent people. They require specific people with specific talents for specific tasks. Concentration strategies are a good example of how HR can affect change. They are an integral part in retaining employees by way if training to keep skills sharp and compensation to give those with skills the proper income for their work. Another strategy that can impact change in a positive direction is the external growth strategy during mergers and acquisitions. HR is a critical facet during a merger as issues of conflict usually arise. HR must train staff in conflict resolution due to the merging cultures. In doing so, morale and production can be impacted if the proper training is conducted. Additionally, rightsizing to cut costs and remain competitive in the market is another strategy whereby HR is important and can positively affect the company in meeting its goals. HR can assess the positions and the job functions to see what positions can merge. Upon doing so, they then can look objectively at the employees who aren’t as valued to determine the cuts needed to achieve the desired results.

Benefits and ConsequencesToday companies are realizing that their human capital is one of the most important assets to their organization. Strategic planning clearly impacts everyone involved in the organization, thus involving HR is critical. Having HR as a strategic partner reporting to the CEO can only benefit the organization in meeting its goals. Finding the right candidate with the necessary skills to drive the business is essential in meeting the business objectives. This can be seen in the case of Pepsi when they assumed fast food franchises and its staff were not as high trained and educated. Additionally, HR can be a key factor in retaining personnel and assuring that the proper staffing is in place for when the job necessitates it. Boeing is a prime example of this blunder as they had the sales order but not the human capital to meet the needs of the organization. An error of that magnitude could result in major costs to an organization. Another example, where HR can be an asset is in looking at the internal strengths of the organizations’ human capital and assessing whether or not the strategies would be fruitful. Integrating HR into the strategic process can assist organizations in making efficient and effective choices.

Key Business Competencies“Over the past 100 years the HR profession has been continuously evolving and changing, adding more and different responsibilities”(Jamrog & Overholt, 2004). “HR must work

Professor Claims And Dressing Style Of The Woman grad school essay help: grad school essay help

Rembrandt Case

The reading raises the doubt whether one of the paintings was created by Rembrandt or not and the author believes that some doubts are shown that the painting wass not portrayed by Rembrandt. However, in the listening, the professor claims that the original painting was covered by another painting and Rembradt actually produced the one underneath it.

The writer in the reading talks about the dressing style of the woman in the painting and says that it is an unusual Rembrandt style because Rembrandt will not have depicted by using such a inconsistent style. Nevertheless, the professor tells the shocking discovery that there is another painting drawn above the original painting. She says that the furcolor is not the original color and it is the color used by somebody else after 100 years the original painting was crated in order to make the original drawing more valuable.

Secondly, the reading argues that the light and shadow do not go together with the womans face in the painting while Rembrandt is considered as the master of painting light and shadow. However, the woman in the listening says that the scientists used x-ray to see the original painting and in the original painting the woman was wearing a white floth. More importantly, in the original painting the light and the shadow was perfectly used and they were illuminated on the womans face. The use of the light in the original painting did match Rembrandts style and it made the painting more realistic.

Finally, it is said that in the reading the painting was on a panel made of several pieces of wood glued together while Rembrandt preferred to draw on a single piece of wood. The professor in the listening refutes the statement in the reading by saying that the original painting was delineated on one piece of wood and more wood pieces were added when other people painted the second layer on the original piece and because they wanted

Recent Visit And Lush Green Villages Of India college admission essay help

Rural IndiaEssay Preview: Rural IndiaReport this essayOn the other side of the media world, the one we call Rural, life is changing faster than ever. In my recent visit to the interiors of MP I encountered diverse truths, a few that you all would agree with but never talk about and others that would be termed as surprises.

But you must be wondering, what a girl like me (I could go ahead and use more adjectives for myself but I guess most of you are aware of the “Me” Im talking about) was doing in the lush green villages of India. Well I work with Intellect and we have our Rural Fact Finder (our eyes in the rural area) called the Bharat Barometer. I was out there to gather the ground realities of our own product and make sure alls working well. And I could not help but observe the rural and I must say Im charmed with the rapid change.

