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Reflection on DNP Essential

The purpose of assignment is to reflect on the didactic courses completed previously, the project experience, and the practicum experience to clearly describe how each of the DNP Essentials has been met. This assignment is intended to allow you to show evidence of achievement of:
CLO1: Apply advanced levels of executive judgment and systems thinking to lead the design, delivery, and evaluation of evidenced-based healthcare systems.
CLO 2: Demonstrate transformational leadership through effective collaboration, communication, and problem-solving to elevate the quality of healthcare outcomes.
CLO 3: Utilize best evidence and data to advocate for systems-level policy to enhance continuous improvement in safety metrics.
Due Date: See the deadline stated in the Canvas Course Summary.
Review the DNP Essentials located at: (Links to an external site.).
No later than the deadline posted in the Canvas Course Summary, submit an APA formatted paper to the correct assignment link that:
Fully develops each required element in the rubric below.
Includes an introductory paragraph (see APA guidelines about introductory paragraphs) that is at least one, well-structured paragraph long. The first sentence of the paragraph should clearly state the purpose of the paper in a clear thesis statement.
Uses level two level headings (see APA guidelines) for each of the DNP Essentials. Fully develop each section to present the specific ways you have met the DNP Essential throughout this program. Use examples to illustrate your attainment of the KSAs related to the Essential. Some Essentials may require more development than others, but should consist of no less than one page for each Essential.
Is error-free, grammatically correct, and mechanically sound. This is a formal, academic paper and should be written with a formal, academic tone. Do not use conversational language and avoid first person.
Citations with matching references are required when necessary to prevent plagiarism.
This assignment counts 25% of the course grade. Begin work far in advance for this major assignment and use all resources available. If you have questions, contact the instructor as early as possible. You are encouraged to spend at least two to three weeks with multiple rewrites in order to present the strongest work possible.

1. A copy of the news article you selected (not a link to the article…an actual copy of the Essay

1. A copy of the news article you selected (not a link to the article…an actual copy of the article).

2. Provide the following information, as it pertains to each (3) article:

Article Headline: Provide the headline of the article.

Summary: Give a short summary of the article.

Website Address: Give the URL where the article can be found.

What news values does the articles have? Give a short explanation of how each value fits the article.

Headline: Evaluate the article’s headline. Is it good or bad? What can be improved? What was done well?

Lead: What type of lead does the article have. Give a thorough explanation of how your selection fits the definition.

Nut graph: Does the article have a nut graph/ If so, where is it located? You can highlight it in yellow or describe the location and beginning of the sentence that contains the nut graph.

Sources: Does the story contain information from two or more sources to elaborate upon the main idea?

Direct Quotes: Evaluate each direct quote given in the article. Do you think the quote was needed or should it have been paraphrased. Explain your answer for each quote.

Ending: Does the story end with a quote or additional information about a future action or comment on the main idea?

PLS CHOOSE AN IDEAL ARTICLE. ONE THAT IS NOT TOO LONG. BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED TO EVALUATE EACH DIRECT QUOTE! Don’t choose a long article so you don’t have to evaluate a lot of direct quotes. Whichever article you choose, you have to evaluate each and every direct quote.

Wellness Dimensions Discussion Question Discuss the nine wellness dimensions along with your strengths and weaknesses in each dimension. Identify

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Wellness Dimensions Discussion Question

Discuss the nine wellness dimensions along with your strengths and weaknesses in each dimension.
Identify a target behavior.
Which “stage of change” are your currently in, in regards to your readiness to change that bad habit?

This needs to be at least 350 words. APA format

discussion post

Some of the major challenges facing today’s and tomorrow’s health care organizations and health care managers and why these challenges are present . Discussion post must be 600 words with 4 citiaions and 2 biblical intergration in APA format.

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