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Regional Anatomy Study

When you are finished, upload the Word document to be graded using the dropbox below.After listening to the lecture, we have learned that there are five body cavities.1)    Name, describe, and locate each body cavity. Use anatomical terms from the lecture and weblinks (inferior, anterior, etc.) to indicate the location of each cavity. (6 points for each cavity described correctly for a total of 30 possible points)  Note: this requires five simple statements describing the cavities and their anatomical location in the body – remember to use medical terms, and do not just copy description from the text.  (30 points possible)2)    Separately list the major organs that are contained in each body cavity. (6 points for each cavity listed with the correct major organs included). These answers should be in sentence format or bullet format, depending on your comfort level with Microsoft Word. (30 points possible) 3)    Identify the correct body system for each organ named above in part 2. (You will need to name at least 10 organs.) (2 points for each correctly identified organ/system, minimum of seven systems. A total of 20 points will be awarded for all ten correctly identified organs) Example: brain/nervous system (20 points possible)

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