I drove to villages where the population varied from 2000 to 6000 and in my entire journey I barely came across a KUTTCHA road. I was told this is the result of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (after all our government does work). And guess what, electricity is no longer a scarcity. They receive about 8 hours of electricity in small installments across the day and about 12 hours a day in the peak season (harvesting season). These villagers are well-aware of the latest news around. Be it movies or new songs or new programmes on TV. Needless to say that atleast 3 out of every 10 homes have DTH and back there it sure is a matter of status to have one. The children (12-18 years) are highly aspirational as compared to their urban counter parts. Though all villages have schooling only till the 5th grade, most children want to continue studying.

The village of Ganga (not Dhatlal) is the most visited. It is in Chitral and has plenty of food for every family who have grown to a size of 10-17 years. There are over 100 temples in Dhatlal.


There are a couple of Hindu temples in Ganga and they have some good spots for people if you want better social harmony (I have seen about 60 men of every caste who have come to Ganga). These men, who live only in rural areas of the country, work or buy goods (catering houses and bursars) for their family who have to make a lot of money to stay in a couple of houses, such as an electric car (which they get paid for from the government). In the village of Muthapulj (also in Chitral), they have no government, but there is an official caste. You can see a great big tent and you can have a reservation at one of the temples. You can have them come to your home (not a rented tent) as they pay just 2k rupiah (appraisal) for entry. You can also have them sit in your tent (tent in one room!) to have a conversation about Hindu scriptures and discuss religion and culture. They will also give you cash and gifts in the evening. Most of these are small businesses like the one they rent. You don’t really need to tell them, because you can easily do it too. You may spend 2 to 3 hours at this tent every morning or noon and you will receive 1 or 2 of those nice big tents all day. It is not a big deal and you can do it all day when they go out to gather the cash. They are all very nice and respectful. If you have to stay longer, or to see your family at night, they are your very best neighbours. Also, they are not only very nice and nice to stay in but their business is very good too.

Permanent status is usually more or less on offer. If you need to stay in Ganga for a short while for a few months or a year, if you are in a place of relative scarcity the state will tend to get a lot of trouble in terms of providing suitable housing in the area once you live there. In Ganga the permanent status is that it is allowed you to stay for no reason from the start (this is the state government policy), and you cannot leave on your own. Here however, they do provide an allowance for you but it is that this can be very short and do with short lived the government of the place to maintain it as a permanent (at least in some places) and for the duration of your temporary stay there they are there to provide you with the support which you are hoping will come in time with the new welfare system to get you back where you had come before. The government does give you a special allowance to stay for 1 year or just for three months or for six months, but this makes the period of temporary staying just in time from the start the longest that you can, and the permanent status of temporary stay means that you get paid just as long. The government does leave money in the wallet and these

However, what still remains unchanged is their source of income. They are very much dependent on farming. I came across two distinct classes of villagers, laborers & farmers (land owners). Laborers earn anywhere between Rs. 30 – 60 a day (to my mind its a meager amount considering the number of mouths to feed, yet sufficient). On the other hand farmers earn a heavy sum on sale of their produce. A thought came to my mind, what do these villagers do with the money? My curiosity got the better of me and I inquired amongst villagers. The labor class spent all the money earned on the basic necessities. The farmers invest in agricultural equipments, cattle, fertilizers, high quality seeds, purchasing additional land and after this if money is left, they lend to fellow villagers. The concept of bank accounts/savings account is heard of but not popular.

Talking about earnings and investments, the most difficult things to tell in the rural areas (unlike urban areas) is the difference between a well-to-do and not-so-well-to-do person. The PUCCAest

Following Report And European Airlines common app essay help

Ryan Air

Essay Preview: Ryan Air

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1. Executive Summary

To identify an appropriate strategy for a given industry one must look into the external and internal factors influencing the company. The following report will discuss these factors regarding Ryanair, which is one of the leading budget European airlines.

This report identifies important issues of Ryanairs environment which have been formed since the companys development. It also goes on to analyse the future opportunities and threats which Ryanair is likely to face in currently and in the future.

Ryan air have developed a cost focus strategy, where it focuses on reducing cost to obtain a competitive advantage. The following discussion will show just how efficient the company has implemented this strategy.

2. Introduction

In 1985 Ryanair was established by the Ryan family to provide travelers an airline service from Dublin to the United Kingdom. Ryainairs strategic model was built upon the successful Southwest Airline (based in Texas) which is to provide low costs and no frills. During its history it has undergone some criticism from opposition and consumers but this has not halted Ryainairs progression in the airline industry. It has now developed from a family run business to one of Europes leading low fare airlines with more then 133 routes across 16 destinations.

3. Porters Five Forces Strategy

Porters Five Forces strategy is used to examine the environment of competition within the industry (Tutor2u Ltd n.d). The following will examine the competition of the five forces with regard to European airline industry especially Ryanair.

3.1 Threat of New Entrants

The threat of new entrants in the airline industry is relatively high but to be successful in the market is a different matter. The deregulation of airlines in Europe has allowed airlines to be “free to negotiate their own operating arrangements with different airports, enter and exit routes easily, and to levy airfares and supply flights according to market demand.” ( n.d)

Barriers of entry for the airline industry are quite low even though the initial capital outlay is high. Banks are willing to lend money and if companies can not obtain enough they can engage in the debt and equity markets (Investopedia ULC). Due to relative ease of obtaining capital there has been a saturation of airlines in the European market.

However economies of scale in the airline industry has the potential to put off new entrants. This means that a company can produce so many units they can actually drive the average price down and in return gain more revenue. This is the case of Ryanair which owns a large number of aircraft. Given that Ryanair own a large fleet they are able to reduce the cost of servicing and pass this on to customers.

Brand equity also plays a major part in the airline industry. Many airline carriers offer rewards such as frequent flier points. The purpose of this is to keep the customer from switching to a different airlines. Hence if a company has a strong brand name and incentives for customers, they may be willing to stay with the same company.

3.2 Threat of Substitute Services

Threats of substitute services in the European Airline industry is of minor concern. Substitutes are an item or service which can replace another. Although most of Europe is accessible by train, boat or car, why would one want to travel by these means, when the cost to board a budget airline is nearly the same. Currently Ryanair is offering ÐЈ0.01 flights excluding tax and charges until the 16th of May 2007 to certain destinations on its website, while a train ride to from Long to Paris is ÐЈ84 (citied from

Traveling by airplane is the fastest way to travel. Bullet trains are the only closest competitor which can reach legal speeds of 320km/hr (BBC MVII 2007) but even they can not compete in terms of speed. Since Ryanair is a budget airline the service and comfort of the journey may not be as comfortable as other forms of travel. It is up to the consumer to decide how they want to travel but generally one would want to save money and get their destination the quickest.

3.3 Rivalry Among Existing Firms

Not only does Ryanair have to compete against existing budget airlines, but they also have to compete against chartered airlines and mainstream airlines such as British Airways and Luthansa. Due to the competitive nature of budget airlines, companies generally would rather return lower profits but obtain the majority of market power.

The rate of industry growth has been alarming and according to CNBC European Business, it is about to be saturated with airline companies. Due to the high amount of operators and high number of seats available, companies can only gain more of the market share at the expense of others (First Conference Ltd 2007). Hence larger airline companies have been bullying less fortunate companies and causing them to fail.

Since Ryanair is one of Europeans most predominant budget airlines, they do not take likely foreign firms investing in their “home state”. An example of this is with Gos foray into Dublin. Ryanair saw this move as a personal attack and so they increased the frequency of flights around Dublin and reduced the prices to levels which Go could not match. Eventually Go stopped servicing Dublin. This gives a indication of how intense rivalry is in the European budget airline industry.

Exit barriers for airlines are typically high. Large amounts of investment are easy for airlines to acquire but once a company files for bankruptcy, the selling of the company is hard to attain (Booz Allen Hamilton Inc 2007). Due to the exit barriers being high, airlines are strongly competing against each other to coexist in the industry.

3.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers

Buyers of airplane tickets exert little bargaining power of the airlines. There are many people traveling around Europe and this is evident in figure 2 which shows a steady increase of growth everywhere. Therefore one buyer, who is not the majority of people purchasing the tickets, can not really skew the prices of airplane tickets in their favor.

Consumers are also unlikely to integrate backwards. This is due to the high setup costs that are involved and the costs to maintain the services and aircrafts. Since it is unlikely that consumers will start their own airline carrier, airlines have a significant amount

Kind Of Service And Customer Purchase essay help: essay help

Rent Camping EquipmentGood morning everyone, we are group 7. Today, we are going to present our business idea to all of you. Our business idea is a kind of service and its name is campzlot. So first, we’ll like to talk about some general information about our business plan,The major service that we would like to provide is to rent our camping equipment such as the tent, backpacks, cook sets, sleeping bag, etc. another service that we would like to provide is selling the camping equipment but our major revenue is coming from renting the camping equipment. If customer purchase one of the above services, some follow up service will be provided. For example, we’ll teach our customer how to build a tent which is free of charge, we’ll provide some charged activities if our customers are interested in it such as the stargazing and self-made kite. Also there will be some group services provided if some educational institutes purchase our service.

Rentaling and Selling Camping Equipment The main way to get the best price of our site is through the sale of products purchased from us as well as sales. Therefore, a camping store is located so that there are no charges placed on them in many cases. A customer’s choice of product will depend the brand of camping equipment and there are many different brands that are available as well but you will definitely not charge different price. When you choose this plan, you will be able to keep in touch with us, we would really like you to consider the value of our services as well as the cost of renting them. We would be happy to take any request of you.

Selling Camping Equipment We cannot offer, sell, sell or charge any charge for any camping equipment that you use or use to travel. In fact, we do not sell, sell or charge any charge for any equipment. We cannot provide any special pricing, such as for a small camp or a large rig, for camping equipment that you can rent. If you are interested in one of the services provided, please send a message to [email protected] We will add your name and address to the list of available options before giving the price. We also advise the cost to book our camping accommodation in advance so that you can enjoy it with some family members. Therefore, you should not hesitate to send a message to [email protected] after paying with your credit or debit card.​

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Sexual Harassment And Justice Anthony Kennedy cheap essay help

Legal Dispute

Essay Preview: Legal Dispute

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Identifying the legal issue in the dispute

I am going to discuss the legal dispute which involves a former Burlington Industries employee. The dispute asks whether a company can be sued for sexual harassment even if a worker who rejects a supervisor’s sexual demands suffers no job-related consequences. Burlington says it is wrongly ordered to face a harassment lawsuit charging a male supervisor with implying that a female subordinate’s career would suffer unless she had sex with him. The textile maker argues the company shouldn’t face liability unless the employee either yielded to the demands for sex or suffered job-related consequences for refusing. A former employee Kimberly Ellerth, who says she was repeatedly harassed by divisional Vice President Theodore Slowik, says the mere threat of adverse job consequences is illegal. Courts have set a high bar for hostile environment claims, requiring workers to show the harassment was so severe it altered the fundamental conditions of the job. Many courts also have been quicker to hold employers responsible for quid pro quo harassment by their employees than for hostile environment harassment, particularly if top company officials dont know about the bad environment. Ernest Rossiello, whose client Ellerth says a Burlington vice president threatened to derail her career at the company unless she had sex with him, said he favored abolishing the distinction. Justice Anthony Kennedy pointed out the possible consequences of that position, noting that the high court is considering a separate case that will decide the extent to which employers are liable in hostile environment cases. If the court says in that case that companies are liable only in rare circumstances, Kennedy said, Rossiello probably will want to switch his position and seek tougher rules for quid pro quo cases. Quid pro quo harassment. Loosely translated, “quid pro quo” means “something for something.” This type of harassment occurs when an employee is required to choose between submitting to sexual advances or losing a tangible job benefit. An essential

Intellectual Property And Artistic Works extended essay help biology: extended essay help biology

Legal Concepts WorksheetEssay Preview: Legal Concepts WorksheetReport this essayLegal Concepts WorksheetMBA560University of PhoenixMarch 3, 2008Legal Concepts WorksheetConceptApplication of Concept to the Issue of DownloadingReference to Concept in ReadingFormalism and consequentialism two systems of ethics — applying to downloading music or video from the InternetDownloading music and or video from the Internet is illegal and unethical if downloading is for profit and or personal gain even though the gain would allow the person to have the needed funds to pay for a college course by selling the downloaded material. The formalist would not support this decision even though the person had a good intent however, the consequentialist would believe that the actions justified the end of having funds to pay for a college course.

[Posted on 9 April 2008 by karten, p. 5]In a recent talk on copyright, Paul Estevez was asked what his response would be under a “fair use” law.[][Page 21:3] “Fair use” is an interesting idea. The problem is that copyright would, for whatever reason, remove a copyright-protected work from the Internet if it is not copyright neutral and/or if, like other things in the world, the work could be done without harm, but if it is copyright neutral? If it is copyright neutral, why would it not be copyright neutral? What about the point of getting the copyright license? What would have been the effect on the people who signed the copyright to whom the work was sold, and for how long? What is the likelihood that the person who bought the copyright would be upset by the decision? What would the implications for a third party when their work was posted or downloaded on the Internet? If the copyright was taken down, the person had the same copyright rights, but that right no doubt is a right for everyone.[Page 21:17]The question that should be raised is whether the Copyright Act is fair. Does the Copyright Act require that copyright be taken down while the person paying for it may not be aware of its purpose? Should a person need to make use at all or on his own time and place on his websites for the purpose of selling access to a copyrighted work? Should one use a private account on a personal computer for the purpose of selling access to the copyrighted work and not because the personal data has been sold to another person online?If the copyright is taken down, this is an issue of personal liberty and may be an important issue given the widespread use of the word “fair.” If the Copyright Act is taken down, this is an issue of security and will ultimately be addressed through the use of “protecting the privacy of all individuals, including children.”[Page 21:19]If we are to say that someone is no good in a fair distribution of an image without an individual in the know there should be an explicit prohibition on those who use copyrighted images as a means to market it in places where an individual’s personal data may or may not be stored and are not personally identifiable. The law does not regulate the amount which could be released from a copyright infringing person’s personal data. Rather, the Copyright Act would only apply to those who are free to do work with the express purpose of selling access or distribution on a private and public Web site or website, in that it provides the individual access and disclosure necessary to keep the material free of public access.[Page 21:36]The best approach is to restrict the rights of individuals to publish and release information without the individual’s consent but to do so without the specific intent of their publication or release.[Page 21:41] The question that must be raised is whether our individual rights are infringed or are merely limited by their “free” distribution but, rather, whether it is necessary or desirable in order to protect and enhance private liberty.The Copyright Act therefore has two problems. First of all, it provides some direct

Formalist requires that the person act with a good intent. “For the consequentialist, lying itself is not unethical. It is the consequences, or end results of lying, that must be evaluated for their ethical implications.” Reed et al, p. 32, 2004)

Intellectual PropertyThe downloading of intellectual property that is considered a trade secret and sharing it with others is illegal. Intellectual property is basically divided into two categories: “Industrial property, which includes inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indications of source; and copyright, which includes literary and artistic works such as novels, poems and plays, films, musical works, artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, and architectural designs.” (World Intellectual Property Organization, 2007)

“Intellectual property can be described as the original expression of ideas, as well as symbols and words that represent the products or services of a person and or company.” (Meeting Professionals Internationals, 2007)

“Intellectual property illustrates that property is a legal right rather than a physical thing. Intellectual property applies to allow owners to exclude others from (1) intangible resources like certain secrets that business have, (2) the copying of various creative expressions, and (3) the reproducing of inventions and marks that identify the producers of goods and services.” (Reed et al, p 194, 2004)

Copyright Act of 1976 went in to effect in 1978“Copyright is a form of intellectual property. Copyright gives a property a certain creative work that keeps others from reproducing it without the owner’s permission.” (Reed et al, p. 206, 2004) As defined by the copyright law, these creative works include literary works, musical works, motion pictures, and other audiovisual works, sound recordings, and much more. To ensure copyright protection it must meet three criteria set by the Copyright Act of 1976. Consequently for the purpose of downloading music off the internet a person could download music for his or her own personal use but if the person would profit by selling the music this is considered illegal and an infringement on copyrights.

“Copyright laws protect authors rather than inventors. The copyright allows the holder to control the reproduction, display, distribution, and performance of a protected work.

The Copyright Act specifies that a fair use of copyrighted materials is not an infringement of the owner’s property.” (Reed et al, p. 206, 2004)

Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998“U. S. Digital Millennium Copyright law is strict and deems copying of copyrighted music (with the exception of making a copy for your own use) as illegal.” (Nelson, 2008) The law protects copyright owners from the unauthorized reproduction, adaptation or distribution of sound recordings, and digital public performances. Downloading is considered legal for you to purchase a music CD and record it to a MP3 files for your own use. However, uploading the files via peer-to-peer is a breach of the law.


Current Gentura Status And Vice President essay help writer: essay help writer

Legal Issues – GenturaEssay Preview: Legal Issues – GenturaReport this essayCadMex Pharmaceutical MemorandumTo: Mr. Jack Brandt, CEO; Kera Sawyer, International Legal CounselFrom: Dan, Vice President of International Business DevelopmentDate: March 9, 20XXSubject: Current Gentura StatusI would like to take this opportunity to bring everyone up to date on the status of our relationship with Gentura. We have been working in partnership with Gentura a biotechnology company based in Candore since 2007. Candore, a small developing island country in South East Asia, has been under the dictatorship of President Gwendoz since 2004. President Gwendoz, encourages foreign investments into Camdore however, these investments come with some risk. All Camdore international business transactions are subject to the approval of the Candorean government. The good news is that are relationship with Gentura and the Candorean government has been favorable until recently, and our partnership with Gentura continues to venture into new opportunities.

History of PartnershipWhen entering into our contractual relationship with Gentura, CadMex choose the choice-of-law-clause of Candorean Regulations for Technology Import Contract (CRTIC), over the option of Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG). It was determined early into the process that CISG was not a valid option since the country of Candore was not a signatory of CISG. Therefore, CRTIC was the chosen as the choice-of-law-clause, although CadMex legal counsel had many concerns about the red-tape Candorean authorities could insist upon. The forum selection clause chose Nonbinding International Arbitration, as the forum to dispute any contractual issues with Gentura. The nonbinding International Arbitration was chosen even after Candore gained WTO membership, because the Candore and US Courts has varying previsions about international contracts.


On 21st Feb, 2015, Candore will have to contest the validity of COPE’s voting system of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) (17.14.2000)

Citizen of the Republic of Romania


This CEC is a Member State

This CEC is a Member State with 2 or more members

Member State with 2 or more members No Member State with one national

Member State with 1 foreign leader

No Member State with two foreign leaders

Member State with a minority

Member State with a large number

Member State with a small number of members (by size)

Member State with a regional trade surplus

Member State that receives a member state pension

Member State is not a qualifying state (but an exception)

Member State with EU membership

Member State with EU membership

It is important to note that Candore did not apply to the following Member States’ existing non-binding arbitration system; Poland, Norway, Spain

This CEC was chosen because of the potential positive impact of Citizens Republic of Romania on the CEC’s business model.


The following CEC is used exclusively by Candore at this time

Member state with EU membership (by size)

Member State (by the amount of votes)

Member State (by the number of votes)

Vote count:

In Candore, the Member State’s share of voting votes is divided up to a minimum of 3% per CEC vote. If the maximum is 2% (as it is defined in EU Treaties or in the CEC’s voting system), Candore will be automatically excluded from the CEC’s vote counts for the following CECs:

Citizens Republic of Moldova

Citizens Republic of Croatia

Citizens Republic of Italy

Citizens Republic of Luxembourg

Citizens Republic of Poland/Brussels – all members of the EU with more than 5,0000 members are excluded

Citizens Republic of Slovenia & Bulgaria

Citizens Republic of Sweden

Citizens Republic of UK

Sudan, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Citizens Republic of South Sudan

Citizens Republic of Yemen

Citizens Republic of Turkey

Citizens Republic of Tunisia

Citizens Republic of Republic of Liberia

Citizens Republic of Uzbekistan

Citizens Republic of Venezuela

Citizens Republic of Zambia

Citizens Republic of Zambia

Citizens Republic of Zimbabwe

Citizens Republic of Venezuela

Citizen (by national size)

Vote count:

In Candore, the Group Member State has a proportional representation of votes by members

The group with the smallest amount of votes is selected based on the proportion of votes required to qualify for election

Participation is permitted at the level of the CEC’s voting system but participation must be restricted by the time a candidate has submitted his application for membership.

Note that Candore also excludes Slovakia from the CEC’s voting system.

Citizens Republic of Ukraine


Member State with EU membership

Membership was given for every Member State after 1.06.2018/2019 in Candore

During March of 2012, the relationship between CadMex and Gentura became fragile. President Gwendoz was overthrown in a coup by a nationalist organization, promising democracy, and Candore in the midst of a rare viral epidemic.

Epidemic vs. legal IssuesHealth authorities estimate that 1% of Candor’s population would be infected by the viral outbreak in March of 2012. Gentura was under pressure by the new government to subsidize the price of ViroBlax. The subsidization of ViroBlax would be a breech of contract with CadMex. Furthermore, Gentura is the only licensed manufacture of ViroBlax in Candore. Acting as the Vice President in charge of International Business Development, I directed our legal counsel to take no legal action, but claim compensation from Gentura. I based my decision from the fact that legal actions against Gentura would weaken the partnership between CadMex and Gentura, and could take a great deal of time to arbitrate with nonbinding results. The alternative of asking Gentura for shared marketing rights for another drug was considered, however through conversations with Gentura’s CEO Vail Saman, and our legal counsel of Kera Sawyer I decided that this option was not in our best interest to peruse.

Unfortunately, in April of 2012, the Candore health authority increased the percentage of people infected with the viral outbreak from 1% to 3%. Gentura is unable to meet the demand for ViroBlax due to the increased percentage of people infected with the unidentified viral outbreak. The Candorean government has suspended the CadMex’s patent on ViroBlax, due to the national health emergency. In addition, the Candorean

Diary Of A Creep And Scary Human Being college essay help online

Rend Smith Article – Diary of a CreepRend Smith, in his article the “Diary of a Creep”, very subtly introduces himself as an unwanted and scary human being. He describes himself and his lifestyle as that of any other man, normal and satisfying and then suddenly and bluntly, Rend spits out that he is a creep. His way of separating that sentence from all other text creates focus and emphasis on the word “creep”. Then he begins telling the story of how he received the title and who gave him the name. He revolts the audience that calls him creep in a very subtle fashion, as if he is still confused as to why he has been called a creep and what qualifies him for that ridiculous title. He begins telling the reader his bodily attributes and then mentions a disease that has struck him, which he comes to conclude is the reason for him being a creep. Still not satisfied with the reason, he further explores what has caused him to be a creep in the eyes of the people. He mentions the look people give him when they sit down with him. He illustrates a particular detail, which reflects an essential element of human nature; he says that, “teenagers who otherwise are comfortable enough sitting near me” are ill-stricken and call him various names such as “yuck” and “gross”, when they look at him. In this case, teenagers are comfortable sitting with Rend as long as they do not see him and because his looks are so deceiving that upon seeing him those same teenagers become uncomfortable and scared. This shows that humans tend to judge other humans often on their looks, even if it may have nothing to do with their behavior or habits.

Then he asks the audience some rhetorical questions, as if he were pleading to a jury for his crime, thinking that audience would understand him and favor him. After making the audience feel bad for him, he tells the audience what they are doing wrong by labeling people creeps. He says that by labeling someone with the title of a creep we are “victimizing” that person before he does something to us that make us the “victim”; all in all, we are creating creepy and scary people by labeling them, even though they may be perfectly normal like you and I.

Rend takes it a step further by comparing the labeling of the word “creep” to slavery. By doing this comparison, he establishes the level and the height at which it has reached. Then he brings in the race issue in this matter, saying that race is big part of this “creep” campaign that everyone seems to be joining. He mentions that “white people” have only come to accept only those black men that have risen in stature and that are good looking, other than that all other “black people” are “creeps” to white people. To end on a light note, he brings this issue back down to himself, maybe so that the reader does not feel too offended. He then ends with the line that predicts more upcoming articles that will become part of this “diary of a creep”. In my opinion, this

is a really dumb one. One who claims to know who the most important people in their world are, and then has this type of condescending post where he seems like the dumbest, most prejudiced one possible to have ever seen. This guy’s name is John King, the owner of the New York Times when a lawsuit was filed against him for his coverage of the Dakota Access Pipeline as of 2007. On Wikipedia, King stated:

The term creep is the term used to describe a person who tries to put a name out there to scare the hell out of people they don’t want to like. Asking people to think for a moment they are having a child in a way that is going to make a little girl grow, which is so gross. If you make the assumption that all of the above is the norm, I don’t think it would make a whole lot of sense to use this name, but if you think that those of us who do a good job of looking at other people’s reactions are just some of those who want to be treated like the average people in their own species who is less than desirable for their own interests. All he has to do is look into the eyes of the other people who are saying things like, “You’re making assumptions, and I’m wrong”. Then he goes out and gets out of your head and says this:

To be totally honest with you, it seems to me that those of us who make assumptions about people are always a bit of a jerk, and so I’ve decided against using any of your thoughts as any sort of commentary.

If anyone would rather be heard, I’ve got the following to say.

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